Favorite item of clothing

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  1. My Ecko jeans and my black and red Volcom zip up hoddie.

    .... I really like shirts with flowy sleeves, or really really long sleeves that go over my knuckles. o__o;

    Right now I am wearing my "pajamas" which is nothing more than a burgundy tshirt, hideously ugly flower jammie pants and a spring green hoodie. XD
  3. Generic jeans or long pants like dickies brand, t shirts, sometimes a jacket or a sweater if it's cold but it's usually not in Southern California.
  4. presently, in my jammies, oversized t-shirt...

    Other wise I love to ware my jean capirs with a t-shirt.. later when its cold, t-shirt and jeans... Im not a real skirt type of girl or even dress for that matter.. Tomboy to the core...
  5. Awesome! So, who loves wearing jeans by the way?
  6. I love jeans and a sweatshirt. Its like all Ill ware...
  7. I'm in the same boat pretty much, I wear jeans, jean shorts, jean daisy dukes, cropped, skinny, flared, whatever, I love jeans.
  8. Mostly, I wear Shalwar Kameez, which is cultural to Pakistan <3.

    An example would be this. There's always a large variety of styles in Shalwar Kameez. See here and when you add a western touch, you get an infinite number of styles as well. As are the patterns. =]

    The majority of mine are unlike those, really. I wear full sleeved or mid-sleeved with armsocks <3 and a decent length and I usually wear the baggy version of the pants. The tighter version is usually occasional. My cultural dressing style is a little conservative compared to these pictures, but then, you'd have to take into account that these are Hindu companies, and I'm a Muslim =].

    ANYWAYS <3

    To school and such, I also love my wardrobe for long sleeved shirts (Like Danana I love sleeves on my wrists and knuckles), puffed sleeved sweaters/shirts/hoodies, ARMSOCKS <3, Layered frilly miniskirts, long tiered skirts, HOODIES <3, Those sleeveless pretty patterned spring dresses with frills and a bunch of other stuff.
  9. Awesome! I love the clothes, Sakura!
  10. I love my carpi jeans since I get so hot all the time for no reason. I also have a black pair that I love to ware all the time with my gray sweatshirt. Its so old and tore up but its my fav its so cozy..

    I also love my funky blue crocks. I know crock are so so.. but I love to be different and have fun shoes. I also have a crushed blue velvet pair of Doc Martens! I love them. They are so cute..

    MY 100TH POST!!! GO ME.... :)
  11. Awesome, I love it!
  12. If I had a leather coat, I'm sure it'll be my favorite clothing item... lol. I'm shopping for one atm. ;)

    Buuuuttttt, honestly, right now, my favorite clothing item would be... this. Fake leather, but its all good. Though 68$ is something of a RIP-OFF considering how thin and flimsy it is.. Ah well.. x_x;;
  13. Summer: Cargo shorts, t-shirts, sandals of some sort, and/or a beach shirt. I've got a ton of those.

    Winter: Jeans or BDU trousers (black, khaki, urban, desert,) a t-shirt, dark colored beach shirt, BDU jacket (Black, desert, woodlands,) and a leather jacket I bought back in Turkey.

    This one time, just to piss my mom off, I wore a pair of woodlands pattern BDU trousers with one of my beach shirts. She told me I was insane.
  14. Hehehehehe, so THAT explains your fashion sense in one post.....

  15. Jackets, jeans, and t-shirts. ALL SEASONS. EVERY TIME.
  16. GO NIC! That's awesome!
  17. Is there only one season where you live?
  18. I never understood the cropped...jacket thingies.