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  1. Hello!
    Well, I bet you a few that you've seen me before! It's only, because I'm still looking for someone. Since, I don't want to waste your time I'll give you the important info. then my plot(s).
    •I'm Semi to literate.
    •I do best in Romance.
    •I work with males.
    •I'm okay with fighting scene, egh.​
    Since, I have that we'll get on with a few plot ideas! ^_^ But they obviously go into Fantasy.​
    •A war has started and this war is between the humans an mythological creatures. You either have choice kill, or be killed. [Slightly like HG.]
    •A small sweet story with forbidden love, a princess of a race and a servant.
    •An enemy, but then an ally. The two search for the same thing, but they have their differences. They face many difficulties while on their adventure. ​
    That's done! If you have more questions on the races look here...just click em'.
    Races : Fan-tasy.
    More on half elves: Half-elf
    You can use other races.
    Questions? Ask.
  2. Hmm, I'm interested. I like the idea of a war between humans and mythological creatures.
  3. :bug: Oh, really? I'm glad! I kind of liked that idea the most out of my plain ideas. Well, shall we talk? I feel it's a waste of thread to fill up this. When you're not busy, go ahead and message me. So, I know I'm not going to bother you.
  4. As in like, you play male characters, or you want to play with someone playing a male character
  5. Hmm..I guess I should've have been more descriptive. To explain it further I meant as in I 'work with them,' as in 'I'm not the male, but I work rather well with another person who is a male.'
  6. I'll give roleplaying with you a try
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.