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  1. Apparantly there hasn't been a thread for this.

    Favourite accents from various regions in various languages, go.
  2. Newfies.

    It's what happens when you mix French and Irish and bake em' in the oven for 150-200 something odd years in Canada. All they do is drink, fish, and drink. Their favourite hobbies are camping, drinking, and canoeing.

    They also really like drinking.

    Seriously though their accent is hilarious. I encourage drinking with one if you can find them out in the wild. They're unfortunately a depleting population because as it turns out, fishing is not an infinite resource when you never stop doing it.


    Although, if you want a really nice accent... Nice southern belle, hnnngggg
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  3. British-Black woman.

    Dat proper English without the city-chimp Ebonics.

    Is it apparent I've been watching Steven Universe?
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  4. British accents. Goddamn British accents.
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  5. Maori accents.

  6. British Accents are at the top.

    But Scottish (Yes I know they count as British technically) and Australian is also up there.

    Edit: Russian and German are also good, but not as high up (generally) as the three above.
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  7. If I was a Newfie, I'd be pretty happy with my awesome accent.

    I also really dig German and Russian accents. Achtung, tovarich.
  8. This is why I can never watch Brave with a straight face and a pillow not on my lap.

    This is satire obviously.
  9. British accents. And coming second is Russian accents (I find it hot for some reason). Australian accents come in third...

    Edit: Italian and Spanish accents too. But - I don't know why, I just don't find French accents attractive. It's not that I dislike it, I'm just indifferent towards it.
  10. 1. Spanish accents. Ain't nothing better than a pretty Latina mispronouncing words.
    2. Russian accents. I can do a pretty good one.
    3. German accents. I can do a decent one of those.
    4. Italian.
    5. Bostanian accents are cool too, but can get a bit annoying. I still like them.
  11. A lot of British and other geographically close accents are nice. Welsh accents can be really awesome.

    South African (as in the specific country) accents are neat too.
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  13. ^^^^
    Her accent... just hnnnnnnnggg

    Also australian accents are cool.
    I'm not sure what accent they have, but when anyone speaks farsi I just sit there and melt.
    Greek is also good.
    Romanian is so interesting I can't help but stay quiet and listen.
    Irish and British are tied.

    Edit: Newfies are a new favorite after watching the vids attached in this thread XD
  14. Gimme an Irish accent on a lady and...

    Mother of God.
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  15. My personal favourites are mostly British, one I don't know the name of (Sargon of Akkad has this one, if you happen to know him) and the other is the Scottish accent. Coming from Germany, I hate the German accent xD I can do pretty decent impressions of the German (surprise) and Russian accents though, but I suck at imitating British ones.
  16. Bajan creole. I swear it's up there with Scottish, Irish and British accents. Russian, French and Australian accents are cool too.


    ^ Scottish will forever be the bane on my existence, but fucking Mitch @ 10:35 though. Single best thing I've heard all day. ^
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  17. British accents in general are great, but Scottish in particular just sounds fantastic to me.

    Here, have a Scottish accent appreciation song!

  18. My wife has a very charming and erection inducing aussie accent
  19. I get the feeling a lot of people who say 'British' have never met a chav.
    I sincerely hope they don't have to.
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  20. When y'all say British are we talking like Jamie Carragher or like Benedict Cumberbatch?
    Because there are way more Jamies than Benedicts.

    For me I am like 100% for super thick, heavy Russian accents. As I have said before, it does so many things for me <3

    Italian, Slovakian and Czech also are super cute.
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