Fighting Our Reflections



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One lonely group of travelers - That's all it took. Few believe in the existence of the Neko-jin race. They are unique creatures said to have been created for the purposes of slavery and other selfish uses. They're misjudged for their unusual appearances. People underestimate their strengths. Together, a group of about one hundred joined together with the goal to start something new. They struggled through the harsh bearings of nature as well as life itself until they came upon a lush area with no life, except for the natural gift of animals. There was a massive river and an abundance of trees; This was where they decided upon their new life.

It took a long time. The birth of their home came to be about three years after they began. They put the surrounding resources to use and what they carried along in their wagons during their travels. A gigantic castle was built within some sturdy walls that protected many houses, shops, taverns and a church. Those still alive to this day entered and celebrated until the black sky ate the sun, a few still awake to stand watch for their new watchmen duties.

It was very late; No one suspected anything dangerous in this area. They were sorely mistaken... The back of the castle was facing the body of water. Bubbles began to float towards the surface. Dark bodies were swimming towards the shore in unsteady patterns. Out reached a hand with dark skin, followed by others. The tips of the ears slowly approached until heads revealed. More Neko-jin appeared to be in this area! They motioned eerily out of the water, shaking dry and staring blankly at the new development. These particular Nekos had their mouths stitched shut and piercing red eyes. Slowly, all of them made way to the castle's entrance. Two of them moved more forward with another standing in between them, a crown sitting crookedly on his head.

"Halt! Who goes there!?"

The two guards at the entrance threatened with their weapons as they eyed the dark beings with curiosity and fright. The pair protecting their king stepped more forward, mimicking the guards without weapons. Both of the watchmen exchanged glances before studying the figures one more time. Their eyes opened in shock as they realized they looked exactly the same.
Before another word could get in edgewise, the two guards felt a stinging chill in their mind. It ached terribly, causing them to drop their weapons and groan in misery. Stitched mouths curled into smiles as they picked up the weapons, using them to kill their doubles. After both bodies collapsed, the group moved onwards, their targets being their identical, pure hearted selves.

Everyone was sleeping during the time. They had a frightening awakening, most unprepared for such a battle. Many fell to their shadow copies, others able to defeat them. People were living in nightmares with their eyes open, others struggling with their weapon against another. Many had fallen to the dark beings who simply stormed out of this kingdom, traveling to a castle that was identical to their own. There, in the water, sat a darker image of their kingdom that appeared almost out of nowhere, almost directly across from them. They had to do something about this cursed lake. They had to do something about these cursed beings...

Immediately, a wall was built to separate the two sides. The Neko-jin were sadly aware that the lake's curse couldn't be escaped. The injured king made a face to face request with his darker self that they do not come near them and in return, he offered his life so his dark self would not have to compete. The deal was immediately accepted and the word was spread to both kingdoms. Their king fell at the feet of the dark king who heartlessly kicked his body into the lake and left to perform his kingly duties.

In King Edwin's place, it was found in his final requests that his son marry a woman he loves and they rule the kingdom together. Edwin didn't want for a solo ruler because he believed in a balance between two rulers for a steady, healthy society. So, eighteen year old Oliver married his beloved Candace who was of sixteen as well. They had to sacrifice their freedom of being able to run free like young lovers.

As time had passed, another kingdom developed a ways away from the two darker ones. Thankfully, they didn't have to suffer the same fate as the Neko-jin, for they were warned of construction too close to the water. Humans live within these parts and choose to not interfere with the lives of the conflicting kingdom of the dark and light Nekos. As more timed moved on, however, Oliver and Candace came to realize that the human kingdom had split itself in half. No one knows the story, but it was clear to Oliver and Candace that they made divisions regarding what side they'd choose if there was to be a battle. They learned that these humans were a lot like themselves. Yet, those who allied with the dark ones were blind... One thing was for sure: Everyone in this area could foresee another war.

For those of you that want to get your old character sheets back, go here. Also, if you didn't want to read this entire thing, that's okay. It's copypasted from the old OOC, 'cept made some minor changes since my writing is better these days. You can find my short description on my RP here.

Strengths and Weaknesses:
Bio: Include how the attack 3 years ago had an effect on them.
Feline Form: Haha, yes. You can all transform into full bodied cats. Describe how they look or put a pic.
Appearance: An image is preferred, but description works. I'm sure it ain't hard to find a cat-person pic. ;)
Candace "Candy"



The Queen

One of the kindest, sweetest women you'll ever meet. She can see the light in just about any situation, and is the one to go to when you need guidance or consolation. Candy is forever loyal to her King and her people; she would die for any of them. She also has a strong passion for music and dancing, so she can be found in the town's square having fun with the musicians playing by the fountain.

Strengths and Weaknesses:
Candy isn't too helpful in physical combat, since her bones are fragile and she just lacks the skill. She does make up for it with outstanding agility, plus the ability to use her voice as a weapon.

The only thing truly deadly about her is her voice. Certain tunes and lyrics could lull someone to sleep, harm their ears, paralyze or even heal them. With enough effort, she could even tear down a building with this power.

Once Candace found out that King Edwin had died, she immediately knew she'd be throned. Oliver was grieved enough as it was and she was all he had for comfort. It was miserable in the beginning because they had to start ruling at such a terribly young age. She couldn't rest until training for her new role was over. Just like Oliver, she was piled with several responsibilities.

Side by side, she rules with Oliver. She has little time for her parents who are still happily living at home, proud as ever of their daughter because of what she promised. Everyone in the kingdom believes that she will help them brush off the fear they've lived in for the past few years.

Candace's Dark Twin was not killed, unfortunately. She managed to immobilize the creature with her voice, but she fell into the same state when it retaliated, both unable to recover until a certain number of days. Her dark image sits in the other kingdom awaiting revenge. Candy's Dark Twin is the only one that lacks the mouth stitching.

Oliver "Ollie"



The King

Kind, cheerful, boisterous, arrogant, benevolent, charming, charitable-- all of these words can be used to describe King Oliver. He is a dominating presence: bold, confidant, and direct are all perfect ways to describe him in court. As a King, he is charitable and benevolent, offering progressive services to the people in exchange for loyalty and fair taxes. As a Warrior, he is arrogant and boisterous, his over-confidence well-purchased by his uncanny combat skill. As a man, he is kind and cheerful, and especially charming, having few, if any, enemies in his life.

While he is every much the consummate warrior, Ollie has learned to enjoy the finer things of culture. He has taken to stage and song (mostly due to his wife), and enjoys spending time in his study writing poems, of all things, and reflecting upon the past. He has no regrets, but often wonders... Why?

Strengths and Weaknesses:

Ollie will one day make the perfect Warrior-King. He has been well-educated by the best tutors, philosophers, theologians, commanders, and warriors in all of the Kingdom. Academics came easy to him, and combat training came even easier. The ease in which he understood and took to things, however, bred a certain degree of arrogance and laziness within him. He had a natural talent, gift, and affinity for all things he applied his hand to. Why did he need to practice?

Ollie is able to enter a combat state that allows him a commanding presence on any battlefield. As he focuses, the world begins to slow down and nothing exists but the fight he is in. This gives him the illusion of impeccable speed, and near prescience in duels and battle.

Several years ago, the dark reflections attacked. It was brutal, and ruthless, and completely unprovoked. A great number of people lost their lives, unprepared for such an assault. Prince Oliver's twin was a ruthless madman, killing his own cadre of men in the main assault on the castle. It was all Oliver could do to stave off his reckless mirror image who was just as skilled as he. During the fight, his right eye was lost. Oliver made sure to make his mirror image pay an equal cost, destroying his left.

His father, the King, made a deal with his own dark counterpart to put an end to the conflict. With the death of his father, Prince Oliver was thrust into the position of responsibility much too early. While some attempted to take advantage of his youth and inexperience, Oliver embraced his new role with a firm determination, mostly thanks to the woman he ended up marrying and making his Queen. While not much older than her, she was the firm foundational rock he needed to stand fast in the face of politics and ruling a Kingdom.

While he maintains the air of his youth with his progressive thought-process and whimsical, sometimes arrogant demeanor and devil-may-care attitude, King Oliver nevertheless makes all of his decisions with the best intentions and the most serious thought. While he is apt to taking risks, he genuinely believes the rewards far outweighs the risks of his decisions.

Feline Form & Appearance:

Name: Amaya




Amaya comes off as uncaring and heartless, but underneath her tough exterior shes really sweet, kind, loyal and highly intelligent. Making many people wonder, why she became a warrior when she could have been so much more. She always speaks her mind, even if it lands her in hot water. She's fiercely determined, never giving up and always practicing.

Strengths and Weaknesses:
Amaya has the usual neko strengths and is also highly skilled in melee combat, whether that be unarmed or with her long sword. However she can be reckless which leads to her diving into battles before she's ready and injuring herself often. She's also very suspicious, often assuming the worst in people before she knows them.

Amaya has the ability to temporarily paralyze her opponent by striking a series of pressure points on their body. The more she hits the longer the paralysis last, however she has to get close enough to strike with her hands and it has no effect if their wearing armor.

Amaya always wanted to be a fighter, even at a young age she had a natural talent for it. She was taken under the wing of a great retired warrior by the name of Alvar, who gave her expert training and became her dearest friend. She didn't take her training to seriously as she figured she had plenty of time to learn, but of course she was wrong. She was sixteen when the reflections first attacked the kingdom. She tried to defend the kingdom, but she was not ready to fight and could do nothing but watch as her comrades fell one by one. Alvar's twin was destroyed but he met his end at the hands of Amaya's twin. Amaya swore revenge and went head on with her dark twin, after a fierce battle her twin though injured escaped leaving Amaya horribly wounded and not long for death. Miraculously However she recovered and swore that next time they met she would be ready, and that she would avenge Alvar by once and for all vanquishing her refection.
Feline Form:

Name: Nicholas "Niko" Diamond. (Niko is pronounced like Neko)
Gender: Male
Age: 19
Profession: Alchemist
Personality: Niko tries hard at whatever it is he is working on, but he has a rather short attention span. He is an all around friendly person and likes to joke around, usually with bad puns(hence, the nickname.). Behind his humor though he is still heart broken from the death of his parents.
Strengths and Weaknesses: while not an experienced fighter or having any sort of magic abilities his potions and other items he makes can be very useful. He can think a bit quicker than most but this causes him to sometimes forget what he is doing which causes him to make some mistakes.
Abilities/Powers: potions. Niko has a wide range of potions from strength enhancement to Alchemist's fire.
Bio: Niko came from a long line alchemists. He grew up learning all about the obscure science and the rules applying to it. When the village was attacked his mother hid him right before the dark nekos got to the house, his mother and father were killed, but they didn't find him. after two days he finally got brave enough to crawl out, he saw his parents bodies and wanted to cry, but he didn't, instead he passed by them to try and find something to drink. he went to a well and drank, then went back to his house. upon once again seeing the bodies of his parents he couldn't take it anymore and simply collapsed on the ground crying. eventually some of the other villagers found him and helped him bury his parents. since then he has worked the alchemy shop making various potions helpful to the community.
Appearance & Feline Form:

I'll get the appearances later, I'm going to have to find a new one for him.
Name: David Kraus

Sex: Male

Age: 28

Job/Role: Entertainer and Occasional Distributor of Advice

Personality: His light hearted exterior gives many cheerful tidings. His actions are meant to take everyone’s mind off the things that had happened in the past and make a generation open to great ideals. But behind it lay the memories of the terrifying past. Deep down is a serious nature in which he takes when there is no more room for fun.

Strengths and Weaknesses: He is highly agile even so for a neko-jin. His reflexes are tightly in tune with the world around him and his magic skills are self developed. His defenses are pretty low because he likes his street performing clothes. In addition because his magic is self taught not all his potential is fully realized and sometimes new things can be a dud.

Abilities/Powers: In addition to expert agility and reaction his self taught magic is key to his defense. He practices in object materialization, manipulation, and low fire brand spells.

Bio: For numerous years David’s parents wanted him to learn magic like the rest of the family. They wanted him to make sure that he would carry on the family name and go into healing medicines and spells. Instead he just wasn’t good on the hard focused stuff and dropped out at the age of fifteen. To this extent he went to live at the edge of the city and practice his own magic.

Around when he was sixteen several kids happened upon him practicing, they enjoyed it so much they told their parents. Soon after he had a following of people and through his experience he learned he still could carry on his family name. The sick and the weary found great hope for life through laughter and entertainment. It was his gift to the Kraus Family Tree.

However, three years ago that dreadful attack fell upon him. David had his parents on a trip outside the kingdom while he stayed behind to watch their house. He was up late practicing when he heard the commotion. Now he had to use his magic for defense the very first time. He learned new tricks that night but also lost a lot more. People were scared, so scared they did not show up for the next few months. During this alone time David trained his fighting capabilities in case the choice between life and death was in his hands again.

Feline Form:

Name: Ethan and Lexander "Lex" Dematin
Sex: Male
Age: 21
Job/Role: Bakers
Personality: Lex is a quintessential child of light, forever cheerful and optimistic to everyone around. He has a smile for every person to enter the bakery and he's a social butterfly. Ethan is more cautious and far more reserved, usually conveying messages only by whispering them in Lex's ear so that he can deliver them.
Strengths and Weaknesses: Lex is agile and speedy, with rapid reflexes that make him a fearful opponent with his dual blades, yet he lacks the experience to know when to dodge and thus charges in headfirst and tends to get injured. Ethan utilizes a shield and sword in his sparring, only cautiously striking with his weapon and more often blocking the blows which leads to many stalemates with Lex.
Abilities/Powers: Together, the twins neutralize one another so if they're needed in a fight, they're more useful separately. Ethan creates a feeling of melancholy and despair in his enemies when he activates his draining ability and Lex bolsters his allies with confidence and determination.
Bio: Lex and Ethan were young boys when the attack occurred, barely able to begin helping their father with real work around the bakery. Unlike others, they were determined to help their father and so instead of celebrating on the night of the attack, they were in the bakery trying to prepare for the next day to save him the trouble. The twins fell asleep upstairs and were woken only when the attack was underway. They attempted to help others in the village but they were unable to do anything really useful and ended up being protected by their father, who was slain in their defense. Since then, they've been working hard to redeem their imagined weakness.

Feline Form:

Lex is white, Ethan is brown.

Ethan's coloring remains the same, brown in human and feline form. Lex's coloration in feline form is a reversal of his pure black hair and ears/tail.

Name: Ira Kimimaro (goes by Celcius)
Gender: Female.
Age: 15.
Grade Level: 10th grade
Personality: She's a quiet and reserved child, keeping to herself due to the other soul living within her: Ware. All she wants is to live a normal life without harassment without Ware butting in all the time and to have a good friend. The others have avoided her since Ware emerged and nearly killed one of her classmates for harassing her.
Strengths and Weaknesses: Celcius is one of the best athletes in her school, more nimble and dexterous than even most of the males. However, if her heart rate goes up, Ware is more easily able to take control of her body. In any case where Ware attempts to steal control, she is left completely open to attack. Also, if she's knocked out, Ware can take control. If Ware is unconscious, however, she can't give control to Ware until she wakes up.
Abilities/Powers: Celcius is able to climb any wall as long as it isn't made of a smooth material like plastic or glass.
Bio: Before the attack, people just thought that Celcius was a crazy person, still able to go through life without needing a locked room, but still somewhat dangerous. Most of the kids shunned her after Ware nearly killed a kid who had teased Celcius till she began to cry. It wasn't just the kids though; most people didn't like Celcius much, resulting in Celcius becoming a shy and not very forthcoming person.

During the attack three years ago, Ware managed to break free for a little. During that time, she attacked Lira, Celcius' sister, and injured her before she got a face full of pan, knocking her out. Celcius saw the damage that had happened and fainted. After those three minutes, she was out for the entire assault. However, she was left alone by the Reflections, since they sensed a Reflection within her and thought she was one, just knocked out. Lira made it look like she had been killed, and they left her alone.

After the attack, people shut her out completely. The people who used to take her side now held only revulsion for her. This treatment lead her to become even more withdrawn, clinging to the one person whom she still opened up to: Lira.
Feline Form:
Family: Celcius lives with her older sister, Lira (by three and a half years). Her sister takes care of Celcius and she is the only one Celcius speaks openly with. However, Ware did try to kill Lira once before.

Name: Ware Inkozhim
Personality: She is bitter towards all the Neko-jin and seeks freedom. If she gains control, she usually goes on a rampage until either she's knocked out, which allows Celcius to regain control, or until Celcius forces her way back to the top. However, she's spent so much time in enemy territory that she's come to understand them better than any of her people and has, unknowingly, developed a little compassion towards them. Also, she's averse to grotesque amounts of violence, feeling it's an unnecessary thing. She has never once met a single Reflection.
Strengths and Weaknesses: She's resistant to attacks from people with evil hearts and has all the athleticism of Celcius. However, Celcius is the dominant personality, so she rarely has control over the body for more than two minutes at a time. Celcius CAN choose to allow Ware to run free though, and if done so, Celcius can take back control at any time.
Abilities/Powers: She has claws laced with paralyzing poison and she is faster than the average Neko-jin.
Feline Form:

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Name: Jerry 'one eye' Holmes
Gender: Male
Age: 35
Profession: Beggar, and anyone disagreeing it's a profession can go try it himself D:<

Personality: Experienced and rough, he is used to living on the streets. He makes a living persuading people to part with their food in his own charming way, never outright asking for it. (A well bred neko doesn't beg, now does he..c'mon) A skilled streetfighter out of necessity, he allready killed his dark twin, losing an eye in the process. He adamantly holds on to the statement that if he hadn't happened to be drunk that night, he would have still had his eye as well. This hasn't dissuaded him from getting drunk when he has the chance though.

Strengths and Weaknesses: He is a skilled brawler, being able to use his environment against his enemies, as well as his claws. He is also a charmer, being able to persuade people to do things they would not normally do. However, he's also a drunkard, spending most money he has on his favourite beverage, and is careless when it comes to risks.

Abilities/Powers: Beggars luck: Ever since he was born, he has been extremely lucky, almost supernaturally so. Then how did he end up a beggar you might ask? Well somethings luck just comes down to getting what you want, when you want it, and Jerry never wanted much.

Bio: Born in a gypsy camp from gypsy parents, Jerry has been training in the arts of trickery and charm early on in his life. Even though the life he led was hard and the people none-too-kind, he has always enjoyed the freedom of the open road. Growing up that way was a blessing for him, and never did he complain about being poor or running from angry people. It was quite a bit later when he and the gypsy troupe he travelled around with, joined up with a group of other neko-jin to form a bigger group, together eventually joining the neko-jin in the castle. Jerry remembers the night of the first attack well, as that day, he lost the only sense of belonging he ever had. The gypsy troupe was having a very good time, most of them being drunk and rowdy when the attack silently descended upon them. They fought hard, But Jerry was the only one of the gypsies to survive and has remained alone since then, 'Persuading' for food for a living.

Feline Form: A grey and black tabby cat with one yellow eye and one haggard wound covered by a white scar where is other eye should be. He is quite large but looks haggard, though not underfed.

Appearance: He is a tall but slender male, Lean muscles being shown on arms and legs barely covered by a dark cloak. Under his cloak he wears brown deerskin trousers and a green leather jerkin, both dirtied and in slight disrepair. His face looks haggard, his fur bristled, and one eye-socket is covered by an eye-patch. Though this might seem terrifying at first, his face can look quite soothing if he shows his charming grin.
Huh. Think I could try being the Evil Advisor? I was considering a bit of a different take, where he helps out the bad guys because he's gotten to be friends with them. Or, in the case of the dark queen, perhaps a bit more than friends.