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  1. Hi there!
    I was just wondering if anyone would be interested in a RP LOOSELY based off Fate/Zero and Fate/Stay Night. I will confess that I have only watched Fate/Zero, and thus it will not contain anything that has to do with the 2006 anime. It probably won't be EXACTLY like even Fate/Zero either, as I will only allow characters of your own creation. Still, the concept of seven mage masters and servants fighting in the holy grail war will remain the same.

    Also, since all info will be provided, one does NOT need to have watched the anime or played the visual novels to join.

    So, would anyone be interested in this sort of RP?
  2. Oh yes please! I love the Fate/ series to bits!
  3. Wonderful. ^^ Do you know which sort of character you would like to play?
  4. I'm totally there. And I can make any of them work, really. Quick question, though. Do you plan to ban all pre-existing heroic spirits? In other words, we assume that they do exist in their canon forms but not playable so that we can't have any King Arthurs and the like. If we assumed they didn't exist, it would allow us to recycle the heroic spirits and just change them up but would probably also result in noble phantasm recycling which is lame.
  5. Good question. I plan on doing as you first said, and say that all heroic spirits present in F/Z and F/SN exist, but cannot be used in any way. They can't even be recycled. However, since I won't have the RP set in Fuyuki city, and place it in Britain instead (for me it just makes more sense to have it set in a city there), the RP isn't a hundred percent like the source material. I will allow heroic spirits which come from other installments in the fate franchise, like Robbin Hood and Jack the Ripper, however.
  6. If that's the case as I hoped, I have a couple more things to ask.

    1. What is the standard magus level supposed to be? There's a big difference between the Shinjis and the Tokiomis.
    2. We ARE banning the creative cop out known as counter guardians, right?
  7. 1. I know that there is a difference. However, since I have yet to look into it all more closely I cannot answer this question at this point. As mentioned above I have only watched fate/zero, and neither seen fate/stay night nor played the VN (although I'm planning to do so once I'm done with Umineko, Chaos;Head and Steins;Gate). Neither of the families will be present, though, as I'm mainly just basing this off the concept itself.

    2. Yes, we are banning them. XD
  8. Well, Fate Zero's masters on average were much more powerful that Fate/Stay Night's. So were the servants. Waver knew more magic than most the FSN's group of masters to give you a general idea. The servants were generally weaker too, half of them being generic summons (summons without the aid of a relic so you get a random fitting servant) and done by less powerful masters.
  9. I'll probably do a servant, either assassin or caster. I'm thinking of doing some genderbending with my character to shake things up, heehee.
  10. I see. Well, I would suppose that what I imagine would be closer to fate/zero has that is what I'm familiar with. Simultaneously, more powerful characters would make things more complicated, and I do not expect all of them to be AS powerful. I don't really know how to measure the average of their powers, though I do get what you are trying to say with Waver being capable of more than most FSN charters. X3 I suppose I would expect most of the participants to be on Wavers level (with some being weaker and some being stronger, of course).
  11. Caster has been taken, but assassin is open so I can reserve that spot for you. ^^ Sounds interesting. :3
  12. Ah is that so? Assassin is fine with me then!
  13. sounds like an awesomely cool idea, Gladis :]
  14. I'm in. I personally adore the fate series and was mad at how Studio DEEN destroyed Unlimited Blade Works in their movie.
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  15. I think I have a complete character now. Just waiting for the RP to officially start, tee-hee!

    Btw, anyone else watching the new revamped Unlimited Blade Works by ufotable?
  16. I am! I am enjoying it so far. It's well animated and follows the visual novel closely.
  17. I am. o.o It's amazing so far. That animation.... XD

    I will get it up soon. There is way too much information behind this whole thing. Sort of makes the death note look like a coloring book in comparison. So... I kind of need to dumb it down slightly to actually make it work as a RP. X3
  18. Oho!
    I wanna be an Archer Master!
    A cause being that I'm pretty sure I can't be a Ruler Master, heroic spirits and all that...

    Still, I'll probably just enjoy being assisted by an archer... or red knight, or whatever.

    Edit: Yeah I butchered my post last time. Added master since I was an idiot and forgot to put that ~.~
    sorry. So we're all going to be Magi or something, right?
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  19. Yeah, ufotable makes the sickest animation ever. That fight between Lancer and Saber was pure awesome.


    I can totally understand where you're coming from. I ran a couple of Fate rps before and simplifying the concepts behind it is no easy task.
  20. What part was hard to simplify?
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