Fantasy/Historic FxF RP. (Sort of FxF. Romance. 18+)

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  1. Okay so this is a simple request, but I'm probably going to explain it like an idiot and make it sound complicated, haha.

    I really want to do a romance/slice-of-life where YC courts MC in a Medieval setting (maybe set during the 1500's or 1600's). However, it isn't quite historical. Maybe in this universe, gender doesn't really matter. Your character is sort of genderless, since she's technically a woman but she doesn't stereotypically act like one. She meets my very feminine character and sets about courting her. So I suppose this is an untraditional FxF, lol.

    My character:

    Your character:

    Sorry but I really like the character appearances, so only show interest if they're okay with you :)
  2. Whose character would be seducing whom? C:
  3. Whoah! Quick reply, haha ^^

    Since YC is courting mine, I guess YC would be seducing MC. But I dunno since it's more romantic than seductive lol xD
  4. I was going to say, I'm not the best at seducing xD But romance, I can do C:

    Yeah, sorry for bombarding suddenly! I just happened to click onexone search and found that first
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  5. Haha not a problem! :D

    Were you interested? If so, feel free to send me a pm ^_^
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