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  1. I apologize in advance, if I'm missing content tags that are in myroleplays, I have no idea what some of these even mean, and I don't know where to find out

    Anyways, on to roleplaying

    I've roleplayed for...since 2008, don't ask me to do the math in my head, it makes it hurt, been a member of the RPGuild before it crapped out, and now I'm here since you guys have a server that isn't struggling with heart problems

    And I heard you're solid, so far I'm liking what I'm seeing

    On to the roleplaying

    I tend to only do romances these days, mature content is involved, but it's certainly not the focus of the story, smut is all well and good, but only in small doses and when appropriate, however blood and gore is a big fan of mine, I like Berserk afterall.

    Some rules of mine are...

    1. I don't require huge volumes of content when you post, just so long as it isn't so little that I can't work with it, you give me enough to work with, and I'll give you enough to work with, you give me a big post, I'll give you a big post and vice versa.

    It's okay for small posts, if dialogue is occurring, as we don't want to god mod.

    2. If you can't come up with ideas of your own, I'm simply not interested, I don't like brainstorming EVERYTHING

    3. I loathe people who disappear without warning, if you are that kind of person, not only will I warn my friends about you, but I will probably not be willing to so much as look at you again.

    4. I'm a friendly person, don't be afraid to chat me up on OOC

    5. I have to balance my real life, and this, and most importantly wrestle with that fickle bitch called inspiration, so sometimes it may be a while before I get you a post, if I'm stuck, I will alert you, otherwise don't panic

    If that's a problem, well I'm sorry I don't know what to do for ya, though if you feel neglected don't hesitate to poke me

    6.*tries to pull brain thoughts back together*

    Oh right, I'm a dude, and I play dude characters, I have a hard enough time understanding my own emotions let alone putting myself into the brain of a woman, who operates on an entirely different set of hormones, and I won't do gay stuff, I have nothing against it specifically, it just doesn't interest me

    Now I can brainstorm up ideas for just about anything, but I hesitate to write down any cliche sounding pairings, so if someone wants to roleplay we'll come up with something
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  2. Hi! Im totally game for an rp anytime any genre!
  3. I'm up for an RP. I love the whole " wrestle with that fickle bitch called inspiration" I have the same problem but after a while, it tends to hit me again.
  4. Well I just came up with some ideas, so take a perusal at your pleasure

    Legion of the Damned

    An army of hard-face men, and possibly even women, their one purpose, redemption. This is the army where anyone can come and join who seeks to atone for things they have done...bad things, many of which are best not recounted, ranging from murder, rape, and to thinks that are unspeakable.

    These people who join, are damned, their crimes are forgiven in exchange for themselves fighting for no pay, in the most bloody and viscous battles for good causes they can. It as if they were never born, even in legal matters they cease to exist, contracts voided, marriages annulled, and birth records erased.

    From then on, these grim men fight only for good causes, company leaders accepting pay grudgingly, for they accept that they need money to pay for supplies, weapons, and armor. Nonetheless they are beholden to no one, and fight only for those they deem require it.

    And thus here is a new chapter in their story, as another one of the Legions brigades sets out to a beleaguered kingdom, small and peaceful and assaulted by the predations of a larger one, the King has perished, leaving the Queen to fight alone, and only her land's large amounts of gold that has attracted the greed of larger nations has kept her afloat.

    Can the Legion, and the Brother-Captain who leads the force of two hundred men help her save her country?


    Dragon Age

    I'm not going to grow into great detail right now, not sure how to write this out but...

    For anyone who's played Dragon Age, maybe this will interest you, the basic idea is a relationship between an elf and a man, for those of you who don't know, in Dragon Age elves are the beaten, downcast people who have lost their culture and their lands due to centuries of slavery at the hands of humans.

    Anyways, a small group of elven refugees is set about by bandits, the only survivor is a young elven maiden, why does she survive?

    Tearing through the bandits is a man clad in fearsome dark armor, who wields equally fearsome powers...


    This next one is about magic, more specifically...

    About a pair of young apprentices, learning magic, as they grow to become friends, she finds out that her friend is practicing dark arts, magics considered taboo or outright evil by some...


    Why is he doing this? Should she report him to her teachers? Or perhaps find out...
  5. Hi!

    What was your name on the Guild? I came from there also! I agree, I hope they get their crap together before everyone leaves!

    Anyways. I'd love to brainstorm and see what we can come up with together!
  6. The same as it is here

    I've already got three pairings for you to take a look at, though the mage one is gone
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  7. Shooting you a PM about the Dragon Age RP, sounds very interesting!
  8. Hello. I'd like to rp, if you have any non-fandom based ideas. I'll do most anything, but not horror.
  9. First off define 'horror' secondly, I already have some pairings there, two are taken but I'll be happy to make more, some of which I already have brewing
  10. I define horror as extremely gory violence/torture and also plots involving extremely psychologically damaged characters. What ideas do you have so far?
  11. id love to help you with art work
    and im very flexible i can do 2d nice to 3d creepy and everything inbetween

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  12. I don't do torture, or at least nothing outright explicitly described, its called discretion and some people lack it

    As for 'psychologically damaged characters', I don't do those either except as villains, as...I don't really want to roleplay a character whose mindset I can't understand

    As for what ideas I have so far, you need to look for previous posts, Legion of the Damned is open, and I had another idea bouncing around and I rather lost it, I'll get back to you on that
    I beg your pardon?
  13. id love to draw some art work for you rp
  14. That's very kind of you to offer, I never asked for anything like that, which roleplay were you in specific interested in
  15. Alright, that's good. I think I'd prefer anything else you've got rather than the Legion of the Damned one.
  16. I see, I'll look to see what I can do
  17. New Pairings

    Celtic Warrior x Sidhe Vampire

    A young man, newly dubbed a warrior in his tribe, desperately seeks out one of the Fair Folk, he has been told she has mastery of great healing powers...but has also heard dark rumors about the Lady of the Woods, nonetheless he presses on, eager to save the life of his sister, he will do anything she asks of him...anything.


    Invading Warlord x Princess


    I have plots for these, truly I swear

    After I get about two more people, I'm closing up shop for the time being
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  18. I like the invading warlord and princess one best.. I don't do undead/vampires.
  19. Thread or PM
  20. Thread, please?
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