Find me more music like this and you will be rewarded in Heaven!

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  1. That's not music. That's how you wreck speakers, ruin your hearing, & scramble your brain. That's the sound something makes when it's BROKEN. That's a TV with a bad reception signal.

    And I'm someone who likes METAL.
  2. Seconded for truth.
  3. But industrial is cool... Sounds like the place I work!
  4. Don't listen to them, you resident little dumb alcoholic, they're just jealous of your music tastes.
  5. I found a whole album by that band! yay! My day is gunna be awesome now!
  6. Interesting. I'm kinda reminded of a bunch of industrial metal artists. I need to go remember their names!

    EDIT: Look up Combichrist that's one of the only ones I can remember right now.
  7. Industrial =/= Metal.

    Industrial = shit.

    Amon Amarth, other bands that talk about raping, maiming and killing = metal.
  8. Combichrist is awesome.. this band sounds similar to it..
  9. Yay! I know there's more, but I can't seem to remember any of it today. My awesome musical brain is all worn out from partying last night.
  10. I wish i could party.. I've had the most boring Sunday EVER!
  11. I'd boycott this thread, but I know my opinion doesn't matter.
  12. Seconded for truth.
  13. If this noise is pleasing to you, perhaps you would like these fine jerks. :D


  14. just go to and type in your favorite industrial band. then after that they'll play music similar to said band. it's one way to discover other industrial bands.
  15. I forgot all about that place! that is how I found Ruoska!