Fins and Fangs

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    Name: Silvia
    Age: Unknown
    Race: Mer
    History: Silvia was born into her clan not knowing her parents as they had disappeared a month before she would have hatched. Her aunt and uncle raised her as their own child. She was one of many, they did their best and were loving but there was only so much a parent to do. Silvia took her journey as soon as they would let her; she found that she loved the solitude of swimming the vast ocean only seeing her kin in passing every few months.
  2. Sebastian R. Cohen


    Appearance: Sebastian has bright hazel eyes, light brown hair, pale skin, is 6'5 tall.

    Age: 168; yet he looks 20.

    Species: Vampire

    History: Sebastian was bitten by a vampire when he and his father when deer hunting. Sebastian managed to escape but his father was killed by the vampire, along with his mother and two younger sisters.
    Now, Sebastian doesn't remember anything but that, since he got hit on the head with a stone while escaping.

  3. Silvia groaned and tried to shift but she was restrained, she tried to open her eyes but they crusted together. She felt dry and her arms were bound to her sides. She tried to remember what had happened to leave her in this position; then it came back to her. She'd been swimming in a daze and ran straight into a drifter's net. The fine ropes had tangled and snagged at her scales. The under current had rolled her into a rock and knocked her unconsious. She could feel that her scales and skin were dry; her sun felt burnt and sratchy.
  4. I walked down the beach, the sun burning my skin the tiniest bit, but yet it didn't affect me. As I walked along the shore, I had noticed a net being washed up, but there was something moving inside. My eyes narrowed to take a better look from a distance, but the sun's glare wouldn't allow me to see. I walked closer to it and saw something I've only seen twice in my lifetime.

    A mermaid.
  5. Silvia groaned again, she forced her stiff tail to roll over and ease the heat of the sun. "Can this get any worse." Her voice was even hoarse from laying here from hours. What had she been thinking to drift near the inlands, she just wanted to sun bathe on the rocks. Now here she was probably going to die of dehydration on som god forsaken beach and become someone's wall peice when they find her remains.
  6. Sebastian walked closer to the net and heard the mermaid talking about things getting worse. "Mer," I said as I got closer to her and saw the dry scales of her tail. I grabbed the net and pulled her closer to land, taking precautions since there were fishermen not too far from shore.
  7. Savlia whimpered feeling the sand scratched against her skin, she was being dragged from the ocean. "No, dont." She tried to wriggle away but the heat had made her to weak to fight much.
  8. "You can't go over there. If you do, the fishermen will kill you and put you on display," Sebastian murmured and picked up the poor mermaid, feeling the stickiness of the tail, making Sebastian shiver.
  9. "And what will you do to me? What are you to help me?" She whispered giving and letting her head lull onto his shoulder. She knew she was in the hands of this stranger.
  10. (Changing to first person.)

    I nodded and simply kept my silence. I held the mermaid tightly, trying to ignore the stickiness of her tail's scales. I walked downwards on a slope that led to a cave under the sand, which led to the ocean if you took a certain direction. I entered the cave to see the aqua clear water shining like light, though it seeped through the other side of the cave.

    Reaching the end of the stone floor, I jumped into the water, landing on a flat topped rock, and put the mer in the cool water. "They will surely not find you here."

    (Here's how the deep cave looks like:
  11. Silvia sighed happily feeling the cool water envelope her sun burn and dry body. The fins on her arms and ears flexed trying to soak it all in. Silvia let her head fall back under the water the gills on her neck breathing deep as she let the bubbles of air escape her lungs taking in the salt water. After a moment she came back up and looked at him still helplessly pinned she swished her tail trying to wash the flaked and sticky scales away.
    "What will you do with me now, what are you? You dont smell human to me."
  12. I cleared my throat as she asked me what I was, but I decided to answer her first question. "I'll have to watch over you until all of the fishermen are gone, specifically fishing season," I answered and pretended to not hear what she asked me. 'Don't ask me again,' ‚ÄčI thought as I took a glance at her.
  13. Silvia glared up at him, "What do you mean by watch me?" Having forgotten her other question she started to squirm, "What are you going to do to me?" Her panic started to rise next to her anger, she whipped her tail back and forth spashing the water about as well as trying to get out of his grasp. "I will not die; you cant kill me!" Silvia shouted at him in desperation.
  14. I scowled as she started splashing water everywhere. "I'm not going to kill you! It's the not the first time I've had to watch over someone," I told her and climbed back onto the rock to go back outside. "If you don't want me to watch over you, fine. It won't be my fault if someone tries to capture you."
  15. Silvia stilled at the thought of what the fishermen might do to her, she'd seen another of her kin get caught in their nets before...she'd regreted not trying to save them but fear for her own life had frozen her on the spot. She looked up at him hopelessly and fell limp in his arms letting her head drop onto his shoulder again, "No please dont leave me to the fishermen." Even to her ears her voice sounded weak and defeated.
  16. I arched my eyebrow in sudden surprise as she immediately handed herself over, but I gave her a nod. "It won't be hard, since I am a v-" I stopped myself when I was about to say vampire. I cleared my throat in awkwardness and set her down in the water, mentally shaking my head.
  17. Silvia looked up at him in confusion, "So, are you going to cut me loose or just leave me like this?" The net was starting to chaft her skin again even in the water. She knew her arms were probably alseep because her shoulders felt stiff and cramped; it was almost like everytime she moved the ropes got tighter and tighter. She was almost afraid that if she kept moving it would aventually try to cut off her breathing.
  18. "Of course," I murmured and went back into the cold water. I took out a pocket blade and began cutting the net off, being careful of not harming her. I slipped the next off of her tail, and threw it away onto the rocks, deciding to go throw it later. Putting away my pocket blade, lifted myself back up onto the stones, sitting down.
  19. Silvia sighed happily stretching her arms out from her body and flexed her tail, sending her propelling though the crystal clear water. She giggled happily dashing this way and that finding that there was no other way to leave the cavern except to be carried back though the way they came. She slowly made her way back to him reluctantly and then with ease propped herself next to him on the rocks letting her tail trail through the water, "Thanks...what's your name?" She voice was soft and hesitant.
  20. I felt a bit strange as she asked me what my name was, since I wasn't a very talkative person. Since I was a vampire I'm used to be isolated and on my own for survival. "You're welcome," I murmured and took a glance. "I am Sebastian," I told her and sighed. "Yours?"