Falling Stars: The Arrival

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    The year is 2213. The age of space exploration is coming to an end as much of the galaxy has been mapped out and settled. Is there life among the stars? Much to the dismay of Extraterrestrial enthusiasts, mankind alone in this universe. Earth is no longer the capitol planet in the galactic imperium of man. The planet has vastly recovered from its crippling pollution levels, and much of the population has left in pursuit of greater planets. As a consequence, earth has been predesignated predesignated as a colonial planet of little interest, too small to sustain a massive population and too fragile to operate as a space port. Transmission from the outside worlds slowed to a crawl and, after so many years, finally fell silent. Earth has become an antiquated, self-sustaining fringe-colony. The only way to reach other planets is by quantum shuttle, an expensive venture that the mock-government keeps a tight leash on. After years of being confined, it was apparent that Mankind had forsaken earth, leaving an authoritarian power in place to rule over the people and prevent all but a privileged few leave.

    It is on this forgotten planet where our story begins.

    A cold night, extraordinary in every way, yet unprecedented in the history of our universe. The Dual Gods arrive in the dead of night. They come to live as we do, gathering information about our society. Their mission: to judge humankind as worthy, or destroy them all...


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  2. A quiet night with no wind. So many days end this way on Earth. There was no great fire. There was no flash in the sky. Only a falling star, and a splash. The impact thundered across the bayside city.
    Most were asleep and paid no mind. Others
    ignored it. They were used to stray space debris landing on the surface. They were relieved to hear a splash instead on an explosion. Just another mundane night to all the adults. Soon the water settled and the curious onlookers went inside.

    The object that fell was unlike any that had fallen to Earth before. Formless in the void of the water, it awaited its discovery. It had a mission. To blend in. To become human. It knew nothing except for that. So that is what it awaited. It's consciousness expanded, detecting its surroundings.
    It found what it was waiting for. It found a single life-form, lingering at the edge of the water.
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  3. It was a cold windless night, Padma was walking back from running
    errands for her classmates. It was the first day of winter vacation for the
    Lake Origins Boarding school, named after the very body of water that
    bordered and isolated the school from the city, in which the student's
    descended. Padma was overwhelmed at the size and tech of the city
    compared to where she grew up in the country, but hears that it isn't
    as great as the cities on the bigger planets from her classmates who like
    to tease her for being a "country stray", although Padma thinks nothing
    of it.

    Padma carried two green thin cloth (Green alternative) shopping bags
    in each hand, and was walking along the small park road that ran alongside
    the lake. She walked slowly with a content smile on her face, she loved the
    sight of the quarter moon reflected on the still water. As she walked she
    glanced up at the stars and thought of her grandmother, when all of a sudden
    something came falling from the sky. It came closer and closer, but she could
    not make out what it was. Suddenly there was an impact and the water from
    the lake reached out for the sky as the object fell into the water.

    Padma stood silently watching the amazing sight, she had seen debris
    fall from space before but never at such a close distance. She watched
    fascinated as the water settled back into place.
  4. The first thing that emerged was a head, covered in soaked brown hair that glimmered in the moonlight. The face was obscured except for a pair of shimmering azure eyes. Those eyes found hers and suddenly, its new form was matched by new knowledge. It knew everything at once, and then, just as suddenly, it only knew who it was. Who he was. Victor crawled to the shore on and knees, covered only by a thin black body suit that was tearing off of his skin and falling into the water around him. He looked up at her again before slouching to the gravel he now laid in.
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  5. She stood there dazed, hers eyes trained on the lake. Suddenly something surfaced
    from beneath the dark waters. Padma eyes widened as she saw it was a person.
    Their eyes met, and she dropped her bags onto the sidewalk and began to fret,
    as they swan ashore. She rushed over to the figure that crawled out from the water.
    It's a boy... she thought Is he okay? She began to approach him when she noticed
    his mostly uncovered body. She squeaked and took a few steps back. She slapped
    her cheeks and shook away her embarrassment then removed the, navy blue, long
    coat she was wearing and placed it over the boy. "Are you alright?" she looked
    concerned at the boy. "Can you get up?" She asked softly.
  6. Victor wrapped the coat around himself and breathed deeply. He sat up then shakily rose to his feet, stumbling a bit. "Its for-freezing..." he said, shivering. The water dripping from his body steamed off of his skin and soon he was dry.
  7. Padma stood ready to help him if he tipped over, as he stood up.
    As he began shivering she quickly moved to remove her scarf to
    give to the sobbing wet boy, but as she began pulling it from her neck
    she was stopped at the sight of steam rising off of the boy's body.
    W-what?... She watched in amazement as the steam rose and
    leaving the boy completely dry from head to toe.
    Her eyes brightened.
    "That is amazing! How did you do that?!"
    he looked up at him with excited curiosity, like a child who just
    met Santa Claus. However,
    remembering the situation she stepped
    back and glanced down
    guiltily. "O-oh n-no! I'm sorry,
    I got carried away!"
    she apologized. Quickly glancing back up, but
    this time with eyes full of concern.
    "Are you alright? What happened?
    Were you apart of that falling
    star?" She tilted her head curiously.
  8. Victor shook his head to clear the water from his hair. The crisp air filled his nostrils and he breathed out heavily, clearing his lungs. He shook his hands out beside him, working the blood down into his fingers. "Well, I guess I'm just warm." He replied to her inquiry.
    He looked around the lake side, collecting himself. Her next question sounded strange to him. "Part of a star? What do you mean?" He looked up at the clear night sky, the stars illuminating the pitch black canvas. The sky captivated his attention for a moment. Something about the endlessness of it all drew him in.
  9. "Um... well it could of been debris." She said quietly fiddling with her fingers.
    Did he not see it? she wondered. She glanced up at him, he was taller then her
    and had the most beautiful eyes she had ever seen, she found herself staring
    at them, losing herself in a deep azure colored sea. She squeaked realizing
    she had spaced out, her face become as red as an apple. pulling herself back
    together she looked at him again curiously and then the lake. "How did you
    end up out in the water?" She asked. He seemed to be unharmed which
    gave her a sense of ease.
  10. Her voice called him back to reality so suddenly that it caused him to jump a bit. "The water?"
    He looked back at the shimmering pool. "I must have fallen in." He said rubbing his head . "Stuff's kind of fuzzy. Maybe I hit my head." He speculated. "You said something fell here?"
    He waded into the water slightly. "The water's all stirred up. I can't see anything."
    Victor turned back to face Padma. "We can't find it tonight. Might as well go home. You look cold anyways." He said to her as he sloshed back to shore.
  11. Padma looked at the boy with concern. "Are you sure? Are you really alright?"
    she asked "I could walk you over to the clinic, they are still open at this hour."
    Padma walked back to pick up her bags and remembered her errand. - Sorry
    Freya... I am going to be pretty late -
    she thought. Freya was her classmate
    who's dorm room was located just across from her own. She had needed
    a few things from the store and was worried about leaving the dorms so
    late, so she had gone for her. She didn't want to upset Freya, but Padma
    felt a strange need to stay with the boy.

  12. He contemplated the matter for a while. "I don't have any money. Nothing to check anyways. I feel fine." He said, reassuring her. Victor rolled his neck And sighed. "Where are my clothes..." he wondered out loud. He wandered along the shore for a while before giving up. What a night this was turning out to be. He returned to the generous girl's side. He hung his head low and avoided eye contact, stammering a question out. "I don't mean to bother you, but can you help me get something to wear?"
  13. This only made her more concerned. She opened her mouth to insist that
    he goes and she would pay, but she herself had spent all her money on the
    errands. She was looking sad and uncertain at her feet, when he caught her
    off guard. Clothes! she had almost forgot the fact he was nearly nude. Her face
    flushed a bright red, quickly she covered her face with her hands to hide it.
    Padma shook her head briskly to clear her mind. What am I doing, getting worried
    about that?! she thought. He must be more embarrassed,not to mention cold! It's
    the middle of winter! She quickly set down her bags once again and helped him
    look. At last, they couldn't find his clothes, although he had been
    wearing some sort of torn, black, body suit when he had come out of
    the water, was it a swimsuit... no he said he fell in. She nearly jumped
    at his voice as she once again at spaced out. She gave a momentary
    look of concern, ..doesn't he have any other clothes at home? She cleared
    the thought, not wanting to be nosy and smiled at the boy
    "It might be a little small but I have a sweat suit back in my
    dorm room,
    if that's okay." She gestured behind her to a square assortment
    of buildings
    in the distance. "It's not too far from here, but I might have to sneak
    you in,
    boys aren't aloud in the girl's dorms." She looked down a little embarrassed,
    suggesting to him such an absurd idea.
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  14. Victor looked towards the dormitories And nodded. It was the best he could hope for. "Sneaking shouldn't be very hard, I would imagine. Everyone's probably asleep. It kinda sounds fun." He said with a grin. It was one of those smiles that just screamed "mischief". The glint in his eyes didn't help.
  15. Padma looked at him for moment, worried a little about that mischievous smile.
    She straightened up and again retrieved her bags then looked back at the boy
    gave a kind smile. "This way." she led the way to the dormitory. The walk
    there was silent but not awkward as she was focusing once again on the
    beauty of the night sky
    and shimmering of the lake. Eventually they had left
    the lake behind them and came to
    the tall metal fence which engulfed the school,
    she did not walk towards the gate, rather
    followed the fence to the back of the
    girls dormitory. She stopped in a small grove of trees
    and bushes. Wedging
    herself behind one of the bushes that stood right in front of the fence
    vanished for a moment. Suddenly sticking out her head from the bush she
    smiled at the
    him. "The coast is clear." She retreated back and then moved
    the bush to one side, revealing
    a decent sized gap in the fence where it looked
    like some of the the bars had rusted and fallen
    off. She waved him inside and
    and cautiously led him to the back door.
    "We have to be careful"she said
    "The dorm manager is probably asleep, but some of the girls like to sneak
    out of their r
    ooms and visit their friends."
  16. Victor followed her, offering to carry her bags even. It was the least he could do for her help. He looked around the area as she lead him around. The campus was beautiful in his eyes. Lush trees and emerald grass bathed in the pale light of the moon. The dew of the night sparkled off every blade.
    He watched with curiosity as Padma disappeared into the bush. How often did she do this? He checked around himself before following her, careful not to damage her coat in the process. He rose to his feet on the other side of the fence with her. "That wasn't so hard." He said to her as if be did that sort of thing every day.
  17. Padma carefully opened the door and peered around. The back door had led into the first floor hall way,
    it was dark except the light of moon that poured in through one of the windows and a few lights that
    came out from under some of the doors. Very quietly she stepped inside and closed the door as the boy
    entered. Turning to him, she put a finger to her lips. Then looking towards the end of the hall, she pointed to
    a white door that opened to a stairwell. She raised three fingers to indicate there goal was the third floor.
    Quietly, Padma started across the hall to the stairwell. They made it into the stair well without alerting
    any of the students, to her relief. They climbed three flights before reaching another door. After again,

    peering through, seeing no one, begins to open the door, when sudden a light floods a portion of
    the hall as a door opens. Quickly, Padma pushed the door back in. It was a moment before the

    light disappeared and whoever it was had returned to their room. Padma stood still for awhile
    and then opened the door. They had no other trouble making it to the third floor. Reaching

    the door at the end of the third floor corridor she carefully pulled a key from her pocket and
    quietly unlocked the door. Waving him inside, she shut the door and switched on the lights.

  18. As they stepped into the first hallway, he checked all the doors that lined it. She made a signal for three. Third floor, no problem. He walked on cat's feet along the wall opposite to the door ways, leaning against the wall to disperse his weight and silence his footsteps.
    Once they reached the stairs be took a step onto the first. It creaked. That wouldn't be good for three flights. He move d to the wall and put his weight in the handrail, walking up along the edges of each stair, his feet against the wall to step on the most supported parts. They made it up the rest of the way no problem.
    The third hallway would prove to be a challenge. He stood in the doorway and observed. Doors on both sides. He would have to alternate walls, or maybe take larger steps or...
    By the time he snapped back , Padma was halfway to her door, walking quietly down the middle. It seemed to work just fine so he hurried along after her and slipped into her room.
  19. Padma stepped towards a small dressing wardrobe against the side right wall.
    Opening the doors she dug around the folded and hanging garments until she
    out a pair of black sweat pants, a T-shirt, and a sweat jacket. These might
    Padma held out the clothes for the boy to inspect. "Will these work?" she
    tilting her head. "You can change in the bathroom." she said nodding to
    door across the room. She glanced down apologetically "It's not much..."
    she looked
    up and then smiled. "but, I hope it helps."
  20. "H looked at the clothes presented before him. They probably wouldn't fit him perfectly, but that was beside the point. This generous girl was giving them freely with no expectation. The first thing he said was, "when can I see you again?"
    He gave pause for a moment before adding to that.
    "I- I mean, I have to return them eventually." He stammered. Could this be going any worse? "Excuse me." He said, taking the clothes and retreating into the bathroom.
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