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    • I roleplay via the private messaging system only. Threads just make me uncomfortable.
    • I write in 3rd person only. 1st person is another thing that makes me uncomfortable.
    • I can play male and female characters equally, so normally I'm not picky unless I have something specific thought out that I want to do.
    • I play submissive type characters only.
    • I only accept real life images.
    • I do no sexual roleplays or fandoms.
    • ...can play as male and female characters equally.
    • ...writes in 3rd person paragraph style.
    • ...can reply at least a few times a day.
    • ...can play as dominant and cruel and even sadistic type characters.
    CHARACTER PAIRINGS (NOTE: Any role highlighted in this color is the role I would play as.)
    • Vampire & Vampire
    • Vampire & Human
    • Demon & Human
    • Shrink & Patient
    • Female & Female OR Male & Male
    • Female & Male OR Male & Female
    • Bully & Bullied
    • Human-like Alien & Normal Human
    • Kidnapper & Kidnapped
    • Torturer & Victim
    • Werewolf & Vampire
    • Mermaid & Pirates
    • Sadist & Normal Person
    • Demon & Angel
    • Angel & Human
    If you are interested, please either send me a private message directly with your interest or reply to this thread, and I will get to you with ideas. Looking forward to hearing from you!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.