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  1. Fate is a Four Letter Word

    You wake up, panting, heart, mind and body filled with terror, your bed soaked with sweat, your eyes wide open in sheer, unadulterated horror.

    Then they refocus. You're alone and okay. Those things you imagined haven't torn your body, ripped it, cut it apart atom from atom. Those people who were beside you aren't here... Or are they? You can feel something you didn't before, the presence of others. Some nearer, some farther away, you can feel them slightly, and somehow, you know. You know that they've stopped on the street, snapped awake in panic, screamed, all at the same nightmare. One in particular seems frightened, one you felt more vividly than the others, one you know will die soon.

    You wonder what it means, then notice a marking on your hand you didn't have before.

    An hourglass, full at the top and completely empty at an end you feel certain is the bottom.

    That single soul disappears from your senses, and... Was that your imagination or did the hourglass just flow slightly? You shake it off, and drift back off into the world of dreams, wanting respite from wonder.

    The Demise of Dreams

    A nightmare plague has begun. A few weeks ago, a select few people living in London, England, were struck by the same nightmare, a nightmare they know to be all too real. One of those few was found murdered only minutes after the dream, his vanishing felt by the others 'fortunate' enough to have been in the vision.

    But that nightmare was before the stabbing, and somehow they knew the victim's name, before the telecast, before the police investigation, before the dread. Harold Simmons, deceased at age 43, brutally murdered.

    They felt other deaths too, deaths that haven't happened yet. They felt the deaths of every other person in that dream.

    Including their own.

    Sentenced to Death

    Every character in Fate is a Four Letter Word has experienced their own death. They don't know the circumstances, they don't know what is going to kill them, they just know, with certainty, that they will die through decidedly not natural causes. A few who have met others of their nature have gotten a larger picture, are able to make out more, but know that with every other of their kind they meet, their death gets closer and closer. If that wasn't enough, something has been killing off other Dreamers, starting with a man named Harold Simmons, and with each murder the dream becomes clearer.

    Flaunting Fate

    There is, however, hope. With each other sleeper met, a Dreamer gains more control over destiny itself, letting them do things others simply can't do.

    When you create a character, you'll select one of the perks from the following list, and the staff will let you know when you unlock each successive level. Level descriptions will be added as Dreamers unlock them.

    Healing (open)

    At its most basic level, probability healing allows the user to alter the chance of a severe wound, cutting down on the level of injury as well as speeding healing.

    Level 1: At this point, the character has just gained the ability. All he or she can do is divert the object injuring her to lessen the severity of a wound, or stabilize slight traumas by increasing the probability they won't get worse.

    Telekinesis (open)

    Telekinesis is not, in this instance, moving objects with your mind. It's changing probabilities of motion, allowing one to unbalance precarious objects, changing the path of a thrown object through probability, and even increase their own accuracy.

    Level 1: Light balanced objects can be tipped, accuracy is increased mildly. The ability can counter the effects of a level 1 healer's diversion.

    Telepathy (open)

    Telepathy allows the user to come up with what a target is most likely thinking, based on prior experience and the situation. The level of this ability is primarily used to compensate- if the Dreamer has known the target for a long period of time it will be far more accurate than a first-time encounter.

    Level 1: The ability is essentially useless on a stranger, but can be used to predict say, a best friend or sibling's thoughts.

    Future Sight (open)

    This ability uses the information nearby and probability to make small snippets of the future visible to the Dreamer. The farther away or the larger scope the vision is, the more variables it has to account for, and thus more effort is required for less accuracy.

    Level 1: Very soon and high probability events can be seen, with quite a bit of effort. A bullet shot can be predicted due to the high accuracy of the weapon and the high probability that it will fire, but slower, more random weapons like a sword will be hard to predict.

    Profile Form (open)









    The Party of Slumber

    Richard Smythe, a wealthy eccentric who seems to know about the dreams, is throwing a party in downtown London, Dreamers only. It's up to your character whether or not to attend, but the promise of finding many, many other Dreamers is proving to be too large of bait to ignore.

    Welcome to FiaFLW.

    Staff: Archangel, Ultima Circuit
  2. Hi, I'm interested in this RP but do you have a form to fill out anywhere or no?
  3. Awesome, first person!

    @Luna Gillian:Yes, there is a form. It's under the spoiler tag entitled "Profile Form."

    Probably should not put incredibly necessary stuff under spoiler tags...

    If it isn't showing up, here ya are.








  4. Ah I see it, sorry I couldn't see it before maybe because I'm on mobile or just haven't found the right color layout for this website yet haha.

    Anywho, here is my form:

    Name: Luna Gillian

    Appearance: A slender pale girl with wide dark eyes and rather small smile. Her hair a straight black, reaching her shoulders, thin in texture. She reaches 5'7" in height, in flat shoes, and never wears heels afraid of being too tall. She often wears bright clothes, pinks, purples, blues, whites, yellows, anything that stands out and says "I am here!"

    Age: 18

    Power: Healing

    Skills: Cooking, basic health knowledge, plays violin, plays tennis, swims actively leading to good stamina.

    Level: 1

    Personality: A kind hearted young woman with a genuine smile on her face. Despite this fact she enjoys the horrific things, dark omens, horror situations, people screaming bloody murder. She embraces this rather dark grim side of her in private, often mumbling to herself when alone about the murders and deaths with snickers and laughter. When in public she is often loud and cheerful, preferring to be with the group and to be the more optimistic one in situations.

    Bio: Having grown up by a rather wealthy family, she grew up with a positive outlook on life and no pity for those lower class than her. Her family, however, was broken and split apart between the mother's side and the father's side. With her in the middle, she would always agree with her mother when alone, and always agree with her father when alone. This split personality drove her to a mild case of insanity, despising and loving her parents due to what the other side had said. Because of this she leaves home often, exploring the dark corridors and the muddy streets, hoping to find fun and devastation where ever she goes. When having passed out in the streets she had the dream, the dream of death, feeling all the pain and hearing the screams of those around her. By time she woke up, she could already hear stories of someone murdered. The thought tickled her pink, but the fear of herself being next turned her face white. She couldn't turn back home to die in a miserable setting, she decided to leave with only a purse of cash and her best dress, preparing to find out more about this strange murderous dream.
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  5. Approved, I reckon, unless ultima has issues.

    Skills are just non-supernatural abilities, like athletics or the ability to play a musical instrument.
  6. Oh okay, I'll edit it then
  7. Reserved (cause I can)
  8. Okay and that profile and the reservation are approved.
  9. Hello, I'd like to join this! I'll put my char bio up in...probably less than 24 hours!
  10. APRIL 22 2014
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  11. Okay, both of you are on my mental list.

    Don't forget to tell your friends!
  12. Name: James Caramon Harris

    He stands at 6' 2" tall, is slightly muscular, has dirty blonde hair that covers his shoulders, each part naturally a different style, with the center being straight, the sides being wavy, yet curling towards his face at the ends, and the bottom layer, around his neck and the base of his skull, being curly.
    He has a blonde mustache connected to a reddish brown beard stretching along his jawline and ending at his curly, dirty blonde sideburns.
    His eyes are a greenish-blue, yet they tend to change with his mood when he is feeling a single emotion more intensely than any other.

    He is usually seen wearing a crimson undershirt with dark blue jeans, covered by an open, black trenchcoat, with several different internal pockets used for hiding particular items and documents he wants kept private, or for mere storage of smaller objects.

    Age: 21

    Power: Future Sight

    Skills: He is a practiced marksman, having been practicing since a young age, obtaining fair accuracy with the guns, dual 9mm pistols, one crimson and black, the other a sky blue and white, and knives, blades varying in size from 2"-6" in length, he hides in his trench, also being able to use a larger knife, with an approximately 13" blade, hidden away from view across the back of his hip, the handle on his right side, all of which he has the required permits for.
    Despite practicing his marksmanship, over the years, he has also studied cooking, wanting to be a chef during the younger years of his life, yet continuing to cook to the present day, mainly for the fun of making something, and technology, always wondering how things work, even to the point of taking things apart just to put them back together again, though most of it is self-taught, yet he still has a fairly good understanding of each.

    Level: 1

    He is rather shy, so most who don't know him may think him cold or untrusting, yet he is just the opposite, willing to be kind to and aid a stranger, seeking no compensation for his deeds.
    He may seem simple and slow, but he actually has a brilliant mind that he only applies when the circumstances call for it, or when he is trying to think of something and becomes lost in thought.
    Despite his seemingly calm demeanor, he is actually a very fragile person, blaming himself every time he is either unable to protect someone, or when he believes something he wasn't even involved with might have the slightest chance of having been influenced by his actions.
    He has been told time and time again that he 'cares too much', to which he always replies 'I don't care enough', showing just how poorly he thinks of himself, despite what he tries to do to make things better for everyone else he meets.

    James Caramon Harris was born in Orlando, Florida in a naval hospital on July 26th, 1993, moving back to his parents' home in Texas off-and-on for the next year, when his father was honorably discharged from the Navy, which is when they finally stayed in a small mountain community in central Texas, which is where he lived until just recently.

    From a young age, Caramon was always curious about how things worked, yet being the shy person he is, he never asked questions about things, only finding out how certain objects worked from TV, movies, and first-hand experience, the latter usually being hands-on, allowing him to know the purpose of each component of most electronics before he even started school.

    His school life was mediocre, as most classes bored him, due to not only the classroom environment, but also the ease of most quizzes that were supposed to challenge him, making him slowly stop caring about even turning in work or finishing projects, being contented with a mere passing grade by the time he entered high school, bearly applying himself to the subjects he didn't really enjoy, such as math and science, yet being fascinated by history and the past, learning from mistakes to make a better future.

    Around the age of 13, he began having strange dreams, dreams that began to happen in real life.
    As time went on, the dreams became more frequent, yet the times they happened began to slowly drift apart, eventually becoming rare, yet extremely vivid, by the time he became 19 years old, in which the dreams slowly began to creep into real life more than they had before, certain events flashing before his eyes as he stopped dead in his tracks, his eyes glazing over as he saw events unfold before him, none of which happened directly after, yet as they became more frequent, the distance between the events and visions began to shrink.

    After dropping out of college, he decided to start work on writing, which eventually lead to the schematics he'd designed for his series being leaked onto the internet, causing military officers to arrest him over a misunderstanding, thinking the things he created were already being made and used in real life.
    After all was straightened out, he was recruited into a WRD, weapons, research, and development, team, having him build the things he'd designed in so much detail with government funds, one of which was designed to read a person's dreams and record or make sense of them, yet before it was completed he was removed from the project, due to wanting to them to stop working on it altogether due to a vision he had when working on it, his 'superiors' saying that his morals and dreams didn't have a place in the real world, where something should be explored, no matter the cost.

    A year later, he heard of strange goings on in London having to do with dreams, so he grabbed his things and went, hoping that things weren't as dire as he thought.
    After spending time in the big, cold, and wet city, he began to grow tired of his search, yet the night he decided it best to head back home, he had a strange dream, one that was similar to another he had had at a younger age, yet it wasn't nearly as vivid as the one from back then.
    In the dream, he died, and that was all he knew until the TV he'd left on had a news report about a man being murdered.
    Something was off, as he'd never heard of him before, yet he knew his name before it was even broadcast, a strange flash of shadows moving over him, as well as a feeling of longing to go somewhere, yet he didn't recognize the location that flashed in his vision, due to it being cloudy and distorted, as if it weren't even real, but a dream.

    The next morning, he awoke surprisingly refreshed, yet as he began washing his face in the bathroom, he noticed something on the back of his left hand.
    He examined it more closely to reveal a bulbous, hourglass-like shape stretching across it, a small portion in the bottom, as if something had happened to cause it to flow.
    He wondered were it had come from, and why it seemed as if the sand was moving within the top of the hourglass, then he remembered the shadows from the night before.
    Realizing that he had been marked for death, he decided to find the source of the dark shadows and find a way to break free of this curse, one way or another.
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  13. @Caramon Zero: That'd be great apart from one thing.

    The powers didn't start until the dreams...

    Also, your level is current power level. You're level 1.
  14. Sorry, based him off of real life, since everything prior to the part about the schemeatics has actually been happening to me. Must be because I'm part Native American. And German. And Irish. XD
    I made it the way I did because I was curious as to how a person who's already able to do these things would fit into something of this nature, and have his powers grow beyond what he even expected thanks to the 'ShadowGlass".
  15. I'm stepping down OTL sorry
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