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  1. Do you remember your first celebrity crush? Who was it?
    Do you still like them?

    I definitely had a thing for Britney.
    Yup, still kinda got a thing for that crazy lady...
    also explains my thing for cute blondes

    But after watching Back to the Future I also had a huge crush on Michael J Fox.

    Trying to watch this movie with my parents was so hard because I always got to red when he was on.
    He's so cute.

    So yeah, do you remember your first crushes?​
  2. Thos guy in my CSC101 class

    He was so shy and adorable and tall and cute and smart!

    So obviously I never talked to him @///@
  3. First Crush: Heather from Kindergarten. She hated me, so I had to get her best friend to like me... Felicia. She was, uh... Yeah.

    First Celebrity Crush: Probably...







    Probably Lacey Chabert, upon deep soul searching.


    Or Kelly Kapowski. Either or.

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  4. Hmm.. my first major crush was with this red headed girl that moved into my school, and it's sort of ironic since I'm now great friends with her and her boyfriend.

    I don't think I ever really had a celebrity crush (I like to keep my dreams realistic), but if I had to choose one off the top of my head...


    Ronda Rousey for sure. I don't know, I got something for dangerous chicks that could whoop my ass. Plus, she looks like a total doll when she isn't trying to actively murder someone in the ring.
  5. My first celebrity crushes:

    Female: Danielle Fishel AKA Topanga from Boy Meets World. I might DEFINITELY have a thing for her still.


    EDIT: Yeah, she still gets a brother up.
    Still Gorgeous (open)

    Male: Minho Choi from Korean boy band SHINee. When I started realizing that strange hungry feeling in my belly was actually a feeling of "Damn, boy, you hot."


    My first real life crushes:

    Female: My best friend. We were diaper buddies. She was 4 and I was three. And then I thought. She's pretty. So I kissed her. Now the thought of kissing her is kinda gross cause it's like she's my older sister. >.> I love her waaaay too much as my best friend for it to get any closer than that.

    Male: High school boy named Adrian. Ugh, he was so cute. He had that perfect physique for my high school boy mentality: toned and muscular, but not bulky. Not too tall that I broke my neck to see his face. And perfectly glistening eyes the color of amber. I kid you not his irises are the color of AMBER with green speckles radiating from the pupil. He was and still is a super chill guy, likes to have fun, and isn't afraid to turn it up. What made me kinda more sexually frustrated with him was I tried to be a bro kinda dude and we were like bros. Personal space touching, obscene gesturing, and innuendo forming minds. I'm pretty sure he knew I had a thing for him and I tried to get over him. Obviously I still haven't haha.
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  6. My first (and still only) celebrity crushes were Jim Caviezel and Amy Acker.



    Just...look at them. Do I really have to explain?

    Jim Caviezel is the person who made me realize that I do have a narrow attraction to men, when I'm generally only attracted to women. And Amy Acker is just adorable.

    They also play two of my favorite fictional characters, from Person of Interest (Mr. Reese and Root).
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  7. My first crush was a boy in kindergarten (I knew I was gay very early on) who was my best friend for a few years until he moved to a different area/school. Well, as it turns out, he went on to go to jail for child molestation a couple years ago. Welp >___>;;;

    My first celebrity crush isn't as easy to remember. I got crushes on characters, not celebrities or actors. I remember Tsukasa from .hack//SIGN and Joey from Yu-Gi-Oh! being big ones when I was in middle school. I had a weird crush on Hermione from Harry Potter for awhile around the same time. I think my first crush on a celebrity instead of a character was Pete Wentz in early high school, followed by Adam Lambert later on in high school. Now, I'm not sure I even have any celebrity crushes anymore xD I have a porn star that I like a lot, but I wouldn't call it a crush.
  8. Oh man, I forgot about Topanga...

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  9. Christina Aguilera.....

  10. EVERY girl from the 90s had a crush on Jonathan Taylor Thomas, including me. lol. Home Improvement ya'll!
  11. How can you fucking forget?
  12. Hmm... First Crush was a girl in Kindergarten named Bethany. She was cute Brunette.

    I don't remember my first Celebrity crush actually.
  13. EMMA

    Never really crushed on celebs until her. Ooft.

    As for real-life stuff, I had my fair share of kindergarten-age puppy-loves like most people do.
  14. After some deep and extensive soul searching, I have to say Orlando Bloom or Johnny Depp or Viggo Mortensen.

    The problem is I can't accurately decide which of them actually made my wee self swoon first. On a hunch, probably Orlando Bloom.
  15. My first crush was on this girl in 7th grade who had just joined our school, and when I first laid eyes on her, I swear, my heart must have skipped a few beats. After that it was all downhill, she turned out to be a total, um, how should I put this? Whore. She found out about my crush somehow and started to come onto me in really inappropriate ways as part of some sort of sick joke. I've been really cautious with all crushes since then. Looking back on it now, she wasn't even that pretty. Buh.

    As for celebrity crushes, well, I don't do celebrity crushes, plain and simple.
  16. The one girl I knew in seventh grade. She was smart, pretty, and practically all I could think about at the time.
  17. No idea who the first celebrity was.

    First crush period was some girl in 4th Grade.
    I don't even remember what her name was today, it was nothing more than a "That girl looks cute, why do I think she looks cute? This is confusing".

    Got along with her brother though. We used to draw Dragonball Z and GT pictures together.
  18. First Real Crush: A person I know (and still know) online. Still good friends with her.
    First Celebrity Crush: Emma Stone. Oh god. ._.
  19. Boy crush - Leo DiCaprio. I don't know, he was (and is) so seducing.
    Girl crush - no-one I think :P Maybe some actresses who acted as bookworms in some movies, but I can't remember any right now.
  20. DUDE, MMM YES, my first crush was no doubt that Asian guy in the purple shirt from The Wiggles.

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