Fire Emblem: The Exalted March (Shapeshifters)

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  1. Rausten is probably the most beautiful place on the whole continent of Aurelis. Some would argue that Frelia's multiple frozen lakes and Renais' innovative architecture challenged and disapproved that statement but really nothing could challenge the raw cliffsides, peaks and forests that reflect what Rausten is, and what their inhabitants show, the untamed raw power of nature.

    Shapeshifters might have been the complete minority of Aurelis' general population but they were hardly the weaker race. Their abilities with both general weaponry and their Naga-gifted shapeshifting abilities should have guaranteed their victory but with one human soldier to each animal warrior victory only seems farther down the path.

    The unknown heroes story starts in the beast capital. Where the rivers and canals line the winding pathways of this mountain turned city. Each level on the mountain holds the different Raustenians tribesmen. At sea level, the branded live rather fitting considering how they are looked down upon, above them are the feline tribe, the canine tribe, the herons and at the very peak, the Manaketes.

    The mixing of the tribes were rather rare if not mandatory. But today few varied members of Rausten have received the summoning of the divine all for different reasons; combat prowess, healing skills, etc. They are to ascend to the highest temple where the Envoy of Naga waits for them with an odd blonde haired branded with her.
  2. Carte was a Taguel who made his home at the edge of his warren's self-imposed ghetto. He read Beorc and Laguz literature, practiced Beorc and Laguz magic, and used Beorc weapons alongside his Taguel Beaststone. He dabbled in archaeology and was a master of war history. He could tell you what weapon used by which warrior scratched which enemy's breastplate in which war in which era. Carte moved quite freely from his warren, as he and other Taguel were allowed to - but even though he kept his mind open, he still kept the way of the Taguel his foremost drive - like any Taguel should.Carte kept these three rules close to him. He was quite passive, as a result, but by no means was he a doormat. And he never cut his hair in his life.

    A few days ago, Carte had received a summons from the Envoy of Naga. Today, he was to go to the highest temple. Carte, being naive and slightly self-absorbed, was quite chuffed and unhumble about it. Surely his intelligence could be utilized by whatever diviners he was meant to assist. Carte had left his home with a note on his door, his Wind glove and Beaststone in his pocket, an Elfire tome in hand, and a steel sword sheathed on his hip. He also packed some sewing materials to work on his emblazoning. A few gloves, a needle, some thread. He was ready for the downtime for studying and practicing. He had also packed some food and a few concoctions - as well as a Taguel talisman to give to someone whose company he enjoyed. The way to the temple was not a long one - just a steep climb. Now, Carte is just a few steps away from the temple...

    Folle had been on the road for days. She'd been flagged down by a Cat Laguz Messenger about being summoned to the highest temple of Rausten for an audience with the Envoy of Naga. She'd been on the outskirts of Jehanna after dogging a few rare Shapeshifters - just for the experience of talking to them - and had made it out with a few scratches. Brigands normally used axes, which easily caught against a sword's blade, making axe-wielders easy to disarm. Folle loved the look on an enemy's face when they knew they were done for. As soon as the axe leaves their hands, it's over. If it doesn't, they had a hard time getting a hit on her, because she's fast and they didn't want her to get the upper hand. Silly humans - Swords beat axes any day.

    But now that she'd arrived in Rausten, Folle was pulsing with energy to be back in the continental homeland - Shapeshifters all around. She wasn't branded, beng Taguel, so only a few really hated her for what she was. These few were a significant minority, and easy enough to avoid. Not to mention, the slight bit of Manakete in her blood tended to make her seem slightly divine - even though it was Mage Manakete, and not Divine Manakete. Still, those who saw her as slightly divine were on one side of a spectrum of Naga worshippers. The priests certainly enjoyed her company.

    At the shrine to Naga, Folle offered a new sword to be blessed - a freshly purchased Killing Edge. This purchase left Folle a bit strapped for gold, but it was to her understanding that that would not be an issue. It was a good way to pass time while she waited for the meeting to start. Folle dedicated the blade to avenging Naga's corporeal form and sowing peace by eliminating those who would wage war out of hatred. It was Folle's way of keeping in the faith. All the blood her sword shed was shed for two purposes - One, for the sake of her people, and Two, for the sake of amusement. Not one or the other, but both. Folle always enjoyed a kill, anyway. She only held back if the person she was fighting wasn't what she considered a bad guy.

    Folle didn't really practice religion too often - but certainly, currying favor with dragons was a great way to keep her blade sharp and your strikes powerful.
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  3. Sari made her way to the temple, her healer's pack over her shoulder carrying a variety of herbs and medicinal elixirs, a healer's staff strapped securely across it's front. She was not packed for traveling, neither was she dressed for it. She had a suspicion that she was about to be reprimanded for healing the Beorc merchant that had passed through after he had twisted his ankle on a loose stone. If she was to be scolded then she would hardly need traveling supplies for that. If it was something else, if someone needed healing she had those supplies, if they were going to send her somewhere, she lived close enough it wouldn't take her more than fifteen minutes to return, pack and say her goodbyes. The note hadn't exactly said why she was wanted. She didn't really have that many people to bid farewell to anyway. Most avoided her like the plagues she healed. They claimed she was too liberal in her thinking. That she'd take care of the wrong person and drag them into trouble with her. Illness was no respecter of persons. Sari didn't understand why she should be.

    An old Heron woman spat at her feet as she passed by, but Sari kept her head high as she stepped over the spot and continued on her way. Who was she to care what they thought when she saved lives. Who was she to do anything but shrug when they said she was odd for being willing to trade food, or clothing, or candles just as readily as money for her services. Not everyone could pay the exorbitant prices more influential healers charged, and Sari needed food in her belly just as much as the next person. A handful of eggs from the patent's chicken coup was just as useful as a pocket full of coin in her book. Truth be told the little coin she had came from sources other than healing. The scarfs she kitted to ward off the winter cold for example.

    When she entered the yard to the side of the temple a quiet and polite question to a servant led her to where the Envoy waited. Her soft, near silent steps, slowed and then stopped when she hesitated on whether or not she should approach or wait where she was. There was a branded there beside the Envoy. Surly if there was a branded there Sari wasn't about to be in trouble. She offered a slight smile as she took a few steps closer. She tried to keep her head high, her back straight, and her tail from twitching and giving away her emotions. It was the constant twisting and twining of a bit of blue yarn between her fingers that betrayed her nervousness.
  4. The Masked Man, Requiem, stood inside the temple, in the dark, flipping through the cards he held, watching the woman, the Envoy of Naga, silently. As more people filed into the room, he slipped the cards into his cloak pocket and closed his eyes. He thought back. Everything happened for a reason. Fate or chance, destiny or fortune, it didn't matter what was the cause. What mattered to him was the why.

    Why was the big question on his mind. Why were they all being summoned. Even one such as himself, a Manakete, closest to Naga's blood, and a Tactician at that, summoned without explanation. It begged the question. Why? What was so important that they were calling together such a mixed group for? Finally, Requiem decided there was little point in standing in the shadows. He reached into his cloak and took a swig from the flask within. The contents were strong and burned like hellfire going down, but it was good.

    Upon returning the flask to its rightful place, Requiem stepped out of the shadows, stretching his wings towards the ground as he shrugged his shoulders, loosening himself up casually. "So, how many are we waiting for exactly?" He asked finally, directing the question towards the Envoy, a tone of boredom leaking through his low voice. He'd been waiting for quite some time, being so close to the temple already. He understood the importance of waiting, but that didn't make it any less mind numbingly boring.

  5. Barus took in a deep breath of fresh air, before looking upon the city of Rausten from the grasslands in front of it. He had just come to this large city on a summons by the Envoy of Naga, though he was not sure as to how they found him. He was a wanderer of sorts, and very secretive about the places where he kept refuge. Now he would have to throw away that life of solitude for a moment and cooperate with the new group that he would meet today. He grasped the reigns of his stallion tightly, before yelling, signaling his horse to gallop towards the city gates. The helmeted warrior was silent, speculating about the new people that he would meet this day. How would they be? How would they act? These questions would probably be answered after he climbed the steps to the temple, deeper within the city.

    His warrior horse, Seru, galloped into the city before coming to a halt. She was used to this routine now. Seru stopped behind the gates, shortly after entering the city. Barus dismounted her and stroke her mane before tying her rains to a nearby post. He knew that she was a loyal horse and would not misbehave while he was away. He moved to the market area of the city before taking interest in an armory. He walked inside the place before looking at the assortment of weapons, and smiled behind his helmet as he looked at a lance which seemed pretty sharp at the tip. He grabbed the weapon before swinging it around, getting a feel for the weapon. Barus then nodded at it before waving at the manager of the store, saying he would like to purchase it. The man behind the counter described how the weapon was 600 gold, and he complied. He gave a sack filled with 600 gold to the man before waving goodbye, rendering no words as he walked back out. He used the lance as a walking stick, making his way further into the city before finding the steps to the temple. With a sigh, he stepped up the steps towards the top, making his way to the temple. He did not feel like using his wings to travel up the stairs.

    When he came up to the top, he noticed a woman being led by a servant to the Envoy. He quietly followed behind the Cat Laguz and bumped into her while she abruptly stopped.

    "My apologies, cat."
  6. Miruru dashed down the streets, leaving a small cloud of dust in her wake. She had received a summons from the Envoy of Naga, and nothing could be more important than answering that call. The Taguel's small frame allowed her to maneuver between the many Laguz perusing the street vendors. A small child pounced in front of Miruru's path, and she jumped over the child effortlessly. Though she wasn't the fasted amongst the Taguel, she certainly had an impressive jumping ability, especially considering her tiny legs.

    As Miruru reached the stairs to the upper tiers, she slowed down a little so she wouldn't slip. She began to bound up them, taking three to four steps at a time. Finally the small Taguel reached her destination, the highest temple in Rausten. Miruru walked farther into the area, eying the others who were apparently called there as well. Her eyes narrowed at each person she saw. Disgusting. What disgraces. How could they bare our enemies' weapons and wear their armor? They are Laguz! They have no need for such objects. They're no better than those humans. Miruru finally turned her eyes to the Envoy and noticed a repulsive man nearby. Miruru's orange ears began to twitch. Why would the Envoy summon a human?! It's bad enough that these Laguz have no pride, but to bring a disgusting thing like him... Miruru's fingernails dug into her hands as her fists shook with rage. This was outrageous. If the Envoy didn't explain herself soon, Miruru would probably rip the human to shreds.

    Osiel casually flew towards the shrine, his speed questionable considering who summoned him. He watched those below walk towards the same place and smiled warmly. My, they're all so young. Looks like I'll be the old man of the group. Osiel reached the top of the shrine and descended to the ground, his feet lightly touching the stone without a sound. His calm green eyes scanned the group and they finally fell on the masked figure of Requiem. Ah, looks like I won't be the oldest though. As Osiel was about to converse with the masked Manakete, he felt heat course through his body. His eyes fell to the small form of Miruru, the feisty Taguel with a horrible temper. The Heron majestically walked to the girl and placed a hand on her head. If her anger didn't subside, Osiel feared that he too might lose his temper. He bent down and whispered something into her ear, and the girl seemed to calm down, but only slightly. Osiel removed his hand and took a few steps back. At least now he could stand with the group in piece. He looked to the Envoy and smiled, awaiting her explanation of why they were all there.
  7. When most of the other Laguz had already left for the Envoy it had been just recently that Ursa would have gotten his letter summoning him to this meeting, the reason for this is becuse where he lived. He lives within the Wolf Laguz district but also far away from it, the area around his small house has been mostly abandoned and overgrown even as the other Wolf Laguz have tried to get him to move towards the more tidy and populated parts of the district but sadly these atempts have been met with growls and glares. After having read the message he let out a loud sigh as he stood up and picked up his weapones, two axes which could also be used as throwing weapons and while they looked abit primitive they were highly effective. Also unlike the others he showed no sign of hurry to get towards the Envoy's temple and just slowly but surerly walked towards it, the bells in his hair created soft sounds as they swayed right and left.

    After he had finaly reached the temple he pushed the doors open and walked it, he looked around and noticed many different kinds of Laguz. Infact he was almost sure that there were one for each of the tribes when he himself was included but then a change happened in his almost emotionless state, the moment he saw the Beorc standing next to the Envoy his poker face turned into something else, he seemed to almost growl at the person standing by the Envoy and took out both of his axes and started walking forward chanting the word " Kill" again and again to himself.
  8. "So this is Rausten's capital," Ferrus mused as he entered the city. After his flight from his father's home in Renais with naught but a few tomes and a vulnerary, he had realized that he hadn't really thought his journey through. Granted it wasn't like he had the luxury of extensive planning, he had escaped as soon as the opportunity had presented itself after all.

    All Ferrus had to go on about his mother's identity was that she was a Laguz, and that she had fled his father's castle shortly after his birth. He had assumed she would have escaped to Laguz territory, somewhere that the Beorc wouldn't be able to easily follow. And now his journey had taken him to the Laguz capital. Ferrus hadn't expected the journey to be easy, but neither had he thought it was going to be as difficult as it was. His form limited how far he could travel, how long he could stay awake, and how high he could climb among other things. This child's body certainly has its disadvantages, he thought sardonically.

    Ferrus had enough foresight to wear a pale violet cloak over his clothes. His usual outfit still bore the insignia of house Aden, his father's house, and Ferrus felt that he would rather not be torn to pieces immediately after entering the city. And though he had his magic to aid him, Ferrus was loath to use his last remaining combat tome, a treatise on Flux magic, he had not escaped with any money to replenish his supply, and Dark Magic tomes weren't really a common commodity sold to small children, even older men who only had the appearance of a small child.

    Still now that he was here, Ferrus was unsure of how to proceed. He really had no clues, save the Brand on his stomach, and even he wasn't too sure how that might help him. In the first level of the city, Ferrus saw others like himself, half-Laguz, half-Beorc, all second-class citizen. But at least Branded here were allowed to live their lives without being reviled for their birth. Looked down upon, yes, Ferrus could recognize that look of superiority anywhere. He had seen it all his life. His father had never missed an opportunity to instill into Ferrus that he would always be inferior to a pureblood Beorc, no matter how hard he tried to prove himself. And Ferrus could see very similar gazes on the faces of the Laguz who regarded the Branded. But other than that, Ferrus didn't see see any of the cruelties that some Beorc inflicted on Branded or Laguz.

    He met with a Branded couple who seemed to be the leaders of the city's Branded community. Introducing himself as a Branded child, Ferrus asked about what he would need to do to secure a place to live within the city and he was told that he would have to speak with the Envoy of Naga.

    This person might have information about my mother too, Ferrus thought. And so he bowed and thanked the couple and headed for the temple at the top of the city. He weathered many a judging gaze as he climbed the mountain, his child form tiring quickly as it always did. He had to stop more than once on the way up, and one time he looked to see a man flying upwards as well. Must be nice to have wings, Ferrus thought as he panted, why does this temple have to be so damn high? Eventually, he made it to the temple grounds, and was amazed by the natural splendor of it all, the way the temple and the mountainside were seemingly one and the same. "This was worth the climb," he breathed quietly.

    He saw a few Laguz heading inside and followed them, thinking that perhaps there was a line of well-wishers and supplicants to the Envoy, and that he would merely be waiting for a while and then get to talk to the Envoy. Or were Branded even allowed to talk to the Envoy? Ferrus wasn't sure, back in Renais he wasn't able to get the time of day from someone, let alone ask for an audience with their ruler.

    What awaited him inside threw him for a loop. The group of Laguz that he had followed in were simply waiting inside the temple, a somewhat unearthly figure, the Envoy, seemingly waiting as if expecting everyone to arrive. A cloaked and masked figure stood in the shadows of the temple expressing his desire to stop waiting. Waiting? For what? Next to the Envoy a young blonde boy, not a Laguz from his appearance so either a Branded or pure Beorc, stood calmly. A graceful Heron Laguz stood next to a Taguel who was glaring daggers at the non-Laguz standing next to the Envoy. Her killing intent was palpable, just as palpable as that of a Wolf Laguz who had begun to advance on the boy, weapons drawn. Apparently, that whole thing he had read about Laguz forsaking weapons and fighting with tooth and claw and talon wasn't true, maybe times had changed. A cat Laguz twiddling with a bit of yarn, and an armored Laguz with wings also passively watched the scene unfold. There was another Taguel who had seemingly proffered a Killing Edge to the Envoy.

    He quickly considered the worst possible scenario, for he usually ended up in the worst possible scenario. This was a ritual in which a Beorc or Branded was sacrificed to their god(s) in exchange for bestowing supernatural powers onto an object. While unlikely, that was the worst possible thing Ferrus could think of at the moment. It was probably something like the boy broke one of the the laws here and was being punished. I'll have to make sure I follow the rules carefully, I would like to continue living after all. He pulled his hood up over his head, the longer he was not recognized as a non-Laguz/Taguel the more likely he was to survive. Then he remembered, he did pass someone on his way inside. Another Taguel, maybe, Ferrus had't been paying too much attention to his surroundings on his approach to the temple. He had let his guard down a bit too much. Everyone else in the temple was focused on the boy near the Envoy, and not on Ferrus. But if the Taguel he passed said something upon entering, Ferrus broke into a nervous sweat while he waited for the axe, or axes rather, to drop.
  9. Carte had been passed by many people as he steeled himself. A few more steps and he'd be there. He wasn't tired, just pumped up. He sighed and took the last few steps, his gaze flying now beyond the steps. As Carte entered the temple, things already seemed to be in a scramble. A Taguel girl had a racial fire in her eyes, and a Wolf Laguz was intent on killing the human looking blond by the envoy. Surely these two knew that there had to be a reason for his presence. A child which had passed by him was also there. He wore a hooded cloak. Carte decided not to question it.

    Carte quickly moved in front of the Wolf Laguz, one hand on the handle of his sword in case he had to defend himself, the other outstretched to halt the furious Laguz. "Stay your hand, there must be a good reason for his presence. Put the ax away, friend." He flicked his gaze to the man for a split second, then back to the Wolf Laguz. Carte was smart, but he knew that sometimes people didn't listen. It was times like these that Carte was glad he used a sword instead of a lance, as most of the people who get angry use axes. This was something Carte (and Folle, as it happened to be) had noticed over time.
  10. The Envoy of Naga was the most divine of manakete. Her blood was not only true and pure in it's dragon genes but if you look into those deep emerald eyes you could make out the slightly darker marking on her irises. Her hair was like Naga's once was, wavy and viridescent tumbling down in a graceful manner - the curling ends giving the impression of the foot of a waterfall. Her skin was clear and milky white and her lips were a ruby red. She adorned aqua-tinted garments that resembled that of a dress yet allowing for easy mobility. Maybe it was the blood coursing through her veins or maybe it was her personality but she gave a calming air to the area that surrounded her. Her eyes stared - almost longingly out of the panoramic window of her temple, the ocean savagely yet beautifully crushing against itself almost captivating her.

    But when she felt of the presence of those she had sent for she turned around. Bowing her head slightly as they found themselves around the room. She knew the manaketes well as they all resided on the peek but the rest of the members were unknown faces matched to the names given to her by their god. The Envoy walked to the center of the room her stride slow but sure it was almost seductive. She could feel all the emotion in the room given by her beastly siblings; the apprehension, the uncertainty, the anger. Her hands raised slowly in a calming manner and she gave each one of them a glance, a small smile finding her lips.

    "Peace children. No one in this room lacks the blood of the shapeshifters." She began, her eyes wandering to the quiet bumbling young man behind her as he almost knocked over a vase at his idle movement. "I know, this is quite sudden but Naga has spoken with me. I had only received names from the dragon, so know that each of you were picked for a reason even unknown to me. You are all extremely capable in your own right and what I ask of you is a mission to be done if our tribes are to continue on with living. Those humans have stolen or land yet salvation is at our fingertips."

    The Envoy pointed to the branded with one slowly extended finger causing the slightly awkward young man to perk up. His childish behavior only showed his obliviousness. He glanced at the slightly intimidating group sheepishly with vibrant icy blue eyes before offering an awkward wave, introducing himself as Lysander. The Envoy laughed slightly, almost jokingly before speaking again. Her tone however contrasting the lightheartedness as it implied nothing but seriousness.

    "This Branded who has awaken with no memory must be brought to the Temple of Naga at Frelia, the now human territory. Naga has me to believe that his memory is the key to our survival." She revealed. The Envoy knew that almost every single shapeshifter knew of the bitterness of that temple. It was the original worship place of their people as it also laid on a peak though much higher then the one they stood on now. But it was also one of the first things to be taken by the Beorcs.

    "When his memory is brought back to him you are to report back here..this of course is a dangerous mission but as I've said, Naga has chosen." The Envoy said closing. She slowly strided towards the window, her eyes trained once again on the ocean's waves. "You may all go now but Lysander go and grab my daughter before you all set off. She is to come as well." The Envoy spoke her eyes unmoving. The young branded man nodded quickly before jogging outside; coming back a few moments later with another manakete who's appearance mirrored that of the envoy if not a slightly younger version. She was Gwenaviere, the sole daughter of the Envoy and despite that regal and intial look of superiority the lax expression her face said differently - as if the mission she had already been briefed on wasn't important in the slightest.

    "I brought her Ms. Envoy.." Lysander spoke quietly, offering another sheepish smile. The younger manakete waved her hand dismissively.

    "Don't try talking to her while she's off staring to nowhere.." She spoke uncaringly, turning around and opening the door she had just entered turning her head to the group before completely exiting the temple the same lax expression showing a bit of curiosity with the raised eyebrow and all. "Aren't you guys coming? Let's get going already. Mother told me to explain to you guys a bit more while we are travelling."
  11. Ursa had raised his arm and a person with a sharp eye would have seen that the way he held the axe would have meant that he woudn't have used it to strike at Carte but to be thrown right at the Branded infront of him. But the combination of Carte's intervention and the explanation from the Envoy had managed to calm him down, in truth Ursa had nothing against Branded as he usualy just didn't show any reaction to them so in a way he is kinder than some other people are but when he can't see their mark it migh end up in a much bloodier way than it should.

    He let out a sound that reminded of a growl as he hanged the axes on his belt and took a couple of steps back, the sound from his bells echoing throughout the room. But while most in the room were likely to think that this was a huge honour and that they were proud to be chosen Ursa coudn't help but to wonder just why Naga would choose him? Surerly there were some other Wolf Laguz out there better suited for this job, and as he grumbled with himself he retreated into the shadows of the Temple and waited for the rest of the group to leave. He did NOT want to speak with any of them and thus wanted to be the last in the line.​
  12. Always so aggressive. With how some of his kin reacted, it didn't surprise him that the beorcs called them beasts. Such little restraint. That was actually a good name for the wolf. Beast. It fit perfectly. Finally, the Envoy informed the aggressors of the Branded Status, and the Beast stood down. Altogether, found himself indifferent. Beorc, Laguz, Taguel, Manakete. People, regardless of their race or species.

    Had the Beorc invaded and taken their land? Yes. Had the Beorc killed many of their kind? Absolutely. Did that make every Beorc responsible for what their ruling company had done? Not even remotely. He knew the costs of war. The sacrifices of the soldier, the risks of the civilians. He had nearly beaten more than a few of his own soldiers to death, and made it quite clear that while they were at war, attacking civilians, murdering non combatants, innocents, was not acceptable. It was a hard lesson to teach the soldiers, but one that took root quickly.

    When the Branded brought a new girl, he nodded to her politely. The situation was explained and he was ready to move on. Still lost in his own thoughts however, he waited until everyone had left. Then he saw the wolf at the back of the group in the shadows. "Move on Beast" He spoke disapprovingly as he walked past the axe-handler, after the rest of the group.
  13. Carte eased as the Wolf let his ax away. This was going to be harder than he thought. There would be time to talk to him later on the road. The manakete who was now leading them seemed quite disdainful. She didn't show much respect for her mother, and she seemed not to care about the task. That said, this was not what Carte expected when he received the summons, but he was glad his mind would be put to use. Now, if only there weren't so many wildcards in this group...

    Folle finished her sacrament and ran a hand across the side of the blade, feeling its slick sheen. She smiled and went into the part of the temple where she was to meet the Envoy - only to find that she missed an important conversation. Folle simply shrugged and followed suit with the rest of the shapeshifters. The Beorc was a welcome sight (in that she didn't know he was Branded) but the little boy with the Flux tome was rather unnerving. Folle sighed and passed the thought from her mind, surveying the troupe. She saw an odd Taguel here and there. One was short and feisty, and Folle liked feisty. Another was tall, robed, and docile. Folle also liked docile. Docile often led to fewer unnecessary deaths, and Folle had just got her blade sainted, and was not looking to shed innocent blood.

    Folle bounded over to Carte and smiled. "Hello, there, brother!" Carte smiled and nodded. "Hello to you, sister." While neither were racist individuals, common race certainly helped break the ice between Shapeshifters. Taguel especially felt kin to each other, while it wasn't uncommon to see hungry Laguz kill their tribesmen over carrion. Of course, Taguel, being herbivores, only had to fight about how they split the last carrot. Even then, they never seriously hurt each other - well, physically, anyway.

    "So what goes on here, brother? I was sainting a sword when all the important news was dropped. My name's Folle, by the way." "I'm Carte. We're to go to the Temple of Naga in Frelia and liberate it from human control so the blond Branded can regain important memories. We're being led by the Envoy's daughter, up in the front of the group." Folle chuckled a bit when she heard they were going to Frelia. After Carte finished, she explained herself. "Brother, in case you didn't know this, I'm just getting back from a venture in Jehanna, in search of rare Laguz. I found them, and got gleaned by a few axes on the way there. If I can survive the Jehannan Beorc brigands, I think I'll be fine in Frelia." Carte nodded and smiled. She was certainly good at her job, as a Myrmidon was expected to be. "Then in that case, sister, I advise that you don't get too cocky, and you listen to me and that Manakete over there," Carte noted, pointing at the tall red-head. "We're the group Tacticians for this adventure." Folle nodded and straightened her posture. "Will do, brother, simply tell me whose blood should be spilt."
  14. Sari squeaked and jumped to the side when the armored Heron bumped into her. Her ears twitched wildly and she looked around to see if there was anyone else she had missed. He was covered in armor, how had she not heard him behind her? Surly her nerves weren’t that bad? All right, so maybe they were.

    One by one the others arrived and Sari could sense that several were in a temper. One, a wolf laguz, even seemed intent on killing the branded until a Taguel stepped in. Sari had assumed the man was branded because she seriously doubted a Beorc would be allowed in the temple. The wolf had apparently made the opposite assumption. Sari could feel the hair on the back of her neck rise even as the Taguel tried to convince him to put the axe down. She was sure that if she looked at her tail in that moment it would be puffed up to its maximum volume. Putting the string in her pocket and reaching around she picked her tail up and began attempting to smooth her glossy black fur back into place just as the Envoy began to explain.

    All right, so she had been chosen. She had a pretty good idea that meant she was one of the few healers who could be counted on to take the job. She had those who she could trust to look after her patients during her time away, provided she had a chance to contact them, and she knew her Gran would be all right to mix medicines with Mini to help her. Come to think of it Mini had progressed far enough the young cat could be trusted to take care of any standard illnesses on her own, so it wasn’t really the idea of leaving her patients behind that bothered her. It wasn’t even her traveling companions with the possible exception of the wolf. Sari was convinced she could put up with nearly anyone. No, what bothered her was the mission. Protect a man who had no memory of why he was important, and guide him to a temple that had long ago been lost to the Beorc, never mind the fact that the Beorc hated the Laguz every bit as much as the Laguz hated them. Generally speaking of course.

    By that point then Envoy’s daughter had arrived and everybody was being ushered out of the temple. Sari’s thoughts were immediately jolted from the “what ifs” to the practical and remembering that she was by no means prepared for travel of any sort, she pushed her way to the front of the group where she could talk to the manakete who had by all appearances assumed command of the group.

    “Excuse me. Excuse me, my Lady.” Sari gasped hurrying her pace a bit to keep up, she wasn’t used to speaking to any one nearly so important as Gwenaviere and as she voiced her question her hands pulled the bit of string back out of her pocket. “Pardon me please, but I – I was not expecting to be sent anywhere and – and I need to make a few arrangements for my patients and grab – grab a travel bag. Um, it won’t take long and – and I have a horse and cart I can bring to carry things so – so is it ok if I – if I go? If – if someone were to come with me and lend a hand I could be faster.”

    Light, she sounded like a child when she stammered! She was going to have to get over that pretty quickly if she was going to be any good at her job. Being wary of the wolf was one thing, tripping over her own tongue trying to ask a perfectly legitimate question was quite another. Hurriedly she looked around the group, searching for anyone who might be willing to back her up. After a moment her gaze fell on the armored Heron who had bumped into her earlier. Green eyes wide, she looked at him hopefully.
  15. Gwenaviere didn't have the time for this really. Even if she had thousands of years to continue her life like the usual manakete does it hardly helped her undeniable impatience. It was hard to believe that she would eventually end up in the Envoy - her mother's, position as time would eventually allow it. In fact none of the other manaketes at the peak felt she ought to be the one to lead the nation. From a young age her free willed and uncaring personality had given a bad impression and despite breaking the usual laws of the shapeshifters that a new envoy would be selected rather then passed on. But then again, Gwen didn't give a fuck. Standing around staring and hearing some mumbo jumbo was not how she wanted to spend the next couple of centuries, at all.

    She walked with a confident stride, her complex violet, pink, and red garments sparkling in the sunlight as it revealed skin in just about all the right places, the grace of each swing of her hips gave off the correct idea that Gwen knew how to dance. Aside from just flying around in her dragon form Gwen's very capable with multiple reinvigorating routines and a sword. Though most of the time her dancing is reserved for those on the peak she would occasionally sneak out to the slums where she would dance for the commonfolk (this giving her a pretty decent reputation among everyone in the city). When the quiet cat healer appeared by her side, Gwen gave a sideways glance. She listened to the request and nodded slowly.

    "Sure. Why don't you have that man on a pony ride you over to where ever you need to be - and maybe take that amnesiac. I wonder why mother has given him so much importance but maybe as a member of the clergy you could see if any devils have possessed him." Gwen said shrugging, the last part especially lax. She could've asked them all for their names but eh, it's not like she had any intention of knowing them on a personal degree. All they needed to do was get to Frelia afterall. "We'll be waiting by the city gate." Gwen then informed loud enough for everyone to hear her. She didn't mind the group splitting momentarily they could get to know each other or whatever else they desired but as the sun reached its midpoint in the open sky they ought to be ready.
  16. Carte sighed, remembering he was carrying a pack. He was glad he packed his map, of course. Any Strategist packs a map. He would have a chance to review it when they stopped at the gate, and while he was already planning a route in his mind, Folle immediately piped up "We're going to be going through Carcino! Friendly territory, and my homeland! I can't wait to talk to my warren again! It's been months!" Carte chuckled amicably and thought about it. "Yep, quickest route's through Carcino. We'll have to get through the mountains, though, but it's faster than going around. I'll show you guys my map when we get to the gate so I can explain."

    Carte looked about for the Manakete Tactician and jogged over to him. "Hail. Seems to me you and I are gonna be working together. Two heads are better than one, as they say. How well do you do with collaboration, friend?" In the midst of all this, Folle was jumping around excitedly at the prospect of stopping by her warren's home for a visit before going by Frelia. Carte and Folle both anticipated some entertaining battles in Frelia, and maybe away from the towns of Carcino. Folle knew there would be a band of brigands somewhere in the mountains.

  17. Barus watched the countless reactions to the Beorc. He even watched one of the Laguz go to the extent of withdrawing his axes and walking in a threatening matter towards the human. Barus did not really react to the site of the human, but rather to those around him. They were acting rather drastically, and he automatically presumed the 'bloodthirsty' ones as idiots. The Envoy of Naga would not bring a Beorc into their sights without a clear reason. There was obviously a bigger picture to what was going on with the man by the Envoy.

    Barus heard footsteps behind him, and turned to see yet another individual walk inside the temple, a cloaked figure who seemed to be a child, or at least no taller than one. The peculiar fact about this person was that he was holding a Flux tome, and surely no child would get a hold of such a thing. He eyed the person up and down before seeing another walk in from the corner of his eye. The man who just arrived instantaneously drew his blade and stood between the Beorc and the Laguz with his axes drawn. He was surprised how things had risen to this extent already. He murmured to himself.

    "What is this, a congregation of buffoons?"

    Finally, the Envoy of Naga's serene voice was heard, and he turned his attention back to her. The explanation he was waiting for would finally be heard. She began by saying no one in this room did not have the blood of the Laguz, meaning that the Beorc standing by her was half Laguz or something of the sort. The manakete then continued on by saying that she was contacted by Naga, and that it gave her the names of each individual in this area right now. This gave Barus a good feeling on the inside. He was surprised that he himself was even selected for such a task. Subconsciously, he noticed her talking about how they would reach salvation, but he was wallowing in his self glory at the moment. He was brought back to Earth when he saw her hand point to the branded man. The words she rendered next shocked him; they were to take this branded to the Temple of Naga in Frelia, the area now owned by humans. The last bit of info was that he lost his memory, but regaining it would be the key to their survival.

    The Envoy of Naga commanded the branded to do something, though he was not paying attention to words for most of the time, rather, he was paying attention to the situation. He came back with a girl mirroring the Envoy's appearance, so he assumed it to be a daughter or relative. When she rendered the words 'Mother', he knew he was correct. She walked out of the temple, commanding everyone as if she had the right. He felt like she would be quite an issue later on, judging from her first signs of behavior. He shrugged, and continued on with those who were now exiting the Temple of Naga.

    Barus followed behind the Cat Laguz and watched her converse with the Envoy's daughter, seeing if she could take someone with her to get medical supplies. The Envoy's daughter agreed, saying that she should go with the pony riding one. He assumed that to be himself, and he rolled his eyes behind his helmet. He turned back to the Cat Laguz before nodding in agreement.

    "My name is Barus. I will be happy to accompany you. And for you, daughter of the Envoy, I hope your ears were cleared enough to hear my name as well. It would also be nice if you could tell us your name, although the 'aura' your giving off boasts that even your name is too great for the likes of us, no?"
  18. "Sari, Sari Yallon," She answered the man called Barus. "I'm just going to . . ." But as it was clear that neither Barus nor the Envoy's daughter were paying her any attention anymore Sari chose that moment to slip quietly away to talk to the man who had been called Lysander by the Envoy.

    She took a deep breath as she approached him. She wasn't nervous by habit, just unused to initiating conversation especially in a group where tensions were already high.
    "Hello," she murmured softly as she slipped up beside him, and then realizing that if she wanted to be heard she would need to speak up, raised her voice slightly. "Mr. Lysander? I am called Sari. I - That is Mr. Barus was going to escort me to my shop so I could pack for the journey and retrieve a horse and cart and - and well the Lady seemed to think it best if you came with us. I - I don't mean to be rude, but - but it might be better considering how high some of the others' tempers are at the moment." She snuck a look at the armored heron and winced when she realized that he and the Lady Gwenaviere seemed to be among those with high tempers at the moment.
  19. Ursa silently stood there as the other people in the room started to walk, the two Taguel quickly began to speak with each other and a fair number went to the Envoy's daughter to speak about whatever they wanted to. When one of the Manaketes in the room walked past him and told him to get a move on, even degraded him as a beast. The only reaction Ursa made was a nod. He knew that whatever he was it wasn't a person and maybea beast was the best way to explain whatever he was, and what right did he have to speak up against a Manakete? But before he did anything else he walked around the entire group so that he reached the Branded that he had falsely acused for being a humand and tried to kill he then in a soft whisper he said.

    " I am sorry.... "

    He said it as he passed by the man and then just continued to walk around the group again towards the gate, he needed to go and get some stuff from home and maybe even buy some supplies. He quickly walked through the Wolf Laguz district so he woudn't have to interact with anyone untill after he had taken his money and the rest of the food he had from his house, once that was done he walked back to the district and the other Wolf Laguz was pleasently suprised that the loner for once actualy buyed things. He got himself a large pelt and also a fur-coat, with the rest of his money he bought a hammer to be used in battles if they faced any heavy armored units. Once his little shopping spree was done he walked through the crowds and headed towards the gate that the Envoy's daughter had mentioned.​
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  20. Ferrus breathed a quiet sigh of relief as his worst case scenario was completely unfounded. Well, I seemed to have stumbled upon something important. Best to play along, and accompany the group. The female Taguel with the Killing Edge and the armored Bird Laguz , had given him an odd look when he had joined the rest of the group. Ferrus reasoned it was because of his appearance, but then he noticed that his tome had been peeking out of his cloak. It must have shifted during the climb, he thought as he quickly readjusted it so that it was hidden once more, people usually weren't comfortable around Dark Magic, let alone a child practicing it. He hoped that no one else had seen it, he would rather not have to explain himself so soon.

    Ferrus believed that he had been mistaken as one of the summoned, but wasn't about to call attention to himself by stating his actual reason for making the climb to the temple. Besides, in all the stories he had read while cooped up in the family library, it wasn't uncommon for an individual to get caught up in momentous events seemingly by chance. Not to mention that successfully completing this task might earn him some brownie points with the Envoy. Ferrus' stomach rumbled at the mention of brownies, he hadn't eaten since earlier that morning outside of the city. He wondered if he would be allowed to grab something to eat on the way out.

    People began to leave the temple building, Ferrus could already see tensions brewing between some of the group members, specifically between the figure with the cards and the Wolf Laguz with the axes. The armored Heron Laguz, Barus, seemed to be above the whole thing, and yet was involved with yet another . The conversation between the two weapon carrying Taguel, the male was called Carte and the female Folle, let slip that that figure was a Manakete. Not to mention that the Envoy's earlier declaration, that no one here is lacking blood of the shapeshifters, meant that everyone was either Branded or full-blooded Laguz or Taguel. Judging by appearances, he had assumed that he was the only Branded here besides Lysander.

    Still he was grateful that the Envoy was such a poet, she could have simply walked around and bopped people on the head saying, 'Laguz. Laguz. Taguel. Laguz. Manakete. Branded,' like some version of Duck, Duck, Goose. This way, his identity was not so quickly exposed. He knew that it was only a matter of time before something revealed for who he was, what he was, and where he came from, but he at least hoped to earn some goodwill before that. At least enough to not get him killed.

    With Folle occupied with her kin and the broody Manakete in the shadows, and Barus accompanying the Sari the Cat Laguz, Ferrus found it rather easy to avoid contact with the two who had noticed his Flux tome before he had hidden it away again. But this meant that he had found himself nearer to the unarmored Heron Laguz and the smaller Taguel. So he tried to start a conversation with the two.

    "Is there anyplace I could find something to eat? It doesn't have to be much, I just would rather start this journey on a full stomach is all."
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