Fandoms, Gritty fandoms, and time travel!

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  1. Good morning, Good evening and good night fellas!

    So I'm back again, after mysteriously disappearing, again.
    Well not mysteriously, I was swallowed whole by exam stress and depression, but I am back and doing swell!
    And looking for some RP :D.

    I'm only looking for 1-3 partners!

    So before we begin the old bump and grind, I'll unload all the boring rules first:

    1. I take between 1 day and 1 week to reply, please be a patient person! However, if we're roleplaying and I am being a lazy dick, please give me a nudge, As I'll do the same for you!
    2. I'm gonna be real, I love RPing smut and I'm getting Blue-RP-Balls because it's been so long! That in mind, I would like to roleplay with 18+ people! Also, hmu for my RPing kink list! However, smut is not essential!
    3. No anime plz.
    4. 1-5 paragraphs, plz, above the intermediate level too! OOC chat is 10/10.
    5. Don't RP with me if you're easily offended. I swear like a sailor and the majority of my writing is dark-themed.
    5.5. That being said, I'm not a huuge dick. If you have major dislikes, please let me know!
    6. I will send you music/gifs/links to things that remind me of our RP, so let me know if you dislike that! I also love to decorate my posts with gifs and pixels, but that is always an option!
    7. Check out my resume!

    To the RPs!

    Plot 1 - Zombies/TWD/Survival/Crossover
    Buzzwords - Gore, Dark themes, AU fandoms, canonxcanon.

    Based in TWD universe, we play 1/2 characters each. The characters are people from different fandoms, surviving together! I'm likely to play Jack Bauer from 24, Harold Finch from PoI, Dexter from Dexter, or a few others!

    Plot 2 - Fallout 4
    Buzzwords - MxF/M/FxF, canonxoc, Fandom.

    I'm really looking for any plot in fallout! I have an OC who I love and I would like to play against MacCready! I'm down for playing anyone, but I especially enjoy Hancock, Danse and Piper!

    Plot 3 - Time Traveler x Inventor
    Buzzwords - Sci-Fi, MxM, ocxoc, romance, fluff.

    C1 is a Time Traveler, just a guy checking out different eras, but is getting a lil bit lonely. He bumps into an eccentric inventor from the 1800's, C2. Attractive, tall... A little crazy yes, but the man was eager to learn more. Eventually, they travel together through time. - Lots of room more your ideas here!

    Plot 4 - Patient x Doctor
    Buzzwords - MxM, Slice of Life, ocxoc, romance, dark themes.

    C1 suffers from the rare Giovanni Mirror Syndrome, and needs help. A childish man, who needs looking after. C2 is a psychiatrist with his own problems, but goes on with his job nevertheless. He is C1's doctor. After a couple of months of looking after C1, C2 can't help but love C1, and he does unintentionally malicious things to become closer to him. - I have a character for C1! Again, lots of room for your ideas!

    Plot 5 - Warriors
    Buzzwords - Multiple Characters, historical, sci-fi, violence, war.

    This was originally a group RP I GMmed last year, but I'd prefer it to be a 1x1 now! The idea is that history's most victorious leaders are transported to a video game like world to lead their armies against eachother. They make allies and enemies. - I have all the mechanics and my characters ready, however someone with an interest in history and world building would be best for this!

    Bonus plot!
    This is just for you people who love the X-files, UFO's, and conspiracy theories. If you're really into that sort of thing, then I'd love to create a RP with you!

    List of pairings/ideas without a plot!

    Bold is my preferred character! (Not set in stone though!)
    All of these pairings are MxM unless you have a really good idea!

    Conspiracy theorist x skeptic
    ✧ Superhero x Supervillain
    ✧ 90's teenagers
    ✧ in the closet relationship
    Corrupt politician x demon
    serial killer x victim
    ✧ Dieselpunk Nazi Germany
    ✧ Rival Criminals
    Composer x musician
    scientific experiment x doctor
    Dad x Babysitter
    ✧ Cannibal x Chef
    ✧ Rival band members
    ✧ Cyberpunk
    ✧ vulnerable teen x dad

    Fandom List! :

    ✧ Fandom - Who I like to play / who I can play.
    In Order of craving!

    ✧ Fallout 4 - Most Companions, OC's
    ✧ GTA V - OC's
    ✧ Jurassic Park/World - Malcolm, Grant, OC's
    ✧ Kingsman: The secret service - Harry, OC's / Eggsy
    ✧ Sherlock (BBC Series) - Moriarty / John, Sherlock
    ✧ X-files - Mainly OC's & AU's
    ✧ Dexter - OC's
    ✧ The Walking Dead - Daryl, Rick, OC's

    Please hmu with any questions you may have! I look forward to RPing with you!
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  2. am i allowed to bump this? I rly wanna rp lol
  3. You can always bump your thread, so long as you don't actually use the word "bump". :P Anything that provides more information about your post (even saying I haven't found a partner yet and really want to roleplay this) is an acceptable way to bump it.

    Was this a rhetorical question? Ah, well. Better safe than sorry.
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  4. I'm intrestead in the warrior plot.
  5. I was trying to be funny, I shouldn't do it again! LMAO. Anyway at least you gave me useful info thank you!

    Hey! I'll hit you up via PM, thanks for showing interest!
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  6. Hey! I'm still looking for one or two more partners!
  7. can we bring plots to the table?
  8. Of course! If you think we're a good match then PM me with your ideas! ouo
  9. I'm still on the search for partners! ^^;
  10. I may of added a list of fandom's and pairings to sweeten the deal, take a look, hehe.
  11. Still on the search ovo;;
  12. Fallout 4 and GTA sound like an awesome idea!
  13. Awesome! Hit me up with a PM if you have any ideas! :D
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