Festival of the Twin Moons {OOC}

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  1. This shall be the continuation of a chatrp that started during the Big Update of Iwaku.

    Players in this thread will be:
    Rain of the Night as Elrithos Quicksilver
    thetuliplover as Tulip Ringolds
    The Silver Paladin as Romulus Aquilus
    DarkiusHeavenstein as Tehuri Blacmore

    For the IC thread you can go here
  2. [​IMG]

    Tehuri Blacmore

    Vampire Queen, Lady of Darkness, Queen of Tenebris

    Tenebris, land of Darkness and Shadows

    Full blood Vampire

    1273 years old, though she appears to be early to mid 20's.


    Hunting gear
    Though called hunting gear she will wear this most of the time. She will include the silver armor parts when she goes to a hostile place or when she wants to look a bit more intimidating to avoid trouble.

    She will wear this when she is in her home country, at parties where she knows the crowd, and formal gatherings where she doesn't have to worry about being threatened.

  3. [​IMG]

    Full Name : Naveryll

    Aliases/Nicknames : Ryll, Navvy, Casanova

    Title(s) : Naveryll the Dancing Storm, Founding Father of the Order of Conquest

    Preferred Name : Naveryll, Sir

    Age/Date of Birth : Thousands of years. He no longer keeps track. He does know it was during the autumn season, thus picked november as his birthdate

    Sex : Male

    Sexual Orientation : Pansexual, Bisexual, Romantic

    Race : Brass and Gold Dragon Hybrid

    Voice : It’s very pleasant in tone, kind of deep.

    Yami Yugi

    Mew Two

    Languages Spoken : Drake/Dragon Tongue, Human, Elven.

    Occupation : Founder/Leader of the Order of Conquest Guild. Explorer, Adventurer, and Archaeologist.

    Facial Structure : Pentagonal, strong jaw line, smooth/rounded chin, full lips, and distinct nose.

    Body Structure : Lean, Toned/Muscular, Swimmer’s body

    Eye Color : Golden

    Hair Color : Golden, with darker highlights of a light brown.

    Height : 6’2

    Weight : 157 lb

    Skin Tone : Dark skinned, flawless, thick, smooth

    Scars : None
    Tattoos : None

    Piercings : Two golden clasps on the lobe of both ears

    Marks : None

    Style : Normally wears light, flexible skin tight clothing that he can maneuver in. Typically his clothing are in shades of brown with gold accents. He likes sticking to his color scheme, since that’s what he looks like in his dragon form. He feels uncomfortable wearing colors that don’t represent what he looks like in his dragon form, or get in the way of his work.


    Five Good Traits :

    Five Bad Traits :

    Ideals/beliefs :

    Details :

    Quirks :

    Hobbies :

    Interests :



    Father :

    Mother :

    Sisters :

    Brothers :

    Grandparents :

    Uncles :

    Aunts :

    Cousins :

    arsenal :

    abilities :

    Physical :

    Mental :

    Fears :

    Physical :

    Mental :


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