Falling into the Dark

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  1. So you guys know what the RP is about. Here we can talk characters and stuff.
  2. I get the basic plot, there wasn't a WHOLE lot of detail about it but I think I managed to give you quite the exciting post in there. I hope you approve of it, I chose the role of a medic, he is kind of a know-it-all with high intelligence and a bit of arrogance. He is willing to take risks for the greater good of the team. I am kind of going for that, I think it'll keep things fresh with conversations.
  3. I love him. He's fantastic
  4. Excellent! I replied again, and I do hope we get others interested or else it will be alot of bickering between Lysander and Rife about pain and how to move on from their mistakes. I like where this is going, all we need is one more character or two to put us in the right direction.
  5. So, I didn't exactly want to try and commandeer the plot, but I was thinking maybe we can introduce this character from the last mission who was the target initially? I guess the goal could be chasing him down, if that's cool with everybody. And if it's not, then that's fine too.
  6. If I could join I had a skill-monkey in mind. Primarily geared toward computers, devices, mechanics, electronics, and some chemicals (explosives).
  7. Any room for a grifter? Nothing better than a good liar, right?
  8. I am currently waiting for Lysander's reply to move forward.
  9. So can jump into this thing with my guy or what?
  10. The RP creator hasn't posted for a while, but I imagine yes, you can join in whenever you feel like it
  11. And now we wait.
  12. Yeah, you can join. Sorry, guys--I've been on my iPod lately and I want to post a good length reply for that RP but now I'm on my computer so I'll go there.
  13. I'm going to have to catch up.
  14. Alright I'm caught up, whichever character can introduce my character if indeed I'm going to be the Jack, making them introduce the same guy would be funny. Unless it was intended to indicate some one else who is not my character.
  15. That awkward moment when I have the perfect spot for Jack, but already made the kind of character he was going to be.
  16. So I'm not playing the Jack or...
  17. Errrr.........if you don't mind playing a character that has a bit of structure.
  18. Would this be a character you made that I would be playing or just a dude with structure?
  19. Basically, you can decide how he looks and what he likes and stuff. Alice will meet him in a church he attends, but isn't attached to. He moves around a lot and has a black tatoo of a cross near the base of his neck. He took up hacking as a teenager and was better at that than the many different forms of martial arts he was forced to learn by his deceased parents. No other family. He doesn't really stay in one place as it is too dangerous for a well-used hacker like himself. Everything else is yours.
  20. Oh, and he knows Alice from frequently joint jobs. She also uses him as an information source for the hacker world.