Find me more music like this and you will be rewarded in Heaven!

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  1. That's not music. That's how you wreck speakers, ruin your hearing, & scramble your brain. That's the sound something makes when it's BROKEN. That's a TV with a bad reception signal.

    And I'm someone who likes METAL.
  2. Helen

    My body continues its trembles as the girl goes ahead and flops onto my bed. I don't think she realizes it but having her in my room, letting her on my bed, that's something I would never have anyone else do. This room is my safe space, and the bed is where I trust I will be safe. This sets me off and I clench my fists slightly to keep myself at ease. She's invading.

    "I-I am sorry? W-w-whose r-room is t-t-this? W-who h-h-has t-the r-right..." My cheeks flare as I stutter a defense. I will not let her belittle me like this. "T-t-to b-be h-here? M-me. S-so d-don't c-call us c-creeps, w-when y-you are t-the o-one w-who s-scares everyone a-around h-her..." I take another shallow inhale to compensate for the stuttering. I must look so pathetic. I have barely stuttered since I became Pens friend, but I feel my throat constricting. It's coming back. God help me. I turn to Pen, still somewhat frightened. I don't want to leave this scary girl here. She may tear apart the room or... I shouldn't think that way. I shouldn't expect her to be entirely kind, considering what I did, but I am trying to make up for it. I will not be talked to like this.

    "D-do you need a-anything else f-from me?" I ask the girl once I've calmed down and I offer her a timid smile "I-I can get some w-water or s-something."


    (Jack hasn't been talking because I forgot he existed for a second XD)

    "Praise Jesus!" I exclaim in her conscience once I can speak again. With Helen stuttering and confused, I can finally regain control. Yay! Belittling my good old Penelope here I come!

    Dude that was batshit insane! I can't believe Helen and Nellie nearly killed that girl. Goodness gracious, I know she has bad social skills but I didn't realize it was this bad. No wonder this girl thinks you are creeps. I would too. But hey, I live here now so I can't do much about you and psycho friends.

    I yawn and lean back in my mental recliner. I have to admit, both his skull kid and the blood bender scare me now. That's what hurt Jackie the other day. I remember her fear, and how I left her hanging. But I swear now that I know the value of my female counter part, I'm staying away from the crazies once I can reunite with her. It's strange to admit. But I'm worried for Jacqueline. Not because of our dual body but...because I actually care what happens to her now. I hope she's not sick and dying in a corner.
  3. Name: Koda "Little Bear" Locklear

    Age: 24

    Gender: Male

    Sexuality: Bisexual

    Organization: Evolutionists

    Abnormality: Berserker Physiology-The ability to become a massive and raging individual with a desire for battle regardless of one's own physical condition. The owner of this ability has no mental recollection of what happens while in this state and only a shred of their original personalities are conscious while they are hostile. Though rationality is rare for this state, it is not impossible. It takes incredible concentration to resist the feral craze.

    Personality: Will Finish Later!

    History: After Koda was taken by The Collectors to be sold into a life of slavery, he spent spent the next 5 years trying to escape and reconnect with his family. The murder of his younger sister, Demi Locklear was absolutely traumatizing for Koda and the memories and guilt of that day festered in his heart. He endured the mistreatment and control for as long as he could handle before all of his suppressed rage triggered the awakening of his abnormality. In his Berserker form, he slaughtered everyone in the slave syndicate that purchased him, both criminals and innocents, before finding himself awake in The Evolutionists HQ. He was chained and bound, practically unable to move.

    The Evolutionists give Koda an interesting proposition: Join The Collectors as their secret weapon and find out as many of their weaknesses as he can. If possible, destroy them from the inside. At first, Koda refuses, but then he changes his mind when they say that they know where Demi is. If he completes the job, he'll receive all of the information he needs to see Demi again and confirm that she's still alive.


    Without uniform


    In Persuader Uniform


  4. Quinn

    "Of course," Tegan says with a nod. I grin again--good, she's not asking a bunch of questions. Just going with the flow, just as I thought she would do. That's why I tolerate her presence the most out of the others at that mansion. I guide her inside, squeezing through the crowd with a cringe. God, I hate crowded spaces but it's also perfect to cause some (wholesome) trouble and get away with it. I'm just hoping Tegan won't get us caught...Welp. Guess we'll just jump in and see what happens.

    We soon reach the heart of the massive mall, which is a huge lobby that branches out into several openings. A tall fountain is in the center, glorious and fancy as ever. I sit down on a resting bench, patting the spot next to me for Tegan to sit. "Have a seat, my greenhorn prodigy," I say teasingly. I then rake our surroundings for our first victim...

    Then I see it. Some greasy-looking douche is leaning against the wall outside of a women's clothing center. He's currently chatting up a couple of women, who clearly look uncomfortable with his presence. He even invades their space a little with this nauseating smile on his face, as if he just knows he's the best thing about their day.


    I point at him. "Hey, do you descry the oaf over there exasperating those women?" My smile turns downright impish. "Wish to regale him a lesson?"
  5. I found a whole album by that band! yay! My day is gunna be awesome now!
  6. Interesting. I'm kinda reminded of a bunch of industrial metal artists. I need to go remember their names!

    EDIT: Look up Combichrist that's one of the only ones I can remember right now.
  7. Industrial =/= Metal.

    Industrial = shit.

    Amon Amarth, other bands that talk about raping, maiming and killing = metal.
  8. Combichrist is awesome.. this band sounds similar to it..
  9. Yay! I know there's more, but I can't seem to remember any of it today. My awesome musical brain is all worn out from partying last night.
  10. I wish i could party.. I've had the most boring Sunday EVER!
  11. I'd boycott this thread, but I know my opinion doesn't matter.
  12. Seconded for truth.
  13. If this noise is pleasing to you, perhaps you would like these fine jerks. :D


  14. just go to and type in your favorite industrial band. then after that they'll play music similar to said band. it's one way to discover other industrial bands.
  15. John

    He smiled. He gently brushed the hair out of her face before getting up. He smiled at her and left.