Favorite Snack Food!

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    My hopeless, secret addiction is Cheetos Hot Fries for snacks.
    What about you? What's the snack food that makes your mouth water?
  2. Favourite Snack.
    Which is not the same than favourite food, in general terms.

    talking about the thing I'll go nibble whenever I feel like a snack, I can mention

    Almonds, and

    'Tasty' Cheese. Which is like a harder version of cheddar. Yeah. On crackers, please.
  3. if i had to choose anything it would have to between two things

    frozen fruit that you heat up in the microwave enough that its warm and that the water becomes a fruit drink. YUM

    or french fries...i actually have my own deep fryer because i love fries so much..
  4. I would have leave it at my home made butter milk fried chicken. C:

    You season it up, dip it in butter milk, roll it in flower to stick, let it set for an hour, then fry it up!

    When you pull it out and take a bite, it's juicy, flavorful, and crunchy as hell >:3
  5. - w- I'm reallllllly weird.
    I'd say
    And I mean saltines that are like, kind of burnt, but not. They're light brown at the edges. The light light ones are too buttery for my liking. :<
    Oyster crackers are in there too.

    If hot cocoa counts, DEFINITELY hot cocoa. > w< <3<3
    I like to mix them together. Best combo so far is caramel and cinnamon. Yes. o ^o''.

    I also like lettuce. Is that weird? XD Just plain lettuce.. You can eff up lettuce. So, it has to be the crunchy kind. <3 White and light green.
  6. Strawberries, strawberries, a THOUSAND TIMES strawberries.
    Also, green grapes. Green. I don't care if they're called white grapes, because they're CLEARLY green. And they're awesome. =w=

    Candy-wise...Now & Laters.
  7. I don't tend to snack.

    When I do, it is generally something healthly and filling.

  8. I LOVE those hot fries, too. I haven't had them in a long time though.
  9. I snack on EVERYTHING.

    But my favorite, cavity-providing delight is definitely maple-syrup covered popcorn, with skittles intertwined in the deliciousness!! :D

    taste the maple syrup covered rainbow!

    ~~~~~ and definitely hot chocolate at any point of time during the year.

    If that horribly isn't available, I like to munch on kimchi noodles~~ (Nong Shim is the best I've EVAR tasted! :D)

    aaand now I'm hungry....
  10. -Ahem-

    1. I eat these like crazy at this time of year. Cuz' you know... It's showing my Easter Spirit... -troll face-
    But yeah, I've adored these since I was a lil' kid.

    2. This is my lunch, yo. No really, this is actually my lunch every day.
    Low calorie (kinda) and yummeh. I'm a happy Princess.


    3. My all time favorite snack is actually canned pears...
    I WUB PEARS... & pear juice.


  11. oh dear god that sounds good i need to try that.
  12. Mini croissants with melted cheese and bacon inside. I can't stand the smell it's just too yummy.
  13. NO...i thought they would be good being blue and all but they where normal i mean hell if i wanted normal chips i would have bought a cheeper bag...i wanted like blueberry chips or something i mean come on -_-
  14. Well, that's your opinion of them, I personally love them because I can taste the difference in them.

    View attachment 10894 runs close.
  15. Since I'm a poor grad student, whatever chips are on sale for 2/$5 (2/$6 is too much), and I splurge on fruit.
  16. Celery.... .__.
  17. Hmmmmm....these are one of my favorites