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  1. Two rival Air Trek teams have been causing nonstop chaos and mayhem in the recent months...finally Kogarasumaru and Sleeping Forest have decided to get involved...

    * * *

    Team Anarchy
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    Taylor "Tay" Jackson

    Seventeen | Japanese - American | Leader of Team Anarchy

    * Rides the Twisted Road, a physically demanding road that severally damages the rider's body when performed. However, this road allows Taylor to be extremely agile, flexible and makes it easy for her to adapt within any environment. She is the sole rider of this road, having created it by accident.

    * Taylor often can be seen wearing: bandages, braces, wraps and supports that help manage the physical abuse and strain her body suffers as a consequence of her riding the Twisted Road.

    * Her tattoo can be found on the inside side of her left wrist.

    * Taylor does not want to become a King/Queen or have Regalia. She simply wants to enjoy life without limitations, regulations or authority. She lives alone, having no family. Taylor studies at school, works part-time, but doesn't devote herself to anything aside from riding.

    * She's currently dating Shin from Team Lone.


    Tristian "Trist" Morton

    Sixteen | British - Japanese | Member of Team Anarchy

    * Rides the Sacrifice Road, a branch of the Fang and Bloody Roads that she created. This road allows Tristian to perform extremely lethal and dangerous moves while riding. She is able to sustain tremendous damage, while also inflicting severe injuries onto her opponents. The Sacrifice Road is a give and take. While it grants the the rider immense power and skill, it demands the rider's patience and dedication. If moves are done incorrectly, the rider can be dangerously wounded. In fact, Tristian has almost died three times while practicing.

    * Tristian grew up in an abusive, emotionally and physically, family. Because of this lifestyle, Tristian is very selfish, narcissistic and introverted. She doesn't care about anyone, including her team captain. However, Tristian respects power and will obey anyone that can earn her loyalty. This doesn't mean she cares about them, though. Tristian is only out for herself. She dropped out of school at fifteenth, but she's incredibility intelligent.

    * Her ears were surgically made to be pointed and angled. She has several piercings and endures pain quite easily. During one of her training sessions, she lost vision in her right eye and wears a crimson contact to make it less noticeable. She has a few tattoos as well.

    * Her team tattoo is located right above her collar bone on the right side of her throat.​
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  2. The Loner, Grey
    Team Lone

    Shin Takahido/ Team leader/ rider of the ice road

    Shin is the leader of one of the two newest teams wrecking shop in the city. Shin also is the only one two be riding the ice road. The ice road is a mixture of the old water road and gaia road. His AT's are equipped with the ice regalia. This reqalia has the ability to generate temperature below freezing allowing a slippery road to ride on and a nasty feature to attack or defend with.

    Shin was one a guy who's mother was a professional ice scater so naturally he learned hockey at a young age. Once the AT's came out he quit hockey and started his team and learned and masters his ice road.

    The Ice road is a very stealthy and speedy road it also has a draw back if you don't have perfect balance you could break your ankles badly this road also can incorporate a lot of feature of the two other roads it came from water and Gaia.

    The team Lone only consist of him, hence the name lone. The mark of The team is a lone gray wolf with Lone over the wolfs side. Shin also has some past history with the other team, Anarchy (Hope you didnt mind i added that into there.)
  3. (Don't mind at all. ^_^)

    Eight o'clock on a Monday morning, Kazu and Onigiri of Team Kogarasumaru were headed off to their classes when they suddenly came across a strange emblem placed on the roadside. Kazu noticed it first, halting Onigiri from walking by and they both examined it carefully. The design was strange, unknown to them. It seemed to be a large 'A' accompanied by a circle and a splash of light blue.

    "Have you ever seen this before?" Onigiri asked, running a finger over the design. "It belongs to an Air Trek team. But, I've never heard of them."

    Kazu sighed, taking a picture on his phone and then started walking off. "We better tell Ikki about this." No doubt he'd want to be informed. After all, Ikki is the leader of team Kogarasumaru.

    * * *

    When they arrived a the school, Kazu and Onigiri happened to locate Akito first. At least, they hoped it was Akito and not the other one. "Akito!" Kazu shouted, hoping to get the boy's attention. "Do you anything about this team?" He showed the blue-haired boy the photo on his phone. "We saw this emblem on our way to school. Do you know who it belongs to?"

    Since Akito is the most experienced of the team, Kazu figured he'd know something. Ikki was missing, having decided to skip school for the day and Kazu noticed this when Ringo appeared in the classroom without her cousin (not related by blood, though.)

    She caught the suspicious gathering of the boys and smirked with a hand placed at her hip. "What's interesting?" She wanted to get involved. When Ringo approached, hesitating as she noticed the emblem drawing in Akito's hands, she paled immediately. "Why do you have a sketch of the Anarchy Team's emblem?"

    Kazu frowned, "Who?"
  4. Ikki, orange
    Ikki was sleeping in his nice and cozy little futon mattress. He got up and stretched not knowing the time of day it was. It was about 30 minutes before it was time for the first warning bell of school to ring. “OH NO OH NO!!!” Ikki shouted as he quickly rushed on his clothes and he was rushing out the door jumping in the air with his AT’s as he rode on the side of the wall and ran over the sign and it stuck to the bottom of his left AT which would probably cause major problems.

    Ikki got to school and saw everyone up front. “Thank god I made it and what’s everyone doing out here?” Ikki asked them.

    The Loner, Grey
    Shin smiled as he was off to the side tilting his hat over his face. “I can’t wait to see what kind of trouble Taylor and Tristian are planning challenging the rider of the wind Ikki.” Shin told himself as he walked up to them the lid of his hat hid the symbol of his team. “Hey so you guys are talking about team anarchy? I can tell you about them.” Shin said sporting about his Ice colored At’s and his Dark blue AT wheels. “If you asked nicely I can tell you something’s but most of the things I know can only be won in a race.” Shin said rolling around them as the first warning bell rang.
  5. Ringo frowned, Kazu and Onigiri shared an expression of confusion. None of them quite knew how this grey-haired guy was or what he wanted. However, Ringo couldn't pass up information. She followed Lone, the others going to their classes. Ringo could be a few minutes late, it wouldn't be a big deal for her. "What do you know about Team Anarchy?" She has heard the name, but knows very little about them.

    Considering she's the new leader of Sleeping Forest, that causes her some concern. Ringo should know about all the possible threats to her team and the Tower. Then again, perhaps Anarchy is not a potential threat? This is actually the first she's ever heard of them, to be honest. Ringo followed Lone to the hallway, not letting him out of her sights.

    "Tell me what you know about Team Anarchy," she commanded, arms crossed beneath her chest. "Or answer to Sleeping Forest."
  6. Kyou looked and smiled as her arms went under her chest. "Woohoo your have a nice set there miss Ringo team leader of the Sleeping Forest, i know all about you." He said smiling "the names Shin, team leader of Loner, the information and branch team for anarchy, well its not official but that's what i call myself." He said smiling, he then showed her the lid of his hat and it showed his team sign. "Now i know you now the story of the Grey wolf of Tokyo right?" He asked trying to see if he is actually know like team anarchy is known through Tokyo and other places. He then looked around and saw that they were alone. "Ill tell you one thing for giving me the nice show, Anarchy will take you out and if they don't want to fight you but you want to fight them, ill make sure your path is slippery.
  7. Ringo huffed, her hair ruffling angrily. "Just how do you know anything about the Anarchy team?" She wasn't impressed or even entertained by Shin's arrogant display. Emily and Yayoi came up behind her, both curiously eyeing the unknown male. Suddenly, Kazu joined with Onigiri following.

    "Yeah, I've never even heard of this team before." Kazu added, smiling down to Emily briefly.

    Onigiri chuckled, "I bet we could beat them quite easily!"

    Akito, having joined the group after recalling his memories, interrupted with some unsettling information. "I remember my brother, Kaito, talking about them a few months ago." Before he was allowed to stay at Ikki's house and join Kogarasumaru. "Apparently the team is only constructed of two young women, both of them riding roads that are extremely unique to themselves."

    Kazu scoffed, shrugging his shoulders in dismissal. "How come we've never heard of them before?"

    Akito sighed, looking down with averted eyes. "Team Anarchy isn't well known. They only ride for their own enjoyment. They don't usually become involved with battles or Parts Wars. In fact, this is the first time I've even seen their emblem outside of their already established territory."

    "Oh?" Ringo arched her brow, walking in front of Akito. "And where's that?"
  8. Shin kept Ringo from the others by standing in the middle between them. "You know it is very rude to interrupt someones conversation." Shin said smirking as he listened to there sad explanation for team Anarchy. "You know your backing them sound like a bunch of kids having fun and hangout like your old ragged bunch." Shin said hoping to aggravate Onigiri or Kazu. Because if akito wanted to fight it would be bad because he has seen branches of the fang roads power. There was not much else for him to do except sit back and listen to them carry on.

    Ikki was sleeping through his classroom his AT's wide open for people to see the Anarchy Team sticker on the bottom of his left AT. (I would write more but i don't know if team anarchy is in the same school.)
  9. Everyone in the small classroom fell into silence when Ikki appeared. Not because of him, per say, but more so because of the sticker attached to his wheel. Ringo immediately raced over, kneeling down and grabbed the sticker. "You idiot," she yelled, whacking him over the head. "Don't tell me you challenged them!?"

    Kazu and Onigiri were quiet observers, staying in the background. The room shook when Buccha appeared, eating the last bites of a large cookie. "What's going on?"

    Kazu waved him over, "Apparently Ikki challenged some team that no one really knows about."

    "Oh yeah?" Buccha laughed, "Who?"

    "Team Anarchy," Onigiri whispered.

    The cookie in Buccha's hands shattered on the floor, breaking apart effortlessly. Buccha frowned, eyes narrowing sternly. "Does he have a death wish?"

    "Do you know anything about them, Buccha?"

    "Yeah," the large man answered sadly, turning his eyes to the window. "They don't go to our school, but I've encountered them a few times. They attend Lukali (all girls school), a few blocks from here."
  10. Ikki was rudely awaken by Ringo. "WHAT THE HELL!!! RINGO!!!!!!' Ikki yelled out clenching the back of his head. He then saw the AT team symbol in Ringo's hand. "Who's team symbol is that?" Ikki asked not knowing anything about it because he is just dumb old ikki.

    Shin who was standing by the door, held out his cell phone to them all. "I'm glad to announce that Kogarasumaru will be challenging Team Anarchy based on Ikki's preference of keeping that team symbol on his AT's" Shin proclaimed for everyone to hear as he sent that message out to the world on the internet for all AT teams to hear.

    Simca, was searching through the message boards and saw the new post Shin just put up and smiled devilishly. "It seems my little crow is going to be dealing with a heavy Blizzard." Simca said to herself as she let off a slight girlish and evil giggle.
  11. "Team Kogarasumaru has challenged Team Anarchy!"

    Devilishly sharpened canine teeth reflected back in the computer's reflection as the operator's fingers continued to type rapidly along the keyboard. "This should be fun." The speaker snickered in delight, closing their browser windows and sent a quick text message from their cellphone.

    Tay, you're not gonna believe this. We've been requested to battle some pathetic team called: Kogarasumaru! - Trist

    Minutes later, a reply was sent.

    Trist, I suppose it can't be averted then. Meet me in five. - Tay

    * * *

    Meanwhile, back at the other high school, Ringo cornered Shin and demanded information from him. "Are you a member of Team Anarchy?" She'd received the notice on her phone and wasn't happy about his little antic. "If you get Ikki hurt, you'll be sorry." Ringo warned, eyes narrowed and her aura shifted into anger.
  12. "Hey Hey lady, back off Shin-ster. FYI, im not with team Anarchy, Im team Loner remember? im a lone wolf i watch out for myself." Shin smirked showing his canine teeth, just like a wolf growling. "Also Ikki shouldn't be...... too! hurt, it will be coming back from a shark attack as all." shin laughed as he was then blocked off by Bucha "Well it seems im being blocked by a choco marshmallow." He looked up at Bucha. "Got have seconds before your Frost bite." He smirked as his AT's started to rev up and the temperature started to drop.

    The only other person who could recognize the frosty AT wheels and the Ice makers Regalia, of the ice road, would be Ringo or Akito, But by the time they realized this it would be too late. Shin's AT's were already, revved up perfectly, he then smiled as he used a back flip spin kick and hit Bucha under the chin sending him backwards. Leaving a mark of ice under his chin and wear shin landed.
  13. "What the fuck!?" Kazu shouted, backing up quickly.

    Onigiri scurried away from where Buccha collapsed, curiously glancing at the ice that had built under the large man's chin from the kick. He turned his eyes back to Shin and was surprised to find the same ice underneath Shin's Air Treks. Apparently this guy was a high class rider, but Onigiri couldn't place the strange device attached to his Air Treks.

    "What is your problem!?" Ringo growled, shoving Shin into the wall and tightened her grip around his neck. "You must have a death wish."

    Emily and Yayoi cowered in the background, silently wondering: "Where the fuck are the teachers!?"

    Suddenly the bell for classes to begin rang throughout the school. Emily and Yayoi fled, followed by Kazu and Onigiri. Buccha remained on the floor, completely knocked out and blocking a few students from leaving. Ringo remained with Shin, not allowing him to leave until she got at least one answer from him.

    "How are you connected to Anarchy? Are you dating the leader or something?" She figured the leader had to be a girl, the emblem's design is fairly feminine.
  14. (OOC: Do you want shin and Tay to date?)
  15. (Sure, if you'd like. 'Cause I kinda picture Trist being with either Spitfire or Agito. :P)
  16. (ok sounds good)
  17. "Actually I am team Anarchy's team leaders boyfriend, whats it to ya?" he asked her. not really care about the answer. He looked at Bucha on the ground and kicked the ice off his chin. "Now he wont died from frost bite. Also why do you care for ikki so much is he your boyfriend or something?" Shin already knew the answer to this but he was just wanting to fluster her and detract her so he could make a quick exit and possibly get a good chase going. Shin was a weird character but his plans always worked in his favor. once he saw his chance he bolted out the door jumping from the side of the door and used his Regalia to make a ice path over the door to block her off wanting to see what she could do or if she would do anything at that matter. His regalia stopped make ice once he hit the main floor not wanting to cause more damage than he planned.

    This allowed Ikki to see Shin running out the build and Ikki decided to follow. 'this ikki is so predictable, its sad' Shin thought to himself as he could see just barely ikki following him.
  18. (Did you want to play Agito for Trist, or should I?)
  19. (i can play agito)
  20. (Thanks!)

    Several hours later, it was time for the battle to begin. Both teams, Kogarasumaru and Anarchy, were expected to meet at the city's main skate park located downtown. A common place where Air Trek meetings are often held. The first to arrive, Taylor and Tristian, waited impatiently for Kogarasumaru to show themselves.

    While Tristian was content to skating around the area aimlessly, Taylor preferred to keep herself stationary. She grabbed her phone, texting Shin quickly without Tristian noticing.

    We're here. Come on over, babe. - Tay

    Happening to overhear the unmistakable sound of approaching Air Treks, Tristian landed, perfectly balanced, on the top of a light post. "They're here, Tay!" She announced, her smile spreading along and thinning her lips so that the sharpened canines were visible.

    Taylor stood by the entrance, both arms crossed beneath her chest and had the bill of her hat tilted downwards as to hide her face from being seen. As for Tristian, she snickered happily and jumped down, happening to land right at Akito's side. However, she sneakily switched the eye-patch and pressed a chaste kiss to Agito's cheek.

    "Hey, Sharky~" She taunted, nipping teasingly at his ear with her teeth.

    Ikki, Kazu, Onigiri, Buccha and Ringo were further up ahead. They didn't notice Tristian having joined them in secret.
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