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    Location: East Dead Zone (New York)
    Time: Around 2 o'clock - 3 o'clock

    Time: 14:45 Hours
    Location: Just entering New York City from the East Side.

    Other: Viper Squad, Wolf Squad, Tiger Squad, Bear Squad, Wolverine Squad, Badger Squad are flying in two squads each making 3 Helicopters flying towards the ocean.

    The sound of the helicopter's blades nearly made Drake's ear's bleed, but luckily each Soldier had a microphone to communicate. It was quiet on the comm's, except for the occasion small talk. Standing up and looking over the side of the helicopter, Drake saw the miles and miles of destroyed buildings, which made him grip his gun tighter knowing what was lurking inside and around the streets. All to suddenly, one of the helicopter's was knocked out of formation, and the sound of one of the helicopter's side turrets shooting pierced the silence. Drake spotted the cause, the screaming of the men letting him know soon after "Gryphon's!" The side of Badger and Wolverine Squad's helicopter was torn open by the single Gryphon, but the turret did it's jump and knocked the Gryphon off, it's lifeless body falling to the ground. Another Gryphon attacked, this one smaller and less in size, tearing the left gun from the helicopter along with the gunner. A brave soldier grabbed his gun and fired point blank into the Gryphon's throat, sending blood all over the passengers. Breaking the sound of screams from the passengers, two more gryphons attacked the helicopter, making it lurch down from the weight, it nearly colliding with Wolf/Viper Squad's helicopter. Flying towards the ground the other's could only stare in horror of their fallen team mates demise. The sound of the final four turrets blasted the air, only pausing to reload. Only a few gryphons reached the choppers, but suddenly they stopped coming and instead retreated from the helicopters. All the soldiers cheered in success, but only for a moment. The chopper of Bear/Tiger Squad was crushed under the claws of a dragon, sending the passengers to the afterlife immediately. Swearing, the pilots screamed into the microphone to buckle up. Running to his seat, Drake didn't make it and was thrown to his seat as the helicopter went down suddenly, running from the flying reptile that just killed their friends. Flying right above the buildings, Drake nearly rolled out into the street's below., but his squad mates held onto him, and pulled him to his seat. He sat down just in time for the helicopter to be smashed into the side of a building.

    Time: 15:58
    Location: East Side of New York, in the wreckage of the Viper/Wolf Squad helicopter.

    Drake awoke with a head ache, unable to move his legs. "Shit I'm fucking paralyzed!" Looking around, Drake realized the helicopter's sliding door was ontop of him, along with some more debris from the crash. Hearing some movement Drake yelled "Some one help! I'm under the helicopter door!" Hearing more movement towards him, he sighed with relief. Looking out the helicopter window he sat staring at the piles of debris that stacked ontop of the door, weighing it down more. He felt fast movement towards him, and he stared into the eyes of a werewolf. The monster growled at him, trying to fit it's head into the tight hole to get a bite on the soldier. Trying to push himself away from it, he threw his hand around him trying to find a weapon, and felt the hilt of a gun. The creature had some intellegence and decided he couldn't fit his head in the hole, so instead tried to grab ahold of the man. Aiming the gun, he quickly fired once into the werewolf's open mouth, and closed his eyes as a flare shot out into the wolf's open mouth. Yelping, the wolf's hand gripped ahold of the helicopter door, it's claws missing Drake by a centimeter. Yelping and trying to cool his mouth off, the creature failed to notice the Drake swooping down towards it. Feeling the door lifting off him, the Drake scooped up the werewolf as it held into the door and flew into the air, throwing the debris and the door itself clean off of Drake. Scrambling up, he looked around for anyone or anything useful. He was several yards from the rest of the helicopter, trapped in a space surrounded by debris from the building and Taking a step, he was wobbly, but he improved his speed as he spotted his rifle and his supplies close by. Throwing his bag onto his back, he spotted the hand of someone moving in the helicopter. Aiming his gun, he called out to the person, which soon stopped moving. The metal blocking the rest of the man tilted over, and it reviled the Co-Pilot who laid on his back. The co-pilot was dead, unlike the twin werewolves that ate his corpse. Taking a step back from the snarling wolves, Drake kept shifting his aim from the two wolves to the other, and finally to a much larger, third wolf a black wolf. The alpha snarled at Drake and charged picking up speed with each step. Firing a few rounds trying to stop the beast, it only made it more pissed. Suddenly the creature caught aflame, sending it flailing sideways.

    Time: 15:00 Hours
    Location: East Side of New York, atop a small cafe building.

    Haven stared in horror at the sight of the gryphon's attacking the three military helicopter's flying straight towards her location. She watched how it played out, and quickly gathered her gear to move on. By the time she had it all together and stood outside the cafe, she saw the final helicopter get knocked sideways so the blades snapped against the buildings side, and finally turned sideways into the street. Running at full speed, she ran towards the crash sight, stopping only if she saw movement. Reaching the street of the crash, she couldn't reach the chopper from the road, several cars blocking her path. Looking towards the buildings to her right, she climbed busted threw the broken window going towards the helicopter crash site. Navigating threw the building, the smell of burning flesh grew stronger and stronger with each step. Hearing gun shots, she opened the last door to see a lone soldier surrounded by werewolves, shooting at the alpha. Dropping her bag, she grabbed the unlight Molotov Cocktail and looked around for a fire, a burning box near her. Lighting it, she threw it just in the nick of time, as it hit the alpha, catching it aflame. Yelling towards the man, she said "This way you idiot!" Going inside, she left the door open behind her as she grabbed her bag and turned the corner to see a werewolf, ready to pounce. And pounce it did.

    **Please Start in East New York, but you don't have to start involving the helicopter crash at all! We will have to meet up later.**

  2. Jake was hidden in the shadows of a building's ruins. He was completely out of sight and out of mind, that was how he usually was these days. Not being noticed meant not being killed. He scanned the streets below with his marksmen rifle seeing multiple werewolves roaming about. He definitely didn't want to take his chances on the streets just yet. Maybe once they cleared out a bit.

    His thoughts were quickly interrupted as he heard the distant chopping of helicopter blades getting closer and closer. "Oh shit" he thought to himself as two gryphons flew quickly past the window he was observing from. "Who the fuck is this?" He thought as he moved quickly up a ladder leading to the rooftop of the building he was in.

    Jake couldn't believe his eyes as he saw the scene unfolding in front of him. Military helicopters and gryphons locked in an aerial battle. Bullets, metal, and screams filled the air. Jake looked through his scope and watched as gryphons tore men and helicopters with the same amount of effort. It was a truly an epic sight.

    Jake could hear someone screaming after a helicopter smashed into a nearby cafe building. He couldn't make out what they were saying but he assumed that they were calling for help. He saw them get the exact opposite of what they wanted. A werewolf was tearing violently at whoever was calling out. He watched a bright ball of light be shot into the creatures mouth and the wolf started to frantically try to get the flare out of its mouth. "
    Poor bastard, still got some fight in him though."

    The next thing jake saw was a dragon swoop down and ended up taking the helicopter door off of whoever was under it. He saw a man quickly run out from the debris and grab his weapons and equipment. "
    Good job, now get the fuck out of..." Jake's sentence was cut short as the man below crossed paths with the Alpha wolf of the pack. Jake noticed another person come out of the cafe building. His attention instantly swapped to her as she lit a Molotov cocktail and hurled it at the alpha wolf, causing it to burst into flames.

    Jake watched the two run inside of the cafe only to be met with another wolf. Jake aimed his crosshairs at the wolf's head and waited for the wolf to pounce in the direction of his bullets path. He pulled the trigger right before it lunged and the bullet ripped through the creatures head. "
    Take that, you furry bitch" said jake as the creature slumped down.

    He waited for one of them to look in his direction and gave them a message in morse code using the rifle's scope and sunlight.

    O..v..e..r....h..e..r..e" he then moved back into the building, back into the cover of darkness.
  3. Staying low, Max slid quietly from the store he'd just raided. Carrying several cans of food in his backpack, he unslings his crossbow and scans the area. He felt exposed and insignificant, none of his traps near enough to help if he gets caught. Shrugging his backpack further up his shoulders, he begins walking before being forced to duck into cover as shadows fly by above him, the gryphon's somehow missing him.

    Sighing inwardly in relief, Max begins listening for anything. Hearing the distant whump whump whump of helicopters, he grins at the familiar sound. Quickly scaling a nearby fire escape, he witnesses the midair battle. His smile turns to horror, as the transports go down. Running down again, he thinks quickly. Coming up with a plan of how to help any survivors, he barges into another store and grabs several bottles of spray paint.

    Jogging down the deserted streets, his hands clenched on the crossbow, he makes his way to a intersection that was a reasonable distance away. Checking that the area is safe, he sets down his equipment beside aa post before running in a crouch to the middle of the intersection. Keeping low, he sprays down a message on the ruined street. Finally, satisfied, he returns the paint to his backpack and grabs his equipment. Turning, he begins heading back to his 'base'. Behind him, glistening in the sun, the words "Survivors, head south. Sanctuary. Beware of traps" slowly begin drying.
  4. Derek was near by, he was just coming out a small alley way. He didn't like traveling through them on foot, because he felt weak and exposed. Silently, he leaps into the air and grabs a hold of a ring of a fire escape ladder and climbs to the top of a building. He wanted to get a better look around. He of course had one hand on his oxtail sword, just in case. The sound of the helicopters, caught his attention. Since he didn't have binoculars, he had to look through the scope of his sniper rifle. He wondered why they were flying so low, that air territory belonged to the winged creatures such as Ghryphons and Harpies. He watched as Ghryphons began to attack the helicopters, their claws shredding through the metal of the choppers and also through the men as if they were made of paper. He watched as the choppers went down, figuring that no one was alive. After all they did explode. Then he watched as a dragon made it's presence known and attacked what was rest of the crew. Watching as the rest of the helicopters went down as the rest. He puts his rifle down. He figured that no one was left alive, if they were, they would be picked off by the ground creatures, such as werewolves or maybe vampires.
    Movement caught his eye as he looked down and he looks through his scope again and saw that werewolves were on the move. They must of found some of that crew. He thinks and then decides to follow as fast as he could, free running across buildings. Just maybe, just maybe he would get there in time to save them.
  5. Time - 16:00:54
    Location - East New York

    Catherine Woolfe - Chief Warrant Officer
    Current Leading Officer of Viper (Wiped out?)
    Status - MIA
    "Woolfe... Woolfe... Come in." Catherine felt her head lull back as two hands pulled at her vest, shaking her from whatever oblivion she had been in. Eyes opening slowly the first thing she felt was something like water dripping down her neck and into her boots as well. "Woolfe come in, can you hear me?" Clawing at her vest she realized she had been the one trying to wake herself up. Clasping the small walkie-talkie attached to her vest she clicked the receiver. "Roger, Officer Woolfe here." Her voice was raspy as she tried to clear her vision. "Officer Woolfe what is your status." At first she almost answered 'I am fine' but she realized that they meant her squadron. Taking a deep breath, she tried to look around for Tommy or Crisp but all she saw was bent metal and sparks. The talkie kept going ballistic as the static voice called out for her status, with a grumble she shut the thing down with her free hand and grimaced as a sharp pain shot up her back. Biting her tongue she reached around her waist and searched for her belt that kept her attached to the pilot's seat. It clicked and she felt herself sliding to her left, right into the window. Grunting loudly she groaned as her shooting arm flailed uselessly against the cold metal of the helicopter. "Shit." Just as she was about to climb back up right, she heard gunfire.

    Beside her, the carcass of her co-pilot lie in the exit of the cock pit of the helicopter. Kicking into gear, she pulled herself out of the seat, and stumbled over the dead man's half eaten body. Grabbing the gun from his holster, she cocked it and jumped out of the copter to see Major Drake Forrester fending off the alpha of a werewolf pack. Two smaller less intimidating werewolves snarled at the solider as well, but didn't do much to attack him as the alpha was already making haste to do so. That's when a woman that came out of nowhere lit it to flame. The man barely had enough time to recover when one of the twins that didn't go after the woman, turned on him. Without thinking, Cat fired the co-pilots beretta at the small werewolf's haunches. "Come ere you bitch." The wolf howled and then reared on her. Before the creature could sink its claws into her shoulder, Catherine ducked and rolled under it screaming against the pain that shot through her limbs. Three more bullets buried themselves into the thing's shoulder, its thick black blood pouring out onto the concrete.

    As Catherine rolled to her side the alpha that had been burnt to a crisp crawled over to her snarling with a hungry look in its nasty face. Heart pounding Catherine aimed and pulled the trigger, but the clip was empty. Tilting her head back, she caught sight of her bag and weapons in the heli's shelf. Cat was flat out of luck, but that didn't stop her. Turning the gun's barrel into her palm, she slammed the handle into the thing's massive skull. The satisfying crunch of bone bringing a smile to her face as the werewolf's eyes rolled back into its head. But the twin wasn't done with her, its claws tore open Cat's already mangled arm as it went in for the kill. Catherine spun into the ground from the force as she nearly concussed on the cement. This was not her best, she thought to herself as the wolf prowled closer.
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  6. Time: 16:03
    Location: Viper/Wolf Squad Crash site, East Dead zone

    Just before Drake could turn and sprint towards the building, he saw more movement next to the co-pilot Aw shit more wolves Is all Drake thought. Next he noticed a girl from Viper squad jump out from behind the dead copilot, shooting one of the smaller wolves in the ass, but moments later was about to be a wolf's dinner. Aiming his M4A1, he shot at the wolf attacking him, but frowned when he heard a *CLICK*. His gun was outta rounds. Grabbing the .44 Magnum on his left hip, he swore at himself at what he was going to do next. He charged the low prowling wolf, and tackled it full steam, rolling with it and he felt the claws cut into his back. Shooting the revolver till all the bullets were empty. Opening his closed as after coming to a stop, the wolf was deada, blood pouring from its mouth, throat, chest, and stomach. Pushing himself up, he felt his back soaked with blood. He spotted another wolf staring at the two soldiers, but knew it had lost. Howling once more, the wolf fled, scrambling up a taxi and down away from the crash site. Walking towards who he now recognized as Warrant Officer Woolfe, he held a hand down to help her up saying "Glad to see you made it Ms.Woolfe."

    Expecting the worst, Haven closed her eyes. She heard a different kind of gun shot, and opened her eyes to see the wolf right beside her, a large bullet hole in the side of the creatures forehead. Looking around for her savior, she spotted a light flash coming from a building. It flashed a few times and then stopped. She looked towards the the soldier she just saved, who was helping another soldier up. Pointing towards the building she saw the flashes from, she grabbed her bag and ran towards it, not waiting to see if something was in the road.

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  7. Jake saw that the woman he saved noticed the flashed from his scope. "Now for you two" he said as he looked over to the male soldier helping the another female soldier. He assumed they were from the same squad.

    He starting firing rounds at the werewolves surrounding them, but he knew that he wouldn't be able to hold them off forever. They needed to get the fuck out of their or they would all die. With that thought, jake watched one of the soldiers tackle a werewolf after he realized his rifle was out of rounds. He watched the man pull out a revolver and start firing blind. Jake took aim and shot the wolf twice in the head, killing it.

    He did a quick check to make sure no monsters had zeroed in on his position yet. To his relief, the darkness of the building was still keeping him concealed despite him firing multiple rounds from the same location. He would relocate once the girl from the cafe shop made it over to him, he saw her already running toward him and he didn't want to end up losing her if he changed shooting posts.

    Come on missy, hurry up" he said as he waited for her. As for the other two, he didn't know if he had drawn their attention yet. He used his scope again to flash sunlight into the male soldiers eyes. "Up here dude, come on." He whispered as he kept flashing the light.
  8. Time - 16:07:33
    Location - East New York

    Catherine Woolfe - Chief Warrant Officer
    Current Leading Officer of Viper
    Status - Wounded but Alive

    "Glad to see you made it Ms.Woolfe." Catherine's vision was fuzzy and dimming in and out every other second. She had hit her head harder than she had originally thought. Finally able to catch her breath, vision clearing for the most part, she saw a gloved hand held out to her. Following the arm that was connected to it, she eyed Drake and shoved his hand out of her face. So much for camaraderie, she stood on her own and ignored the pain that shot through her head and more than likely fractured arm. "So tell me Forester, were you going to look for any survivors in the wreckage?" She narrowed her eyes and shoved her gun into his shoulder. "Or cover your own damn ass." Her marine was starting to show, but who could blame her. Suddenly a beam of light shone directly into the man's eye. Cursing repetitively under her breath she looked up and saw a glimmering of a scope not ten yards away from the position.

    Ignoring the light, she slung her gun over her shoulder and immediately went back into the wreckage. There were a total of three bodies, Cat approached the first body and yanked the collection of dog tags from the man who had been a pulley with her's neck. Sniffing she shoved them into her pocket and grabbed his pack with her good arm, and slung it outside. The co-pilot only had a service pistol, which now lay on the ground empty beside the dead werewolf. Not missing a beat she grabbed the other deadman's dog tags, gun, and pack. After slinging the second pack out of the bird, she grabbed her own pack and weapon. Licking her lips she spared not a second glance at the dead, Catherine like records. The dog tags served that purpose only, even in days like this.

    Finally done with her ritual, she tossed the AK Crisp had clenched to Drake and bent over to pick up the packs. "Forester." She called out to him as she tossed the military pack to him. "Waste not want not." Flinching through the mounting of her own bag, she grabbed the second bag and strapped her carbine to her back. A few moments later, there were howls in the distance that would turn any pansy's blood cold. "Looks like we better roll out."
  9. Working his way down the street, crossbow raised to his shoulder, Max makes his way to his base. Hoping inwardly that any survivors would be able to find his message and follow his trail. Though, first, he'd do them a favor and clear the path a bit. Stopping at an intersection, he spots a werewolf that is heading towards all of the howling. Taking aim, he slowly tracks it. Getting a feel for its stride, he finally let's the bolt fly, the repurposed spike stabbing through its shoulder and slicing into its trachea. All air in its lungs whooshes out, slamming it into the ground under the force of its own forced exhalation. It tries to howl, but is unable to do so as it loses all ability to breathe.

    Slowly stalking forward, he pulls one bolt from his quiver and stabs it through its heart. No reason for it to attract attention. Next, removing his knife, he begins his grisly work on the corpse.

    Leaving his work, he continues down the path to his base. Behind him, the formless lump of fur and meat is left beside the arrow pointing down the way he'd gone. The bones of the creature have been arranged in the shape, hopefully to show what he's doing in killing the monsters.
  10. Derek had followed the wolves until he had followed them to where Catherine and Drake were. He watched as an all out shoot out happened. He looks down to see that they had taken care of most of the wolves, the rest had ran away in fear, for they knew as of right now that they could not win, with so few numbers. But he had a feeling that they would be back soon. They need to hurry up and get the hell out of there. He thinks, of course he still had his hand on his oxtail sword- always ready just in case of an attack, he was hunkered down next to the ruined building's now nonworking AC unit. The cold metal began to slightly numb his skin. At least right now he was sort of hidden from sight. Removing his hand, he flips up his sniper rifle and looks through the scope, just to look and see if any more monsters would be coming their way. But of course there would be, since they would be attracted to the sound of gun fire. But as of right now he couldn't see anything but darkness from the rest of the city. With a sigh, he puts his rifle down and rummages through a messenger bag that he had with him. He finally finds his night vision goggles and looks into the darkness. So far so good. He thinks. As of right now they were safe, no other monsters have came yet. He wanted to see if the two figures were ok down below and flipped up his sniper rifle again and again looked through his scope.

    Well they made it in one peice. He thinks. From what he could see, they seemed alright. A little banged up from the crash and the fight with the werewolves, but alive and breathing. Then a beam of sunlight catches his attention, he uses his scope and follows it two the cafe that was a building over. Hmm? A survivor? He thinks as he begins to make his way over to the cafe to investigate.
  11. Time: 15:23
    Location: Far side of the Viper/Wolf crash site

    As the helicopter collided to the side of the building, Austin was awake for the whole thing, even up to the point of impact, where the helicopter was torn into parts. He, Tommy, and an older fellow from Wolf Squad nearly died instantly, the dragon's claw ripping their three seats off from the rest of the helicopter, bending the metal over them like a taco shell. Austin immediately saw one man close to him fly from the airborne chopper, who was another Wolf Squad member he had yet to meet. The dragon tossed the little piece of helicopter towards the ground, seeing something more tasty in the distance. Luck was on the three men's side, the metal side of the helicopter skidded across the ground, the shell like casing protected them from most of the damage. His eyes closed the entire time, until finally the final impact knocked him out cold.

    Time: 16:01
    Location: Small crater yards away from the crash site. Opposite of were Woolfe and Forrester are.

    Crisp blinked his eyes open, the first two things he noticed was he was in the metal casing alone, and two they took his gun. "Selfish bastards, didn't even think to see if I was alive." Looking to his left , he then saw the blood and claw marks. Hearing gunfire close by, Crisp kicked into action, rolling out of chopper metal and outside into the hellish city. He also noticed the piece of metal in his leg, as he yelled out in pain. Shakily standing up, he looked around and saw where he could easily get up, a broken taxi making makeshift stairs out of the crater. Taking a step, he saw a horrifying site. Tommy, a fellow Viper Squad member, was torn limb from limb, the only thing still attached was his upper right chest, arm and head. Clenched in the dead mans hand was Crisp's shotgun, a shell next to the body. Probably the most terrifying was his face. His face was frozen in a scream of pain and fear, and green ooze mixed with his blood that covered his face. Limping towards the taxi and the body, he felt eyes upon him and turned to see a single wolf, staring at Crisp, growling with hunger. "Aw hell no." Taking a step back the wolf charged, only to be tackled out of the way by a green thing. The wolf threw the thing off of it, and it soared over Crisps head, crashing into the taxi, destroying it and the easy way out. Ignoring the green thing was a mistake, but he focused on the wolf, bleeding green ooze mixing with it's black blood. It only managed to take a single step towards Crisp before finally it was out, falling to the ground dead. Turning to see what saved his life was terrifying. A tatzelwurm, shotgun pellet's littered its chest, and one arm was clean off. The wurm's green blood was dried already, flaking off as it shook the dust off of it. It slithered off the taxi, and onto the ground, inbetween his gun and himself. Feeling for his pistol, he remembered it was in his bag, but at the same tiem remembered what wasn't. Taking out his buzzsaw axe, he unfolded it and spun it around in his right hand. Starting to circle with the monster, it jumped almost immediantly. Crisp fell to the side where it had no arm, and swung his axe. The power of the jump made the blade stronger, and it cut down the full length of the wurm, making it defenseless. Limping towards the shotgun, he muttered a prayer and said softly as he pried the gun from Tommy's hand "Once I get up to those pearly gates Tommy, I'll buy you that beer I owe yah', but for now I gotta finish this mission for yah'." Pumping the shotgun, he loaded the unfired shell lying next to Tommy and went up to the barely alive wurm and shoved the barrel of the gun into the creatures cut head, twisting it alittle to hear it hiss in pain. Firing the last shell, it blow it off in a messy explosion. Looking for his bag, he spotted it next to another car. Grabbing it, he climbed up slowly to not hurt his leg and saw the rest of the wreckage. He loaded some more shells as he walked over to the wreckage, and heard a voice he was glad to hear say "Looks like we better roll out." Yelling over the helicopter looking for a way over, but sadly couldn't find one, he said "Yo Cat is that you? It's Crisp!" Hearing another howl close by, he added quickly ready to move "It'll take to long finding a way over this helicopter, I'll meet you two blocks down South. See yah then Woolfie!" He smiled at the Woolfie part, it annoyed her so much.

    Time: 16:09
    Location: Viper/Wolf, Squad Crash Site

    Alittle mad about the
    "Or cover your own damn ass!" Comment, Drake muttered angrily as she him the AK and said it was time to roll out "Oh I was gonna look for survivors, Once those damn wolves weren't trying to bite my ass! How the hell would I be any help to survivors if I was dead!" Hearing another voice, he ignored it as it addressed Woolfe. Loading his own guns, and slinging the AK over his back, he finally noticed the flashing light. Looking around for the girl that saved him, he didn't see her and shrugged. Hearing the wolves howling again, he pointed towards the light and said "We gotta guy over there, maybe he is one of us?"

    Reaching the building was easy enough, and as she climbed the stairs to the building, she emerged on the same floor she saw the light. Closing the door behind he she panted outta breath, slinging the bag against the wall and sat against the door. "Tha-*breaths in* Thanks for saving us."

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  12. Kyle had been watching the action from the shadows underneath the crumbling building.Besides him laid a werewolf, lifeless and was torn open from its chin down to the stomach.His mask kept him conscious and avoided him from fainting due to the stench of the decaying body.The air itself in the area was already rotten, and Kyle couldn't think of one possible place in the world where there would still be unstained fresh air.To him, the past status of the world seemed like it was only a dream.

    The sounds of helicopters hovering above and gunfire everywhere became a norm; a regular part of everyday.Out of all the survivors, he's probably the only one who's not armed with a gun of some sort.That was his choice,and despite only being armed with blades, he managed to stay alive.

    Kyle's eyes traveled around the crash site.More wolves were coming to their direction, but it was smart of them to go to whoever was flashing the signal.Was he planning on checking it out? Of course not."Why would I waste my time with other people when I have myself to take care of?" he muttered, sliding down and leaning on his back on the unstable wall that was probably going to collapse soon.Just as his bottom touched the ground, he heard some growling from the other side of the wall.The wolves must've caught the scent of their dying comrade...or maybe the scent of his murderer... Kyle rhought, pulling out the two daggers and holding one on each hand.He stayed silent and listened to the growling and sniffing of the creature.Two heading to my left and the other to my right...

    With that figured out, Kyle hopped on his feet and flipped over the wall, standing on his bare tiptoe before doing another flip off the wall.As he spun on the air, he quickly bit one of his daggers, pulled out some poisoned needles between each finger, and threw them at one of the wolves.The wolf that got hit yelped as the poison dug into his flesh.It wasn't meant to instantly kill the victim, but to slow it down and feel the pain of the poison spreading inside them, slowly crushing their insides(so pretty much its a slow form of murder).Kyle landed on the floor knelt down, facing away from the wolves.The other wolf charged at him, and Kyle quickly grabbed the other dagger from his mouth and jumped on the wolf.He dug both daggers on its nape and sliced downwards, cutting a parallel opening on its back.Rolling off the wolf, he watched as a mini blood fountain sprayed out of it before walking over to the poisoned wolf.Of course, it met the Sami fate his companion did, only the parallel cut was on its side.

    Kyle stood on a rock, avoiding the pool of blood to touch him.He pulled out a piece of cloth and wiped off the blood from his daggers."That was the sixth kill today..."
  13. Jake watched as the female soldier climbed up the stares and found him. "No problem, we're all on the same side right?" Jake gave a small laugh and nodded at her. "I'm jake Mathison, pleasure to meet you though I wish it could be under better circumstances."

    Jake went back to his window and looked over the street once again. He saw the pilot crawl out of the helicopter wreckage. He was surprised so many people survived this attack. "
    Is that one of your guys?" He said looking down at the pilot and the male soldier that had been with the female soldier that was now with jake. Jake made sure the male soldier could make it to the building, then he went to covering the pilot.

    He could tell that the pilot was pretty injured in his leg but he couldn't tell what was wrong from this distance. He watched the pilot shove a shotgun in a
    tatzelwurm's face and blew the thing's head clean off. Well not clean off seeing as there was a huge green explosion, but he blew it off.

    Once your boys get up here, we need to move out. The creatures will probably find this location soon." He was surprised that he was able to take as many shots as he did without being found. The monsters looked like they were beginning to clear out slightly but there were still enough monsters around to cause problems for everyone.

    He trailed the pilot with his scope and saw a smaller werewolf stalking the pilot. He took aim and waited for the thing to lunge in the path of his bullet before firing. The bullet struck the wolf in the back of the head and it dropped to the ground dead. "
    Three saves in one day. I guess that makes me a hero." Jake smiled slightly as he drew the pilots attention by flashing light into his eyes.
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  14. As he walked across the cafe's roof, to go toward the fire escape. The sound of an explosion caught his attention and he looks down. He just caught the tail ending of the piolt blowing the tatzelwurm's head off. So there are even more survivors. Hmm...interesting...He thinks. He too was surprised that so many people had survived the crash and fight. He wondered how many of the survivors of the wreckage would end up here. But seeing that some one wanted to save them, he guessed that all of them would eventually make it here. If not then, meet up some where else. Landing on the fire escape silently, he makes sure that no monsters were waiting underneath and begins to descend it. Jumping off of it, he makes a quick turn and goes in through the back of the cafe. Of course it was a big old heavy door, so when it shut to made a rather loud slamming noise. Damn it! He thinks. He just hoped that who ever was in here didn't try shooting at him. He finds the stairs and makes his way up to the same floor where Jake and Haven were. And of course he had came up silently, but that was just out of habit, because in the assassin work, you had to be silent. But being silent also had it's perks now, usually monsters didn't bother him. They were usually attracted to something that made sound. He pulls his mask down to reveal his face. "So this is who's been signaling the survivors down there." He says. He was hoping that the man with the gun wouldn't turn around and try shooting him.
  15. Jake heard the loud crashing of a heavy door further down below them. He was certain that whatever or whoever was making that noise could potentially draw allot of attention if they weren't careful. "Looks like we've got a little party going" he said as he watched another guy come up the stairs. He gave a slight smile as the man mentioned him grabbing all of the others. "Yeah I'm the one. Name's Jake Mathison. We should all probably head further south away from all of this. I've got a hold out a little bit away from here and any of you are welcome to come."

    Jake did his best to sound inviting but inside he was keeping an eye on them all. Yes he would allow them to join him if they wished but he didn't trust any of them. If any of them tried to steal from h or do anything to hurt his chances of survival. He would kill them without question. He wouldn't let his uncertainty show on the surface though. For now, he'd continue playing the hero
  16. Today wasn't the best of days. Kia almost lost her life to a vamp, right at the start of the morning, definitely woke her up. And now she found herself hiding up in the skeletal remains of a dragon. The skull provided her a nice little shelter.

    The day was quiet, for the exception of a couple of screams of victims getting their fate handed to them. But even after all the months of her being in New York, dealing with these monsters... It still frightened her.

    But something got her attention, she heard the sound of chatter not to far away. She took her chance to see if she could catch least some newcomer.

    She slowly made her way to the chatter, she held a arrow to her bow ready to be cocked back. Quietly she approached the people. She grew closer to one called jake "H-hello!? Anyone there....non hostile I may add...." Said Kia, being as cautious as possible.
  17. "Hey, easy there hunger games." Said jake as he raised his rifle and pointed it towards the new girl. He didn't plan on catching an arrow today. "Put the bow down, no one here is hostile at least as far as I can see. We're all just survivors." Jake lowered his rifle a bit but not completely.

    Jake found it quite strange how many people were here at the moment and how many survived the attack. Either they were all extremely good survivalists or they were all extremely lucky.
  18. Once the rifle was lowered, even though it was just a little bit, she felt she should do the same. She lowered the bow, and slid the arrow in her quiver. She then put the bow around her back so she wouldn't have to hold it. "Survivors? You mean I'm not the only one out here?" The relief of knowing that there were others besides monsters took a load off her shoulder. "I'm so glad to hear you guys need any help? I got bandages and medical supplies" she offered.

    She could see some of them were some part of the US army...or some branch of it. It made her feel responsible to help them out in anyway she saw fit.
  19. As the girl put the bow and arrow away, he lowered his rifle completely. She didn't look very hostile, but that didn't mean she wasn't. You really could judge books by their covers these days. "Looks like we're all with lucky or extremely badass, I'll take either explanation. But right now we need to get out of here before the creatures regroup and attack again. I'd rather not die here. Anyone coming with me to the hold out?" He turned back toward the group and waited for a response. Military, a bounty hunter, and a now wielding survivor. That wouldn't have been jake's first guess of a group, but if they all actually worked together they could hold out. Everyone here seemed to be doing well enough alone, they'd all do better with a team.
  20. Time: 16:14
    Location: Limping down the road heading South.
    Other: Split from the rest of his surviving squad and other survivors due to the helicopter, several trashed vehicles, and a werewolf pack approaching, Crisp heads south alone to meet up with the the rest of his squadmates.

    'Damn' is all Crisp could think as he spotted the wolves heading down the street towards the crash site. Pumping his shotgun, he looked for shelter and found it. A sewer pipe sticking out of the ground, only a few crumbles off concrete and rebar protecting it. Sliding into it, he cursed at his hurt leg slide over the ground, and he found himself resting in dirty water. He heard the wolves around him, growling and smelling the air for his scent. Scooting backwards, he aimed his shotgun towards the pipes opening, and saw something wet dropping from his helmet. Looking up, he was face to face with the most fierce looking alpha he had ever seen, a long dark scar down its face. The rebar was the only thing protecting him from the wolf's teeth and massive claws. The rebar bent under the creatures savage attempt to push through the metal. Suddenly it stopped and smelt the air, and just as sudden the ground shook. The water vibrated and the snarls and howls of the large wolf pack stopped. Taking aim at the alpha, he was ready to fire, until the alpha snarled at something else, and flee'd towards and alley, some of his pack behind him. From the tiny hole in the ground, Crisp spotted the rest of the pack snarling and backing away from the thing making the sound. A wolf stepped right above the rebar, and suddenly a car crashed into it, shaking the ground and breaking the rebar, sending sharp metal pieces inches away from Crisp. The car rolled with the werewolf, and came to a crashing stop as it hit a bus. The monster that just threw the car stepped over the hole now, yelling a victorious battle cry. It was clear on what it was, the giant humanoid figure was in fact a giant. Holding his breath, Crisp watched as the giant continued down the road towards the crash site and towards his friends. Reaching for his radio, he grasped it and prayed it work saying "Uhh hello? Cat? Anyone who can hear this, your probably near the crash site, and you might not want to be there much longer, a giant is heading that way, and he is pretty pissed."

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