Fantasy Roleplay Idea! (Both Interest Check & Plotting)

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  1. If you've clicked this, then I'm sure you must be expecting something....magical.
    And I have just that! (Sorta, it has magic in it, but we're still working on all the little technical stuff).

    WARNING!Now, seeing as this is an interest check & group plotting thread, I'm sure you all need to know that any of the information below is liable to change, and certain parts are probably in need of that!
    Pleasepleaseplease , if any of you have ideas/concerns/questions and the like, bring them up! Yes, even if it's a stupid question (I've probably asked plenty of those myself), I will try to answer it to the best of my capability!
    Oh, and @Edward is one of my lovely and utterly helpless helpful Co-GMs, because this is (hopefully) going to be big, and I kinda stink at managing big things xD.

    Tl;dr ? That's fine, here's a basic idea of the plot~

    Basically you guys would be royal arses Ahem, I mean royal heirs/heiresses of multiple kingdoms that all worship the almighty "Goddess". There's this prophecy thingy that was written up a long time ago by said Goddess, talking about how the kingdoms are gonna have this insane rivalry/hatred of the others, and constantly try to show up the others. So, she basically made it so that each current queen of the kingdoms would bear three children...and all of the generations have the same birthday!

    And so, in order to try and fix these countries relations, all of these kids must be sent to Luina, a small independent country that kinda has that "survival of the fittest" motto, except with magic! Oh, not to mention it's home of the best magic school in the entire continent!

    But while these princes and princesses try to out-best one another, an evil begins to awaken. "God" is slowly breaking the seal placed onto him long ago, and in order to come back to full power will need a vessel powerful enough to hold his immensely prestigious soul! The Goddess senses this, and therefore picks her own "vessel" to counter God's vessel!

    Friendships, Rivalries, heck, even a bit of romance may ensue in this crazy mixed-up roleplay that hasn't been named yet (oh, speaking of which, if you guys have title ideas feel free to post them too!). In the almighty battle of "good" versus "evil", all will depend on the next generation of fine, dedicated, noble -
    Umm, sure, we'll call them that. :sweatdrop:

    Fantasy, Open-world, Magic

    Basic Concept of the World:

    The world is a vast one, filled to the brim with many magical creatures, spirits, monsters, and more. Anything beyond human is what people like to call a "Soul Beast". But, luckily for us humans, we have the Goddess on our side, who has gave us the opportunity to learn magic! There are six known types of magic;

    Red magic has the powers of fire.

    Blue magic has the powers of water.

    Yellow magic has the powers of earth.

    Green magic has the powers of wind.

    Void Magic has the powers of shadow.

    White Magic has the powers of the soul.

    A bit more detail on Magic:

    "Magic, unlike some beliefs, isn't about using the power around you, but the power within you. Whatever affinity one has depends on multiple things, such as genes, personality, how one was raised, and etcetera. An affinity simply means that it would be a strong suit, and also tells you your weakness. But none of that matters when it comes to the matter of training and honing your skills as a mage, oh no. That relies solely on Mental Capacity (MC for short). Even if one has great talent and potential, they can never make it there without MC. That is also one of the key things it takes to be a mage, and it is a rare thing indeed to see a youngling with a high mental capacity!"

    The Setting/Some History:

    The continent we start off in (called "Alelia") is divided into six countries; Ibayde, Kian, Rhiard, Yearue, Nyot, and Bioli. Each country has it's own special strengths, and of course the rivalry between them all is...intense. Within this era though, all six of these countries' rulers have managed to get three children before the queens suddenly became sterile, each one born about two years apart. But the really frightening thing about this situation though, is the fact that all
    of each country's eldest, middle, and youngest heir(ess) were born on the same day! Confused and baffled by this, each country delved into the deepest parts of their archives to find out what kind of joke this was, only to find the same exact prophecy written the same exact way.

    The Prophecy (open)
    "From one to three, then fertility will no longer be.
    From the dark corruption lying in the hearts of fallen friends,
    a new generation must use these broken bonds to mend.
    By the time that the last have reached thirteen,
    Into the heart of Alelia is where they all shall be.
    Grouped separately, yet together with one more,
    Alelia shall see, whether or not they soar.
    If the promise your ancestors made is to be broken,
    Then may the goddess have mercy on you, as hell will open."

    Then, to top it off, each copy was marked with the signature of the original rulers of each country, the icing on the cake if you will. A meeting was held, to decide what this 'prophecy' meant. Finally, they came to a conclusion. Their beloved goddess had made a deal with their ancestors about using this next generation of royals to "mend the bonds", whatever that meant. But, by the time the youngest heirs (or heiresses) of the countries were thirteen, all of their children were to be sent into "the heart of Alelia". That part was clear enough, they just simply had to send their children to Luina.

    Now...what is Luina you may ask?

    Luina is a small, really small country, isolated within the most dangerous part of Alelia, the Valley of Souls. It is where only the most successful (or the most rich) young practitioners of magic go to hone their skills under the most powerful mages in Alelia. The country itself is made of two things, the Luina Academy, and Luina itself. But the isolation isn't really what separates Luina from the rest of the world, rather it is the societal system that does. It doesn't matter your age, gender, position, or even really how much money you have, the only way to be treated
    like a real person is if you have a natural affinity for any of the five magics, and get a decent ranking based off of it.

    From then on, it's simply a matter of strength, the stronger and more powerful you are, the better the other students and citizens will treat you. If you are weak prepared to do lots of work, just to pay rent. Heck, normal people would never be able to live happily here, unless they'd like to be treated as slaves.

    A bit more about each country:

    Ibayde: A country well known for it's advancement in red magic, Ibayde is currently the largest kingdom in Alelia. It is ruled by King Oz and Queen Alice.

    Kian: A kingdom well known for it's advancement in blue magic, Kian is the second largest kingdom in Alelia. It is currently ruled by King Break and Queen Sharon.

    Rhiard: A country well known for yellow magic, Rhiard is the third largest kingdom in Alelia. It is currently being ruled by King Gilbert, who's wife has passed on.

    Yearue: A country well known for it's advancement in green magic, Yearue is the fourth largest continent in Alelia. It is ruled by King Jack and Queen Lacie.

    Nyot: A country known for it's advancement in black magic, it is the same size as Bioli. It is currently ruled by King Oswald and Queen Lottie.

    Bioli: A kingdom well known for its advancement in white magic, it is the same size as Nyot. it is currently ruled by Queen Echo, who's husband has passed on.

    System of Ranking (A.K.A technical stuff that could definitely use some work) :

    Magic is divided into six categories, as we know already, and one must have a good mental capacity in order to learn higher-level magic, not to mention a higher mental capacity at an earlier age means a faster training speed.

    Magic is divided into 10 ranks:
    F, E, D, C, B, A, AA, S, SS, SSS
    (With F being the lowest and SSS being the highest. Each ranking is sub-divided into a "-" , "even" , and "+")

    Certain levels have special conditions in order to advance, but at the same time they also have great rewards when achieved.

    ~The crossing from the D+ range into the C- range takes the absorbing of at least a C-ranked Soul Beasts' soul. By doing this, one's mental capacity shall be given a tremendous boost, and a special power will be given to the user depending on the soul beast absorbed.*

    ~The crossing from a B+ range into an A- range also takes the absorbing of at least an A-ranked soul beast. Again, a special power will be given to the user dependent on the soul beast absorbed, along with a slower aging rank.

    ~From rank S and beyond, each crossing needs at least half a year of uninterrupted meditation...or a rank S Soul Beasts' soul. Also, once rank S is achieved, the mage stops aging, meaning that they don't die of old age, but can be killed by other means.

    Soul Beasts:
    Soul Beasts are divided into 8 natural ranks, domesticated or partner Soul Beasts can quickly 'rank up' (in a sense) by going into a hibernation, which can last anytime from simply a few hours, to years.

    F ~ ages 10 - 50
    E ~ 50 - 100
    D ~ 100 - 1,000
    C ~ 1,000 - 10,000
    B ~ 10,000 - 100,000
    A ~ 100,000 - 500,000
    AA ~ 500,000 - 1,000,000
    S ~ 1,000,000 and up.

    Special circumstances have been recorded for certain ages:

    ~Once a Soul Beast has become an A ranking, they are capable of human speech, and can communicate basic things with humans.

    ~Once a Soul Beast has reached rank AA, they can communicate complex things with humans. There have only been a few AA Soul Beasts ever recorded.

    ~No S rank Soul Beast has ever been recorded as of yet.

    Mental Capacity:
    Note that mental capacity does not have to match up with the level of magic one has. Like, a level F mage can have a level A mental capacity, or vice versa...but it's pretty uncommon for that to happen, since in most cases the mental capacity goes hand in hand with the magic level, increasing as one 'ranks up'.

    50-60 ~ The average MC of a rank F mage.
    60-70 ~ rank E mage
    70-80 ~ rank D mage
    80-90 ~ rank C mage
    90-100 ~ rank B mage
    100-120 ~ rank A mage
    120-150 ~ AA mage
    150-200 ~ S mage
    200-250 ~ SS mage
    250+ ~ SSS mage

    So basically, these kids were basically sent to become:
    1) Best friends, and whoever becomes ruler will hopefully get along with the other countries in best case scenario.
    2) Really powerful Magicians (duh!) who, when faced with a crisis, will hopefully work together in their groups.

    These are the goals of the royal houses, who think that these are also the intended goals of the Goddess. Little do they know, that the true reason behind this arrangement was to stop the "awakening" of "God", which is the Goddess's male counterpart, considered the root of any and all things "Evil". Now, "God" is trying to use the rivalry between countries to his advantage, trying to create an opportunity for a flat-out war all over Alelia, but he cannot do that if all of his "opportunities" are sent to the safest place in Alelia, right?

    So, he waits, biding his time and waiting for the right moment to choose his "vessel". But at the same time, the goddess is also choosing her own "vessel" to counteract with this advance.*

    *By choosing a "vessel", the God or Goddess basically becomes that persons guardian angel in a sense, taking the form of a spirit that only can be seen by the vessel, and can be sensed by anybody who's a high-class mage. This means that they can give advice, training tips, information, and even deliver influencing thoughts, which in the case of "God's Vessel" would mean that God is slowly convincing him to become his own personal incarnate**.

    **One becomes an incarnate by giving up their soul, which is then consumed by the one who has chosen them as a vessel. The incarnee then takes over the body, granting it the powers of...well, a god. Only Vessels can become Incarnates.

    Cast/Available Spots:

    Group 1, 'The Younglings"
    (Roughly age 13)

    Ibayde ~
    Kian ~
    Rhiard ~
    Yearue ~
    Nyot ~
    Bioli ~

    Group 2, "The Middle Children"
    (Roughly age 15)

    Ibayde ~
    Kian ~
    Rhiard ~
    Yearue ~
    Nyot ~
    Bioli ~

    Group 3, "The Elders"
    (Roughly age 17)

    Ibayde ~
    Kian ~
    Rhiard ~
    Yearue ~
    Nyot ~
    Bioli ~



    Questions? Comments? Likes / Dislikes / Hopefully not Hates?
    Or maybe some suggestions for titles / technical stuff / plot bunnies?

    Feel free to post them below!

    ...but don't make me cry please, that wouldn't be so fun x.x

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  2. I love the idea and am so interested. Writing up a follow up post shortly ;)
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  3. Ok so I love the idea and how developed it is. I'm not going to lie there but I do have a few criticisms/ confusion.

    A) What is the difference between the magic level and the mental capacity?
    B) How do we encounter the beasts to befriend/ kill? Do we just write them in ourselves? -> Possibly can lead to OP
    C) How are we going to get this many people to join @.@? -> not saying it's impossible, just difficult
    D) How is the vessel going to be selected? -> Because OP can happen

    That's all for now I guess ^_^;
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  4. @Faber
    Thank you for the feedback, now to answer your questions in an orderly fashion....​

    A) Alright, so I thought up mental capacity mostly because I was trying to create some sort of system that would make it easy to tell how powerful one is. Mental Capacity is something that is needed in order to learn higher level Magic (hence the magic levels). It's sorta like a safety mechanism for the body, to make sure that it doesn't get overloaded with magic...something like that.
    In simple words, Mental capacity is like a prelude to magic, and is there to make sure one does not die.

    B) Most beasts can be found in areas outside of cities/villages. In this case, the students would request to go outside Luina (which would be the Valley of Souls, a place practically overflowing with many varieties of Soul Beasts) to battle/befriend them. And as for the players writing them in themselves.... if you run by an idea of a Soul Beast with me first, I'd be completely fine with that!

    C) This is an easily tweakable part of the roleplay....I'm hoping to at least get 5 people, but what you see in the post above is the max number of players I shall accept, because there is absolutely no way I'm going over 20 (oh, wait, not that many!).

    D) Ah, this is where I confused myself before. You see, there are multiple vessels for both God and Goddess, but there can only be 1 incarnate. So...everyone's a vessel in a way, but some might be favorited over others depending on the situation. (Otherwise known as I have no idea who will be what, and if this manages to get enough people I'll bring it back up then xD)

    ....Hopefully I addressed everything, thank you for the possible interest and feedback!

    Also what does OP mean?
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  5. OP means overpowered.
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  6. It definitely looks interesting. I'll keep an eye on it for sure XD
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  7. I'm interested. ^w^
  8. @wolfgurl1999

    Ah, I'm very glad to hear that you guys are interested!

    Are there any concerns, questions, and/or suggestions-slash-ideas that you would like to share? ^^

    (Oh gosh, I sound like one of those people who are in charge of an icebreaker game xD)
  9. I'm a little concudes about the age thing. Does that mean they aren't humans?
  10. I'll definitely be keeping an eye on this!

    And, random idea: wouldn't it be cool if God's incarnate and Goddess' become best friends?
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  11. I smell some man hua inspired plot here.. it's really familiar with the Soul beast concept

    anyway I'm interested on this =D
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