Favorite item of clothing

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  1. Yeah, I don't see anything. :o
  2. Aww, thanks Atom. No problem though, I wasn't super active anyways.
  3. Obligatory Civil War hype!
  4. Ilona's body is ready. ;)
  5. presently, in my jammies, oversized t-shirt...

    Other wise I love to ware my jean capirs with a t-shirt.. later when its cold, t-shirt and jeans... Im not a real skirt type of girl or even dress for that matter.. Tomboy to the core...
  6. Murder Clan...

    Murder Group

    Which sounds better?
  7. I love jeans and a sweatshirt. Its like all Ill ware...
  8. [​IMG]
  9. Red is such a wonderful color... for murder. >:)
  10. Awesome! I love the clothes, Sakura!
  11. I love my carpi jeans since I get so hot all the time for no reason. I also have a black pair that I love to ware all the time with my gray sweatshirt. Its so old and tore up but its my fav its so cozy..

    I also love my funky blue crocks. I know crock are so so.. but I love to be different and have fun shoes. I also have a crushed blue velvet pair of Doc Martens! I love them. They are so cute..

    MY 100TH POST!!! GO ME.... :)
  12. Awesome, I love it!
  13. I honestly think its my laptop.

    its fine though
  14. His profile picture doesn't mean he actually is that character in this chat. It's just his profile picture. o.o
  15. One, that was months ago. I haven't played Shizuo in the Hotel since then.
    Two, I don't want to RP in the hotel right now.
    Three, you demanding that I post as my character isn't going to make me post.
    Four, I never saw your post in the hotel because I haven't been keeping up with it.
  16. I'm calm and I doing what the lady asked
  17. what the fuck did you just say to me you little fucking fucknugget