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  1. Who else has suffered, is suffering, or will suffer through the dreaded time known as Finals Week?

    My week started today and I'm just.... done. Lol

    Anyone else? How do you keep yourself sane?
  2. Not in finals, but I have so many projects and so much homework that I literally come home, check on Iwaku, and work work work.

    How do I keep myself sane?

    I don't.

    I listen to music while I work sometimes, take a break every half hour or so, talk to people. Although, usually I just have to deal with being depressed and stressed. But I have decided to splurge and buy a pound of fudge and to waste my working time to go to a winter coffee house in hopes of lifting my spirits! I mean it's Christmas my spirits should be up not down right?
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  3. [​IMG]
    This is a popular solution. Note: Probably doesn't help sanity.


    There's also crying. Crying can go before or after finals. I suggest before so you don't accidentally do so during finals and have tear stains on the paper. Then after you can just:

    My finals are in the near future. Near..Near future. And I'm not ready.
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  4. I would suggest crying on the paper. Might get some pity points, depending on the teacher.
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  5. I'm solving it by metaphorically sticking my head in the sand and pretending it isn't happening. Sure, I'll fail, but the exam I have before Christmas apparently doesn't count towards my degree so it's aaaallll gooooooooodd

    (pls help me)
  6. I paid my dues.

    On a serious note, the trick is to not fall behind in class - take notes and do the homework.
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  7. If that was the only trick, I would be flying by.

    I'm so terrible with procrastination. 10 page paper due in two weeks? Meh, I can wait. Night Before: Holy Jesus, I'm screwed.

    I've noticed that listening to this music called 'Chillstep' really helps me get into the swing of things. I'm currently procrastinating writing a paper, and it definitely helps.

    Good luck to all of you!

    That being said, I did have a "finals" known as the medicine boards. 8 hours of test. Just a little above $1300 USD to register and take.

    Ya'll have no idea what a finals really is until you start taking 8 hr exams.

    Paying for them is just a tap to the nuts.

  9. Oh hush, you bragger.
  10. Dude, 1300 dollars is a lot of money ;____;

    Its 2 month of rent!

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  11. I'mma call you Lemon. <3
  12. I actually lol'd at that.

    Good one, @Jerelin

    Batlemon it is

  13. I took three ACS chemistry tests as 'comprehensives' and that was it. They're surprisingly nice at your quals and stuff.
  14. @Razilin I get paid to take 8 hour tests.

    How do you feel about that?


    Actually, I kinda lied. The exams are free, but I don't get paid to do them. I do, however, get paid for studying, so the tests are included.
  15. I think I just came at the thought of being paid to study all day

    Nope I was wrong

    I came twice
  16. I don't know what this gif is.

    Is it a shit eating grin?

    And I am serious about this question.

    I don't know what this gif is
  17. It's supposed to be kinda smug, douche-looking... But the more I look at it, the more he just looks kinda sad or disappointed over something. I've yet to perfect my gif-game.
  18. Ergo my confusion.

    Better study your gif game more.

    I mean you get paid to do so.

  19. How did you know I major in creative use of gifs and memes!? D:
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