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  1. Hello everyone! I'm not sure if there's already a thread like this, but I figured I'd throw it up here and if there is, feel free to yell at me for clogging up the boards, heh.

    I wanted to know if anyone plays on FF-XIV. If so, leave your Character's name and which server they're on in the comments and we can all band together and be badasses.

    My character's are:
    • Ixah Qhevo (Miqo'te) - Jenovah server
    • Suna Kurogane (Au'Ra) - Jenovah server
  2. This was a fun game. I liked it but my computer can't really handle it, and I cant really justify the money spent on the subscription.

    Perhaps if I start making a little more money from my art, and if they (though I really doubt it) produce the game on the Xbone, I would totally be happy to start playing with you and others.
  3. I've got one character that's switched servers multiple times. e-e

    • Kairen Ollerus (Miqo'te) - Balmung server

    Two of my other buddies on Iwaku also have FFXIV characters on Balmung
    @Click This @Psyker Landshark

    @Skyswimsky has a character on a European server (Odin I think?)
    • Ferus Ironlash (Highlander Hyur) - Balmung
    • Khidyr Ejinn (Xaela Au Ra) - Balmung
  4. Yup, I play it. Played it for about a month back around the time A Realm Reborn released, dropped it because I lost my job, then started again a couple months ago on a new character and have almost gotten up to max level as a white mage. I'm on Balmung (unofficial roleplay server was a no-brainer choice), name is Jorick Gunvald.
  5. Kassina Montatraeu- Behemoth

    I've only been playing for four months, and I spend nearly all of my time crafting. lol
  6. !!! Jorick's on Balmung?! And plays FFXIV! Wow didn't see this coming. xD
  7. I, on the other hand, am not at all surprised that you're on there and play a catgirl. 8D
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