Favorite Movies that are not well known?

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  1. A bit of a spin on the "wuts ur favorite movee???" topic that I don't really see much in places.

    Sometimes we have this love for things that not too many people know about but we personally think this thing deserves more recognition than it gets. For movies, sometimes I hear people mentioning their favorite film and not being too happy that many people either don't recognize the title or it's too obscure to care about. What are your favorite movies that are eclipsed by more well-known films? Are they made by big studios like Universal or Miramax, for example? Or are they movies that were released at a bad time when an iconic movie was released as well? Or was your favorite movie just forgotten by the passing of time?

    TL;DR: wuts ur favorite movee dat i dun no abot????????///////
  2. I don't know if this is well-known, it sort of seems to be, but at the same time, I barely know anyone who knows what this movie is. It's an old classic though, so maybe the fact of it being well-known or not is all in my head. I enjoy The Outsiders.
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  3. My favorite obscure movie is tied for two. One is The Last Five Years and the other goes to The Velveteen Rabbit.
  4. Why isn't there a 'no' or 'sometimes' option? ;w;
  5. I absolutely loved The Outsiders. Always have and always will. Shame I can't find it anywhere anymore.

  6. Unleashed / Danny the Dog.
    It is an English-language Jet Li movie released in 2005 and it was really great but everyone I've talked to doesn't seem to know it even exists!

    The Last Unicorn
    Seems to have a cult following on the internet so I'm not sure if it's legitimately well-known or not but I'm putting it here because this movie is definitely one of my faves, even as an adult male it still holds up pretty well for me.

    Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron
    Got a wide release with good reception but seems to have quickly fallen into obscurity. An amazing movie fit for all ages. PS: The horses don't talk.

    Thank You For Smoking
    Received only 2 limited releases in the USA but it deserved a wide release. This is a comedy-drama about smoking issues released right at the time anti-smoking laws were becoming commonplace. Will probably be much harder to relate to for younger people as times wear on and they don't remember a period when smoking was more common, but for me personally it still holds up. Even if the political issues don't hold, there are many jabs at corporate america that will probably relate to today.

    The Way
    Unlike my other choices, this one definitely has the independent film vibe so probably wouldn't be appreciated by mainstream audience. It's a drama/sort of coming of age thing about a man who loses his son and then decides to hike the Camino de Santiago.
    I'm a bit biased as this film came to me in a delicate time in my life so there was a lot for me personally to relate to.

    Reign Over Me
    The serious drama by Adam Sandler that everyone forgot about but was actually really good. If you like this you'll also probably like The Way.

    Jin-Roh: The Wolf Brigade
    This isn't actually one of my favorites... But I got so into the jive of recommending movies nobody's heard of that this anime movie deserves a special recommendation. A bit hard to describe. I'd probably pin it as a political or military drama but it doesn't really fall there. PS: The Japanese people actually look Japanese for once.
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  7. For those of you who like tear-jerkers and action films (full movie on Netflix):

    If you like animated movies, beautiful artwork and romance (full movie on YouTube):

    If you like comedy, and heart-warmers (full movie on drama fever, crunchy roll, and YouTube (I think):
  8. Depending on what sorts of people I ask, it seems like either this is a fairly popular movie, or no one's heard of it and they're baffled that it even exists.


    Yellow Submarine -- yes, a movie based off of the song by the Beatles.

    Now, here's the thing -- it's true that I was originally drawn towards this movie pretty much solely because of the Beatles name. However, now that I've watched it, I honestly think it's a really solid movie, even for non-Beatles-fans. I mean, I'm sure it would help if you're already a fan of the music in this movie, but, my point is, it's not like you really need any context or background info as to who the Beatles are in order for this movie to make sense. (In fact, I'd say that certain parts of this movie make less sense if you understand the context behind certain things...) There are some inside jokes here and there, but, for the most part, the movie really isn't about the Beatles -- it's about four lads going on a magical adventure in a technicolored undersea vessel.

    I mean, I will say, this movie is... weird, definitely. I knew going into it that it would probably be really weird, and I was still shocked at just how bizarre it was. But, once I stopped questioning things and just accepted the weirdness, something about it just really felt... right. There's a certain whimsy to it that I really enjoyed. Towards the end of the movie, during my first time watching it, some part of me felt... nostalgic, for some reason. I don't know what it was, but something about this movie felt like it took me back to simpler times. My first time watching it, there was a lot to process... but, once I let it simmer in my mind for a while? I just felt like it was a really good movie. And, the more I thought about it, the more I liked it, really.

    The art style came across as being really wonky at first -- not to mention it looked kind of cheap -- but it grew on me pretty quickly. And there are a lot of moments in this movie where the animation honestly looks really nice, not to mention artsy. This one musical segment, for example:

    This is just... yooooooo.
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  9. Most of my favorites tend to be either mainstream to the general public or cult classics which are internet famous.

    I guess the one I've been recently trying to get my friends to watch is Stung. I watched a review about it, then tried it, and I thought it was a fun little monster movie. Its not perfect, but its miles better than a lot of the other oddball monster films from last year. It interlaces the use of practical puppets and CG which I thought was nice. The acting is a little cheesy. If you can handle the trailer cheese, you can handle the movie. This is my favorite swarm movie(and probably only one because I don't tend to like swarm feelings).

    My favorite Disney horror movie is the single horror movie they've done. I will pimp it out forever in hopes that they make more. It made me jump multiple times and has superb use of music. Disney is known for having happy, bubbly music always playing, whereas in this most of the scenes are completely silent, only subtly creeping in at key points. Its great. The ending was a bit weird to me, but the journey to is fun and suspensful.

    Another horror film I really like is The Taking of Deborah Logan. I think it was overshadowed by movies like the Devil Within which is unfortunate. Its easily the best found footage film I've run across(not that the competition is high). I would show the trailer, but it gives away more than it should, in my opinion. How to put this without spoiling...the cover looks like a Devil movie. Its not a Devil movie. There's something else involved and that gives it a sort of charm to me. Warning though there is a spinal tap scene. They have it in the trailer too if you decide to look it up.
  10. I was waiting for this to be mentioned. Also, I'd like to give a shoutout to another Beatles movie called "Help!" Really random, great gags, cool Easter Eggs, and the best dedication to the person who invented the sewing machine.
  11. Haha, yeah, Help! is pretty great, too, although I'm not sure I'd put it on the same level as Yellow Submarine. Yellow Submarine has a certain magic to it where everything just sort of works for reasons I can't even explain. Help! isn't quite at the same level -- but it's still a good movie if you're looking for a weird little adventure. XD

    Although, Help! does put the real Beatles in the lead roles, unlike Yellow Submarine, which used sound-alike voice actors. :P But then, said real Beatles were also noticeably high throughout most of the filming for Help!, which left them with pretty much zero acting ability. But then, their half-assed acting just makes the movie more entertaining in its own way, so... eh, it's a give-and-take, I suppose. XD
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  12. Honestly even I thought this movie was a weird dream I had as a kid. I hadn't seen it in that long I couldn't remember the name.

    ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  13. Oh jeez Funky Forest. @_@ I actually did watch that movie in its entirety with some friends of mine. It was... an experience, to say the least.
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  14. Children of Men!

  15. Black Death
    This was available on Netflix for a really long time. It's a movie about, well, you guessed it - the Black Death. It's a story about a group of witch-hunters, who are traveling to a village that has somehow escaped the Plague, guided all the way by a young priest. It can be ridiculous at times, but it's a well paced, well acted film with very dark themes and beautiful cinematography that I recommend fans of Medieval Fantasy and History alike see. It stars Eddie Redmyne and Sean Bean, alongside Clarice Von Houten -- Melisandre from Game of Thrones.

    A Field in England
    I love this movie so much. It's a black and white film set during the English civil war. A group of deserters find each other in the field, and they all have incredibly different characters and motivations for being there. They try to find a tavern to wait out the war - but instead get swept up in a world of alchemy, demons, and psychedelia. DO NOT WATCH THIS IF YOU HAVE EPILEPSY. Other than that warning, it presents a grim, bleak story with an amazing portrays of magic, and great shots. Directed by Ben Wheatly.

    I have others - but I'm on mobile right now, so you only get those 2. :p watch them ! Unless you have epilepsy and / or a very sensitive stomach when it comes to gore, death, and violence. In which case DON'T watch them !
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    Also, this:
  17. @Hana Wow that movie looks interesting but I can't get over that uncanny valley. Dx

    @ thread

    My top fave non-well-known movie was Unleashed. But my second top fave non-well-known movie is Albert Nobbs

    Albert Nobbs - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Irish period piece about a cross-dressing female butler with larger asperations. I believe Albert to be FtM but there's no official declaration on their gender.
    SUPER DEPRESSING ENDING. Prepare yourself.

  18. The Way, Way Back- I adore this movie more than words can say. It is one of the most adorably cute films I've ever seen.

    The Man in the Moon- I was a teenager when this movie came out, and it was my absolute favorite for the longest time.

    A Good Marriage- This movie did not get nearly as much publicity as it should have, and for a Stephen King adaption, it was one of the few that translated well to film. It was one of my favorite stories, and I absolutely love the movie.
  19. yo did someone say Jin-Roh in here because that shit's my jam

    Not sure if it counts as any sort of obscure but I think the movie I like the most that I would consider to be something not a lot of people know would be Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. Never knew Jim Carrey could make me tear up before
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