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  1. I was given a small taste of rping with this character before I was cut off and now I'm trying again to see if I can find anyone willing to play him:



    So this is Sousuke Yamazaki from the Free! Eternal Summer anime and I'm absolutely in love with him. I really would like to do an rp with this character along the lines of Foreign Girl meets Japanese Boy. A romance with drama and suspense and hurt/comfort and the like. Since I am putting it in the mature section, I would obviously expect their to be sexy times. I do have ideas to give, but I'm not going to put them all here until I know that someone is actually interested and wants to play his character.

    For my partners, I would like for them to know who he is and his background. My requirements are that my partner post, AT LEAST, once a day; this is non-negotiable. I'm not heartless and if something comes up that you have to disappear for a few days, then please let me know if you can and I will understand, but that's for if we've been rping together for a while and I've come to like you. If we just started this rp and suddenly you're gone for two to three days, I will not accept that.

    No one-liners. Period. I never give so little that you can only come up with one line. I require at least two paragraphs to give it some substance.

    Sousuke is a boy, yes, but that doesn't mean that my partner behind the screen has to be. If you're a girl who knows Sousuke's character and can play him well, by all means, please apply, hehehe.

    If anyone is interested, please send me a PM and we'll talk the ideas over. Thank you.