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    Our story starts in the year 1995, and the murderer of the five children at Freddy Fazbear's Pizza has finally been caught, a man named Jeremy Fitzgerald (the night guard in FNAF 2). Although, interviews reveal that this was not a one man job, and that he and his associate(s) were also responsible for both the murder of five children & "The Bite of '87" by tampering with Foxy the Pirate, the animatronic responsible for the attack. It was also revealed that he was responsible for many other missing children in the past. The only supposed associate was another night guard, named Mike Shmidt, who has recently gone missing. Jeremy Fitzgerald however was found dead in his cell one day, thus the police never found anymore evidence that it was Mike, or where Mike could have gone.

    In the year 2001, Freddy Fazbear's Pizza went big, as they got a new CEO of the company and now felt safe from the murderer. Not only that, but the technology for the animatronics was now upgraded. A company called M-OUSE ANIMATRONICS CONTROL CORPERATIONS (M.A.C Co.) was able to evolve the technology, making the animatronics more lively & intelligent. They had new features, one notable feature being their new ability to form relationships. The animatronics appear to start bonding with the other animatronics, either becoming friends or foes. On rare occasions, as a result of their facial recognition feature, they appear to be able to bond with people as well, mostly the employees but sometimes they can bond with regular customers. This technology was not truly trusted by the nation, which is what made Fazbear's Pizza so special. With this new technology, Fazbear's Pizza was the place to be to see this new technology in action.

    The year was 2003, and Fazbear's Pizza were celebrating their anniversary with a bang. For the past years ever since they started to go big, Fazbear's Pizza had been working on a new Fazbear's Shopping Mall. Though not as big as the usual malls, this one had the specialty of having animatronic mascots to both help the stores and entertain customers. With that, they had a whole section of the mall dedicated to the Fazbear tradition of pleasing the children, with merchendise stores, children's clothing stores, toy stores, candy bars, and a special area featuring Foxy the Pirate and his rag tag pirate crew.

    However, in the year 2005, an explosion went off, damaging most of the Fazbear Plaza and completely obliterating the Pirate Cove area. Hundreds of people died, and thousands of kids did as well. Police think it's a terrorism attack, but the true explanation has not been found Some say that the explosion originated from Pirate Cove, due to most of the damage coming from that area. The animatronics in that area however, went mad due to the absence of people and the damage caused by the explosion. That entire plaza has been closed for lockdown, and they built a new Fazbear Plaza in the year 2007, replacing Foxy the Pirate and his crew with new renewed versions of them. Since that day, they really tried to get back into business, but the had used too much money on Fazbear Plaza 2.0, and they were getting less customers due to the "Fazbear Bombing of 2005." Thus, they closed down in the early 2008. However, ever since the shutdown, many of the former employees that worked the night shift had gone missing.

    Now is the year 2011, and Fazbear's mall has long since been abandoned. However, something is odd about the place, as investigators have gone in and have never been heard of again. Others have also snuck in at times, never to be seen again. Also, the animatronics seem to still be active, either somebody turned them back on or never turned them off in the first place. You will play as a new batch of people who are planning on sneaking in. You are probably someone foolish enough to try your hand at investigating the place. Or you must have had somebody sneak in before, and you must find them. Whatever the reason is, god knows what now lurks behind those walls...

    1. Don't godmod, meta-game, etc.

    2. Simply, don't be a jerk. This is usually common sense.

    3. Use good grammar, spelling, and punctuation. With that, all posts must be at least a paragraph long (3 sentences).

    4. Character Death is an initial thing here. If your character is out, their out. Though you can create a new character, the doors for that will most likely be closed until I believe it is needed for the plot.

    5. Not ALL animatronics will try and kill you. Though they are all equally creepy and terrifying, some of them will actually be of help to you, or have the inability to hurt any human being in the first place.

    6. I'm going to get this out of the way. This is a pretty intense roleplay. Things will get gruesome, disturbing, and stressful. If things like thise aren't topics that agree with your stomach and sanity, then this isn't the roleplay for you.

    7. The main goal in this roleplay is survival, not killing the other players, animatronics, or NPCs you pass by. Keep this in mind.

    8. Try your hand at splitting up, and don't automatically achieve a goal your facing at the moment, I will always try to give you some kind of encounter as you traverse the mall. This is a pretty big place after all.

    9. Prepare yourself for lots of plot and story arcs. As you explore the mall, you will find out more about the story behind things such as the Bombing and face many problems, such as certain animatronics getting in the way or resources that are needed.

    10. Not everything is going to be revealed in this post. You will start discovering the various stores & animatronics within the mall, and they will be written on this post for future reference.

    11. More rules will be added if needed.

    If you read these rules put "IT'S US" in the bottom of your character sheet

    Coraline May Jones Blu
    Alex Jackson
    Johnathan "Alf" Anderson
    Nora Takata

    Character Sheet


    Age: (I prefer 18 or older)

    Appearance: (You can replace this with a picture at the top of the sheet)

    Skills: (List at least 2 skills your character has)

    Personality: (Paragraph long please. Must include things such as phobias, mental issues, attitude, sexuality, etc.)

    Background: (Paragraph long, and should include the story of your character's life before he/she snuck into the Fazbear Mall. Also, why did your character sneak in?)

    The Mall
    Show Spoiler


    Food Court
    Show Spoiler

    The main attraction of Fazbaer's Shopping Mall. As the first thing you will see when you enter, holds the original cast of characters from Freddy Fazbear's Pizza; Bonnie the Bunny, Chica the Chicken, and Freddy Fazbear. The band plays in a stage set up for them in the center of the food court, as the other animatronics from various areas of the food court watch and the customers get dinner and a show.

    Fazbear's Pizza

    The most well known part of the Food Court, known obviously for it's pizza, but also holds an array of other foods. Though there is no animatronic up front to represent them or help out the job, Fazbear's Pizza is already represented by Bonnie, Chica and Freddy up front at the stage.

    More to be revealed...

    Freddy Fazbear
    The star of Fazbear's Shopping Mall. He is the main singer in the stage at the Food Court. He looks just like Toy Freddy, but in the shape of regular Freddy. He is usually the most calm out of his band, not really as talkative as Bonnie or Chica.

    Chica the Chicken
    The lady of the Fazbear band, and also known for her famous cupcakes, sometimes even handing out free servings to the children. She looks a bit like Toy Chica but a bit bigger, yet still smaller than the others. She was redesigned this way because the parents complained that Toy Chica's design would usually lose it's beak and was a bit too sexualized for the children.

    Bonnie the Bunny
    The guitarist of the band, known for his jolly spirit and rocking guitar skills. He looks a bit like Toy Bonnie, but replace his light blue skin with the usual dark purple and a more masculine look to his face. He is also a bit chubbier and bigger than Freddy, and the biggest of the whole band.

    More to be revealed soon...

    Entertainment Plaza
    Show Spoiler

    The area of the mall that holds the various stores that fulfill the entertainment needs of the customers. This includes stores for books, games, technology, and many others. Unlike the Commercial Plaza, the animatronics in this area are more focused on information rather than direct customer service.

    None...for now...

    Nobody as of yet...

    Show Spoiler

    One of the three entrances into Fazbear's Shopping mall. Not really the best movie theater around, but nothing really special either. It holds 6 theaters, each showing a different movie.

    Nobody yet...

    Commercial Plaza
    Show Spoiler

    This area of the mall is more famous, as it is full of the many clothing stores and holds animatronics that are built for helping customers with style and fashion, or fit and comfort.

    None as of yet...

    Nobody for now...

    Franky's Furniture
    Show Spoiler

    One of the three entrances into Fazbear's Shopping Mall, and the largest store in the whole facility. Many types of furniture, such as couches, mattresses, tables, and many others. Simple tools or silverware are also sold here.

    None as of now...

    Fazbear Plaza [CAUTION]
    Show Spoiler

    The original Fazbear Plaza, the line of stores that lead to the best attraction in the mall. The stores included here are focused on the children, and Fazbear merchandise. However, this is a danger zone at the mall, as the explosion of 2005 has damaged the animatronic's circuits, making them malfunction a lot. Along with that, the absence of people has screwed up their A.I.

    None yet..

    Nobody yet...

    Fazbearland & Pirate's Cove [CAUTION]
    Show Spoiler

    The supposed origin of the Bombing of 2005. Known as the original Fazbearland & Pirate's Cove, this has been labeled a dead zone, and some employees have died attempting to enter this place. The animatronics here have gone completely insane due to the lack of people and the damage of their circuitry. A supposed memorial has been built in this area, but none of the employees remember doing such a thing. However, some say they have heard something resembling a music box come from this area.

    Foxy the Pirate
    The main star of Pirate's Cove, or at least he was. Out of all the animatronics, Foxy seemed the most glitched, god knows what the explosion made of him. Foxy appears as how he was in FNAF 2, but his lower jaw is constantly hanging loose.

    More to be revealed...

    Pirate's Cove
    The most famous attraction in Fazbearland, becoming it's own sub section. A small little playground is here, though damaged from the explosion. The playground was mostly pirate themed and even had a little stage where Foxy and his crew would do their usual act.

    More to be revealed...

    Fazbear Plaza 2.0
    Show Spoiler

    The expensive redesign of the damaged Fazbear Plaza, with completely new animatronics and stores. However, the animatronics here seem more glitched, as they were not as good quality circuitry as the others, being cheaper and kind of rushed.

    None as of yet...

    Nobody for now...

    Fazbearland & Pirate's Cove 2.0
    Show Spoiler

    The new remake of Fazbearland, with all new attractions to the playground and a remade Pirate's Cove with an all new swimming area. Though it looks like good quality, it was actually kind of rushed and the animatronics are not as good quality with their circuits and tend to glitch a lot.

    Foxy the Pirate 2.0
    Not as much of a character as the first Foxy, this Foxy is a bit more stiff and not as lively. He's also not very cooperative and doesn't seem to speak much with the adults and prefers to interact with children. He looks like a Toy Foxy rather than the Mangle, as he has that fresh smooth material on him and keeps his fox-like features.

    Pirate's Cove
    The newly remade Pirate's Cove, with a brand new indoor swimming pool area. However, the animatronics tend to stay away from this area as they are not waterproof. This also causes them to glitch or damage the animatronic all together.

    Employee'S Only
    Show Spoiler

    The behind the scenes for the whole facility, holds things such as the medical facility, power generator, the office, and the storage. Not really anything special, but the safest place from the animatronics.

    The safe house for anyone still stuck in the mall. Here, screens that are connected to all the cameras in the mall monitor the animatronics at night. Along with that, entire audio logs have been left for any night shift workers, each one explaining the animatronics and how to handle them. Everything is connected here; doors, cameras, radios, speakers, anything. You do however need the power to do so.

    The needed resource for any control in the office. This is very vital to the mall, as long as some sort of power is running, you're safe. The door leading here is controlled by the Office, as every other door is.

    Here, this is where any damage caused by animatronics is cured. An animatronic named "Nurse Nancy" wanders this room, who has been built with medical knowledge to see any damage and what is needed to cure it. Nurse Nancy looks like the style of BalloonBoy, a human themed animatronic. Nurse Nancy however is a tall woman, with very feminine features, such as her eyes with long eyelashes and pink eyes. She also has the strange ability of revealing her extra pairs of arms, having up to six arms. She is very tall and is dressed in a cartoony nurse costume built into her body.

    This is where any animatronics from other Fazbear facilities are placed. Basically the dumpster of the mall, the animatronics here still seem active for some reason. Though they are simply rejects, and usually damaged to an extreme extent. Due to their only use as being spare parts, they were never really named and appear as grotesque masses of metal and their former costume. They are usually harmless yet terrifying, but they are all labeled and called by their serial number. The only true danger here is a certain animatronic nicknamed "Chimera" by the employees. Basically, a bunch of animatronic spare parts got mashed and melted into each other, turning into a walking bunch of robot heads and such.

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  2. Show Spoiler
    Name: Mona Beats.

    Gender: Female.

    Age: 19.

    Appearance (open)

    Skills: She's good with hand-in-hand combat, and she can navigate quite well.

    Personality: Mona's nice, and perky. She has a short temper, and normally will start a fight. She's claustrophobic, whenever she's in a tight space, she'll begin to scream and just basically have a panic attack. She was diagnosed with ADD and chronic bi-poler depression as a child, yet it hardly ever shows anymore due to the fact that she's had a ton of help. She's attracted to female, but will, in fact, feel more than 'Friends' with males. Technically people say she's Pansexual, but she doesn't really know. Her Free-spirit self always causes people to calm down in her presence, yet at points, she can make people go crazy.

    Background: As a child, she was loved dearly by her father. She had no motherly figure in her life, since supposedly her mother, Lisa, had died when giving birth to Mona. Her father was the one person she trusted most, and when he died, she was ordered to stay with someone at all times due to her Depression so she had to live with her grandmother all the way up until she was eighteen. Her brother, who was a year older than her, decided to go with some friends to the Fazbear Mall a few months back. He never returned, which is why she's sneaking in.

    It's us.

    Is she alright?​
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  3. Your character is good. Accepted.

    If you can, try inviting others into the RP as well.
  4. Awesome, thank you~. I'll try to invite some people ^^'
  5. [​IMG]

    Name: Alex Jackson

    Age: 20

    Skills: He has very good reflexes can see in the darkness pretty well, unlike regular people.

    Personality: Alex, seems to be more Delicate and Quiet. He has very low self esteem, and whenever he would walk somewhere his chin would always be down and you couldn't see his eyes. He is also very distant, whenever someone will try to talk to him, he'd just simply walk away. He is always affected by a simple thing that you'd say to him, but he won't get mad or sad... He'll just simply smile. He was diagnosed with
    Persistent Depressive Disorder at the age of 15, but never got help due to the fact that he lived with an abusive father and a mother that died in the "Fazbear bombing of 2005". He had other signs that he knew for himself that he was going insane, hearing voices in his head that only wanted to kill. He even tried to put the voices silent when he pointed a gun to his head. He is confused about his sexuality yet he came to conclusion that He is bisexual.

    Background: Even when his mother was alive, she was distant... But not as distant as his father. As a child, he was abused so it wouldn't be so surprising that he had these disorders and the voices in his head.

    "Your just another one of my voices in here... Go away"

    School, was probably the biggest challenge for him, and where he got his Persistent Depression. Everywhere he'd go he'd hear people whispering, about him... And so did the voices "Kill them, they don't deserve to live." The voiced always hummed. Luckily he hasn't hurt anyone severely, except for his abusive father. He hasn't killed him but he simply sent him to the emergency room.

    No one ever bothering to talk to him in elementary until middle school, he'd lack social skills. In highschool, whenever anyone tried to tall to him he'd just walk away.

    One day, after school He'd walk by the old Fazbear Plaza and decided to investigate. Being said that his Mother, his only joy in his life died from the Fazbear bombing of 2005, He had to know more details about it, So he's sneaking in.

    Its us
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  6. Reflections? Do you mean Reflexes?
  7. I knew it...
    Sorry that's what I meant ( sorry English isn't my first language)
  8. No worries, English isn't mine either~ Things happen ^^
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  9. @Ashley The Girl Perv Your character seems OK, accepted. 1 or 2 more people and we can begin, but signups will still be open even if we have already started.
  10. Alrighty I'll invite more ppl! Thanks c;
  11. Np, and thanks you two for trying to invite some people.
  12. Name: Desmond 'Des' Green.

    Gender: Male.

    Age: 20.

    He is a parkour artist and is amazing at it, he knows how to be sneaky and when to be quiet.
    Des is very sneaky and devious but is very kind around his pears, but he isn't afraid to tell someone to shut up or to tell someone when they messed up. He has a good sense of humor, also makes a lot of jokes when he wants too. Desmond is very adventurous and loves to explore his surroundings. He is Claustrophobic, which is why he hates tight spaces. The boy is Pansexual and will like someone if they become close with him. Desmond can be very sarcastic at times and kind the next.
    Desmond had been born in an orphanage. He had been very different from all the kids because he would always have a bandanna on because his mother had left it for him. No one had adopted him till seven years old, when a women that worked there asked her sister to adopt him. From there he went to foster home to foster home, not having a real family.

    Every day till he would go to a small place called Fazbears Pizza Place. He was good friends with the owner and he would get a job there when he was fifteen. He loved the place a lot and went there everyday till he moved away. He was then depressed for a while but ran away a few months later. He would crash in alleys or friends houses and explore the city at daylight.

    IT'S US​
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  13. First of all @Officer Friendly, I cant accept yours yet since its a WIP. But I still see many grammatical and punctuation errors. And you should read the rules...
  14. i know i read them, i did the post fast so when i finish the bio i would edit them all
  15. Spooky Application (open)

    Name: Johnathan 'Alf' Andersson

    Gender: Male

    Age: 18


    Skills: Due to excessive training/jogging scheduels, he has became a fast runner with high endurance, and a high-tolerance to pain.

    Personality: He's known to be kind to the ones who are less fortunate than him, and helps most people who are in need of it. As kind as he is, and perhaps even social, he's introverted, making it so he only trusts a few as close friends, but he is extremley loyal to those friends who he trusts, even to the point of sacrificing parts of him. He's scared of Hospitals and the Doctors inside, as that is where he was isolated and kept away from the world: as if he was an animal. The final noteable thing is that he is heterosexual, and preffers talking with the opposite gender rather than his own: although he hides that fact.

    As a new born, Johnathan was considered a Swedish Citizen, with the inheritance of an English Teacher, and the head doctor of the Hospital in Stockholm.

    Yet, only a few months later, he was re-considered into being apart of the United States of America, after his dad got the custody of "Alf" and moved to USA to avoid his old lover.

    Once he was old enough to remember, Johnathan was always at Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria whenever he wasn't studying, having grown apart from being with other kids and rather enjoyed the robots and his closest, most trusted friends. He grew to enjoy Chica the Chicken the most out of the animatronics, preffering to ignore Freddy and Bonnie at times, and running away from Foxy once he showed himself.

    This, however, wasn't meant to last. As he was diagnosed with Arrhythmia at the age of twelve, he was forced to attend exercises with the rest of his class and off-school as well, along with having a defibilator installed to his chest to monitor his Heart Rate and, if needed, stop his heart's excessive beating and lowering it back down to it's normal beating rate. His father also moved him away from the location where Freddy Fazbear's entertainment was based at the end of 2003.

    He reached the age of 18, and having most of his childhood based on the infamous Pizzeria, he was able to visit the town where they had built the Mall, only to discover it had been long since abandoned. When he found out about groups going in to investigate, he decided it was his call to join in and find out what had happened during those years of his life he had spent in the hospital and away from the one thing that held his childhood together.

    IT'S US
  16. Your character seems great, accepted!

    We can begin once @Officer Friendly is finished with his sheet. Get ready for freddy.
  17. Reserve me a female please. I'll have my sheet up soon.
  18. Alright, we got a decent balance between female and male (though the scale is a bit tipped). Either you or Officer Friendly finish your sheets and we can begin, but we will still be open.

    EDIT: Also, we need some sort of character that has an intelligence based skill. Not really required in the RP, just a note of something we should have.
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  19. (Source)
    Name: Nora Takata

    Gender: Female

    Age: 19

    -Nora has a bit of knowledge on tech and computer programming thanks to classes she began taking in college.

    -With her small body type, she can also crawl into small areas if she needs to.

    Personality: Nora is a fairly friendly and sociable girl. She tends to be bold and adventurous in certain situations, but usually thinks before she acts. And, she isn't afraid to speak her mind about something she's passionate about. She's also an introvert and knows when to keep her mouth shut. Nora suffers from generalized anxiety disorder and depression, both of which have become more and more difficult for her to control over the years. She is an Asexual and expresses romantic interest towards both cis genders.

    Background: Nora was raised in a biracial family with her white mother Linda and Japanese father Masaru. She used to have a younger sister named Tara who passed away along with her aunt at the Fazbear Bombing of 2005. Her aunt let her go there for her fifth birthday while the rest of Tara's family stayed home. After the family heard the devastating news, her mother began to feel extremely depressed. She almost never left the house and stayed in her room for most of the day. Her father also had a difficult time, rarely happy at home or at his job as an accountant. Around that time was when Nora was diagnosed with her mental illnesses, making losing two of her close family members all the worse for her. She's here at the Fazebear Shopping Mall to find out who or what it was that caused the bombing and why.

    IT'S US.
  20. @Lunar-Eclipse Accepted, I will make the IC thread and the first post either tonight or tomorrow. Most likely tonight.

    EDIT: Note that were still open for more characters.
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