Favorite Super-Villain and Why?

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  1. So yeah, making another thread based of another thread.

    Speaking of super-heroes, all I could think about was their counter-parts.

    So guys? Who's the best baddie?

    My favorite (open)


    -Not only does he have an amazingly powerful ability with a wide variety of creative uses, he is also a complex character. This is one of the rare villains that you can understand and maybe even sympathize with. While to some, the idea of registration and control may seem good, to a holocaust survivor, there is no place in the world for that kind of ideology.

    -Also, his general appearance and presentation is just crazily awesome.
  2. Deathstroke. He's basically the evil Batman to me.

  3. T___T
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  4. Alex Mercer.

    Not really a super villain as much as he's an anti-hero. He did release the virus and did pretty much seal the fate of millions, condemning them to death or infection.

    Later on he learns that he's not who he used to be. It's just the virus acting like him, talk about identity crisis. To mention also he went around the country after the first incident and saw human nature was at its core, brutal and violent with no regards to others.

    Oh, and Dagoth Ur from Morrowind. Top notch villain. Shame you can't join him when he offers it to you.
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  5. I'm not one for villains, but Black Mask never fails to entertain me.

  6. [​IMG]

    He's a man of extremes, and has done some very bad things. While not always adhering to the side of villainy (or being a right-out hero!), Magneto has always done what he was felt was right for him and his own.

    There is complexity to his reasoning. Yes, he may choose to obliterate a city and all of its inhabitants, but it was only because underneath the city is a lab doing extremely immoral experiments on Mutant test subjects, and at least half the city is employed there!

    He does awful things, but never for simple reasons, and never for the sake of violence, mayhem, chaos or slaughter. He's a noble villain, "Lawful Evil" if you will-- and I like that.

    EDIT: Didn't open OP's spoiler. lololololo

    Ah, that's why.

    Will add to Netflix queue.
  8. [​IMG]

    Scarecrow because....I don't need reasons >:[

  9. Easily my favourite M. Night movie, and without a doubt one of the best superhero movies. There is more "comic book" in this movie than most of the other "comic book" films out there, lots having to do with character arc and visual motif.

    It's a great freakin' movie.
  10. To avoid some redundancy, let's add another of my favourite villains:



    Another character with some complexity, with an interesting past that gives some sympathy to the character. While he is without-a-doubt villainous and has and will continue to do horrible things, Doom is another "Lawful Evil" type. He does these things for what he believes is the ultimate good, which is a world ruled by Order as he sees fit. A world... RULED BY DOOM.

    Canon-wise, a real-god of the Marvel Universe has seen The Future, and in it, the world sucks. Also being able to see alternate realities, this same god realizes that the only time the world doesn't suck... is when Doom is in charge.

    Think on that!
  11. Honestly never heard of it until I googled Mr Glass and read the wiki page on it.

    No idea how.

    Maybe cause I was ten at the time of release.
  12. Still Deadpool.

    Seriously though, Loki. Expected, but I'm partial to Norse myth and I blame my upbringing.

    He's just a complex and interesting character. Even more so if you're familiar with the mythological counterpart. That Hiddleston was casted for his role isn't exactly a bad thing, either.
  13. This. Also Magneto. And Dr Doom.

    But really. My number one favorite villain is this guy;
  14. The Joker. I tried to google image a picture to put here, but then I realized I can't: I like every iteration of the Joker. From the infamously campy 60's version to the infamously dark (yet whimsical) child's cartoon version, to Heath Ledger's sadistic madman. Joker is a villain that is flexible enough to go between all of these states, and more, and still entertain through humour or intimidation, or sometimes both.

    So yeah. I'm gonna be the boring guy and instead of suggesting some unknown random villain from nowhere, I have to go with Joker. Most of the time I find him more interesting than Batman, too.
  15. [​IMG]

    My favourite Joker image. I think it's the Joker image.
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  16. Mega mind! Cause he's the only character from something I like that fits the criteria
  17. Kid Miracleman


    He started as a Golden Age type hero and ended as a completely sadistic monster.

    His story can be found here. His "death" scene, which I found to be particularly epic, is here.
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  18. I've been trying to think up an answer to this for the past 15 minutes, and the only super-villain I can think of that rises above the others in any significant way is the Joker. It feels kind of awkward to list Batman as my favorite superhero and then the Joker as my favorite super-villain, but there you have it. It's probably because the various DC animated universe shows that ran through the 90's and early 2000's were some of my favorite cartoons and the Batman ones were the best.
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  19. Oh god. Those comics depressed the hell out of me. None To suprising, seeing who wrote them.
  20. [​IMG]

    Probably Kogorr. Definitely the most dangerously genre savvy villain I've ever encountered.

    -Once the hero becomes apparent to him, he spends all of his time attempting to destroy him, completely ignoring the rest of the planet (as it becomes clear the Earth forces can't do jack shit to his army's technology).
    -Once he learns that his mooks can't do anything to Heroman, he refrains from ever sending them again, and employs new methods each time.
    -When his ship is invaded, he doesn't waste time sending mooks, and instead goes himself to fight the hero.
    -As he learns the hero (and his robot) are nowhere near fast enough to fight him fairly, he goes ahead and sucker punches the kid controlling the robot.
    -He contrived his entire plan under the assumption that he has the potential for dying. His plans have pre-set protocol that works around this potential.
    -When the hero once again attempts to fight him after he's revived, Kogorr invites Heroman to, "attack his weak spot." When Heroman succeeds in doing so, Kogorr impales him with extreme prejudice, laughing at how easily Heroman believed he had a "weak spot".
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