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  1. There are some usernames that just make me chuckle or grin every time I see them in the Members Online listing, either because they're clever or hilarious or just plain weird.

    A few of my personal favorites:

    @Fifty Shades of Gandalf
    @Ivan: Duke of Beards

    Share your favorites and tag people to let them know they're being stalked! 8D
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  3. @October Knight - I was born in the month October :D
    @Tegan - is boyish and girlish
    @Minibit - should be the title is a kick ass indie game
    @Malkuthe Highwind - because that is just an epic name
    @Asmodeus - obviously the names origin is also epic.
    @Ozzie Chanter - I love saying chanter. It rolls nicely off my tongue.
    @Blind Hemingway - again just an epic name.
    @Dawn - for some reason I also imagine the sun rising and it has never just been the name but the image I associate with it.
    @Lovie - because duh, love is by far my favorite word this month :)

    And last but certainly not least
    @heliacalRebirth - because that username invoked buttloads of thought in my brain when it first appeared on the forums.
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  4. I like a select few because their names lend well to nicknames, something many know if they frequent the chat about 08:00 hours Iwaku Chat Time. (I have no idea to what time zone Iwaku Chat time is set but it's weird.)

    @Fijoli - "Angelina Fijoli"
    @heliacalRebirth - "Helicopter" (Jeg heter Levusti. Jeg har en venn. HUN HETER HELICOPTER. ;D )
    @Shiny - "Blinky" cause I like Pac-Man.

    ...And that's really it. I need more people to nickname.
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  5. Ooh, ooh! Do me! I need a decent nickname. :D
  6. The first thing that comes to mind is the Sabine River found in Texas. THUS I DUB YOU RIVIERA, SPANISH FOR RIVER. AMEN.

    Nah, I don't know what to call you.
  7. Well, that is 1/4 of my namesake, so you're not wrong <3
    ...On the other hand I am very white and stink at pronouncing anything in Spanish. :c

    Oh well. I shall continue the search for a cool nickname at some future date.
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  9. I like @abibliophobia ! O___O big fancy word name!

    Fifty Shades of Gandalf's name is pretty badass too. XD I know I laughed the first time I saw it.

    @Alice Falling was a cool creative name, I really liked it too.

    and @Yolo Swaggins omg!
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  10. [​IMG]
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  11. @Lstorm - simplistic yet awesome
    @dunruffle - I don't even know it just sounds fun
    @Myrnodyn - I like the way it rolls off your tongue
    @Levusti - ^
    @Soulhallow - reminds me of something, I dunno what, but the nostalgia just smacks my face every time
  12. I might have found a new favorite. @Oppenheimlich made me laugh, think about it for a minute, then laugh again.
  13. Thank-you!
    It is what happens when I squish words.
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  14. Saber! Or Sabine-Tooth-Tiger!

    @Aeryn - I always imagined that, if I ever had a daughter, this would be her name.
    @Fijoli - Fajita? I'm sorry.. I had to..
    @EquinoxSol - Cool name
    @Majestic Moon - Majestic..
    @Jalapenohitchhiker - I love the alliteration when I say this
    @Seth Bloodmoon
    @fatalrendezvous - There's something almost.. poetic about it
    @Fifty Shades of Gandalf - You shall not pass!

    Those are just the ones I can immediately think of.
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  15. Wow thanks for the tag! I didn't even know this thread existed. =P


    @ConstructPylons - Because you must construct additional pylons.
    @unanun - Because unananananananananana ad infinitum.
    @Zen - It's so simple, yet at the same time so complex.
    @Minibit - It just creates this image in my head of someone so small and cute ^^
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  16. A lot of people ask me if its from Bleach because of Soul Hollow being the main part. THat might be whats nagging at you although my user was just a spur of the moment before I ever even knew about Bleach
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