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  1. I opened my mouth to scream, watching the bright lights as they faded out of my vision, but before the sound could leave my mouth, my eyes closed. I felt white, searing pain across my back as I slammed into something. My vision blurred as I opened my eyes, groaning softly. I glanced around, but it only made me dizzy. I could make out...trees...and...a river? I couldn't tell. I rolled over onto my side, curling up slightly as I whimpered in pain...
    What happened?
    I forced my mind to go back over the events. I had seen something in the clouds...I didn't know what, but I wanted to know, so I had broken one of the major rules: Never pass into the observation room. What's the observation room? It's a room in Heaven where you can look down on Earth. As I entered, everything had gone dark, and the next thing I knew I was falling from Heaven...
    And now I'm here. I looked down to see I was now wearing a grey t-shirt and a long white skirt that had dirt and rips in it. My ankle looked twisted and my arm definitely broken. I shifted, but it hurt...I realized the pain in my back wasn't really my back...My Wings! I began to panic. Broken wings took forever to heal and were agonizing pain. I'd seen them before...they looked terrible. I hugged my knees, whining softly. Where was I? Closing my auburn eyes, the color of leaves in the fall, I sniffled, my white hair covering my face as I shifted again.
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  2. I couldn't be bothered with those boring, gossiping humans today. It's not even like the gossip was interesting. Apparently the hairdresser had bought a yellow dress...and the point was? I walked into the forest, and my black hair bobbed into my vision so I whipped it (I whip my hair back and forth...music is ridiculously stupid too) out go the way. I wish I didn't.

    Before me lay an angel, a fallen angel, and his wings...were truly tragic. Oh, Lucifer would be pleased if he'd saw that. I just pitied the guy. Even God, the creator of the world, had rejected him. For a moment, I knew I liked this guy. He was just like me. Not loved or needed. "Did you enjoy falling?" I smirked. I certainly did. It was like skydiving.

    The entertainment here was okay. If you liked bungee jumping and heights and stuff like that. I definately enjoyed skydiving. That's why I have a job at the skydiving centre, even if I am surronded by spoilt brats.

    He looked like he was in pain. Maybe that's why Lucifer cut my wings off. I wonder why I wasn't just a demon from the start.
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  3. I winced at the sound of a voice. I didn't recognize the words, but the tone didn't sound too...friendly. I groaned, shifting to where I was sitting up, but only managed to make myself dizzy, falling backwards on my wings, which ripped a scream through my throat. I was on my side immediately, shaking. That HURT. I took a deep, shaky breath. "Wh..where am I?" I mumbled, barely able to speak, my voice hoarse and my throat sore from my scream. My wings felt like they were on fire and my throat felt like it was stuffed with cotton. I barely managed to open my eyes, my blurry vision focusing on a figure. I sighed softly.
  4. I smirked, and then he screamed. That had once been my pain. "You should chop those off. It hurts less then," I told him. If he'd fallen, he was against God, which made him an ally, and I'm a nice guy. "And you're on Earth." I wanted to kill myself for not telling him what year. He probably couldn't dream of this century when he was alive, "and it's 2014, the year."
  5. I whined softly. "C..c-cut them off?" I said quietly, wincing. That was possible? I'd heard it before, but I didn't think it was supposed to be okay. Then... I picked up the second half of what she said. "T-two thousand fourteen?!?!"
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  6. "Yes, twenty-fourteen," I replied. I felt like being sarcastic, but this was a serious thing. Lucifer would make me...very important, if this angel came with me. "Sorry, I forget to introduce myself. I'm Thomas," I found my stupid old manners, 'Charm gets you friends' as my mother once said.
  7. I coughed a little, managing to sit up again. I placed a gentle hand on the side of my head. I felt dizzy and nauseous. "T..thomas.." I took a deep breathe, trying to regain my balance. "I..my...I..." I groaned softly. My brain seemed to be slowing as I found it hard to speak. "Name...name is... Jase." I barely mumbled, swallowing thickly. I felt my head spin and I swayed slightly. I knew I needed medical attention, but where in this strange place would I find it?! I remembered when I was last on Earth... King Richard had changed a few things and everything looked like it was getting better. I wondered who was King now...was there even a King? How much exactly had changed?...was I still in England?
  8. "Come on. There's a hospital. It's like a big place where you get a bed and they take care of you," I watched him look like he was ballroom dancing alone for a moment with a slight chuckle. Poor guy didn't know very much about the place he was in now. He spoke English, thank God, how many foreigners fall, and some old lady gets the job of teaching them this very boring language. I watched him for a while. I'd not seen entertainment as classic as this for a while.
  9. I blinked, my vision clearing. I looked up at Thomas, able to see him clearly now. I sighed softly, holding my hand up. "H-help me..p-please." I said quietly, wincing at the pain that shot down my arm. My wings shifted slightly and I closed my eyes, looking down, making a soft whimper. They felt like they had been torn in half...I wondered if they were even wings anymore. How badly were they injured?
  10. I looked at him, the bigger man in something, and pulled him up to his feet, and wrapping his arm around my shoulders. He needed the support, and all I could think about was how this guy, this guy who was once an enemy, became a friend, and became one of me because his curiousity, no doubt, had let him down.
  11. I leaned heavily again him, my eyes dropping a moment as I coughed violently. I winced. I bit down hard on my tongue to keep from screaming as my wings retracted themselves, the pain causing me to gag a little and almost fall, but it faded after a moment and I took a deep, shaky breath. "w-where...sh-should w-we go...?" I muttered weakly, my eyes still closed.
  12. "To the hospital, they'll make it alright," I replied, before limping away towards the hospital with him. I hate my limp, see what happens when you fall from the sky...

    I saw another man, he was a man I knew, he was annoying as hell, goody two shoes, but at that moment he was great. I called out to him to help us, and he ran over and got Jase on the other side.
  13. I whimpered softly as we began walking. Every step hurt, every breath was a struggle. I was caught off guard as I heard Thomas call someone over, but my head fell forwards as someone took my weight on the other side. I tried to keep walking, but one foot dragged every little bit. I kept my eyes closed. I didn't want to look around.
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  14. I kept on walking. Maybe first we should visit the 'Fallen Sanctuary' where all the fallen live for a while, where most get their wings chopped off. I smiled at Jace with my shark-like teeth and tried not to look terrifying.
  15. I felt myself drift from consciousness a moment, almost going completely limp, but when my foot hit a rock I inhaled sharply, which caused me to groan, my chest feeling compressed. It was then I could feel that the entire back of my shirt was wet. I wondered from what...blood? Water? Sweat? I didn't really care anymore, I just wanted the pain to go away. I couldn't get my eyes to open, and my attempts at walking were like a young child. Every other step my leg would collapse beneath me and a small whimper would escape me. I began to wonder if it was really worth it, what I did. Would I ever be able to return? I felt a warm tear cross my cheek and sighed, trying not to let another fall. I was too tired and crying would only drain me of precious energy, something I needed to save.
  16. I heard him whimper and every time he fell I pulled him up sharply, sighing as I went. I didn't want to get impatient with him, I needed his trust but still. It was hard.
  17. Finally, I couldn't take it anymore. My brain seemed to disconnect itself from my feet and I stopped moving, my eyes rolled back, my breathing heavy. "How...farther...much....how much..." I stuttered, trying to speak, but it came out in labored breaths and choked speech.
  18. "I promise you it's right there," the house scares the hell out of me. The woman is another demon, she converts the fallen. I pointed over at the house, a little innocent looking cottage but the aura itself is terrifying.
  19. I barely managed to raise my had, my vision so blurred I only saw the outline. I groaned, forcing myself to stand again, but I was shaking terribly. I managed to take another step, leaning heavily on Thomas. I would have to repay him. He pretty much just saved my life. My chest constricted and I felt another cough rising, powerless to stop if and yet unable to move if I start coughing again.
  20. I sharply pulled him up, the quicker I'd got him there, the better. In fact, if he got there and they did it right, he wouldn't have a chance to not repay me, I did practically save his butt.
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