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    That's right! Who was your first crush? Was it early, primary school perhaps, or later?
    Or do you not even remember?
  2. Okay. If I counted very very very very first crush....

    I remember being in Kindergarten. >< It was one of those special school field-trip/sports events. All I remember is walking circles around this GIANT field and that the day felt like it lasted forever. And I remember thinking I was head over heels in love with this other boy.


    Now, first serious crush that I actually remember? A guy named Carlos in another class. XD Forth and Fifth grade he was my "boyfriend" and we'd pass love notes back and forth to each other during recess and lunch. We were the talk of the playground and even teachers thought we were adorable. It was TRUE FOREVER LOVE FOREVER. And I would pine for him during the summer! During sixth grade he was gone. And he came back to town in seventh grade. And we were boyfriend-girlfriend for two weeks before he broke up with more for a hoochie. ;__;

    Being 12 was rough, man!
  3. Ehhh...... My love life is as hilarious as it is sad.

    I stayed away from the mushy gushy feelings until I was in high school.

    Grade...10? 11? One of those. Not Senior year.

    I had a boyfriend named Tyler. He was such a sweetie and so cute. And he had red hair, which made me totally gush over him. He was also artsy like me, so that was awesome.

    Well, awesome until about mid year.

    He had missed a class we shared together, so I was bringing him his homework. Mostly, it was just an excuse to go see him (neither of us did homework).

    So I get there and his sister tells me he's had a friend over all day. Whatever, sometimes you want a day off. So I go up to his room and walk in on him... and his friend, in bed bed together.

    Those two guys were very shocked to see me there.

    I'll admit... I found it hilarious. I started laughing. I think they both thought I had snapped ^_^;;

    But yeah, that relationship ended. Wasn't really bitter about it, but it still kinda hurt.

    First crush turned out to be gay!
  4. o.o



    So my first crush was allll the way back in Elementary school. I think it was like Grade 3 or something and lasted until freaking Grade 6. Yup. 3 years of pure heart-felt girly crush to the most cowboyish boy in school. -nod nod-

    I had SUCH. a crush on him xD He didn't even know though ;___; Mitten was a shy little girl....
  5. I think I was 14 before I had my first crush o.o;

    We were on holiday in France, staying in a family campsite. About a day or so in I met this insanely cute Irish boy. Ginger hair and freckles everywhere, not to mention an accent. I have no idea what happened but within about a day or so of meeting him I was crushing HARD on him, could barely speak to him without giggling. He was massive on soccer and swimming, so it wasn't really hard to figure out where to find him. Ended up hanging round with him for a LOT of the holiday in spite of the giggles. I don't think my face has ever been red for so long.

    In the end, his family left about 3 days before us, but he never told us he was leaving. I never got to ask for his contact details or give him mine. I remember being so mad at myself for not talking to him more about it before he left.

    I didn't crush on anyone else until 2 years later on another France holiday. I pick the worst folk to crush on ^^
  6. Sixth grade, private school.

    A class of about... twenty kids? 12 girls, 8 boys?

    He was the smartest boy, a science genius, and a stuttering, goof-smiling, weirdo. And I was absolutely crazy about him. I don't think I ever got over him until we graduated and went separate ways in middle school. When we met again after high school, the feeling was gone. It was probably just a childhood craze. All the girls were picking crushes and he & I tended to get along really well and get partnered up for projects and stuff.

    Ah, being young :(
  7. My first crush was in 4th grade. I was the only girl in like a class of 20. I remember sitting there always thinking he was so cute, and he would play four square with me, but I got mad at him when I tripped over his big feet during kick ball and cut my knee pretty good. ANYWHO! It was mad cute. The day had ended and I was sitting on the floor putting my books in my backpack, and he was sitting next to me. Next thing I know he puts his hand over mine and asks if I've ever thought about having a boyfriend, and I gave him a rather confused look and asked what he meant. He blushed bright red and took his hand away, and we never talked about it again.

    I went back into homeschooling after 4th grade until around 8th grade, and I found him on myspace then. He became a baseball player and was even cuter than he was before.
  8. Age 9, I watched a Ziggy Stardust show on TV and then watched Labyrinth a few days later.

    Nothing was ever the same again.

  9. First FIRST crush was when I was in Kindergarten. Blonde kid, blue eyes, barely spoke. He'd bring me little ladybugs and talk to me about birds and animals. it was a bus-relationship. We only saw each other there. He just stopped coming one day.

    Then my second crush ended up hating me for life, NO IDEA why. He liked me from 1-2 grades, and then decided to stop. And then he started giving me dirty looks and when we met up in sixth grade, he bullied me. I was horrified with that. He ended up being sent to a military boarding school- he apparently got mixed up with some bad crap.

    All my crushes in ninth grade thought I was ugly and teased me, then when I came back in 10th with a jawsurgery just finished for an underbite, they MYSTERIOUSLY started flirting with me. Being called "horseface" by someone you crush on kinda sours the moment.

    Aaaaaand from there on, all crushes either came to fruitation and I ended up trying them out in bed or getting screwed with and moving on.

    Tegan, I actually crushed on you for a bit because you remind me of one of Yulia from t.A.T.u

  10. I just remember kicking this blonde kid's feet under the desks in fourth grade. We were giggling a lot, too, then the teacher comes by and cracks a joke about the two of us. And then I resolved to never have a crush on anyone ever again.


    It sorta worked...
  11. I'd really rather not go into details.

    Suffice to say it cost me my friendship with her...
  12. I have 'no idea' on my first crush... Alll i remember is the girl I thought i was first 'in love ' with and realized 'oh crap this is a crush" and even then i was scared...

    So basically what would happen is in gym cliase in secondary school I would look at her from across the class and such... One itme I remember my glasses broke and I didn't bring my cane and she had to walk me to the nurses office.. GOD that girl smelt so goood...
  13. My first crush was Patrick Stewart as Captain Picard on Star Trek: TNG. I still have a thing for bald men...

    As for real-life boys that I knew, there were three at all about the same time. Drew, Austin, and Jamie in first grade! I think that Austin and Jamie even got into a fistfight over teeny me back then. o_o

    After that, there have been more than I care to count. I rarely acted on them because I'm a little awkward, but when I did act on them they tended to work out. I kind of enjoy crushing on someone, honestly. ^.^
  14. my first crush was when I was in I think the 2nd or 3rd grade.

    His name was David and he had the cutest curly brown hair! His older brother was one of my brother's friends, and he went to our church (of course since I was in Catholic school at that time anyways). Plus his mom was my 'reading tutor' for a few years so we knew the family well.

    Yup had a TOTAL crush on him up until I moved. :)

    wonder if he still has the curly hair hehe
  15. Was I the only one who thought their crush turned out to be an ass?
  16. My first crush was on a pair of identical twins. Their names were David and Michael, and we were all inseparable from the ages of about 9-14. We went to Tae Kwon Do together, and I was the only person who could always tell them apart. I am pretty sure they liked me back, but none of us ever broached the subject.

  17. I was oblivious to anything of the romantic nature until like, 5 minutes ago. So *I* never really had a first crush but for some reason that I don't understand I always had people crushing on me. :/ I never understood it and never acted on it. AMP WAS FULL ASPIE. One of the "first" ones was this cute little kid from kindergarten who used to like try and steal kisses and stuff & always wanted to play with me. Me & all his buddies would play NINJA TURTLES TOGETHER. One day I said that he could be April because he had long hair. kekekekeke. Apparently the crush lasted all the way through school until he left sometime during junior high. I ran across him later at a powwow & we got to talking...and then he got turbo butthurt over the male (gay) friend I was with and acted all threatened and stuff. After I noticed him starting to get hostile I excused us and we booked it. I still don't know what to think....other than that was kind of a creepy Misery moment.


    I fall in love with people's voices. First turbo crush was over Vampire Hunter D's voice then later over Nephrite from Sailor Moon.
  18. Now this one is a bit complicated for me. xD. Because when I was around sixth grade, I had a 'crush' on some girl. I had two more crushes after that, but then it turned out it wasn't really 'crushing' because I, more than anything else, wanted to be their friend. So I don't think that works as a first crush.

    First guy crush though... Now that's something I remember really well. He was and is one of my few guy friends and I can say we were the closest of the group. He's extremely skinny, and I don't even know why. That guy can eat more than me, but he's still skin-and-bones thin. Anyway, he's straight, unfortunately. I never even told him I had a crush on him, but he certainly knows I'm gay. xD.
  19. I didn't really crush on anyone until like 11 or 12, before then I just wanted to watch WWF and play with action figures > < But then everything changed!

    My first real crush was when I was 13, she was hot and at the time I was batting WAY out of my league. That was a long time ago, man...

    Now I basically crush on everyone I meet cause life is short!
  20. i have had a few crushes but i really never did anything with the feelings until maybe 16.... but my first crush was the cashier at the little mom and pop store i lived near at the time. He was the highschool MAN that worked their for his parents and me the eight year old who loved him. Mostly because he gave me candy ((fuck not taking candy from strangers i will take anything if they are hot)) and once he remembered my birthday and gave me a really awesome gift ((dont laugh i was still a girl)) he got me the barbie car ((no joke they were not cheep and he got me the one that had working lights and sounds and shit.)) i think i still have that somewhere im not sure. Well in the end he left to go to some college and i had to move across town...i still talk to his parents sometimes ((they still run the shop and i stop by every once in awhile even if the store is in a neighborhood that isnt such a ray of sunshine)) last time we talked about him i think they said he is a doctor.... well im now going to go to the their store and see if i can get in touch i mean it would be nice to tell him what it really meant that he was such a awesome guy. ((didnt really have a good view on men when i was little thanks to my dad))