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  1. This was the day, the beginning of our story. Today was also the anniversary of the event that kicked this story into action. A bomb went off, killing thousands of children in the process. Today was the day the nation mourned for the many loved ones that fell under the wrath of fire and rubble. It's all over the news, both good things and bad.

    A man walks up to the mall, tall and covered with a grey coat and shadowed by his hood. "Heh, Fazbear's Shopping Mall. What's the big deal with this place again, boss?" he says, speaking into an ear piece to his 'boss.'

    "What? You live in a cave or something? This place is really bad news. Terrorism, glitchy robots, and dozens of disappearances behind those walls. This is the place, we will make MILLIONS once we just dig up their secrets and shove it up the media's ass." replied the Boss.

    "Oh yea? Sounds great. But that's not why you sent me here." said the Hooded Man

    "Yes, there's something else we need to do. Mack's kid ran in here at one point and we haven't heard from him since." explained the Boss.

    "Got it, get the kid and get a bit of info on the way out. And if the kid's dead?"

    "He isn't..."

    The Hooded Man then casually walks through the doors, as a sudden chill nags on his spine. Examining the broken down establishment, and seeing a spotlight hit a stage in the center of the food court. There, Chica and Freddy stand, just looking at the man with emotionless dead eyes. But Bonnie? Where could Bonnie be? He then stumbles on a bloody corpse, with the chest mutilated to the point where it's heart is where it's lungs should be. A big gaping crater of blood leaves foot prints that lead back to the spot Freddy stood right now. He then notices the few other corpses around the place, each in different condition. The Hooded Man did what everyone else in this hell hole did; Run
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  2. A beat-up car would slowly drive over from lane to lane, the driver inside peering over left and right at his GPS, following it's instructions as if it were the only thing keeping him alive. As he approached the abandoned mall, the driver let out a sigh of relief, before smiling widely. Inside- his sentence would be heard "I've looked forward to this for so long..." he says quietly, before pulling over close to a parking lot. He reaches over for the keys in the ignition, and turns them counter-clockwise, resulting in the vehicle shutting off a few seconds later. He sits there, looking over at whatever's inside the car.

    In the car, there would be a small vest kept to the side, inside it's many pockets there'd be an assortment of sporting goods, such as protein bars, water bottles and your HRPM Counter, head-strap flashlight, all of them not too necessary, except for one- his medication.

    He reaches inside of his vest's pockets, tugging at what seems to be a pile of subscription medications pill bottles, counting up to eight. He opens one after the other, taking one up and swallowing it down as is, before moving on with the next one, until he was at last done.

    He took a firm grip on the vest itself, and wrapped it around his body, securing it with the zipper in the middle of the vest. Yanking the keys out of the ignition and grabbing ahold of a map tucked into the seat, he opens up the door, stepping outside. As he circles the door, he closes it, and locks it with his keys.

    His vest would spell out the name "Johnathan 'Alf' Andersson" on the top right corner, marking the owner, and the person wearing it.

    "Here we go... On the trail, I blaze." he mutters quietly, before approaching the entrance of the abandoned mall, hanging around the area: awaiting someone else.
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  3. A very tall girl walks down the hallway, head looking down. She sighs, almost as if she doesn't want anything to happen in her life- like she wants it to be over. She is wearing a Black Veil Brides shirt along with ripped jeans, Goth boots, and a simple black hooded sweatshirt with a Roman simple on the sleeve. Even known she may look like she is boring and not doing anything, a song written about this place had been stuck in her head.

    Lost to this monster

    The man behind the slaughter


    Since you've been gone

    I've been singing this stupid song

    So I could ponder

    The sanity of your mother

    The song was stuck in her head, but she only heard it once before. Upon seeing the mall, she saw a man standing by the front. She approaches slowly, looking down. Her eyes were reflecting the light from the sky.
  4. Alex, didnt really have anything to do today. It was his day off and he was looking forward into investigating the old building. He drove by the mall with a heavy pain in his chest. 'This is where I lost my Mother.' he thought to himself. He bit his lip, as he parked his car, bringing only a flashlight because he knew that he wouldnt be taking so long. He got out of the car, staring at the building he once loved as a child, and the same place where his mother was blown into smithereens. he took One Long Sigh before talking to himself, like he usually did "Well... Here goes nothing." he said as entered the abandoned building.
  5. Johnathan 'Alf' Andersson reaches over for his pouches on the vest, taking out five sport bars, inspecting them quietly. "Meal Replacement." he utters quietly, before turning it around to inspect the label and content. As he does this, he hears something approaching him, causing him to smile "Took your time Raymond." and turns around to face the figure, Coraline. "I thought we agreed you'd come-" he stops, noticing the shape and hair on the figure.

    He appears to have a puzzled expression on his face, before stuffing the sport bars into their pouches, and taking out what appears to be a picture with his right hand. He inspects the picture quietly, before looking back at Coraline. He sighs, and tosses the picture aside, shaking his head "God damn it." he utters quietly, before approaching her as well "I assume you're not Raymond?" he speaks in a loud, yet calm, voice.

    He shakes his head left and right, before staring at her "Doesn't matter. Look, I was thinking about sneaking in there, but I refuse to do it alone. Were you thinking about doing the same, or just passing by? If it's the latter- I beg my pardon for stopping you like this, this "Raymond" guy was supposed to have been here by now, but since he isn't- he probably bailed."
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  6. The black haired girl seemed confused by the other boy when he called her Raymond. Who was Raymond? She lifted her head up to look at the person in front of her. "Uh- no," she replied quietly. "I just wanted to see if there was any clues about that bombing thing..." she muttered to herself, a little bit of her chat seemed to apply to Alf. She stuffed her hands into her pockets, and tried to focus on the boy in front of her.

    She noticed he had a sport bar in his hand; I mean, what would you eat in there? I am pretty sure Gordon Ramsay isn't in there making meals for people just randomly showing up, she thought to herself. She reached into her pocket and pulled out a can of Red Bull.
  7. As Alex Jackson entered the large building, both not noticing and being unnoticed by the others willing to do the same thing, he saw something different than the hooded man. Of course, he witnessed a few bodies laying about, some older than others. Blood trailed towards the stage, but then followed with large footprints leading to the Entertainment Plaza, but they soon faded away. None of the animatronics were on stage either, not Freddy, Chica, or Bonnie. The power was running low, and light was only held by certain areas of the Food Court and a Map that seemed to still be active:

    MAP (open)

    KEY (open)

    F100 - Fazbear's Pizzeria
    F101 - Kenny's Fried Chicken
    F102 - McGuffin's
    F103 - Igloo Ice Creams
    F104 - Pancakes in Pappy's
    F105 - Bake 'n Cake
    F106 - Caffy Coffe
    F107 - Steamin' Stan's
    F108 - Panda Ping's
    F109 - El Gran Resturante
    F110 - Mama's Meatballs
    F111 - The Metro
    F112 - Juicy Jungles

    From one of the bodies emerged a woman's voice. The corpse of what looked like a security guard was on the floor, and the voice came from a walkie-talkie still active on his body. "Oh god, oh my fucking god. Someone else, finally. Listen, you have to pick up this walkie-talkie. You are in danger, BIG danger. Are there others? Oh god please tell me there are." said the device, fast and speeding up as if the woman were getting more nervous by the second.
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  8. Johnathan "Alf" Andersson nods a couple of times to her, before turning over to face the entrance. He gives out a deep sigh, before eyeing her red bull. He seems kind of glued to it, before shaking his head "It's bad for your heart..." he mutters quietly, seemingly pointed more to himself than Coraline. He sighs, and looks over at the red bull can, seemingly trying to hide the fact he's staring at it. He snaps himself quickly out of it, and says "Hey uh... you know a bit about the bombing? And you want to find out more about it?" he says in an unsure tone.

    "Blagh- sorry... Just trying to cope up with thinking about going in there alone." He turns around, and approaches the entrance quietly, staring down the corridor that'd lead up to the core of the mall, allowing Alex to spot him, were he to look back. He seems hesitant to enter, and turns back to the gal "So uh... how've your day been?"
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  9. With the question about her day seemed to confuse her. "Why do you want to know?" She was a bit stubborn, but she was being herself. "If you want to go, just go. If you want to wait I am going on with out you," she said firmly, putting the open can into her pocket. She walked close to the fence, and put her foot on a rung of metal. Step by step, she climbed the fence until she dropped down on the other side, her boots hitting the ground with a loud thud. Some dirt continued to linger in the air, and she looked down into her pocket.

    She was stunned that her drink did not spill and ruin her jacket. Only a couple of stray drop landed on the inside material and left small, damp marks.
  10. At a short distance from the once popular shopping center, a college student had her motorbike parked on the side of the street. She hopped off the bike and took off her helmet to let loose her short, blonde hair. She adjusted her glasses and looked towards the abandoned mall up ahead. Tonight was a night she had been planning for a long time. With quiet steps, she began walking towards the large building to commence her plan. She had brought a flashlight for the dark and a cricket bat in case for self defense. Otherwise, she knew she could handle whatever it is that would await her in the place where many people, including her sister and aunt, have died.

    As she got closer to the shopping center, the young adult heard noises coming from something nearby. Afraid it was dangerous, she quickly hid behind the wall of the front entrance to the mall. She scooted close enough to the edge to see and turned her head to where she assumed the noise came from.

    Without hesitation, the college girl pulled out her bat and was ready to strike at whoever or whatever it was that was approaching the building. If she was lucky, they may have some info she wanted on the bombing.
  11. As he saw the dead corpses, and the blood trail he felt like his lunch was about to go back up his throat. "Oh dear God..." He whispered yo himself. Suddenly the voices stopped. For the first time in 12 years, they were dead silent. Maybe it was out of fear. Maybe he just wanted to get out of here. He looked at the map and squinted, not paying much attention to it, then he heard the Woman's voice. At first he was startled, and immediately was in self defense mode, his arms in front of him, sort of in an x position. When he figured there wasn't anyone to be afraid of, he listened to the voice. He almost hesitated to pickup the walkie-talkie as she said to and listened.

    He looked back to see a man with a girl beside him. 'So I won't be alone after all' he thought. "I think there is." He said into the walkie talkie "And how do you know I'm in trouble? Who are you?"

    He had trouble trusting people, he didn't even trust himself for God's sake... He saw the girl come closer, but did nothing... He just stared at her for a couple of seconds and looked back at the map
  12. He quickly backs up as he hears a hint of the stuborness, nodding "Yea, pardon-" before seizing to talk, looking over at her climbing the fence. Seemingly impressed by her ability to climb it, he starts to walk about the nearby area: somehow managing to avoid noticing the new figure with the cricket bat. He stumbles upon what would be a hole in the fence, most likely caused by another would-be visitor of the mall. After crawling through the hole, Johnathan pushed himself up. He took a moment to inspect himself, looking down at his pants, he slaps some of the dirt off his pants- before approaching the entrance as well

    "Eh, why climb it?" he mutters quietly to himself, but suddenly stops. He turns his attention over to the gal with the cricket bat, inspecting her appearance- following up by the raised cricket bat. "Huh..." he says calmly, starting to tip-toe towards the entrance in a cautious way, half his body already through the doors "No need to get violent."
  13. As Alex proceeded to pick up the device, answering it with questions and relief. "My name is Lauren Lockheart, I am a police officer who came in to investigate a week ago." she exclaimed.
    "My squad and I came in a week ago to investigate, but we found something...we didn't train for. We were attacked by Bonnie the Bunny, I was the only one who survived and I fled to this office, which is how I can see you right now; through these cameras. Not all the cameras have power right now, and I'm not sure what the hell is up with the other animatronics. Now quick, gather the other people you talked about, Bonnie can come back any minute now...or worse..." she explains. A little crumpling sound is then heard through the device, as if she were going through a book. "Alright, says here that the Food Court animatronics are usually calm and rarely leave their respected store. Though, it says that some tend to glitch such as...Caffy the Cat from the coffee shop." she explains, reading more through the Night Guard's Manual.
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  14. By this time, he knew that he made a wrong decision of entering this building. And so did the others. He could of just dropped the walkie talkie and ran, but he didn't get to his purpose of coming here yet, and he somehow needed to help Lauren.

    He looked up and around to look for any cameras and when he did, he just stared at it as she continued to talk "So... So far We're safe?" He asked taking eyes off if the cameras and looking at the two and another one that was just coming in. He signaled for them to be quiet, by putting a finger to his lips and beckoned them to come closer. He was actually scared, too scared. Because he wasn't bring any weapons with him and as Lauren just mentioned, the animatronic attacked their squad. He let out a sigh of relief when he saw the girl bringing a bat with her, but that also meant that he'd have to get along with these people if he wanted to survive... And he's not so good in that in particular
  15. "As of now, it's hard to tell..." she says, in a sad matter."I'm sorry to say this...there's no leaving. You walked through the door, which is your first mistake. The doors won't move, this office controls the administrator security systems and somebody put the whole place on lockdown and ran off with the key. I suggest you stay away from the food court areas, the animatronics do stay in their respective areas but the system tends to...glitch." she explains.
  16. Nora had a silent moment of shock once she discovered one of the other people who were there with her. It was a surprise that there was anyone else here, especially at this hour. How many people go to this abandoned shopping center anymore anyway? She saw they noticed her cricket bat and slowly lowered it down. "Sorry, I didn't really know what to expect in a creepy place like this." She responded quietly.

    Now having a closer look at the other person, her first thought was why were they here as well? She raised an eyebrow to him, "So have you come here to investigate the cause of the bombing too?" She asked. She assumed that would be why anyone would come here, unless this guy just wanted to check out a place that caused several deaths.
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  17. The young adult slowly lowers his hands in the same time as the cricket bat was lowered, sighing in clear relief. He steps further inside to the mall, before stopping his movement- turning back to look at the gal, listening to her sentence. He nods calmly to her "Yea, understandable. Not every day people rush in to an abandoned mall.", before tilting his head to the left as he hears about a 'bombing'.

    Bombing? When the hell did a bombing happen- Oh. Right. That bombing- a few years after I was hospitalized. Guess time does fly by, huh?

    He nods to her quickly: he had no real clue why he'd go there, except find out what happened when he was hospitalized, but it was a good call, or so his brain thought. His eyes darts away quickly, to the figure standing at the end of the hallway, motioning him to come forth. He looks over to the gal with the cricket bat, saying "So, uh... lets get to digging, mhm?", and commense his usual routine of walking, aimed down the corridor. As he approaches the man, his eyes narrowed down further: investigating the bodies in the distance. He seizes his movement once he is close to Alex, staring at the bodies.

    "W-what... the hell, happened?" he utters to Alex, his eyes hinting towards a clear shock, his heart racing, until he hears a faint *BEEP* from his wrist.

    He looks down at his wrist, looking at a small box of letters hidden within what appears to be a normal watch, sighing quietly as it reads out:

    (HeartRate increased to 60: Caution advised)
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  18. Ted sighed as he stared into the empty glass with the large round ice cube. "Another ple..." just then Ted's Cell phone rang. He pulled it from his pocket flipping it open "Sanchez speaking .... Yes... absolutely... on it sir." Ted looked to the bartender clipping his phone shut. He pulled a Camel from his front pocket putting it in his mouth just letting it dangle from his lip. He checked to make sure he had his Nine-mill ,his knife ,and a few spare clips along with his phone ,badge ,and wallet.

    "Never mind frank I've got a case." The bartender chuckled "that so Ted? What is it bud?" Ted sighed pushing his hair back then answering frank. "That old mall that was bombed a while back ,Sarg wants me to check into the disappearances." Frank look to Ted oddly before looking away. "Ah well you be careful ted whose going to pay your tab if you disappear too." Ted chuckled slightly before patting frank on his shoulder and walking out to his car. He got in and started the engine. Once the car was running he reached down and pushed the car lighter in ,just before shutting the door and clicking his seat belt on.

    once the lighter had heated up Ted reached down grabbing it to reach up ,and light his cigarette. He took a long draw before pulling it from his lips and releasing the smoke. He repeated this process the whole drive to the mall. Once he was in the parking lot he stopped the car and grabbed his flashlight ,strapping it to his belt. He then shut the car off locking the doors as he got out. He looked to the massive building briefly then he headed inside. Once inside he clicked his flashlight on and looked around the large food court center. "Hello Is anybody here? My name is detective Ted Sanchez." He said loudly into the vast emptiness.
  19. " Do you not Know what this means?!" He said Pressing his Finger against his lips a bit harder as he Looked at the man who was wearing a vest, and said his name on the upper right corner of it 'Alf' He was just gonna go by that name. And Looked at the other man with the flashlight, who looked older, Apparently he was a Detective. "For all we know these damned Animatronics can hear us. I'll Explain the Rest later, But for now we need to Hide." He looked at The rest of the people in the mall. 'I guess we're gonna be a group.' Hr thought to himself. " He put his attention back to Lauren's words "Do we atleast have a safe place to go just for now? Like a short cut to where you are right now?" he asked, hoping for an answer that he wanted. He felt so tight right now, Like he was trapped in a box and the walls were closing up on him. 'As long as theese idiots dont start a scene, we're safe' a Voice said and another part was yelling 'Your, Gonna die. You Wont escape this place alive Alex, You know you wont.' He was a bit upset that the voices came back, now that he had company.
  20. Quickly after hearing the sentence, Johnathan seizes his sentence as it was about to leave his mouth, staring blankly at him. A deep part of him began to kick at the back of his head, notifying him of the clear danger he's in. Next sentence, caused his heart to race further: 65 Heart Rate. Rising quickly. He shakes his head quickly, his minds clearing up and along with that, the stone in his head. He nods to him, and begins to survey his surroundings. Johnathan stares over at what would be Alex's radio, his eyes narrowing down. Something's up with it. He's sure on it. Maybe someone on the outside, or inside? He looks over at the bodies, before turning to look at the Detective, his eyes somewhat pinned to him.

    Even a cop. What've I gotten myself into? Could be anything, if you think about it. Fact that there's bodies, means there are murderers. And, since he says it's the animatronics, I should be able to outrun them with ease.

    He raises himself upwards, standing tall as he looks over at the detective. He raises his finger upwards, clearly signaling him to remain quiet, before raising his right hand upwards, drawing it backwards in almost a back-hand toss motion, appearing to want him to come to them.

    Gotta remain quiet, even if it's a detective. Since we are all in life-death scenario at the moment, we should be able to work together with ease.
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