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  1. ∏ WELCOME TO ∏

    Solving Crimes in New Victoria Since 1818

    Using the finest technology, no mystery is a mystery to us here at Flynn Investigation!”
    - Flynn CEO

    The year is 1846. In a steampunk-esque alternate universe, technology, sorcery, and war have reached new peaks never seen before. Mysteries and murder, however, are just as wild. Four brave investigators take on these mysteries, and live to serve justice to law-breakers in the big country of New Victoria.

    ∇ Flynn Investigation & Co ∇

    Flynn Investigation & Co is extremely popular and well known in New Victoria. People from all over the globe request to be apart of the highly elite team. Members can only be in for so many years of service, and after working there, even they disappear from the eye of media.

    Flynn, the CEO has never been seen in person, and the only people who every verbally hear from him are the workers. As an anonymous tip described, they receive announcements via PA system in their base.

    Flynn had been one of the very early settlers, and started up law in the area. Due to their amazing record and high standing, currency had been named after him. Flynnz.

    ∑ New Victoria ∑

    War with 'allied' states ravaged the country in 1763. Victoria was nothing but a lost wasteland until the rise of steam technology. Neighboring countries stepped in and created a new civilization based on this new steam technology. In 1800, Victoria was alive again.

    New Victoria was segregated into 5 major sections. Gear, where technological advances are made. Crop, where farms and slaughterhouses litter the land. Civil, a large city where people bustle about. Reprieve, a city dedicated to criminals and thieves; a makeshift prison. Finally, Tol, right in the center of it all. This is where the heads command and conquer. People who are drafted into the military are also sent here to train

    Large airships and hulking locomotives transfer supplies from sector to sector. There is little disagreements between the people and the heads of New Victoria.

    ° Civil °

    Civil is a large city with towers for the air-ships and other wonders. Civil expands across many miles, and barely any of it is rural country area. Trains cross through most of civil, and other modes of transportation such as mechanized horses are available. Most living space is in lengthy apartments that take up entire blocks. Stores and shopping districts are abundant, and often carry a lot of steampunk nick-knacks. Alchemy and potion sellers are also very popular, though very questionable as to whether they're legit or not. Weapon stores that sell the highest tech of self defense are highly advertised. Blimps with flags give locations to these stores, and show off the coolest new items.

    Ø Crime Ø

    In New Victoria, laws are taken very seriously. Committing any sort of violence will get you sent straight to Tol, where you will be kept there until you're shipped to Reprieve, or sent back home. Reprieve is a town of exile. For traitors, thieves, and murderers. Reprieve used to be the last standing town after the great war, but was never refurbished and brought back to live. The head in Tol decided to use it as a new justice system. They build large impassible and impenetrable walls around the town, and let the prisoners fend for themselves. Supplies like farm goods and other things are dropped off there every so often along with prisoners. The goal of Reprieve is not to kill anyone, but to let them stew in their own regret for as long as they live.

    Ξ Sorcery/Spark Ξ

    Some people were born with a gift. Spark, is what a lot of people refereed to it as. This was the main reason war had broken out in Victoria. Scientists had discovered the ability to bring forth magic from someone. Though it only seemed to work on certain individuals. Countries were worried about this discovery, and wanted to rid of it before anything bad happened. War seemed to be the only option.

    However, this didn't stop the Spark. Spark breathes within most. It's forbidden, and punishable by being exiled to Reprieve. Though, some underground markets might pay you a good amount for Spark services.


    Character Creation (open)


    Appearance Notes: [Things that aren't in the picture. It happens.]

    Name: [Flynn]

    Age: [39]

    Flynn Co Position: [One Lead Investigator, then other roles can be as you decide. Mechanic, spy, etc. Up to you.]

    Spark: Y/N [This can ruin you, or make things much easier. I recommend not everyone having it.]

    Skill Tree (open)

    Skills: [6 Points to distribute.]
    *(Invest skill points into certain areas to gain bonuses to rolls that require them. For every 2 skill points sunk into a skill, you gain a + 1 to any roll that involves that skill. Rolls may involve more than one skill at a time. Every single skill can only be invested into 16 times. Example of adding skills:)

    (Repair ----------------)
    (+ 2 Skills)
    (Repair ||--------------)

    (You can also develop perks in certain areas by investing a total of 6 Skill points, 8 Skill points, and then 16 Skill points. 3 perks for each Skill)

    (This is all different for Spark, however. When you wish to use Spark, I roll to see if you pass a check. This check is based on how many Skill points you've invested into any given Spark. You can invest up to 16 points into any skill. So, if you have no skill in spark and you try to cast, you have to roll higher than 16. If you invest two points into spark, you only have to pass a 14. This is dependant on what tree of spark you invest in, however. Just because you put 2 points into fire doesn't mean you'll have a 14 check in electricity.)
    Joshua swung his hand up into the air and focused his energy on the theif. He wished to fire a bolt of electricity at him!
    (I then roll...)
    [Joshua][Spark][17] VS [Theif] - [Joshua channeled the electric energy, and shot a bolt of energy right at the theif! The air crackled around the running man, and he twitched violently, dropping the stolen goods on the ground before toppling over.]

    (Basically how it will go down.) *

    *Do not include any of this in your character sheet, it is just for your reference.*

    Mechanism - “Passion to create, and a passion to sabotage. Bring forth life.”

    Repair ----------------
    Modify ----------------
    Craft ----------------


    Chivalry - “Sometimes, a sword speaks words that you can't convey.”

    Sword Play ----------------
    Guns ----------------
    Fisticuffs ----------------


    Investigation - “The desire to seek the truth, and to uncover it like tomes.”

    Search ----------------
    Interrogation ----------------
    Sneak ----------------


    Spark - “A fire burns withing. A tickling power.”

    Fire ----------------
    Electric ----------------
    Water ----------------



    GM's Notes

    Gloucester here. Just going to talk about few things that I expect from you as a player, and how I kind of want things to go down. It's all put into friendly spoilers for your reading ease.

    Freedom & Creativity (open)
    Before we begin, I believe in freedom to do whatever you want and progress the story however you please. I'll give prompts and clues to help you along the way, but ultimately it is whatever you want it to be. However, do try to make sense of your freedom. With the freedom I give you, there is a lot of room for derail and sillyness. This RP isn't really about any of that, though I do expect comedic moments. Try to keep what you do reasonable with this.

    Steampunk Elements (open)
    I am no expert on Steampunk. It's a genre that I'm fairly new to, so I'm pretty much creating it as we go. I do not know if there are any strict rules or guidelines, I understand that most things revolve around steam and gears, so I think I'll be fairly well off. Just play along with me. If I am breaking some major rules in the genre, let me know so I can fix these errors.

    Working As A Group (open)
    Work together as a team. I'd prefer that you not all go off in different directions, but rather work together to solve these crimes and mysteries. Go to pubs together, talk to people, gather info, share evidence, and so on.

    Death? Not likely. (open)
    Death is not likely, but it happens. I can't say I have in mind to kill any of the investigators off. But I mean, if you purposefully do something incredibly dangerous it might just happen, I can't say for sure.

    Dice Rolling Involved (open)
    Most things will be done with dice rolls. You can read more about it in the skill tree categories on where things come into play and how they come into play. I will be using a 3rd party program, since I don't like Iwaku's that much. Though it's really sweet that they have one.

    Rant About Commitment (open)
    Let me tell you something about commitment. If you join this RP, if you take the time to submit and application, I'm putting my faith in you that you'll be committed to it. Personally, I have a hard time with this sometimes and I understand that things just happen. However, dropping out of the RP randomly for whatever reason is a pain in the ass for a GM. Here's why. Now we have character who we don't know what to do with. Getting you killed is indeed easy, and I could probably do it in a single update. However, your character may be important for future plot and you don't know it yet, so I'm basically having to fix a lot of future plot. Two, it brings down morale. One person leaves, everyone follows suit. Finally, it wastes my time along with the other players. If you do not think you can join and you're sure something will come up, do not join. Tendency to not care about an RP after a while? Don't join. Simple as that. I will work with you when it comes to bumps in the road. If you think you're going to be out for a couple of days, that's fine. I'll find a way to excuse you from the story or play your character. However, please for the love of god tell me this in advance. If you're going on a trip, tell me something. Do not leave me wondering where the hell you are. Let me know so I can keep things going. I will work around you if you work with me when you can. Rant over.

    How To Post & What To Expect From My GMing (open)

    The very first thing I want to get out of the way is very simple. Do not make sentence posts. If you're in a hurry or can't take the time, I'd rather wait for a full post than bare bones. This is an adept RP, I know you can do it. Also, if I see any of this:

    Joshua ran out of the door and into the street.
    The wind blew against his hair, and he could smell the smoke from the airships.
    He walked down the street to the shop.

    That is not a paragraph. At all. I've seen this done before after I've asked someone to start making paragraph posts and not sentence posts. I was infuriated to say the least. I want full 4-5 + sentece paragraphs, and I would love at least two. More than that and you're probably my favorite person.

    My GM style is a bit different than what you would expect from the usual RP. I find that a lot of people create the setting or describe locations as we go, I however am way more aggressive, and usually do this for you. Rather than you making the world around you, your character lives in a world already created, if that makes sense. When it comes to making posts, if you want an update to your post from me, leave things open ended like so (I will sometimes update to you when you don't expect it. Random events happen.):

    Joshua stepped out of his bed, grabbed his satchel, and raced out of the front door.

    This is short, but merely an example. Now since this is open ended, I can pop in with an update and say something like this.


    Joshua barged through his front too and into the rainy street. The street lamps flickered as water smack the pavement.

    This way you don't need to create things around you, but I can create something for your character to live in. Easy enough? Here's another example.

    Joshua pulled out his crowbar and started prying away at the door.

    This is an open ended post! Great! That's awesome! However, this could be a tedious update. Here's why. If you're using a crowbar, it's safe to say you'll be able to get it open. That's just how things work in most cases. That's of course unless previous posts say otherwise. When it comes to making posts like this and you're not sure if it needs an update or if you can just go ahead and do it, think this.

    1) Could my character do it? Are they capable?
    2) Would I in real life be able to do it?
    3) What advantage do I have that could complete this task, and am I applying it?
    4) What in previous posts and descriptions doubt what I'm about to do.
    5) What in previous posts makes what I'm about to do sound, and probable?

    Answer these questions, and you should be fine. This picks things up a bit more, and it's less work on my part since you can infer that you can make it through the door. This is a tricky rule, but do your best to minimize the need for updates for things like this. Here's a better version of the post.

    Joshua pulled out his crowbar and started prying away at the door. His crowbar slid between the crack easily, and he started to pull at the hinges. Thanks to the leverage, he had no problem ripping the door off. As soon as the door fell to the ground, he stepped into the room.

    Perfect. Now I can really update with something interesting like the interior of the room you broke into. That's about it.

    How I Do Combat & Misc. Things (open)

    My combat isn't too complex, so here's the run down. Here are the templates that I use for updating combat and other things.

    Fighting VS Mode:
    [Name][With][Roll] Vs [Roll][With][Enemy] - [Outcome]

    Here's what it looks like filled in:

    [Joshua][Fists][9] VS [1][Chair][Theif] - [The petty theif picked up the nearest chair and swung it at you, however, he's about as strong as a fly, and barely manages to get it off the ground. You move around him, and punch him right in the chest. He droped the chair and stumbled over onto a table.]

    Simple Update For Scenery/Descriptions/Misc. Things:
    [What Happened?]

    Filled in:
    [Joshua ran out of the burning building. The smoke inside still choked his lungs, but the fresh air was certainally helping. Smoke billowed from the windows, and the sound of sirens rung from down the street. Help was on the way.]

    [What's being searched][Roll] - [Found]

    Filled in:

    [Suspect House]
    [Closet][19] - [Joshua opened the door slowly, and was greeted by eerie darkness. He felt around inside and found himself touching something smooth and slick. He felt a grip, and even a trigger, and upon pulling it out it revealed a Pressure Pellet! Fancy gun!]

    Basically it.

    No idea what happned here. Can't remove it. Ignore. (open)

    [SIZE=3] [/SIZE]
    [SIZE=3][SIZE=4][SIZE=3] [/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE]
    [SIZE=3][SIZE=4][SIZE=3] [/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE]
    [SIZE=3][SIZE=4][SIZE=3][SIZE=4][SIZE=3] [/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE]
    [SIZE=3][SIZE=4][SIZE=3][SIZE=4][SIZE=3] [/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE]




    Questions? Comments? Concerns? Complaints? List those below.
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  2. [​IMG]

    Appearance Notes: The only thing that is going to be changed is his arm, and the steam coming out of his neck. Just take out the robotic features, and replace them with human ones.


    Name: Cyrus (full real name unknown)

    Age: 23

    Flynn Co Position: Interrogator (Cyrus's real job is he's a soldier of a special task force appointed by Flynn Co. The task force includes spark users who help when the time is needed. Although it is secret, so he has a cover up job. I as well talked to the GM and he ok'd it.)

    Spark: Yes, it is Cyrus's favored way of dealing with enemies.




    Repair ----------------
    Modify ----------------
    Craft ----------------


    Sword Play ----------------
    Guns I---------------
    Fisticuffs ----------------


    Search ----------------
    Interrogation II--------------
    Sneak ----------------


    Fire ----------------
    Electric ----------------
    Water IIII------------
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  3. You say you're new to steampunk, but I think you pretty much got it spot on :P I'll give this some thinking before deciding whether to join or not. I'm not exactly a big fan of using dice to determine things. It means that there is a slight chance that a de-fanged sewer rat could take down a 400 meter tall genetically modified magical dinosaur.
  4. Actually never mind that. I like making characters so I'm going to make one, but until I come to a conclusion then assume this spot not filled even if the app would normally be accepted.


    Appearance Notes: The one on the left with the swords. She can often be found wearing a mask that is something along the lines of this:
    Show Spoiler


    Name: Mizore Ruko, "The Midnight Fox"

    Age: 19

    Flynn Co Position: Combatant, Assassin.

    Spark: Yes, but uses it very little. She trains it occasionally simply because it is there, but prefers to use more reliable means of assassination. She often uses it to char a small fox pattern onto a high ranking victim when trying to make a fear kill, hence the nickname "The Midnight Fox".

    Skills (open)


    Repair ----------------
    Modify ----------------
    Craft ----------------


    Chivalry - “Sometimes, a sword speaks words that you can't convey.”

    Sword Play III-------------
    Guns II---------------
    Fisticuffs ----------------
    Carries 2 short curved swords, and 2 pistols. Usually dual wields one or the other, rather than one of each.


    Investigation - “The desire to seek the truth, and to uncover it like tomes.”

    Search ----------------
    Interrogation ----------------
    Sneak ----------------


    Spark - “A fire burns withing. A tickling power.”

    Fire I---------------
    Electric ----------------
    Water ----------------

  5. This looks awesome! It would be great if I could reserve a spot till I can make a character. Which will probably be later today.

    I have one question though. How fast are you expecting us to post and how fast will you usually reply? ( I've found it useful to know these things for the amount of inference needed to keep the role play going.)
  6. I hear you! I just prefer dice rolls. I play a lot of D&D and that's just how I like RPs done. If you can look past it, I'm sure you'll enjoy it for what it's worth!

    Thanks! I don't expect the world, but I would love at least 2-3 posts a days about a paragraph or two for each. It depends on if everyone else is posting.
  7. Yeah I get you, I play loads of D&D too, but me and the people I play it with could care a lot less about dice rolls. We usually go by dice, but when someone gets a stupidly low roll on something that would logically happen anyway, like somehow missing with an AoE spell centered on the caster with a 300 meter radius, then we say it worked anyway. So, yeah I'll give it a go. been a while since I was in a RP that used dice so I'll see what happens.

    If this is being driven by dice, and only you are allowed to create bits of world space, 2-3 posts a day is a little extreme unless you are able to do the same.
  8. Huh, that's a good point. For the dice rolls, if something is just way in your favor, I'll probably let you just have it. It saves me time. As for the 2-3 posts, we can just play it by ear and see what we can do reasonably. As for world building, I would be fine with the characters creating minor things for them to interact with like NPCs, weather changes, etc. But I'll be sure to give you a lot to interact with when it comes to new areas.

    Edit: What I kind of expect to do is receive your posts then update. Posts, update. Posts, update. That's what I mean by two to three posts. Wanna try to get 3 updates a day.
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  9. D&D FTW.

    Another interesting thing you can do with dice is to role instead 1d20 to roll 2d6 or more dice so that there are less random spikes and things are more or less controlled in terms of averages.
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  10. Since I don't want to shoot down any ideas, here's a compromise: if the dice rolls (1d20) end up being very unfair or unbalanced, we'll give the 2d6 idea a try. (Probably will be a 4d5 since 20 is the rolls I like to go for.). And if that justdoesn't work either, will do a more RP based everything rather than dice.
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  11. Picture (open)

    Appearance Notes: The only way to pick Doctor Berkeley out of a crowd was by his clothes. Elegant would be the only way truly describe his stature.

    Name: Dr. Edward Berkeley

    Age: 31

    Flynn Co Position: Lead Investigator

    Spark: No

    Skill Tree (open)


    Mechanism - “Passion to create, and a passion to sabotage. Bring forth life.”

    Repair l l - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    Modify - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    Craft - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -


    Chivalry - “Sometimes, a sword speaks words that you can't convey.”

    Sword Play - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    Guns - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    Fisticuffs - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -


    Investigation - “The desire to seek the truth, and to uncover it like tomes.”

    Search l l l - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    Interrogation l - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    Sneak l - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -


    Background (open)

    (It dun disappeared.)
    He's a British Doctor guy? Who knows?

    I really wanted to make an engineer character who used electricity to do his stuff. Maybe even someone who has steam and fire powers to do steam works, but I went with this because I knew my roleplay style is suited better towards it.
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  12. No background is required! I think that ruins the fun of getting to know each other's characters in the RP via dialogue. Express your background when the time comes! Other than that, awesome sheet! We could begin shortly if everyone wants to start, and then add the final person in later. Or if everyone would rather wait for the fourth person we can do that.
  13. Well I just wanted it written down somewhere, I can keep it secret if you like. O.o That sounds like fun...
  14. Keep it on the down low for now, but definitely keep the file saved so you can drop hints as to your story as we progress.
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  15. I'm very interested in the idea, but I just don't think I could bring out an entire 2 paragraph post on a DnD style rp, especially when I have no experience in the area..... I will definitely read the rp when it starts though, and maybe offer bits of advice here and there if allowed
  16. You'd be surprised it's actually not too difficult! For me, personally. My old Beta-Lab RP was run on this same style and I had one guy who'd posts 4+ paragraphs and made it work. The only thing really D&D about it is dice rolls. But I mean there's a lot you can give up to the point where I give an update on results. If you want some good examples, check out Beta-Lab. It's in this forum.
  17. I had checked out the beta lab forum before and never spoke up because of the dice roll system. I just don't want to be a downer on everyone else. I'm an author, so its just harder to be limited to the point of 'let me leave this open to have the GM tell me if I can do this or not'. I've always found rp's like this to choke me down to a max of three sentances unless I describe each and every single pebble under my character's foot as he/she walks. But I am glad that there are people who can work with this system and that it will work out well enough to see this rp through.
  18. For an example of my sort of posting and what I'm used to, you could check out
    Return of the dragon tamers: plague of ogaul (I think that's how it's spelt)
  19. I see where you're coming from! It may just be my explanation or my wording, but there is room to talk about the 'pebbles under your feet.' I'm not as hardcore as to describe every minor detail like that. A situation similar to this happened in, you guessed it, Beta-Lab. Isos (can't remember the full name...) mentioned about the warmth that floor gave off from the heaters installed in them. A detail I had never considered, and I actually praised him for taking that initiative to create that detail. I'm more focused on developing areas that are sensitive to story and plot. Describe the ground all you want, chances are it won't mess up my greater plans in the road. I just have to make sure certain areas are described with certain things, facts, people, and objects. After that you're free to do as you will.

    As for waiting for the GM to tell you what you can and can't do, that's kind of true. One of my spoilers goes into that subject up there, but to briefly cover it, if it seems probable, like opening door with a crowbar, you probably can. I won't roll for that. All I care about is describing what's important behind that door. Rest is up to your creation.
  20. *huff*
    I guess I'm just too naturally aggressive of an rper to do that..... One of the most enjoyable parts for me is being able to describe the world as my character interacts with it, create the world in tow.... Your rp would probably be far too closed circuit and passive for me, even if I put the dice thing aside.
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