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  1. What book/video game do you most want to see a movie made out of?

    Do you think that the movie made from this book/game would do it justice?

    Bonus question: would you want anyone in particular for certain roles?
  2. 1) xmens pheonix saga ( oh wait...)

    2) Since NO such movie has EVER been attempted, i would say a pheonix saga movie would be very true to the spirit of thr source material while making reasonable adaptations, and would rival the Avengers in popularity
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  3. I wouldn't mind seeing the Wolf Among Us as a movie :D

    Who better to play Bigby than Hugh Jackman? ^_^'
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  4. They made a show loosely based on Fables that a lot of fans say isn't. Even though it is. Forget what it's called.

    As always, I want something done with Wheel of Time. Actually something, not just some crap laced with "maybe!"
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  5. Hm, really? I may look into it. Unless it turns out to be OUAT. Then rejected ^_^'
  6. I'm still waiting for a movie based on the Artemis Fowl series of books. It was promised years ago, waaay back in 2001. Supposedly it's still in the works, but I'm starting to have doubts that it'll ever come out.
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  7. I had to figure out what the acronym was, but yes. I'm personally not a fan. They took the beginnings of the comics and stuffed it with whatever Disney thing is popular today.
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  8. The world of the game franchise of Deus Ex. Though I imagine it'd take a similar route to something like Blade Runner with the kind of depth and thought that Ghost in the Shell has had put into it. That would be my top choice. But right after that I would have to say a version of Metro 2033 adapted to film, taking events of both Metro 2033 and Last Light would make for a compelling story and with some work could be put together not only well, but with the kind of visual aesthetics and lore of the world subtly snuck in and nuanced, that would be one hell of a film.
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  9. BioShock movies. *w*
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  10. I know its nearly imposible, since Fox has the rights of the X Men franchise, but I would like to see an adaptation of the Marvel event -Avengers vs X Men-
  11. american mcgee's alice

    There was originally going to be a movie made that got cancelled. Instead we got Tim Burton's abomination. Alas.
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  12. I've already got my film wish. It's just a matter of seeing how it turns out.


    The Dark Tower, coming next year and still way too long of a damn wait for me! I've been waiting for this since I first read The Gunslinger over 12 years ago, and my desperation for it increased after Wind Through the Keyhole came out. I know I'm going to be disappointed, but I don't really care. As long as I see Jake and Oy, I'll be happy.
  13. I also wouldn't mind Harry Potter redone as a television series.
  14. I wanna see the House Of Night book series made into movies :D Hopefully they don't end up like the Twilight Saga
  15. To the Moon as a movie could be pretty neat...
    And rival Clannad Afterstory in feels.
    That would be amazing to watch, but also amusing to watch the fan wars.
    Since apparently fans of the comic HATE the game.
    I'd love for this to happen! <3
    But I highly doubt whatever project was started in 2001 is still going on. No movie takes 15 years.
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  16. Really? I wonder why, I thought the game was rather accurate with the comic. Well I guess there are the different choices you can make, and how they differ from the original story, but that's how games are.

    Or maybe it's because of leaving out backstory? Because there sure as heck was a lot in the comic (Bloody Mary o_o Yeesh!), but then again I don't think it would have been possible to incorporate all that in the game since it was only being told by Bigby's point of view.
  17. My dream is a Chthulhu Mythos movies with an amazing director and a huge budget. I just want to see what our best of the best would look like of those stories.

    I'd also love a Metal Gear movie. I know the idea is practically dead now with Kojima's break-off, but it was a good dream while it lasted.

    I'd also like to see The Vampire Chronicles revisted with Anne Rice's advice in mind. The last book felt like a movie. I wanna see it in full glory. TwT
  18. For Fucks sake, they need to make a HALO movie already.

    Forward Unto Dawn was amazing. We need a movie for each of the games in the story.

    I want to see a hardcore, Pg-13 or R rated fall of Reach.

    Also, I would love to see each of the Gears of War games get a movie. Though an R rated movie to accurately portray the struggle.

    The same goes with Mass effect.
  19. Nothing.

    Because film adaptations of things I love end up generally being a load of suckage because you can't faithfully adapt most things to a ~2 hour movie.
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  20. To my knowledge, the issues people were having had to deal with the game reducing Bigby to some kind of 'Brute' instead of someone clever or intelligent.
    Mind you I never read the comics myself, I just ran across these views in forums about the game, I personally loved Bigby.
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