Family, Or More?

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    Name: Annabelle
    Age: 17
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    Annabelle walked down the hallway of their mansion, heading to see her sibling. She had flowing, dyed pink hair, small arms, and a gorgeous complexion. She walked gracefully and elegantly, and she moved with a purpose.
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    Name: Teri

    Age: 17


    Teri was seated onto the couch in the living room, browsing through the channels on the television. "Nothing to watch, like always.." She murmured, and placed the remote onto the table, sinking her back into the couch. Although Teri was only 17, she looked as if she was about 14. She had a very petite frame. She had cascading jet black hair, along with her deep green eyes. Teri sighed, and broke from her thoughts, hearing a sound come from the hallway. "Oh, hey, Annabelle." She politely waved.

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  3. Annabelle sat down beside Teri, ahving wanted to talk to her for a while now and wanting to really talk to her. She sat on her left, so she turned. Annabelle wouldn't admit it, but in her eyes, her sister was qquite cute. IT didn't help that Annabelle was struggling with lesbianism, and that she was physically attracted to her sister. She took her hand and asked slowly, "How you doing today? Feeling better?"
  4. Teri politely smiled at Annabelle. "Of course I am, why wouldn't I be?" She asked, and let a giggle escape from her lips. "What about you? How are you?" Teri asked curiously, and cocked her head to the side. "Anything on your mind that you want to talk about? I mean, after all, I am your sister." Teri sounded pretty serious at the moment.
  5. Annabelle had desired to tell her sister about the attraction. A taboo none even fought or hoped to cross in society. One that wasn't even acknowledged, or at least hardly. But she had confided in her about her sexuality and she decided being truthful would benefit her more. So she took her hand hater, "...just crap about my sexuality again."
  6. Teri let a quiet sigh escape from her lips. "Listen, everything will be alright." She said reassuringly, and forced a smile. She took her free hand, and gently stroked Annabelle's hair, as if it was fragile. "Just tell me if anyone's saying shit about you, because of that..I'll deal with it." Teri uttered, as the expression on her face grew more angry-like. Just thinking about it pissed her off. "They already know I don't play when it comes to they'd better not be."
  7. Annabelle felt more and more desire build as this girl she so adored was touching her hair, which, as it turned out, was a gentle turn on. Annabelle was small but still slightly bigger, so she pulled her sister into her lap and hugged her, "Teri...I just don't know...I'm so and dad don't like me...everyone hates's almost like you're the only one to care."
  8. Teri slowly wrapped her arms around her sister, caressing her back. "Like I said, it will be okay. Things will get better, I promise. They'll just have to deal with it and move on if they don't like it. You don't deserve this. Her voice was soft, trying to calm Annabelle. "And at least you have one person that actually cares, and that's me. Don't you forget that." Teri murmured, in a small voice.
  9. Annabelle managed to shove her feelings away as She was given much needed comfort by her sister. She kissed her sister's cheek, "at least someone in the world cares." She hugged her tightly, striking her back, "promise me you'll support me, please?"
  10. "Come on, Annabelle, you didn't have to ask that. You know I'll always support you, no matter what happens. I swear on that, and I wouldn't be able to forgive myself if I broke my promise." Teri explained, and tightened her grib around Annabelle. "I'll always care, and I'll always support you. Always. Always always always, and I'll never stop. Got it?"
  11. Her words gave Annabelle a jolt of energy she never thought she'd actually get to feel yet. She smiled ot her sister and said a few words, "I love you so much Ter." IT mean more things then one. Then she cuddled her sister and sighed, "What were you tryign to watch?"
  12. "I love you more, Anna." Teri smiled and winked, hoping that Annabelle wouldn't be annoyed by her being called "Anna". She playfully ruffled Annabelle's hair. "I honestly don't know what I was trying to watch. There is nothing to watch. I'm bored, and I don't have anything entertaining to do." She sighed in frusteration. "And I'm not even going to ask Mom or dad if I can go outside..they're going to give me a long ass speach."
  13. Anna felt heat rush into her she was told she was loved. She smiled weakly and nodded to her, a tiny shudder passing through her when they were almost touching. She tried to force her feelings away as she leaned against her loving sister. Then she smirked, "I can always get them off your back."
  14. "Hey, did I say somethin' wrong?" She asked in concern. "Maybe I did say something wrong..? Who knows.." Teri simply shrugged it off. She didn't want to make a huge fuss about it, because it wasn't all important anyways. Teri suddenly parted from her thoughts! hearing what her sister said. "You can? You really can? How? How is that even possible? Goodness, you are the best sister in the world!" Teri squealed, and threw her arms around Annabelle again.
  15. Annabelle loved to feel her sister hug her, cuddle her, care for her. She guessed affection had stemmed from that, and escalated. He helped her stand up and took her to the door, "go outside and play, I'll tell them off. I'm able to get them to submit, never fear." She opened it, "go ahead!"
  16. "Tell them off? Uh, no, scratch that, I'm going to cause you to get in trouble." Teri stepped away from the door, and shook her head. "I'll just stay in here, but listen, I'm not going to get you in trouble just because I'm bored..that's just crude." She shook her head, and went over to the couch again. "Why did I not think of that earlier? And I'm just realizing it now."
  17. The girl shook her head and opened it again, "sis, if I let you outisde, I'll get into trouble! You want to go outside, then go outside!" She walked over and put a small hand on her shoulder, gently pulling her upwards and hugging her, "you deserve to go."
  18. "Exactly, you'll get in trouble. I'm not having you get in trouble because of something I wanted to do, Annabelle." Teri sounded slightly agitated at the moment. "But then again, later on, I may get onto trouble as well. So, I'm not risking it. I don't want me or you to get in trouble. Got it?" She asked.
  19. Teri sometimes made logical arguments that made her sigh. She let her down, sitting by her. Her parents weren't home, but they always knew about them. She giggled, "remember when we used to think they slipped chemicals in our body wash that would show up under a blue light to tell I'd we went outside?"
  20. Teri fell back down into the couch, letting her small body sink into the fabric. "Oh had to bring that up." She giggled, and covered her face. Everytime they'd bring that up, it would make her go on an intense laughing spree. "And then we used to make all of these stupid theories about them having cameras EVERYWHERE in the house.." She continued, and silently laughed into her hand.