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  1. 8d48615d-1486-47ff-9a5c-8623152f6305.jpg Luka Crosszeria is a royal vampire, preceding over the dark chained world of Gothic and black hues, where dark and different is life and where lords and ladies reign. He finds a wolf pup on his journeys through the castle's grounds one day, a snow white wolf puppy whom he names Indie.

    Strange things begin to happen with this pup as she starts to change, shifting into a humanoid form with her wolf tail and ears. Loyal to her master she falls in love with him and becomes jealousy as he deals with his chosen suitors, unable to deal with the face he sees her as a pet. Now she works towards making him fall for her, going through crazy antics to get noticed in the room full of beauties that have been summoned.


    [BCOLOR=#101010]PhantomThief---------Luka (Prince Heir)
    PhantomThief---------Ren (Knight/Luka's sister/princess)
    PhantomThief---------NPC Suitors/some servants/ Aira (Queen?)/ King

    SUITORS (5 so far)----could use more?
    [BCOLOR=#101010]Zaira-------------------Kira (Rubbish[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=#101010]thegothicbeauty-------Nicole (Suitor)
    thegothicbeauty-------Indie (Suitor/wolf)
    ElBell-------------------___?___ (Suitor)
    SERVANTS (3 at the moment)---Need More
    [BCOLOR=#101010]McFluffy-------------Silvia (Servant)
    Ravenwitchwood ---Adrian (Servant/spy?)
    [BCOLOR=#101010]pwh25---------------Jonathan (Servant)[/BCOLOR]

    UNKNOWN (Interested but don't have character(s) yet)

    RP Thread:
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  2. CS-( Only fill out essentials if you wish. )


    Character Name:

    PHYSICAL CHARACTERISTICS (optional if you have photo)

    Distinguishing Marks:
    General Appearance:


    Current Goal/Purpose:
    General Personality:
    Inner Personality:


    General History:

    Before/ Present Life: (before becoming star. for other roles your present life)

    (Put only essential parts if you wish)
  3. {Is the role of Indie open, or just the role of suitors?}
  4. Indie is open. But I do have to approve of her. Suitors not as much.
  5. Role: Wolf Pup/Wolf-Human hybrid, owned by Luka.
    Character Name: Indie
    Alias: None
    Gender: Female
    Ethnicity: African-American
    Age: 19
    (Imagine she has wolf ears and a tail, okay?)
    Height: 5ft 6in
    Hair: Orange
    Eyes: Orange
    Distinguishing Marks: Wolf Ears & Tail
    General Appearance: Athletic Build, thin(ish), brown skin, large eyes.
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  6. [​IMG]
    Role: Indie (Werewolf/ wolf pup/ human hybrid)
    Character Name: Indie
    Alias: None
    Gender: Female
    Ethnicity: American
    Age: 18-19

    Height: five foot eight
    Hair: pure white
    Eyes: emerald green
    Distinguishing Marks: her wolf ears and tail as a human
    General Appearance:
    Strengths: better hearing then a human, wolf like sense of smell
    Weaknesses: her sense of smell can often be her downfall, Luka

    Current Goal/Purpose: To be loyal to her master, and try and make him fall in love with her
    Aspirations: to end up as her master's lover
    Hobbies: running as a wolf, singing, dancing
    Talents: singing and dancing
    Inabilities: She wont leave the castle without Luka
    Fears: that Luka will only see her as a pet and nothing more
    General Personality: She is fiercely loyal to Luka and will do anything for him. She is also rather even tempered and fun loving
    Inner Personality: She is stubborn and daring. She still wishes to make Luka happy

    General History: Indie doesn't remember much of her life as a wolf pup before Luka found her. All she knows is roaming alone after she was separated from her pack. She ended up in a castle and roamed the halls until someone found her, Luka, as she grew older she manages to change her form becoming a human with the ears and tail of a wolf. Around this time, her master is also looking at suitors to be his future mate, which she becomes insanely jealous of. At first she doesn't understand it until she learns that she is in love with the man.

    It is at this realization that she decides to try and get his attention, so that she can be at his side.

    When many beautiful suitors come to call, she does all she can to make Luka notice her doing all sorts of crazy antics hoping he will see her as the one he is meant to be with.

    Before/ Present Life: (before becoming star. for other roles your present life) Unsure of what this is...
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  7. (Will the servants have to be any gender restricted.)
  8. Nope. Neither do Suitors.

    Role: Servant (Wolf)
    Character Name: Jonathon Pierce
    Alias: Jay
    Gender: Male
    Ethnicity: American
    Age: 20

    Height: 6'2
    Hair: Brown
    Eyes: Light Brown
    Distinguishing Marks:
    -Scar on neck and across his chest
    General Appearance:
    - Muscular
    - Dimples
    - Tan
    - Good with close combat
    - Swords etc.
    - Can handle blood
    - No supernatural strength (at the moment)
    - Won't lose the people he loves


    Current Goal/Purpose: Serve Luka and his guests
    Aspirations: Wealthy blacksmith
    Hobbies: Blacksmith
    Talents: Blacksmith
    Inabilities: Supernatural powers
    Fears: Losing the people he is close to
    General Personality: Kind, obedient, caring, sarcastic, funny, loves to listen and help others
    Inner Personality:Pretty much very open, except he has been feeling sudden bursts of anger due to his changing. He is unaware that he is becoming a wolf.


    General History: Lost his family in a fire. Works for Luka for money. Has been loyal to him.

    Before/ Present Life: Before he was living as an orphan after the fire and Luka took him in to serve. Now he continues to serve Luka while he has a part time job as a blacksmith, creating weapons.

    (Put only essential parts if you wish)
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  10. Merp
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    Role: Servant (wolf)
    Character Name: Anastasia Romanov
    Alias: Sia
    Gender: Female
    Ethnicity:Caucasian (Russian)
    Age: 19

    image.jpg image.jpg

    Height: 5'6
    Hair: Brown/ Dirty Blonde
    Eyes: Green with a blue ring around
    Distinguishing Marks: Scar along her back
    General Appearance:
    -Looks like she could be a model
    -Good with swords, bows and arrows
    -Has good focus and concentration
    -enhanced senses
    -Losing the ones she loves
    More: She loves cold weather


    Current Goal/Purpose: Serve Luka
    Aspirations: She's not sure
    Hobbies: Singing; Music
    Talents: Singing; Music
    Inabilities: She doesn't have complete control over when she changes.
    Fears: Losing the ones she loves, being left alone, and spiders
    General Personality: Obedient, Temperamental, Calm, Adorably Charming
    Inner Personality: Kind, Caring, Adorably Charming, Loving


    General History: Her parents abandoned her when she was a pup. Luka took her in so she works for him as long as she is protected.

    Before/ Present Life: She was born in Russia and spent her years on the street until Luka brought her in when she was only 8. She learned how to take care of herself, but she had Luka promise to keep her protected due to her fear of being left alone again. Ever since then, she's been his loyal and trustworthy servant.


    Role: suitor
    Character Name: Silvia Amico
    Alias: "V"
    Gender: Female
    Ethnicity: N/A
    Age: 19


    14 - 1.jpg
    Height: 5'4
    Hair: gray
    Eyes: gray
    Distinguishing Marks: one scar going down her left arm, starts at the bicep and ends at the wrist, long and thick.
    General Appearance:
    -Slightly curvaceous
    -short and fragile
    -extremely agile
    -great with small blades (daggers, knives, etc)
    -great with animals

    -can't control her form when hungry, or angry.
    -isn't the most social person
    -can be irrational
    -super shy (got to get to know her first before she even tries to talk)

    More: feels slightly intimidated around her kind


    Current Goal/Purpose: to serve Luka to his dying breath
    Hobbies: loves to mess with anything mechanical
    Talents: can thrive in the wild.
    Inabilities: not a lot of physical strength
    Fears: death, and returning to the hunters
    General Personality: quiet and quite timid around others. doesn't like to talk much unless she knows the person she's talking too
    Inner Personality: thoughtful and very resourceful. tends to overthink things to much



    the day was quiet... to quiet

    Silvia has lived in the forest for most of her days. feasting upon prey as she came about. she had no thought of her kin. she grew up like this, alone, not knowing anyone and learning to control the way she changed. her ability came natural. turning from somewhat human (despite the furry ears and long tail), to wolf. clothing wasn't needed, only a handmade knife and her claws.

    which is why they came.

    as I said before, they day was quiet... to quiet.
    the birds had stopped chirping and making their music which bothered Silvia, she felt that there was a intruder. maybe another pack of wolves, wouldn't be the first time right. she yawned and got up, and met the handle of a rifle, pretty sure it broke her nose and left her unconscious. she woke up tied down with a bag on her head and the ground under her rattled. at the time she didn't know a lick of English, but later she knew what the men had said after leaning the language. they were going to use her as a profit, and sell her to someone in the "underground" as a prostitute for big money. luckily that wasn't about to happen, she felt the ground stop moving and suddenly there was fighting, muffled movements and grunts. then everything went quiet. she felt someone's hands undo her bindings and take the bag of her face. she looked up and growled to see a hand reach out to her. somehow he persuaded her to leave the movable box (car) he gave her a blanket and lead her to a home.

    it was Luka who saved her, and taught her how to speak. she was fluent in the Italian language, and still trying to get a handle on the English part. she learned how to clothe herself, and how to take car of herself properly such as bathing and personal hygiene. thanks to all this, she swore to herself to always serve Luka as he saw fit, up onto her last days.

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  13. Why is everyone wolves! Are we forgetting this is a vampire kingdom?

    Any was indie is still open
  14. indie is open?
    I though I had her role...

    Ive been waiting for a link for it to start... has it started and I didn't know??? I didn't know this was in the actual we are starting phase since we didn't have very many people. Most of the rps ive done that are groups have an oc like this and then when they are ready post the link to the rp.... Ive been on everyday and watching the oc thread.
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  15. Oh no she isn't open. My bad. I though u were the one that told me you wouldn't play her because you though RP was something else. I'm sorry about that.
  16. I'm so sorry has the rp started? I feel so bad hahaha I don't think I found the other thread
  17. lol its okay it happens. I have noticed that everyone seems to be a wolf.... I find that amusing
  18. There wasn't alot of info to know what races were going to be able to pick. All we know is who indie and luka is, no time set, no rules, no info on how each race is. It's kinda hard to do such things without the information on how to do them.
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  19. No not yet when it starts I will post the link of first post of thread.
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  20. Why would a vampire rule a world of wolves?

    Why would a vampire rule over magical creates?

    If anything rules over wolves its wolves and if its mixed I would think demon.
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