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What Fps is better

  1. CsGo

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  2. Cod

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  3. Halo

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  4. Battlefield

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  1. What was everyone's first first person shooter game?

    Mine was Cod but that got me into my career before invested time into other things.
  2. Doom.

    Am I really that old?

    EDIT: The original 1993 one.
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  3. Wolfenstein 3D ಠ_ಠ
  4. Quake for me.

    Though the first one I seriously got into was Half Life. Absolute classic, that game.
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  5. Overwatch...

    I never really got into shooters till blizzard made it awesome.
  6. Although OW is an Fps, It doesn't have the feel of one.

    My opinion about it is it takes no skill at all, as most of the guns have infinite ammo (I'm including the bow) and they have 0 recoil so it doesn't even ever miss. Although this comes from a cs pro when the game is really hardcore.
  7. Well, I think that is a lot of why I've been turned off by FPSes for so long. I think they were too hardcore. I think I needed them to become more "fun". Not to mean that hardcore isn't fun... Just, an environment where fun is the first consideration.
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  8. Yeah if you play cs there is 100% chance of toxic people, but anything that has comp and mm it always means toxic people. Ow is fun just not my cup of tea. As when you do things on Counterstrike like jumping headshot across the map, you will be remembered for that as that's not easy. Or if some pro gets vaced that's another thing that people get called out for.
  9. Duck Hunt.
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  10. Hmmm... Probably GoldenEye 007 for the Nintendo 64.

    Where's the poll option to say all modern FPS games are shit? :P
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  11. Fite me kciroj Cs isn't as modern as you think.
  12. No Rainbow Six: Siege or Red Orchestra 2, no deal.

    Edit: Poll threw me off.

    Very first FPS I had was Turok: Dinosaur Hunter on the N64. Still holds up well today.
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  13. Everything newer than the Nintendo 64 is modern as far as that statement goes. The last FPS I truly enjoyed was Perfect Dark.
  14. Lawl Cs is just as old as 64 XD
  15. I kind of wish more games would have that game mode Perfect Dark had where player 1 plays the campaign normally, and player 2 controls one of the hostile NPCs with their shitty weapons and stats and try to stop player one, respawning into a new character every time they die.
  16. I never said everything as old as the N64 was good, just that all FPS games newer than that (that I've tried, at least, which includes all the big name ones) are things I don't enjoy. CS is also on the disliked list for me. :P
    Yeah, Counter Operative mode! That shit was so fun.
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  17. Portal! :p
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  18. Portal doesn't count as an fps
    lol is the recoil too much for you? :P
  19. Out of curiosity, what kind of things do you like to see in an FPS? Maybe I can throw some suggestions your way.

    It might also make you happy to know they remade Goldeneye's multiplayer on PC, if you weren't aware. :D
  20. First off, none of the games in the poll are as good Tom Clancy games. Specifically Rainbow Six. Best tactical shooter ever.

    I think the first shooting game I ever played, was Goldeneye. Still one of my favorite to this day.
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