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  1. I've been watching this anime called Fate Stay Night. Almost done with it, but I really want to do a roleplay based on it. I kind of have of idea. It would like a different kind of war besides the Holy Grail War. Something involving demons. I'm looking for one or a few people that might be interested. Both Canon and OC will be allowed in this. If you're interested reply on this thread or PM me.
  2. Hahaha. The F/SN anime. That's cute.

    I'm very very well versed in Fate/Stay Night. I'm not looking for any RPs at the moment but feel free to bounce ideas off of me. I've read the visual novel, which by comparison makes the anime look like a children's picture book.
  3. Heck yes, count me in!!!! >w< As for canon characters, would it be cool to app ones from the newer games?
  4. I suggest watching Fate Zero before making an RP on it if oyu're going by anime only. They cover the mechanics a lot more solidly.
  5. That's true, but I think it's okay regardless. :3 Especially if it's just based on the story, character creations, etc. Hehe, in one Fate rp I'm playing a chick who is descendant of the True Ancestors. The whole world of Fate is amazing!!! *w*
  6. @Chaos: I haven't read the visual novel yet but I've seen bits and pieces of it and yeah, it's definitely more mature than the anime. This roleplay is going to be more on the mature side. Well if you have any suggestions feel free to tell me.

    @Nevvy: I do plan on watching Fate/Zero but just like said this will not be on the Holy Grail Wars.

    @Nekomimist: What characters did you want to play as?
  7. Even if it isn't, if you're using the Servant system, it explains a lot more than FSN and if you're not using the Servant system then what are you keeping?
  8. I was thinking Saber Bride, Caster from Fate/Extra CCC or Dark Sakura Matou! >w< But OCs are great too!
  9. @Nevvy: Well actually I haven't decided yet. ^-^' I'm still working on the plot. Though I did find a webpage explaining the servant system that's if I use it. If you have any ideas or suggestion feel free to let me know.

    @Nekomimist: I know a little bit about Dark Sakura. I was thinking of bringing Shinji in as a bad guy. I know he dies in the anime and I think in the visual novel? Damn I gotta read the visual novel.
  10. Can I vote we keep the Servant system?? >w< It's half the fun when rping Fate!! And that would be interesting. He is an evil SOB. Btw, the games will change your life! *w*
  11. Like I said I'm looking into the servant system. I'll most likely keep that if I can't think of anything else. Yeah Shinji was pretty bad in the anime.....only when Rider was protecting him. I was thinking since he died and I was thinking of a war based around demon that he would come back as a demon seeking revenge.
  12. Interesting idea. In the game Shinji raped Sakura in order to take her power and become a mage. Pretty bad guy. Sex is often used as a tool in the Fate world.
  13. The first thing you need to do is figure out how to make the servant system work without the Holy Grail War. The visual novel makes it clear that without the Grail's mana that servants can't be reasonably summoned, let alone there be a magus with enough mana to sustain them.

    asldkjhgaeiwurh--Don't go spoiling the visual novel! Holy crap! Sounds to me that Junkie might have an interest in reading it!

    Incidentally I can actually hook you up with it if you want.
  14. Yeah I've actually been looking up some things on the wiki. Shinji's a sick bastard. He'll have plenty of power as a demon. Thinking of making him the main villain right hand man.....or demon. If Sakura's going to be in it shouldn't Rider and Shiro?

    @Chaos: I've actually found a webpage where I can download the visual novel which I'm doing right now.
  15. Lol! XD That's a good point! The game is... just... you GOT to play it! And\, if we're sticking more to the original plot line, I'll totally app Sakura Matou. I usually rp Rider too. :3 But Dark Sakura is just.. so awesome! And making Shinji more of a main chara is interesting. :3

    Uwah... but there's also Caren! >w< So many choices!!!
  16. I bet I can guess the site: Eroge Download?
  17. Lol! XD I play them at a friend's who collect them. :3 They have to own the hard copies. (which I'm trying to get myself--especially Witch on the Holy Night!) We're kind of... addicted. XD At my place I only have Demonbane, Little Busters, Shuffle, Yumeria, and then... lots of Otomate games. XD
  18. [MENTION=4]Chaos[/MENTION]: Nailed it!

    [MENTION=3800]Nekomimist[/MENTION]: Well now that I'm downloading the game I'll probably stick more to the novel than the anime. As for Shinji he won't look the same. probably something like this or this.
  19. Ooo! Very awesome! >w< And YAY!!! You'll fall in love with it! I'll choose or create my charas depending on what kind of plot line you want to work with. ;3
  20. Good pick on the site. That comes with everything installed already. Takes a lot of the work out of it otherwise cause back in the day hooooooooly shit you needed a lot of stuff to get it patched.