Favorite item of clothing

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  1. Yeah, I don't see anything. :o
  2. My Ecko jeans and my black and red Volcom zip up hoddie.
  3. Obligatory Civil War hype!
  4. Ilona's body is ready. ;)
  5. presently, in my jammies, oversized t-shirt...

    Other wise I love to ware my jean capirs with a t-shirt.. later when its cold, t-shirt and jeans... Im not a real skirt type of girl or even dress for that matter.. Tomboy to the core...
  6. Awesome! So, who loves wearing jeans by the way?
  7. I can't decided between these two D:!!!! Does it count if GrimmUlqui is my OTP?? o////o
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  8. I'm in the same boat pretty much, I wear jeans, jean shorts, jean daisy dukes, cropped, skinny, flared, whatever, I love jeans.
  9. Mostly, I wear Shalwar Kameez, which is cultural to Pakistan <3.

    An example would be this. There's always a large variety of styles in Shalwar Kameez. See here and when you add a western touch, you get an infinite number of styles as well. As are the patterns. =]

    The majority of mine are unlike those, really. I wear full sleeved or mid-sleeved with armsocks <3 and a decent length and I usually wear the baggy version of the pants. The tighter version is usually occasional. My cultural dressing style is a little conservative compared to these pictures, but then, you'd have to take into account that these are Hindu companies, and I'm a Muslim =].

    ANYWAYS <3

    To school and such, I also love my wardrobe for long sleeved shirts (Like Danana I love sleeves on my wrists and knuckles), puffed sleeved sweaters/shirts/hoodies, ARMSOCKS <3, Layered frilly miniskirts, long tiered skirts, HOODIES <3, Those sleeveless pretty patterned spring dresses with frills and a bunch of other stuff.
  10. Awesome! I love the clothes, Sakura!
  11. Yes I agree {look at my reply on favorite character traits and you shall see mine are those with flaws) Because innocent only lasts for so long and people need to understand that even in roleplay your characters are not innocent they are flawed in some way or another. As human beings we are not innocent creatures we have killed and destroyed countless lives {animals included} and that makes us very cruel and unjust creatures. But its in roleplay you get to test the reason on what makes us humans and i think that roleplaying with a character that has a flaw is something very beneficial to the roleplay and to you personally.
  12. If I had a leather coat, I'm sure it'll be my favorite clothing item... lol. I'm shopping for one atm. ;)

    Buuuuttttt, honestly, right now, my favorite clothing item would be... this. Fake leather, but its all good. Though 68$ is something of a RIP-OFF considering how thin and flimsy it is.. Ah well.. x_x;;
  13. Summer: Cargo shorts, t-shirts, sandals of some sort, and/or a beach shirt. I've got a ton of those.

    Winter: Jeans or BDU trousers (black, khaki, urban, desert,) a t-shirt, dark colored beach shirt, BDU jacket (Black, desert, woodlands,) and a leather jacket I bought back in Turkey.

    This one time, just to piss my mom off, I wore a pair of woodlands pattern BDU trousers with one of my beach shirts. She told me I was insane.
  14. Hehehehehe, so THAT explains your fashion sense in one post.....

  15. Jackets, jeans, and t-shirts. ALL SEASONS. EVERY TIME.
  16. GO NIC! That's awesome!
  17. Is there only one season where you live?
  18. I never understood the cropped...jacket thingies.