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    • This was restarted upon request. I am doing it. It's a weird RP that I came up with so don't think too much of it, but we are accepting new peeps.
      Due to the terrorist attacks that happened all over the world, the United Nations decided to make an anti-terrorist group called Farbe. Farbe would be a group of children from all over the world raised to fight and prevent terrorism attacks. The children would be taken in, stripped of their previous name, and be given a color for their new name instead. Then they will be transported to the facility prepared in United States. At first, it was unsuccessful. The children that they chose were either unable to go through the training or died in the process of preventing an attack and died. Sometimes the attack wasn't even prevented.

      Then a scientific break through occurred. In the years before they turn 5, there is a probability of them being able to use magic if they have the brain requirements as demonstrated by a test they can take when they are two. There is only a 3 year period to get them to use it before that magic is unusable. The magic that they acquire is completely random.

      That cause the United Nations to change their plan. They will take in two year olds who took the test and passed the requirements. The magic that they have will determine their color in Farbe. Only 8 children have passed the test and are currently being trained by scientist in the facility.


      Color: (One of the ones above)
      Gender: (Self-explanatory)
      Age: (can be from 6 to 18)
      Appearance: (Explain or give a picture. It can be anime or real. It doesn't matter but real would work better in this case)
      Sexuality: (If old enough to understand that)
      Nationality: (Try to be from different places)
      True Name: (Name they had before it was a color. Try to match it with your nationality)
      Power: (Please make it relate to the color but it's not required)
      Personality: (Self-explanatory. Go nuts)
      Likes & Dislikes: (3 of each)
      Luxary Item: (each color gets one item in the facility that they wouldn't be able to get any other way. EX: Internet, Camera)
      Skills: (Something they excel at in their training for being well rounded. It could be art, technology, athletics, ect.)
      Short bio: ( Give what they think about the facility)
      Relationships: (relation to each color)
      IC:Farbe An Anti-Terror Magical RP | IwakuRoleplay.com
      Honorary People
      @Eon @Hospes @Zadok shadows @Jerelin @Lusterless Nova
    • Rules:
      1. Follow ALL iwaku rules
      2. No godmodding or any other bad roleplay manners There may be fights between characters that may lead to death so accept your death.
      3. Gary Stue and Mary Sue should stay far away from here. They will be scared.
      4. Once a week for posting is good enough for me if any longer please notify
      5. Being OP is okay under understandable circumstances meaning more OP power equals more limitations
      6. Post a theme song at bottom of CS so I know you read the rules
      7. Can be romantic but that's pretty hard to do in my opinion for this one. If you do end up doing that nothing more than fluff.
      8. No one sentence posts
      9. All rules above must be followed
      10. Have Fun!
    • The colors are
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  1. I'd like to reserve Green again, please~!
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  2. No problem. Great to see you again.
  3. Right back at you! ^^
  4. Gonna try Red this time please! :) So excited!

    EDIT: Cant decide red or yellow.. ack
  5. You can do it! Enie Minie Mo is an option
  6. Probably going to go with Red because it's such a passionate color and I want to play with that. :D
    So, yeah... Let's do Red :D I can see potential!
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  7. You got it! Also Lusterless Nova already reserved White for future references
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  8. Color: RED

    Gender: Female

    Age: 17

    Sexuality: Heterosexual

    Nationality: British - Northampton, England

    True Name: Vera Lynn Cartwright

    Power: Emotion Manipulation - Red can enhance the emotions of the individuals around her. These emotions can be positive or negative. The stronger the original emotion, the stronger it will be once affected by Red. This isn't a power that can be "turned off", so a person has to be careful not to hang around Red if they are feeling particularly angry or depressed. Once out of her sphere of influence, an individual's emotions will return to their normal state gradually. The process may take anywhere from 10 minutes to an hour depending on how long they were affected.
    FYI Info: Yes, only an certain range, as stated. That range can grow slightly depending on the situation, say a combat situation where they need the extra boost in emotion to ensure they put their all into the task and battle.

    I would say that on normal, it's a range of about 10 feet. The closer you are to her in that circle, the more you are affected. Whereas, if you were right at the edge, it would boost your emotions but not enough to have any real change. If she focuses her will to expand that circle, it can go to around 20 to ensure she can encapsulate the entire team.

    There is also a time mechanism, so to speak. If you just walk by and brush her shoulder, you won't be affected because you weren't around her long enough. But if you stand right at the edge of her influence for like 15 minutes, you'd start to feel a growth in your emotions simply because you've been there for so long.

    Personality: Due to Red's power, her emotions are exaggerated. Through the years, she has been able to control the outward presentation of these emotions, though sometimes that can prove quite difficult. There have been moments where she can "snap", throwing away her discipline momentarily to lash out in extreme anger.

    Likes & Dislikes: +Fantasy Novels, +Apple Cider, +People-Watching, -Being Cold, -Immaturity, -Needless Noises

    Skills: To combat her extreme emotions, she focuses her attention on building her body. She can be found training during any time of day, having been given special permission from the administration to break curfew. She is only allowed to break curfew is she is training and for no other reason. She is observed to ensure this. Red is a powerful runner and is working on developing her upper-body strength.

    Short bio: Red is rather impartial about the Facility. It is all that she can remember and she finds that both comforting and disheartening. How can you know freedom if you have never experienced it? That being said, she feels like she has more potential and opportunity than her companions and if possible, she believes she can work herself up "in the world". Red hopes to prove herself to the administration so that by the time she turns 18, they will find her essential to the team instead of ridding themselves of her.

    [BCOLOR=#ffffff]Black [/BCOLOR]- She isn't exactly fond of him. Red feels he is a liability to the team and that his irresponsible behavior will influence the younger FARBE members in a way that can get them hurt or killed.

    White - She doesn't really know the girl, but she wishes that they could get to know each other. There is no bad blood between them.
    Purple - Red hates being pranked and, therefore, finds Purple to be a bit annoying.
    Yellow - One of the few that Red has a good relationship with. She loves the fact that Yellow isn't afraid to come to her for help if she needs it.
    Orange - Red hates that Orange is always hanging around Black. Talk about a bad influence. She doesn't really have any problems with Orange except for that.
    Green - TBA
    Blue - TBA

    Theme Song: (Totally not cliche)
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  9. Dangit, I was going to do Red, I had such a nice guy already made. (Totally wasn't my character from the last RP, nope, no way.) Maybe Blue for me?
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  10. Sorry. Blue it is for you!
  11. ACK! I'm so sorry! D:

    *giggles and runs away* Don't be so bluuuuuuuu
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  12. *claps* That was a great pun.
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  13. I'll get to work on blue.
  14. Color: Green
    Gender: Female
    Age: 16
    Appearance: [​IMG] Branwen has long, fairly curly dark hair(lacking a widow's peak) that's silky to the touch that reaches just past her chest. She has big, almost unnaturally bright emerald eyes, accentuated further by her porcelain skin that almost seems to radiate a healthy glow; a sense of life. Her lips are fairly pale as well, and are thin, but not especially so. Her nose is small, coming to a slight, rounded point. As for her cheekbones, they're less than prominent. She's fairly petite, standing at a measly 5'3" 1/2, weighing 115 lbs. She's relatively lacking in muscle, despite exercising frequently, leaving her fairly scrawny(though not to the point of being underweight or showing ribs). Branwen's chest isn't especially small or large, nor is her backside, though her hips show some curves. Her hands(that are typically gloved) seem to be averagely sized, with fairly slender long fingers.
    Sexuality: Heterosexual
    Nationality: Welsh
    True Name: Branwen Blevins
    Life force manipulation:
    Specifics (open)

    + = Unlocked power
    - = Dormant/locked/unusable power
    Passive = An ability that is always, naturally in use. It's a common thing you don't think about using, like breathing, in other words.
    Novice = Easy to unlock or use.
    Adept = Somewhat easy to use, but a little more difficult than Novice.
    Expert = Very difficult to use. An ability that takes a lot to master, and just as much to use. Meaning, it tires the user out much faster.
    Master = Nearly impossible to learn, and just as difficult to control. User would need to very careful when using this power if they don't want to pass out from exhaustion, or injure themselves.

    +Aura Perception(Passive)(Confusing): This allows Green to see the auras- normally invisible fields of energy that surround every living thing -of living beings around her. This allows her to read the emotions, alignment, heath, and power levels of those around her. However, the issue with this ability is.. Green hasn't exactly got this under control. She struggles to read them clearly, and often is overwhelmed by them because of her Empathy. This makes this ability a major burden, but something of a gift as well.
    +Nature Communication(Passive)(Novice): Quite simply, this means Green can speak to- and be spoken to by -any and all nature.
    +Empathy(Passive)(Unlocked): This ability allows Green to fully interpret and recreate the moods, emotions, and temperaments of others(Basically, sense, feel and understand the emotions, feelings, hopes, dreams, desires, and fears of others). This can be a little impairing, due to the fact that Green is always experiencing the emotions of others around her because of it.

    +Elemental Energy Manipulation; Light(Adept)(Exploring): This is the ability to manipulate elemental energy. In Green's case, more specifically, light energy. This means she can create, shape, and manipulate light energy by using her own life force energy. This is Green's main fighting technique, though she doesn't have much mastery in the area.

    +Life-Force Transferal(Novice)(Unlocked; dangerous to use): This is the ability for Green to be capable of giving one life force; theoretically allowing her to save someone that's losing theirs, or dying. However, this power has a very major cost; She cannot simply give them life force from nowhere. She has to give the person pieces of her own life force.
    -Life-Force Merging(Expert)(Locked): This is the ability to bond life-force with a person, allowing the two bound parties to use each others powers. Green hasn't discovered this ability yet, and is quite far from it.
    -Life-Force Generation(Expert)(Locked): As the name implies, this is the ability to generate life force at will. Green is far from discovering this.

    Personality: Branwen is fairly shy, quiet, and softspoken. On top of this, she's very empathetic and mature, and is someone that is easy to talk to(too easy, according to quite a few people).. Most likely because she just sort of clicks with living things around her. She's is also excessively modest and self-depreciating. She can be quite witty, sarcastic, and stubborn in the presence of the few people she's managed to befriend, and doesn't hesitate to stick up for others(while she won't stick up for herself).
    +Playing piano
    -Others' pain
    -Seeing people die
    Skills: Writing(mostly just simple poetry), self-defense, understanding others, drawing, and helping others.
    Short bio: Branwen never really had too much of a problem with the facility, really. She trained as best as she could, helped around wherever it was needed, and typically shied away from the other children. She grew up quiet and shy, too scared to share her opinions and too shy to confront others to try to form friendship. Though, her lack of companions actually seemed to help her yield better results than most of the children had. Though, she absolutely loves and adores her team members, and at least tries to make friends with them.
    -Black: Black.. Well, let's just say Green frets over him almost as much as she frets over Orange. Whether this is just because he always throws himself under the bus by being a rebel, or because he has to harm himself to use his powers, or maybe even because she has feelings for him is unknown.
    -Orange: Admittedly, Green enjoys Orange quite a bit... Likely partially due to her affinity of younger children. She often tries extra hard to mother/protect Orange.
    -Yellow: While Green finds Yellow to be a great person to be around, she also is a little put off by the girl's constant massive amount of energy. Mainly because it rubs off on Green, and keeps her very high-strung for a while... Before that wears off, and she finds herself completely exhausted and out of it.
    -Red: Green's relationship with Red is fairly complex. She likes the girl, but the issue is, Red's emotion manipulation makes Green's aura perception and empathy go absolutely haywire, often causing a lot of trouble for her. Because of this, Green tries to only be near Red when it's just the two of them without anyone else around.
    -Blue: Green enjoys Blue quite a bit. She finds him very sweet for how he always tries to lighten the mood, and finds him to be a generally pleasant person to be around.
    -White: Okay, yeah, Green doesn't really know what to think about White. Of course, she admittedly hasn't taken the time to get to really know her to know that. But hey; can't blame a girl for being shy and socially awkward.
    -Purple: Typically, Green doesn't speak to Purple. Then again, she doesn't talk to a lot of people.

    Theme Song: or
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  15. Color: White
    Gender: Female
    Age: 15

    Nationality: Germany
    True Name: Lena Yeager

    Power: Gravity Manipulation
    User can create, shape and manipulate gravitation, a natural phenomenon by which all physical bodies attract each other, and gravitons, hypothetical elementary particles that mediate the force of gravitation.
    User can bend gravity to make the environment very “heavy” or “light”, cause objects to “fall” toward another object instead of the earth (“nexus inducing”), flatten objects, and generate gravity spheres. They can repel and attract matter and energy regardless of its mass or move objects in a manner similar to telekinesis.
    Offensive uses of this power include repulsing people or objects with such force to shatter practically anything, increasing gravity to crush or immobilize opponents, decreasing it to render them defenseless, or surrounding one's body in a gravitational field to amplify physical strength. Defensive uses include creating a gravitational force-field to repel all manner of attacks or anchoring oneself to the ground.

    Personality: White has an airhead with a very gentle appearance, and does not seem to be a bad person or naughty. However, she is usually skipping out on her duties to go and have fun or take long naps instead. But for one reason or another, White sometimes goes into a sadistic mood when she gets angry. This trait and her attitude make it difficult to know when she is angry and when she is happy.

    -Her room (and most importantly her bed)
    -Playing with the staff (which translates to watching them try to catch her)
    -Playing around with her powers (similar to playing with fire and just as dangerous on occasion, but at least useful for training)
    -Having no time to slow down and relax every once in a while
    -Written tests
    -Spicy food

    Skills: Parcour/Free-Running. When one wants to skip out on duties, they have to be either smart or fast. White is more of the second kind and has learned how to use her environment and bypass obstacles in her way, making her difficult to catch and hit.

    Short bio: Lena was raised like a normal girl until she was tested for her potential. Knowing that Lena had potential to help the progress against terrorism, her Parents willingly gave her to the Farbe program. With the support of Farbe, White learned how to control and manipulate gravity rather quickly, but her behavior did not make things easy. She is known as the laziest, but also very potent member of Farbe. There was once a test run where she was angered on purpose to measure a higher output on her powers, but after she destroyed a lot of equipment with relative ease, it was considered too dangerous to make her angry on purpose to test her full power. Although she is sometimes enforced to do her tasks, staff is prohibited to use violence to force her. Reasoning usually does the trick and keeps her in a good mood.
    I really like her hair, but we can't talk much because of her powers. Too bad.
    Boring or mundane on occasion, but I don't mind her.
    He's trying really hard to cheer everyone up at times, and I like the fun we have together on occasion.
    Something about him makes me sad. I don't like being sad, so I avoid him when I can
    She is strange at times, but I like her pranks. She puts in a lot of effort for those, and I can respect that.
    She confuses me. Why is she always so full of energy?
    Whenever I hug her, I feel really great. I just hope I don't bother her too much with it.
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  16. Dangit! I was just about to post Blue with electricity powers. Ugh, back to the drawing board.
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  17. Sorry~ But fortunately for you, I always have a plan B. If you want electricity, I can think of something else. Don't worry. I have quite the arsenal of available and non op powers. Just say "pretty please".
  18. Accepted~
    No worries about the picture. It's not mandatory. If you feel anime is better or you wanted to use it go ahead.

    Wow. Eon. You are on a roll?
  19. It seems so, a roll down the stairs of getting ninja'd.
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