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    "Now, we move on to our final point: Magic.

    Some of you say that the Awakening is truly magic, truly a gift unto mankind by God or evolution. Others of you, even though it is EVERYWHERE, doubt magic's capabilities. You dismiss it as stories told by primitive people to explain things that they don't know. You turn to science and technology for explanation for things that you know. Well, hopefully this speech has so far helped you all in your views.

    As the Science Fiction author Arthur C. Clarke said in his essay Hazards of Prophecy: The Failure of Imagination:

    Even earlier statements exist, such as that by the author Leigh Brackett from 1942:

    And a related statement:

    This is why we exist. To bridge that boundary between what is Science, Magic, and Theology. All of you are representatives from CERN, the Church, The Mages' Association, or one of the Megacorps. You all disagree on many things, such as how to use magic, is God real, can these things make us truly better? You all are biased to what you study! You can't tell if anything that we try gets us closer to our goal of understanding the universe. This cooperative organization is blocked by each groups' own prejudices and views. I, however am a Christian, an Awakened, and a scientist. I can give you something:

    Yes, we are getting closer. We are bridging the gap between science, magic, and God. The Fuyuki Grail, which the Association and the Church both claim ownership of will get us even closer. In fact, several of the participants have made wishes to get to "The Root" before, but now with the Awakening, I believe we can be closer than ever.

    I'd like to make a closing statement. This Grail war is an opportunity, one for all of us to study pure, unfiltered magic at its maximum potential. We should use it as much as we can for progress.

    -Doctor Geng Chao, Bridging the Gap, a speech given to the Institute for Science, Religion, and Thaumaturgy.

    "The Grail Wars are an interesting subject. A Nigh-Omnipotent artifact that summons spirits of Historical and Legendary to fight for a wish for seven mages who summoned them. The incredibly interesting fact about these is that it was started in the Fifth Age by three families who belonged to the Mages' Association. At the time, the Association was the only place to learn magic.

    Anyway, back to the Grail. Now, this Grail War almost always turned bad starting with the Third Grail War, when the Grail itself was corrupted by Nazi forces who took it. The Fourth Grail War was a disaster, bringing magic to Public Knowledge when a Cthulhu-esque being rose out of a river, and the town had to be rebuilt from scratch in the end. It wasn't until the Fifth Grail War, however, that it became a prominent symbol of the Magical Community.

    Now we are coming up on a Sixth Grail War, and we can only hope something doesn't go wrong for the good of the world. If the Horrors return because of this, we can only pray that we are ready."

    -Chapter 5: On the Grail, Of Magic and Men, Doctor Michael Hope, Anthropologist

    "Free the Grail! Free the mages! Free the Grail! Free the mages!"
    -The protest chant of the "Three Families" branch of Ink Mages

    "Every major network in the world is broadcasting this thing. I swear to God, it's insane.Riot Police in Neo-Tokyo have been armoring up and preparing, corps have been hiring the best of the best to guard their assets. Hell, I hear they're planning a series of Action trids based around the Grail Wars, and a bunch of toy lines will be released. I'll have my eye on the Grail War."
    -Ryoma Ishihara, Host of the talk show "Tokyo Beat"

    Prelude: A Sign of Things to Come

    We have our gods. Beings that we believe rule over us and our lives. Every major religion in the world believes in some sort of nigh-omnipotent being who predetermines our lives and guides us through them. Wars have been fought over their existence, people killed for theological differences, people burned for performing what some considered witchcraft. To some, an unknown force is a god.

    This is where we come to the Holy Grail. Some say that it's the cup Christ himself drank from at the Last Supper. Others say that it's a symbol to represent Christ and his spirit. Many have claimed to have found the Holy Grail, and all of them have been false. The Grail War is a ritual to get to the "Root" of magic, and was responsible for the Awakening that brought forth magic into the world.

    This is the sixth Grail War. Once a private event, now the Corporations have taken it and made it a corporate hoopla. They sponsor runner teams and their own security to defend their mages and their servants. There are those who don't want the Corporations to have control of it, and are protesting against it.

    And this is where we begin our story: The team hired by the three original families.

    The Neo-Tokyo airport was packed for a xenophobic country. Businessmen milled about dressed in suits and ties. Several Shiawase employees wore kimonos as they made their way through the airport. A group of schoolgirls wearing the traditional Sailor Suit made their way behind a teacher. Ophelia looked very out of place in her Military styled uniform.

    Customs was a hassle. But then again, trying to cross international borders carrying a bunch of weapons always was. They had to run her fake SIN several times to make sure she legally owned those items, and then again to see if she wasn't some sort of terrorist. When all results came up clean, they released all of her items, and let her go.

    After a brief MagLev ride into Fuyuki, it was around 9:00 at night. Ophelia still needed to get her car. She opted to rent a Ford Americar, because it was cheap and easy to use. She loaded all of her things into the back and began to the drive to the Tohsaka Manor, the night's meeting place. The group all had to meet in one place to plan for the next day.

    She discreetly parked her car, grabbed her suitcase out of it, attached her rapier to her side, and approached the door.

    @The Tactician @Ringmaster

    Ophelia's Current outfit:

  2. Lucifer's outfit (open)


    In a world of spirits, monsters and magic, Christianity was a dying breed of Faith. It had its adherents true, but when compared to the other faiths currently out there, it eventually fell by the wayside. Less a religion, more an organization of man now it had lost its way. It bowed its head not to the Holy Papal, but rather to other forces dread and dark. Dragons and corporations who kept them down. It was a cycle he had seen in the years he had been alive....And un-dead.

    He was so tired nowadays. He missed the sunlight. He missed seeing the dawn of a new day, of warmth from natural light on his skin. He missed the taste of food, of not being able to keep anything but blood nowadays. He missed life, but then again...It was ironic, wasn't it? He had entered as a Damphir, holding onto his humanity.

    And like his namesake, after the Awakening he had fallen hard.

    The Executors were no more. What equipment he had left was stolen or scavenged. No chapel for his home, but rather underground he made his lair. And every night, for the past few years he had embraced everything he had fought so hard in life. Violence, fear...Hate. Criminals drained of blood were found in public areas. Ghouls were hacked to bits if they ever so much as looked at the place under his protection. He used his powers, damning himself further with every bite and tried to do some good with them.

    A slow, lingering death. Kicking and screaming till the day someone put him out of his misery.

    How the mighty had fallen. Getting the message was a strange thing, but here he was. A stowaway on a cargo plane, a shadow running across the field before leaping the fence in a single bound without stopping.

    Still dressed like a priest, with a tarnished silver cross he never bothered to clean anymore. What was the point? He moved through the crowd, losing himself in the masses as he looked around. He breathed deep as he stepped out the gates. So.

    Where to next?


    Another stowaway atop the mag-lev car to Fuyuki City and he was out. He knew this city, memorized it by heart due to its history. The manor itself would be easy to find.

    But this time, he'll take a cab.

    The joys of scrimping and saving on money.

    @Minerva @The Tactician

  3. Unlike the others, Stephen hadn't waited till the last minute to arrive in Fuyuki City. He had had business here beforehand, business with his fellow Ink Mages of the Three Families branch, and he couldn't miss it when they were his lifeline at the moment. They had given him the task of being Miss Matou's addition to the team, gotten him in contact with her and by extension, the other two families as well. There was only one reason he ever stayed in one place long in advance of something, and that reason was work with his brother and sisters.

    Not that he didn't care for his fellow mages outside of their activities. In fact, he quite enjoyed their presence in small doses, here and then during his journeys to study the art and lore of magic. However, too long in their company, he would grow restless and paranoid, afraid that someone would find them soon, that they would all be caught unless he moved on. He knew what that sort of desperation of habit and instinct caused him to do, and so, he normally moved along before it came. All he ever took with him was food and money to reach his next stop and the knowledge in his mind and in written form of the arcane arts.

    Not now though. Now, he swallowed his fears and stepped up into the spotlight for once. He was ready to make a serious difference in this world, and if it meant he had to be seen by everyone in the world for a little while, then he would put up with it.


    As the clock closer to nine o'clock, Stephen watched from afar, hidden under his magic, as the other two members of the team approached the Tohsaka household. He noted their differing styles of dress and sighed. One a pastor of some sort, the other ex-military by his guess. Compared to them, he certainly looked the part of a vagrant. A heavy coat reinforced with some plates to make it hold against a few small rounds outlined his frame as his dark-blue scarf covered his mouth, jaw, and neck, and from his shoulder, a duffle bag filled with clothes and a few magical supplies and books hung.

    Two professionals, and one runaway-turned-Ink-Mage. Somehow, the spellcaster could already tell they were going to have problems reconciled their lifestyles in accordance with one another.

    However, he pushed that thought aside along with dropping his shadowy spell to reveal himself in a nearby alleyway. He needed to stay focused on what few positives there were in the situation as he exited the narrow path and approached the estate from behind them. The two were almost certainly trained in useful fields and disciplined in whatever those were; that meant they and by extension he had better chances of surviving. Behind the door they were about to knock on, three of the greatest magical forces' representatives waited for them, prepared to help them overthrow corporate control of an ancient artifact. One of them was an exceptionally sweet young woman who seemed just happy to help, not out for her personal gain at all.

    It wasn't all bad at the moment, so why not calm down and just say hello to the others?

    "Hey. Three Families?"

    A voice almost scratchy from lack of use spoke up to announce his presence as his green eyes took them both in from behind.

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  4. "Just a simple pastor, here about a death."

    Said the hooded pastor in a low and somewhat gravely voice.

    Up close, his clothing while painstakingly cared for looked less fresh and more older then most. Fraying at the ends and with the glint of tarnished silver, he seemed to carry no weapon outwardly.

    For now.

    But the eyes that glowed in the dark of the hood told the mage all he needed to know, about what was at the door.

    "A word my friend. Its best we keep names and motivations till we enter the manor. Beyond that?"

    Once more, he silently regarded him before extending a pale hand, wrapped in bandages.

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  5. For a moment, Stephen simply stared at the hand being pushed out to him by the strange man. No, not man. Remember the eyes, House, dangerous being. When was the last time someone had wanted to shake hands with him? It seemed strange now to imagine grabbing and squeezing another person's hand in his introduction to them.

    "Right, sorry."

    Just go along with it, House. No point in making a fuss. With a rather weak grip, the mage's own pale hand took hold of the being's hand and shook it politely.

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  6. Almost instinctively, Ophelia grabbed her pistol. She adjusted her shirt just well enough so that the grip was visible. The handle of the rapier she wore at her side was also visible. She was sure that Rin didn't want trouble in her front yard. Ophelia couldn't be to sure about whether or not this was one of her allies, or someone trying to get an early hit.

    She was currently on her guard, watching the vampire in a priest's uniform and a man in a heavy coat approach.

    When the vampire priest spoke, she softened. She now could tell these were her allies. Ophelia spoke as well, a slight German Accent in her voice. "I'm military. Here to give my own condolences." She said. She adjusted her jacket back, and knocked at the door. "What are you here for?" She asked Steven.

    Everyone could tell that the house was magically warded with extremely strong wards.
  7. Almost instinctively, the young man flinched and took a step back as the woman's hand fell to her grip. He wasn't one for fighting, not at all, and if he had to, he would split atoms to disappear out of sight without firing his own gun. Thankfully, it seemed the preacher's voice had calmed her down.

    That didn't mean that he wasn't any less wary of the woman or high-strung. No, it was the accent she spoke with that set him at ease. Deutsch... Southern or Swiss, almost like how Momma used to talk... It had been a long time since he had seen either of his parents; for all he knew, they had been made to divorce and his mother forced to move back to her home country by Saeder-Krupp. Knowing the pull they had in the Confederation of American States, he wouldn't put it past the German businessmen to be able and willing to do something like that.

    It was nice to hear the language though, a signal for memories of his youngest days and before magic had touched him.

    He nodded at her question before tilting his head to the side, a curious tilt of his lips hidden by his scarf, "Ausbildung, Fräulein. Sie Deutsch, ja? Es ist schon eine lange Zeit, da ich einen Akzent wie die Ihre zu hören." Hopefully, he hadn't just butchered his mother's tongue with the terrible Southern accent that he had from his boyhood; somehow, he knew that if he did, then she was judging him from no matter where she was. It would be especially bad as the woman before him might think he had insulted her rather than asked if she was really German and said that it had been a long time since he had spoken to someone with her accent. At least I'm certain I used the right word for education...

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  8. Ophelia nodded. "Ja, ich bin aus der Schweiz." She straightened herself, and then spoke in English. "Eva Vogel, Saeder-Krupp Security." She knocked on the door. Three solid knocks.

    A feminine voice came from inside. "I'm coming, Ophelia. Just a minute." After the sound of several locks disengaging, a young woman who looked to be about 18 stepped outside.


    She looked over the group, making her own personal judgements about the priestly vampire, the militaristic Swiss woman, and the homeless looking mage. She stared silently at the group for a moment.

    Say hi to your nice host!
  9. "Really, Swiss? Hmm, so my guess was correct... Anyways, Shade for the moment. My mother, German by birth, part of Saeder-Krupp as well."

    Before Stephen could continue explaining (rather enthusiastically) his background and how he knew the German language, the voice of a young woman interrupted him from behind the door of the estate. The mage quieted down as they waited for the locks to finish before his eyes widened at the sight before them. For a moment, his head simply tilted to the side as he stared at the girl.

    Finally, he shook himself from his shock and stepped forward, holding hand out to her with a slight bow of his head, "Hello, ma'am. Are you Lady Tohsaka's daughter?"
  10. He was getting hella thirsty.

    So he merely nodded and waited for an invitation in.

    @Minerva @The Tactician
  11. Rin nodded. "I am Rin Tohsaka, and you are?" She asked Stephen. "Anyway, come inside. There's tea in the living room. The others should be here soon." Rin said in a calmer voice.

    Once inside and with the door tightly shut behind them, Ophelia looked at the group. "Ophelia Adler, former Pontifical Swiss Guard." She said. "Eva Vogel is one of my fake SINs. But call me Edelweiss. That's my code name." She began walking towards the Tohsaka living room.
  12. "Kotomine."

    He said in turn.

    What better name for an Executor to take, here in this city?

    @The Tactician @Minerva
  13. "Oh, uh, House, or Shade. Whichever you prefer, miss," The young mage responded, a bit confused by the name she gave them. Rin... Do they have a habit of naming their daughters after the mothers? I could have sworn the head and previous representative of the Tohsaka family was named Rin as well... Then again, that also seems to be the case with the Matous. Weird, both family heads naming their daughters after themselves...

    However, before he could bring up the topic, the others were giving their names and the door was closed behind them. Seeing as how they were now free of unwanted listeners (or at least were supposed to be), he decided it was safe to speak more about himself. With a cough to clear his throat, he gave his own preferred name.

    "Stephen, Ink Mage, member of the mainline group and associate of the Three Families branch. Nice to meet y'all."
  14. "Nice to meet you, Stephen." Ophelia said. "I hope we can work well together."

    Rin winced. "I'm Rin. My mother died along time ago..." She said.

    When Lucifer introduced himself, the room got cold. A shiver ran down Ophelia's spine. That name was a name she heard in her Swiss Guard training. A name she learned to keep away from. She slowly unbuttoned her jacket, ready to pull out her submachine-gun. Her thumb slid the safety off discreetly.


    No one would be more startled than Rin. Flashbacks to Kirei came to her mind.


    Rin remembered what Kirei had done to her:


    She saw the color of Lucifer's eyes. The eyes of a Dead Apostle. She prepared a spell of her own. It seems people were on edge about Kotomine.

    Stephen would notice a picture on a table behind Rin of a young her and a woman who looked like she could be her mother:

  15. "Is there a problem?" He asked with a raised eyebrow before adding more coolly.

    "Because make no mistake, you invited me here. I came because I believed I could make a difference elsewhere. If not, then I've other machinates I could be doing right about now."

    Even if one of his co-workers preparing to shoot him had a great ass.

    So he noticed these things, sue him. : |

    @Minerva @The Tactician
  16. "Oh, uh, sorry... You just seem really young to have fought in the previous war..."

    Before he could say anything, the all-too familiar sound of a gun's safety being clicked off tensed his muscles in fear. He looked at Ophelia whose hand was down in her jacket, glaring at the priest who seemed undisturbed, and he knew something was about to happen. What had the preacher said that had set her off, and why was Rin seemingly preparing a spell right now? Things were escalating, escalating way too fast, escalating to a shoot out where someone was going to get hurt or worse killed.

    As the panic attack began, Stephen disappeared without a sound as a magical shroud that hid his form surrounded him. It seemed that the young man had a honed flight over fight instinct in him if he was that willing to disappear from sight, though his cracking voice that didn't hide his fear at the current situation proved that he was still there.

    "H-H-Hey... We're all friends here, right? No hurting and all? That's what Ink Mages say when we're partners at least..."

    Somehow, the vagrant Ink Mage was the sane one when put in a trio of a ex-Swiss Guard and a Catholic priest who was egging on both their teammate and their employer. This was gonna be a long job of trying to keep them from killing each other, and the mage didn't know if he was up to the task.

    "Um... So that's your mother, right, Miss Tohsaka? In that picture?" Good, a distraction. Hopefully, one that might cool the tensions in the room as he dropped his spell of invisibility and approached the old photograph.​
  17. Ophelia clicked the switch back to safety when Stephen called for peace. "I'm sorry, force of habit. We're all trained to initiate combat maneuvers when the name Kotomine is heard due to a past incident." She said. She tucked the submachine gun back into her jacket, and buttoned it back up.

    Rin looked at Lucifer. She then glanced at the image Stephen was pointing at, and she eased up. "Yes, that's my mother in the image with me. Her name was Aoi." Rin sighed deeply. "There's tea in the living room." She pointed towards the Living Room door.
  18. He snorted quietly as he accompanied them to the living room.

    "Not surprised. Say what you like about him, but he was a skilled operative back when we were still a thing."

    He eyed the tea and then asked bluntly.

    "You got a cat around here or something? Because I do not drink....Sarcastic pause, tea."

    He flashed a grin and a hint of fang.

    "Allergy issues."

    @Minerva @The Tactician
  19. "Uh... Sure, it's fine, Miss Ophelia..." Stephen stuttered out, still uncertain if the distraction would be enough to keep them from hurting each other. Were the positives of taking part in this war really worth risking getting shot during one of the blowups? It wasn't starting to become a tough question if one of his employers and teammates were both easily set off and the other seemed to care little about doing so.

    "Anyways... It seems your enduring beauty comes from her side, Miss Tohsaka. Wait, is that weird to say?"
    And there went all concern about making things awkward. The young mage grew pale as he saw the fang, almost like the needles he had been exposed when he was a young child and under examination by Saeder-Krupp.

    "I... I'm just fine with some tea. May I have some sugar? Is sugar a thing you add to tea? I'm more used to coffee after long nights, not tea. Oh, and thank you, Miss Tohsaka, for the tea, I mean."

    Whether it was the fact that he was stumbling over his feet to avoid sitting next to the priest or his own natural shyness that caused him to twist his own tongue speaking, it didn't really matter as the end result was all the same.​

  20. Singapore Incorporated, Singapore


    Unbeknownst to the party gathered in the Tohsaka Household, a force was gathering that night. The Templar walked down the hallway towards his hotel room. His left hand bore his Command Seal. The mark that indicated him as a Mage in the Holy Grail War. In his right hand was a heavy suitcase. Within it were several guns he had brought with him. He wore a finely tailored Mortimer of London Argentum Coat. He had a pistol with Job 38:11 (Hitherto Thou Shalt Come, but no further.) carved into the handle tucked into a holster underneath his jacket, and a lapel pin of the Templar Cross hidden under his jacket's collar.

    He was in Singapore on his way to the Grail War. He had been performing a tour around Asia, meeting with Sylvestrine Monks and several Church members as well as his Corporate Sponsors, to make sure he had their backing in the Grail War. He was Saeder-Krupp's representative in the war, the master of Rider Saint Martha. The perfect servant for a good Christian Knight such as himself.

    Stepping towards the door, he buttoned his cuff and put the keycard against the door. The room was large, and two floors. A large meeting table took up space by floor-to-ceiling windows overlooking the Corporate City. A mixed group of vestment wearing priests, a bishop, and suit wearing corporate members already sat around the table, with a half-filled decanter of brandy in the center. Two Papal Swiss Guard in purple suits stood at attention next to the windows. Next to them, two S-K guards in riot armor stood with shock batons out, and the Templar swore he could see the red laser of a sniper team across the street. The Templar stepped towards the assembled crowd.

    "Good evening, gentlemen. Sorry to keep you waiting." He said in a deep voice. "Let's keep this brief. I have a flight to catch."

    Meanwhile, 60 stories below...

    A truck pulled up to the hotel. A young officer from the Singaporean Police Department stood ready to analyze its cargo. He stepped forward to the driver. "We aren't expecting any deliveries tonight. Do you have the wrong address?"

    The driver protested. "My cargo was to be delivered here. I'll check with my supervisor if it's wrong, you check with yours again."

    The officer sighed, and nodded. "I'll be right back. Stay here." When the officer left, the driver got out and opened the back of the truck. An armed HTR team dressed to the Nines in NEONet livery filed out with the efficiency of a Navy Seal Team. They began to move around the building away from the building as the driver closed the truck.

    The six member HTR team made their way through the hotel's back hallways unseen, and climbed up the sixtieth floor. When they reached the door the Templar had entered, they placed a C4 Charge on it, and blew the door, taking the meeting by surprise. The four guards were the first ones down, taken out by a precise shot from the lead soldier. They then threw a smoke grenade as Sararimen and Clergymen alike fled the room. Two more HTR soldiers repelled down from outside of the building and broke the windows.

    The Templar just stood firm. He drew his pistol The eight men filed into the room to surround him. The apparent leader directed half of them to go into the separate rooms. The group branched off, and the Templar smirked.

    He sighed and placed a briefcase on the table, and slowly moved his hand from the handle. He brushed his thumb against the underside of the handle. It fired a few rounds, wounding one of the soldier guys. The EVO HTR Team glanced at each other for a moment. The Templar picked up the case, and opened it, revealing a Submachine gun. He sprayed around the room. The EVO Team attempted to duck, only to get hit. The leader crouched under the table, and called for backup.

    One of the soldiers who had left the room re entered and drew a baton. The soldier ran at the Templar and swung it at his head. The Templar grabbed his arm, and twisted it. A sickening crunch was heard, and the soldier let out a yelp as he collapsed to the floor. The Templar opened his second briefcase, and pulled out an assault rifle. One of the soldiers that had scattered got up, and attempted to attack the templar in hand to hand. The templar grabbed him, and used his wind against him, tossing him out the shattered window the team had made upon entry. The Templar then shot the assault rifle at the other soldiers entering the room. When the captain attempted to get up, the Templar shot him. The other soldiers moaned on the groaned in pain.

    The Templar looked at them as he sauntered out of the now destroyed room. "I'm keeping you alive as a message. You will not win." He said. He turned around and straightened his tie, picking up his suitcase as he left.

    He had places to be.

    Tohsaka Manor, Fuyuki City, Japan

    The manor was quiet now from the chaos of the earlier kerfuffle. Everyone sat with their respective drinks: Ophelia with a black tea with milk and two sugar cubes, Stephen with his tea, and Lucifer with a blood package from a hospital.

    Everyone's commlinks, or equivalent, would buzz. A News update would blink on, reading "Terror in Singapore! EVO Team attacks Corporate Meeting!" The news reporter would go on to talk about how the EVO Team broke in, and was fought off by a vigilante after the team reportedly interrupted the shareholder meeting, and what effect it would have on the upcoming Grail War. It was all lies of course, spread by S-K officials to slander their opponents in the Grail War.

    There was a knock at the front door of the manor. Ophelia instinctively stood up quickly. She began heading towards the door herself.

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