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  1. So I have this fantasy world in mind. The idea is pretty thought out (big picture) with the minor details bouncing around. Still If i wanted to i could start the RP now with what i have and fill in the blanks as we progress. The world is thought out. The Races are developed. I have a bad guy. What i would like is an assistance GM to help me tell the story and develop NPC. (again i already have a story in mind so i am not asking anyone to write my story for me)

    For a little bit of back ground information without spoiling the story for those who might want to play it. The players will be some color of mercenary. They can be anywhere from convicts to ex-knights who personally guarded the king. Character age limits will be from 17-23 no exceptions.

    All the PCs come to this Town after accepting a job to guard this Merchant. Then the fire nation attacks
    There they will meet 2 NPC who also accepted the quest.

    I want the player base to be 3-5. Players will preform actions but the GMs will determine what happens through secret methods. Ideally i want the players to explore and try to progress without me just saying it. The NPCs will give them hints on what to do. Because this is my first time GMing I wont make this complex.

    There will be powers and Skill stats and fun... wanna help me run it XD
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  2. I'm interested! >:O
  3. Let's rev it.
  4. you guys interested in Playing or GMing
  5. The latter is a possibility after two weeks.
  6. If you need a GM i'm in for it. Would help with the fact that i have like a zillion unused ideas sitting in my brain.
  7. Hey~hey^^!!

    The Boo Girlie likes the premise ;D.

    BUT!! Can ya show a sample of how these skill stats work? Like charrie sheet Wut? And... "will determine what happens through secret methods" involves us how? Cuz know what? That sounds kinda creepy stalkerish...!>,>
  8. Stats will determine players ability to successfully complete Actions. So like if a player had High strength then they would be more successful at punching through walls. More intelligences would give them higher chance decipher a different a secret code. Though these are not the stats i may use. You get the idea.

    For character sheet. I have not developed one yet as this is a work in progress right now. But we will have the typical things like Name, Age, Power, Stats, bios But i also plan to include something different for personality. I wont say what but just know it wont be as simple as you writing how emo your toon is XD. Ideally I really want people to understand how their character works and I also want to understand it so i can determine if they are healthy for the RP. I As for powers. I believe in creativity over me giving you a list to pick from. However I also believe in limitations which i will set.
    The reason they are secret is because i dont want players to crack the system. I want it to be like life. You never know what will happen but it wont be Completely RNG. You affected it by being true to your character and finding creative or the correct tools and methods to tackle the problem. I wont give any more then that but just know it will be fair. But remember... Life is not always fair *wink*

    Will I will be watching your characters every move... Following behind them and monitoring there success and failures. Like a fly on a wall i will always be there. So yes I plan to be that creepy stalkerish GM... but its all in the name of science giving the best story/RP/challenge i can

    Sorry for not having all the info ready yet but I want to point out that this is not a finished work yet and i dont want to spoil the good stuff yet XD
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  9. Neat. I'm totes interested.
  10. I'm iffy about 'stats', or numbers in general.
  11. Yeah~yeah, me too. Like ^that^ is how I feel about what I just read too :/

    Like thanks for answering but it kinda sorta sounds like some kinda sim video game-ish thang going on?

    Boo just wanna RP. But good luck with your RP, kay?^^
  12. I'm interested :3 sounds pretty cool
  13. Understandable Not all RPs are for everyone but i also want to point out that This will not be a Dice RP. The Stats serve as a tangible way of determining what a character can or cannot do.

    For example (not using stats)
    When someone says "they are smart" What does that mean. Does that mean they can out think every problem? Do they just know everything. Do they learn quickly? Can the just read well? Are they great with magic? There are many different things that make us Smart.

    When someone says "they are physically strong" we know that means they can lift alot of weight, But why? Is it from sheer muscle. Is it from magic sources? Is it just technique?

    When someone says "they are quick" Does that mean they run fast? does that mean they have good reflexes? Does that mean they can swing a blade around rapidly?

    These are things that are commonly use when describing a characters strengths. They are too vague and can be assumed to take on many traits. Now you can always give a description to add a value like: "I am smart cause i know alot of languages or i am strong because i can smash rocks" Those set up limits but again, it is too vauge. Why do you know alot of languages. Age? bilingual parents? Great teacher? comes naturally to you? Every one of those things make you smart but they make you smart in different ways. Time and Wisdom comes with age. Hearing different languages all the time makes you experience. Great teacher would know how you learn while having it come naturally just means your a good learner.

    What about breaking rocks? Thats simple right? nope. Lets list off reasons you can break rocks. Good tools, Training, Understanding physics, good muscles, Magic, technique.
    Good tools shows you are resourceful, Training shows you have experience, Physics magic means your smart and understand the rock, muscles self explanatory, magic users cheat, Technique shows you know how to fight.

    Now i just nuked this a little bit but you get the idea. I want you to be strong but i want you to know why you are strong.

    Example with stats:
    Now lets me use a stat and trait system (which is not the one im personally using but will be similar)

    Strength: You have good genetics or you train alot giving your muscles lots of power
    Dexterity: You accel at quick movements. You have control of your body, hand eye coordination, and reflexes
    Intelligences: You have a brain and unlike most of the world. You use it. You can process information, have great memory, do math, read this description

    Running: 1Str, 2Dex, 1Int
    Sword play: 1Dex, 1Int
    Claymore Mastery: 2Str, 1Dex
    Gun Mastery: 2Dex, 1Int
    Reading: 1Int
    Sneaking: 2Dex, 1Int
    Dueling: 3Str, 2Dex, 1Int

    So using stats i can describe a character with 5/1/3 stats easily

    Running: fast because they are a born athlete. Not to mention they know to stretch prior.
    Sword play: They know how to use a sword but not experience with one
    Claymore Mastery: They can wield this BFS through shear muscle alone who needs skill when you can smash XD
    Gun Mastery: Knows how to shoot a gun but not experience with one. Still dont be surprise when they start calculating your movements
    Reading: Not an avid reader but they can follow directions on a piece of paper
    Sneaking: They are lucky if they can even silently get pass a dead person... but they at least know to move when no one is looking XD
    Dueling: You wont see any fancy flourishes but good luck taking those heavy hits which are back behind a decent plan.

    Now lets look at someone with 3/5/1

    Running: Has great form, balance, and a fit body so good luck tripping them
    Sword play: Their blades flies through the air in a blink of an eye and has some power behind it
    Claymore Mastery: They can lift and swing this giant blade with precision
    Gun Mastery: Can shoot the the center of a dime from a mile away and still have enough ammo to take out your group of 6 with a 6 shot revolver
    Reading: Surprise you got out of kindergarten
    Sneaking: You are a flipin ninja. Your soo good you can rob a bank in board daylight without getting caught. (good thing too because your not smart enough to do it at night... dumbass)
    Dueling: You got blinding speed, reflexes, and your hits have good impact to out maneuver anyone If only you knew some more tricks.

    In both examples, i know what you have and why you can do it. I can easily build challenges for both these characters. Player one will have to fight player 2 because he will have trouble keeping of with player 2's quick movements with the blade and accuracy with a gun. And after player to wins. I will send him to school because he cannot fucking read and robs banks during the day... dumbass

    This is why i support stats. Its not about who has the bigger number. its about what that number means and making sure people are not becoming jack of all trades.
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