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  1. I'm just gonna be up and straight with you, I'm looking for someone who would be willing to be a femboy partner to my character Nyx, the plot could go anywhere but it has to retain some romance and some fluidity to it. I don't care if you make mistakes just don't make a mistake every single sentence you write or type out, thanks. if you want me to be the femboy just message me. I'm a very open person so go ahead and throw any idea you have at me thanks! ~<3
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  2. I'd be happy to, fem boys arnt to hard to play.

    But do you mean a male cross dresser with feminene features.

    Or a full on man who wants to be a girl -transgender.
  3. I mean a male who is highly feminine and cross dresses and is mistaken as a girl almost all the time. @ViceandVersa
    and yayyyy, they aren't that hard to play, they are super cute and just adorable...which is usually easy to be portrayed.
  4. Well I'd be happy to play one, what's the plot of the roleplay though ??
  5. It is pretty much a supernatural drama smut...i guess. your character and my character go to the same school, which is a college for the gifted. your character is a femboy and my character mistakes your character as a female..and falls in love with him.,,and then drama ensues on top of my characters family trying to take him back for bad purposes. the rest is a secret cus I have some cool ideas that ill pop on you, I'll talk to you about them first of course but still @ViceandVersa
  6. Well let's do it then, we doing it here or in a thread.
  7. we could do it in pm, its easier that way. or we can do it in a thread.
  8. I wouldn't mind trying this. :) I haven't played a girly boy in a while. XD
  9. That would be a shame if you dont play one now. ~! so since you wouldnt mind trying this, where would you like to play out this little idea of mine @ˣℱιgнтєяˣ
  10. Yes it would, haha. :) I prefer in a thread if you don't mind. :)
  11. kk, who shall start this?
  12. Could you?
  13. yeah sure. ill have it up in a minute.
  14. Thank you. :)
  15. I doubt you're still looking for people for this, but if you are, I am more than happy to play a little crossdresser
  16. @terragate I would be interested. I actually had a plot that included my male having to crossdressing.
  17. @terragate yay!!! Um...I'm good with both pm and thread. One of my favorite femboys is a crossdressing fashion model who's real gender is only known by family and close friends.
  18. The world could always use more femboys and those who appreciate them.
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