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    Fallen Angels, rebellious saints created by God and cast down out of heaven. That's who we are, that's what we've learned to become. Our government, our laws and regulations are all constructed from the idea of Christianity. Some say religion is the cause of our imprisonment as citizens. That we are a Christian Nation, bound to the ground by our own worship and faith, but I don't believe that. I believe it's in ourselves to follow what's right and disregard what's wrong. Were the one to make our own choices in life, be they right or wrong. I'm a victim of making wrong decisions, but I don't dread on them. Do I believe in a God? What's important is that you will. When you get to read this, I want you to understand who we were and decide decide for yourself who you want to become. But allow me to tell you that having an extra friend upstairs isn't a bad thing. Have faith not only in your family and friends, but him. I wish I'd of learned this a long time ago ~ Abel Huss.
    Abel then stepped away from the bar table, put his mini composition book in the right inside pocket of his patched leather vest and moved on to join the others near the pool table. Walking down to accompany them, he could smell the stench of burned cigarettes and raw alcohol. His eyes narrowed down to the coffin held upon its stand in the center of the bar for everyone to see. Billy "Baldman" Rowdy, a seven-year member of the Fallen Angels was put to rest just last night. He was found breathless and still on his old 94 burgundy leather Simmons recliner. He was taken to the hospital where it was concluded he died of a heart attack. Old geezer had it coming with how much he usually stuffed in his mouth. He would always complain about his high blood sugar levels and how fast his heart would beat every time he took a few steps. The man was comical and was fortunate to die a humane death.

    Unlike Billy, most of the previous members who have already passed didn't get the luxury of a peaceful death. Either they wounded with bullets in their carcass or left by the side rode, tire marks breaking them down to bits. This line of business seemed to bring forth misery and sorrow most of the time, but at the end of the day it's usually satisfaction. Despite losing brothers and sisters, fathers and mothers, the club had created unity. Everyone tied to the Angels was family and would get all the benefits of having others by their side.

    So today the family united at Cook's Corner to celebrate the passing of a brother. Everyone cheered and partied unlike a traditional funeral. It was the way things have been done since the beginning. Christopher, captain of the Angels, would always tell stories of the history of the club. Some of the other members have been around nearly as much as Christopher and also share their stories. So as the night continued, Christopher raised his beer can and shouted for everyone to listen.

    "Alright guys, cut the music will ya! Listen up! I propose a toast. For one, thank you all for being here tonight and joining us. But it's not about the free beer and the good food we so dearly love that we meet at Cook's this day, we are here for an old friend - a brother in arms. Billy Rowdy was.........a strange man I remember. The first time we met was actually at a strip bar, please don't tell my wife" Chris laughed, the crowd giggling with him. "I love you honey" he smiled, waving at Regina who was on the other side of the crowd next to Abel.

    "But anyway, Billy had approached me and complimented my vest. At the time, we still didn't have many patches, just our rank ones right here" he stated, pointing at the captain patch on his right peck. "I told him to back off because he seemed a little weird. Then he said he knew who I was, told me I looked like a cop he saw on some show. At this point, he was getting so annoying I wanted to kick his ass, so I stood up and told him to back off. You know what he did then? Old man punched me straight in the face, oh yea, not afraid of nothing. So were at a strip bar, money's flying everywhere, and can you just imagine to old farts like us fighting it out while the girls continue to dance" Chris busted out laughing. "Well, to cut the story short, after Billy fought me, we both stood up with a smile on our faces. The man could throw a great right hook. I offered him a spot and brought it to the table the next day. The others got to know Billy before letting him join of course, but in the end he was a great addition to our family. Everyone please raise your drinks. To Billy!" Chris finished up, everyone repeating him.

    Abel put his hand on his Regina's shoulder, giving her a smile and nodding. He then started for the coffin, pulling out his box of cigarettes and placing an individual one on Billy's chest without saying a word. Chris also came up, putting his own Fallen Angels whiskey flask inside the coffin. Both men then looked at each other, went around the coffin and hugged. "You alright son?" Christopher asked while embracing Abel. "Yeah" Abel responded, letting go and nodding to Chris too. "Meet up in the back in fifteen" the Captain instructed, patting Abel then returning to drink with some other people. Abel watched Christopher take his leave then turned to the right to meet the eyes of his girlfriend.

    He gave a faint smile as he made his way towards her. Abel leaned onto the wall and just looked at her for a couple seconds, silent and staring at the ground. His right hand then took a tight hold of hers, feeling the warmth of her hand. Though everyone else didn't seem all that affected by the death of their comrade, Abel always took these kinds of events personally. These were people that had been with him since he was a child, so losing one of them struck the heart. But the fact that he now had someone like Sam to be there for him, it was kind of nice. Of course, they hadn't been with each other for that long, but she was great. She understood Abel for him rather than for the man he becomes when he puts on that vest. "Thank you for being here" he said to her, looking up into her eyes. "You sure you don't want to go check on your granddad?" Abel asked her, turning back to the coffin, hoping they wouldn't have to bury anyone else anytime soon. ​

  2. She had been back and forth in her mind all day. The last place in the entire world she wanted to be at was a funeral. If she had to pick a horror movie, a train wreck, or a haunted house she’d still think they looked like a bouquet of roses. Roses, ugh, the stench was always so… heavy at funerals. She knew Abel had assured her this wouldn’t be a typical funeral home funeral, after all it was happening at Cook’s, but still. Death would be there. And people talking about death. And feeling death’s icy fingers slowly…

    She shook her head and swallowed hard, looking down at her dress. She hadn’t felt right about wearing anything but a black dress, something her mother had pounded into her head from a young age. Sam had known most of the people at a biker’s funeral would be in their everyday clothes. Heck they might spring for some black jeans instead of blue but that was it. And still yet she had been unable to bring herself to do so. It felt… wrong.

    Her eyes looked up and around her as she’d arrived probably last of anyone to the bar, her long hair pulled back into a high, slicked back ponytail and only making her stand out that much more. She knew most of these people, well the men anyway. She worked on their bikes a lot these past 5 years she had been working in her grandpa’s shop. And yet she knew she would never ‘belong’. Among a group of people like these, if you had to think ‘do I belong here?’ you didn’t. It made her feel on edge. And combined with how on edge she was feeling about death and her grandfather, she hardly thought she could possibly comfort her boyfriend. In fact if he could see into her mind he would find a wreck in the normally calm girl.

    Samantha had always been a good actress though. A fabulous faker and liar. And though she had renounced letting juicy fables fall from her lips, it didn’t mean her face couldn’t hide her thoughts. And when her eyes met Abel’s finally from across the room, she felt enough happiness at seeing him to light up her face into a gentle, soft smile. Her tattooed arms met at the wrists as she picked at her nails while he walked over, only for him to take her hand away and leave her without a nervous tic to relieve her ill ease. In the absence of it, she simply squeezed his hand, sure it would come across reassuring instead of needed for her to not tremble as her eyes darted towards the coffin and then back away again, meeting Abel’s.

    “I’ll be where ever you need me,” she said softly, her big brown eyes not nearly as deceiving as she supposed to anyone who had a knack for reading her emotions. They showed her fear, sadness, happiness and uneasiness in their shimmering roundness. She swallowed hard, still her gaze not leaving his as he asked about her grandpa, the ‘oh I’m fine smile’ slipping onto her visage. “Not… today,” she said, shifting her weight to her other foot, and keeping the smile plastered on. She could only hope her feeling uncomfortable in a room full of people she didn’t know personally, mourning a man she didn’t know personally, didn’t read too strongly. After all, she sincerely wanted to be there for him. She imagined everyone here though he was stronger than he was, but what she knew of Abel so far was under his hard shell was a gooey center she got to see when they were alone. And she loved that side of him most of all. Not to mention, she often was the same exact way. Strong for her family and those around her, clients and friends, but emotional deep down.
  3. ...Benny...

    Sweat etched his brow, although never once, did sweat leave his face and taint the food he slaved over. Once in a while, the apron he wore was lifted to wipe the sweat from his face. Left and right, dishes left the kitchen going to those who ordered them. Faster then one would imagine this stout man to go, Benny moved about the kitchen and tended to several different foods which were being prepared. Occasionally Benny would shout, 'roger that, or comin' right up!' To inform his co-workers that he heard the orders which they needed filled. Surprisingly a good portion of the orders were taken down mentally, not written on papers to be referenced. Benny was renown for that, his memory. Benny was also renown for not screwing up orders, or burning food. Although he would merely inform, that is what years and years of experience will grant you.

    Moving a bit to swift for his own good, Benny accidentally grasps a pan-handle a bit to high, Benny grabs apart of the handle which is rather hot. Swiftly placing the pan to the desired location, Benny doesn't skip a beat. Looking at his hand, like most times, he saw no burns. Simply felt a faint bit of pain due to the heat. Like clockwork, more plates of food were sent out to the bar. Where the waitresses as scheduled, received them, taking them to rightful owners.

    Hearing the music die down and someone begin to make a toast. Benny listened carefully to Christopher's words. A chuckle faintly escapes the cooking man's lips as he imagined both Christopher and Billy throwing punches in a strip club. Once the toast was finished and people drank, Benny rushed over to a cup and did the same. However due to being on the job, Benny quickly went back to what he was doing.
  4. Aleyda hadn't been back in her old town for too long. How long had it been? Two weeks? Three? Not even a month.

    Time seemed to drag slowly, yet she always had something to do. Working for the court meant she had something to do even on a Sunday. It was quite frustrating, but very awarding. She had come back to get her own type of justice, and so far, she had only been working cases with these so called 'Fallen Angels'.


    "I can't believe they're still around!" Aleyda had exclaimed, maybe a bit too excitedly to herself while in the office on a quiet evening. As she read the file on them, her face beamed at seeing that there was still a man there that her father always mentioned to her. Her grin didn't last too long though, seeing that the others were deceased or otherwise. "You seem quite excited for those people to still be hanging around." A man's voice came from behind her. Aleyda closed the file and turned around to see the D.A. standing at the doorway. She cleared her throat and smiled apologetically. "It just brought back old, childhood memories. Stories that my parents would always tell me... before they went away." The D.A. politely smiled at her with a small nod before turning away. "Don't forget why you're here, Ms. Cortez.... According to your words, you're here to serve justice to those who have done wrong, and to help those who deserve it." Aleyda watched her boss walk away and looked down at the file in her hands afterwards. She meant every word that she had said to him, although her version was a different one than his.


    Coming back to reality, Aleyda smiled at herself for realizing that that exactly was what she had been doing. Helping those who deserved it. She strongly believed these men didn't deserve to go to prison and she believed that they had a genuine reason behind their actions.

    Sighing, she finally looked up from her half empty glass of bourbon. The 'captain' had been giving a speech and now he asked for everyone to raised a glass in the deceased's honor. Aleyda did just that and when bringing the glass down, she brought it up to her lips and downed what was left of the liquid. She had came to pay her respects but did not dare go any closer to the coffin. This would be enough for her.

    Aleyda looked up once again and waved at the bartender, giving her a small smile. "I'll have another one please." She pushed the glass gently across the wooden surface of the bar and watched as the young lady did her job. "It's weird being back and not knowing anyone... or remembering. It feels like I've been gone for an eternity." By now Aleyda had already had a few glassfuls of bourbon and felt talkative. The usual side effect that alcohol had on her.
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  5. "Death is just a part of the human existence. We are all dying some of us are just doing it faster than others. Never mourn a the loss of life, but remember the impact of that life and follow their lead," Bane had once told Edwin Khan. Khan knew Bane as his mentor for only three years, but the wisdom and the things Bane taught him he wouldn't have learned with anyone else even if he spent a thousand years with them. Bane's words were bringing Khan a measure of comfort as he and the family remembered Billy Rowdy. Billy and Khan weren't close friends but they were family and more than once in a brawl Khan found himself covering Billy's back, and then there were times that Billy had Kahn's back as well. It was a strange family dynamic he shared with Billy, but one thing was for sure Billy was family and on this day Khan mourned the loss of his brother.

    He heard Chris purpose a toast to Billy and along with everyone else Khan raised his beer and said, "To Billy." Khan finished his beer without any hesitation.

    Khan walked up to the coffin and laid a silver dollar in the casket and said, "This will pay your way to the other side." He touched Billy's shoulder and said just above a whisper, "Ride on my brother. Ride on."

    He took a seat at the bar and took a look at those gathered and just nodded slowly. Khan didn't know every single person in the room, but there was no doubt he was ready to kill and die for each and everyone of them on command. Khan looked over at Aleyda and saw that she was having a good time knocking back the bourbon, and Khan realized that knocking back a few drinks would be exactly what Billy would be doing. In this case the vest way to honor Billy Khan felt was to have another drink.

    Khan saw what she was drinking and said, "Bourbon I see. Sounds like a good one to me." Khan whistled to the bartender and said, "I'll have what she's having and make it a double." The bartender did one shot glass and said, "A single, and that's it for you Khan. In case you all decide to go riding later on."

    Khan raised his glass and said, "Fair enough."

    Khan threw back his drink and said, "All right my usual if you please. I worked out about an hour before this and I'm still feeling it." The bartender got him out a bottle of Gatorade and slid it to him. Khan swiped it off the bar and began to drink it. Khan got about halfway through it and set it back on the bar.

    He turned to Aleyda and said, "Hey there Aleyda. Been a while. Nice to see you again. How you doing?"
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    Regina rolled her eyes at her husband. Always the jokester, even at a funeral. Of course, this wasn't like any normal funeral. The Fallen Angels never gave a 'normal' funeral, because none of them could be considered normal.

    She gave Chris her 'keep pushing and you're not getting laid tonight' look before patting Abel's hand when he placed it on her shoulder. She turned to him with a maternal smile. "Go baby boy," she said when he went to pay his respects in the only way Abel knew how. Damn she was proud of that boy.
    Seeing him go over to his girlfriend made her smile grow. He had chosen smart too. Of course that was how she had raised him so it wasn't surprising. She could still remember the looks on the parent's and teacher's faces when she had taken him to school. Regina looked damn hot and she knew it. She worked hard to be that way and enjoyed every moment of attention and jaw dropping she got.
    But of course it was all 'look and don't touch'. Any touching was reserved for her old man.
    Speaking of whom...

    Regina moved towards her husband and stood where she belonged : at his side. Giving him a kiss, she smiled. "You alright baby?" she asked in a low voice. He put up a tough front, but his wife knew more than anyone else how the deaths of their family affected him. "Come on," she said, taking his arm. "There's some shots over at the bar calling your name."



    Maria had been leaning on the bar, listening to Chris' speech. Billy had been an old bastard but he had always be good to Maria. If she'd had a grandpa, she would have wished him to be like Billy.
    "I'm gonna miss that son of a bitch," she said as she went back to pouring drinks. There was another bartender there to help out, but Maria was the main worker behind the bar. She had been pouring drinks and flirting her way to a full tip jar every night for nearly two years now. You'd think in that time she would have been content with her role in the group, but she wasn't. She was still pissed that this was as far as she was going to go in this place, with this gang.
    The Hispanic woman would have given anything for a chance to be a full-fledged member of the gang, but unless she spontaniously grew a dick that wasn't going to happen ever.
    As a result she usually had a 'resting bitch' face on, looking angry at the world. But anyone who knew her well, such as the gang and the regulars at the bar, knew that she was loyal to this group that had become her family, especially since her blood relatives didn't want her...

    She glanced up at the familiar voice and smiled at her fellow female Alé. "Hey chica, what you drinking?" she asked and poured. Then she smirked at Khan. "Gonna need someone to drive you home gringo?" she asked good-naturedly. Maria meant no insult or slur, it was just her way of poking fun.
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  7. "Bourbon I see." Aleyda looked up as she heard the voice of a man addressing her, her eyes wide with surprise. She hadn't been expecting to speak to anyone nor be spoken to. Just a quick in and out to pay her respects.

    She gave the man a quick once over and her polite smile returned as the man spoke. She didn't remember him by his voice, but she could vaguely remember her from her childhood in the small town. "Edwin, is it?" She flashed him a quick grin, one of old times that she barely showed anymore, and raised her half full glass at him before downing the rest of the drink. "I didn't think anyone would remember me. It's been ten years since I last showed my face around here." The young woman turned to Maria as began to speak to both her and Edwin and Aleyda laughed a bit, shaking her head. "Nothing's really changed, huh?"

    Aleyda looked down at the empty glass in her hand and bit her lip, debating whether to get another one. She had already had about four of them....

    Her attention was drawn away from the glass back up to Maria and Edwin, giving Maria a playful wink as she tipped her glass and turning to Edwin. "So you go by Khan now? I might not remember much, but I do believe I never really heard or called you that." Alè smirked slightly as she joked with him a bit. In the back of her mind she knew that she wouldn't have been doing the same if she were sober, and her subconscious crossed her arms and glared at her. It had been a tough week though, and Alè needed the drinks. Even though she had been coming to the bar almost everyday in a row for nearly a week.
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  8. Khan looked at Aleyda and smiled as he said, "Khan, Edwin, either one works." Khan chucked as well when she mentioned how nothing had really changed over the years. He nodded and said, "Yeah the more things change the more they stay the same. Which isn't a bad thing really, because when it comes down to it we're all family and that's the one thing I hope doesn't change anytime soon." Khan could tell that Aleyda had been pounding the bourbon back pretty good, and on any other night he would join in with her by grabbing a bottle and saying "Let's kill it." He had feeling though that at some point Christopher would call for a meeting out back, and it was a good idea to be sober for whatever happened.

    Just then Maria joined in with Aleyda and Khan. Khan liked Maria a lot he was very protective of her, but he knew full well that she could take care of herself. To Khan Maria was one of the toughest people he had ever known and a giant pain in the ass, but he also knew that her not being in the gang was killing her. If Khan had his way about it Maria would be in the gang in a heartbeat. She could fight, drink, and ride just as well as anyone in the Fallen Angels and in some cases better than some. Christopher treated her like she was one of them, but he wasn't going to bring her in the fold and that on some level frustrated Khan.

    Maria made the crack about Khan needing someone to drive him home. He looked at her as though he had eaten a bad oyster and said with a chuckle, "Like hell that's gonna happen. The day one beer and one bourbon is the day I burn my vest and shove my Harley off of the nearest cliff." He knew Maria was saying this to get a rise out of him. They had that kind of relationship where there was give and take, but it never got personal and Khan would pound the daylights out of anyone who said anything against Maria in his presence.

    Khan looked at Maria and said, "Tell you what. Once we wrap any business that the boss man wants to take care of...." he whistled for the bartender and laid a fifty on the bar. Khan just nodded at a bottle of Jose Cuervo and the bartender brought it over. Khan said, "Put my name on it and hold it for the time being and keep the change." The bartender nodded and walked away with the bottle. Khan looked over at Maria and said, "Now I have put my money where my mouth is, and I know that you have a great love of Tequila so with that in mind. Once we wrap up tonight you, me and that bottle in the back shed and we go until it's gone." He cocked an eyebrow and asked, "You game?"
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  9. Between the thrum of twangy music and sound of his stomach slapping into stomach of the girl across from him, Cane could almost forget he was at a funeral. He couldn’t remember this girl’s name, but she had a real sweet smile and nice hair so when she’d put her hand on his knee at the bar, he’d happily followed her to the bathroom. “Cannnneeeeee~” He smirked to himself, he was always good at the big finish, and held her closer. “How about we try something I picked up in Mexico on spring break?” “Wait what…” He was in mid process of helping the girl turn over when he heard the sudden gap in the music and distantly the sound of Chris’ rough voice. “Shit. Sorry babe, duty calls.” He quickly got his jeans back up and fumbled with his large belt buckle for a moment before hurrying out into the room, placing himself around the corner of the bar so he could still hear and see everything while maintaining a couple seconds of privacy. The speech was predictably moving and filled with laughs and Cane clapped and hooted with the rest of the bar when it was finished.

    He’d been a member of the gang for almost five years so he’d had plenty of time to get to know the lingering older guys from the original gang. Billy had been a weird old guy, but Cane had liked him plenty. He regularly advised him to lay off the carbs and grease and try going for walks in the evening, but he clearly hadn’t listened. Then again, when you got to be that old, it didn’t much make a difference. He pushed off the bar once everything and everyone had calmed down. He quietly approached the coffin after Kahn had finished. He worked with corpses on a regular basis so it didn’t bother him, but it wasn’t easy to see the funny old guy sunken and gray, corpse make up was never enough. “Wish you all the best sir.” He headed back towards the bar and took a seat a few stools down from Kahn and some girl he didn’t recognize, though her professional appearance was a bit odd, not bothering Maria either as she seemed engaged in conversation with them. Abel and Sam were together too, which left him by his lonesome at the bar, which hardly bothered him.

    He ordered a drink from the other bartender, a seven and seven, and sipped it while he waited for something to happen, probably for Chris to call them all back. He played with his phone, flipping through some emails and answering a text from his mom, ignoring several from females, and a couple males, he didn’t necessarily remember giving his number to. Clearly his friends hadn't been very good at baby sitting last time they all went drinking. He peered over at Kahn and Maria now chatting, but that woman was still with them. Surely they must have known her if he was that friendly, but he just couldn't place her face. Which worried him. Who the hell was this broad?

    He glanced up when one of the waiters asked him if he wanted anything. He thought for a second. “Since it’s a special occasion, I’d plum love some ice cream.” The waiter hardly seemed surprised, they all knew Cane loved sweets, and walked off to go fix it for him. The Texan leaned back and yawned, nursing his drink and biding his time.
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  10. The bar continued to make it's legendary ruckus, bikers, old ladies, and family continued to celebrate. The music took a turn and became much softer, a tranquil melody. Abel smiled at Sam, her comforting words keeping him at ease. Sometimes he wished he had met her years ago when he just joined the gang. He was a novice then, a Prospect in the world of gang members. Abel recalls all the stupid and silly mistakes he had every made, keeping them stored in his head in order to learn from them. But during those times when he messed up and had to beat himself for it, drown in agony - he wished someone like Sam had been around. It'd of been much easier to move forward.

    Anyway, Abel nodded his head to the right, wanting her to join him at the bar. He could see Khan and Doc over there along with Maria. It was best to be with family at this point, try and ease the pain that came with the passing of their brother. So with hands held, he started for the bar with her, allowing her to sit first before doing it himself, showing some chivalry. He turned to Maria who was speaking and decided to let her be, she was having too much fun with Khan. Therefore, he turned to the other tender, signaling her to come to them. "Two Jagers please" he stated, turning back to Sam for confirmation that the drink was fine.

    Then he noticed Christopher drinking shots that he'd taken from the bar and moved to one of the tables. Regina was with her and obviously having a good time. The image made Abel smile, they were basically his parents at this point and he loved it when they were happy. Despite the current circumstances, there was always good that followed the bad - it was like a universal rule. Chris then suddenly raised one of his shots at Abel and the boy returned the favor by raising his own glass.

    "He's all grown up ain't he?" Christopher asked, finishing up the shots after his question. He turned to his wife chuckling, unable to comprehend how far they had come already. They started with the idea of a club which eventually lead to the creation of a huge family. His thoughts then returned to Abel. "He's going to lead this club soon enough you know that baby? I think it's getting time to retire you know? I'm getting old just like Billy there. There's gonna come a time where I'll have no choice but to pass down the gavel. I think he's ready" he said with a smile full of radiance. "Alright, I'm gonna get our meeting started, handle everything around here?" he asked, already knowing his old lady could do it all, especially handle the family - that was her best talent. So Chris stood up, gave Abel a signal to round everyone up and meet him in the back which was the bar's stock room.

    From where he sat, Abel could see Chris and watched him walk away towards the back. He turned to Sam and bit his bottom lip. "I gotta go babe. Club stuff" he said merely, not wanting to go into detail about anything. For one, he never likes bringing Sam into anything that has to do with the Angels that could put her in danger, and two, he actually had no idea what Chris was gonna tell them. "Play nice alright, get to know these people. They're the good guys" Abel said with a reassuring smile, then giving her a kiss on the lips before jumping off his stool. The tapped Cane's shoulder and nodded for him to follow. Then he moved behind Khan and wrapped his arms around the man's neck like a stranglehold. "Sorry darlin, I gotta borrow Khan for a sec" Abel joked, the man towering him in both height and size. He winked at Maria then forced Khan to stand and follow. Abel showed the men all to the backroom where Chris was already awaiting them in silence.

    After all the members entered, the door was closed and locked. There were enough chairs for everyone to take a seat, comfort. Before speaking, Chris cleared his throat and looked at everyone in the eyes. "As you know, a week ago we lost relations with the Chinese. They decided to start buying from the Irish which leaves us with a giant gap in profit. In addition, The Shields - the Russians - are angry with this little scheme. I spoke to Kovalev last week, telling him that we will not be able to transport all the guns because we have no one to transport them to. Two days from now, Kovalev will be here to pick up his share from Benny. I want Khan here to watch over the place during that time. If things go south, you call us. Doc, I need you to find us a new consumer. We need to start distributing by the end of the week, or we'll have some problems."

    Abel then jumped in to say what he had in mind. "I say we try and sell to the Africans in Wedgwood. The Chinese cover most of that area. Now that their buying from the Irish, they'll have much more firepower. So to even the odds, let's try and get Obinna on our side. He's buying from who?" Abel asked sarcastically, knowing the African gang got their guns from the street. "Exactly, nobody. So we present our self as suppliers, he won't have to cut any ties, no backfire for us. We get our consumer and keep the Russians happy, business booms. Just like that" Abel finished proposing. He didn't see any other option but using them. Chris had been smiling the whole time, listening and even more proud that Abel proved him right - the boy was as smart as they came.

    "Let us vote. All in favor?" Chris laughed in question, following the procedure the club has set from the beginning. For any decision to be final, it must be a majority vote from all members in addition to having both President and VP say yes. Therefore Chris started the vote with an "Aye." Abel voted the same way, so it was up to the others to decide whether they'd follow or not.
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  11. Sam glanced over when Abel moved his head to the right, seeing the bar. She honestly breathed a sigh of relief. If there was something she could use at the moment, it was a drink. She kept a firm hold on his hand as they walked over, though her eyes continued to look over towards the dead body in the room every minute or so and she was on edge again, her heart rate spiking each time. She tried to focus, sitting at the bar and not paying attention as Abel got their drinks. She had been looking away again but when she caught his expectant eye she smiled again and nodded, signaling whatever he had said was fine, she didn’t care really. She cleared her throat and played with the end of her long ponytail until she got her glass, and then drank it swiftly. She smacked her lips and set in on the bar, feeling the spike of a headache, and the slight nausea, but also the lightheaded fuzzy feeling come on suddenly and then fade a bit. That was the feeling she looked for when drinking. For her it had always been tricky balancing the nausea and the chest pains she got when drinking with the buzz, but by now she had figured it out. She just had to pace herself a bit more than some people.

    Sam signaled for another drink when Abel spoke. She blinked a few times, realizing how much she was still squeezing his hand, but smiled nonchalantly and let it go, nodding. “Of course! No worries,” she breathed, swallowing hard as she got another drink passed to her. She looked at it and then Abel, lips parting at his words to play nice. Did he think she was on edge because of the company? She managed to purse her lips to kiss him before he walked off, but she felt badly. She liked his family and friends. A lot actually. She wished she was a part of them instead of her own family almost everyday. They seemed to really love and care about each other. Not to mention, the best people she’d ever met with grizzly looking bikers. The only reason she was nervous was because she was thinking about her grandfather.

    She put back another drink, relaxing her muscles a bit more so she wasn’t as tense, and she requested another. She definitely didn’t want to bring anyone down or make them think she didn’t think they were the good guys. Sam took the drink and moved to sit closer to Regina and Aleyda, giving a smile to Maria as she sipped this drink. Her chest was already starting to feel tight but at least she could smile a lot easier now. “Hey guys,” she said in an upbeat tone, hoping she could bond with the other girls, considering the menfolk had their own comradery.
  12. ...Benny...
    Finishing the hectic moments of cooking, Benny made a notion to his other cook signalling to take over things. Right when this occurred, Benny heard a waiter call for some ice cream. Possessing a very good guess of who may be behind that order, Benny goes and retrieves said ice-cream. Before grabbing the ordered, Benny removes his apron and washes up properly. Time was nearing for Benny to end his shift, considering the circumstances of the funeral, Benny knew it wouldn't hurt to get off a little early to celebrate in the name of Billy's life. Benny didn't know Billy a whole lot, although he was still family. Despite not being directly a member of Fallen Angels, he still valued every member like his own family.

    Exiting the kitchen area and entering the bar, the stout man looks around the room, he possessed a bowl of ice-cream in hand as well. Looking to Maria, Benny speaks. "Pour me a glass of whatever they are having, darling." Benny continued to scan the room, soon finding Cane. Walking over to his location, he sets the ice-cream in front of him. "You know cane, I never understood how you could eat ice-cream while drinking." Benny said aloud, more thinking out loud then actually talking directly to Cane. However this wasn't an abnormal way for Benny to spark a conversation.

  13. Maria winked at Khan. "Sounds good baby boy," she said, setting the bottle aside.
    As he left what's-her-face approached, Abel's girlfriend. "Whatcha drinking chica?" Maria asked . After that was seen to and she didn't have to be nice anymore, she turned her attention to her regular bar patrons. Spotting one she knew well she went over.

    "What'll it be Duke?"
    "Whiskey," came the gruff reply.
    She poured him a shot and he snorted. "Need more then that doll."
    Maria smirked. "Blonde, red head or brunette?"
    She poured more into another larger glass. "Who was it this time?"
    "The stripper?"
    "She wasn't a stripper she was an exotic dancer."
    "Well paid stripper," Maria amended with a wink. "What have I told you about chasing younger women?"
    "Well you won't give me a shot," the older man said with a crooked grin. "So I have to make due with what I can find."
    "You're too much for me papi," Maria said, laughing. "Don't want my heart broken like all the other girls you leave in your dust. You got a reputation."

    The old man laughed as Maria moved off to refill some glasses. She had a good relationship with a lot of the patrons, some who had been coming for years like Duke. Each of the old timers was special to her. Some young women only liked being around people their own age, but Maria enjoyed the company of older people. They were crazy and wise and many had a quick wit and a sharp tongue and the best sense of humor. She had learned a lot behind this bar just talking and laughing with people.

    And they were busy tonight. A lot of people had turned out for the funeral. Maria nodded to Benny as he passed, pouring him a shot and setting it aside. "Whip me up some food eh Benny?" she called out. "I'm working hard here," she said, shaking her ass a bit for a few whistles from the men at the bar. She laughed and tossed her hair. It was all in good fun. Everyone knew Maria was flirty but not a slut by any means. If anyone tried anything they would find their asses hitting the pavement while going deaf from a stream of Spanish cursing. Not to mention if the Angels got hold of the jerk after her. She might not have been in the gang, but she was still family and the Angels protected their family.
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  14. Cane sipped at his drink, half watching the development going on a few stools down, the rest of his attention focused on the avoiding the gaze of the girl he’d been in the bathroom with. She was dancing with some other guy, continuously rolling her hips into the guy’s crotch while licking her lips, clearly trying to get him to look her way. “Wrong move, sweetheart. I only chase once.” He murmured, finishing off his drink just in time for Benny to roll up with his ice cream. “You’re a fucking saint Benny.” He immediately shoved a spoonful into his mouth, blinking when Benny mentioned the odd habit. “Huh? Oh ice cream goes with everything. I found this ice cream liquor one time…shit I drank it all in my car on the way home. Puked my guts up the next day but that shit was perfect.” Cane had no problem talking about some of the stupid things he’d done, especially considering the guy was a doctor. That showed through in other aspects though. He didn’t smoke, worked out regularly and always, always used a condom. Safe where it counts.

    As he stuffed another spoonful into his mouth, he felt the familiar, heavy hand of Abel on his shoulder. He nodded in understanding and stood up, taking another two bites and following after the other man. “Thanks Benny.”

    The meeting room was as familiar as his living room at this point. The smell of cigars and long spilled liquor with the lingering scent of cut wood filled the room. It was a man’s space to be certain, though judging by the lack of dust or trash, he guessed Regina and some of the others girls spent a fair amount of time cleaning up after them. Hell Cane sometimes found himself scrubbing things when he got tired of the pig sty some of the guys left in their wake. Taking his mind off of cleaning, Cane took his usual seat towards the center of the table. He didn’t have an official title so he wasn’t about to sit up front, but his input seemed to be valued to some degree.

    Cane listened intently as Chris spoke, giving him the utmost respect. He shook his head after hearing a recounting of recent events. Shit had really hit the fan, and a funeral on top of everything else. He sat a little straighter when Christ called on him, mind in mid rev when Abel cut in. Cane listened to him as aptly as he had to Chris, nodding while he spoke but taking a turn to speak before the vote was called. “Now hold up a minute. I had the same thought too Abel, but I don’t think we need to give Obinna all the business. Now I agree that the bulk should go to him. It only benefits us for the Chinese and Africans to shoot each other to Swiss cheese. But if I may make a slight suggestion, there’s a Syrian population a couple towns over. Buncha guys who own gas stations and that shit. I also know they’re doing some back of the house dealing, synthetic mary jane, some speed, shit like that. A couple of them are looking for some weapons, just a few to keep in the back to show off to their friends. If we can spare, I don’t know, a tenth of those guns, we can line our pockets nice. Those guys’ll pay better than Obinna so, if we’re looking for a little extra cash, it’s a suggestion. But Aye regardless.” He smiled and leaned back in his chair. He wasn’t about to step on any toes, and he would hardly be upset if his suggestion got shot down. It happened to everyone and it wouldn’t be the first or last time he got rejected.

    He turned and snatched a beer from the small cooler in the room, popping the top off with one of the thicker rings he wore.
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  15. Khan allowed Able to lead him into the backroom for the meeting. As he walked away he said to the bartender, "If Maria wants a shot or two before I get back let her have it, but her only."

    Khan took his usual place along the back wall as Chris laid out all the details for what was going on, and Able jumped in as well. A lot of times Khan couldn't have cared less about this sort of thing. It was business and he knew enough about it so as to carry on a conversation. When all was said and done though Khan was one thing; the enforcer for this crew. If something went North on a deal or things got ugly Khan was the first man to step in the thick of it and to lay down the law across the board, and he was the last one to leave as well. Billy often said Khan should be in a glass case come with a warning label saying, "Break open only in cases of a shit-storm." There were those times as well when a negotiation would be occurring, and one of the conditions that Chris was told directly by the other side as part of the negotiation was, "Keep Khan on his leash!"

    Though Khan could at times care less about what was going on in terms of business he knew to pay attention and not just accept things at face value or blindly, because that was the surest way to end up getting killed.

    He heard Cane makes his case, but he voted "Aye" anyway. Cane was a strange guy but he could ride, fight, and drink with the best of them. Not to mention there was more than one occasion that he patched up Khan after a fight. Khan also liked the fact that whenever he needed a workout partner Cane was always there ready to go especially when it came to running. Cane marched to the beat of his drummer that was for sure, but when it came down to it there was no question or doubt where his loyalties where.

    When it was all quiet Khan chimed in with his, "Aye."

    Seemed as though everything was settled now Khan was just waiting for the all clear. His mind was already on that bottle of Tequila and Maria and him downing it. She was a pain in the ass and her smart mouth could make Khan turn three shades of red at times, but truth be known Khan wouldn't want her any other way.
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  16. ...Benny...
    Taking the drink that was poured for himself, Benny laughs faintly at Cane's comment. Before Cane left earshot Benny spoke. "I could see you doing shit like that. Also, you are welcome." Sipping the drink in hand, his attention focuses on Maria. "Would that be the usual? Or are you feeling something different tonight?" Benny didn't go back into the kitchen after work was over for many people, however Maria was one of those people. "I could have the newbie cook make you the food, but I've heard he doesn't cook quiet as good as myself." A cheesy grin stretched across the short man's expression. The statement wasn't completely incorrect, Benny did several years more experience cooking than Ron, and that was an understatement. However it wasn't Ron's fault that Benny was cooking ever since the day it was possible. Benny always liked helping his father when he was young, like himself, Benny's father was a cook and owner of Cooks Corner.

    Finishing his drink, Benny slowly starts making his way to the Kitchen. Stopping at Billy's coffin before he did so. Pulling out a pocket-watch, he holds it up above the casket. "You always did fancy this watch.." He placed the watch into the casket and speaks one final time. "Ride on my brother." Turning towards the kitchen, he begins walking towards it.​
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  17. Aleyda had been enjoying her time talking and hearing both Khan and Maria playfully flirt back and forth.

    She had rolled her eyes at Edwin's comments and returned to her drink, downing it once more and pushing the glass away. Her head wasn't exactly swimming in alcohol, but it wasn't in her most sober state either. It was time for her to stop or else she'd most likely be stumbling into an overpriced cab. It was better to stop now and wait for her mind to clear than to continue down her dangerous path. While sitting and conversing, Alé had felt as if someone had been looking at her. Being the person that she was, Alé took it to look around and once her eyes met the gaze of the man that was looking her way, she met them and held her own. 'That's strange. I don't remember him from when I lived here.' A million and one faces ran through her mind as she tried to match him up but nothing rang a bell.

    Alé watched closely as the man had his ice cream with his liquor and she smiled a bit, wondering where he had picked up the weird habit. Her studying didn't take too long as her attention was grabbed by the man that mentioned something to the ice cream guy. Abel, if she was correct. 'So ice cream man is affiliated.....' The woman made a mental note and turned back to Maria and Khan, having completely missed whatever they had been going on about.

    Khan soon left but it didn't take long for his spot to be filled. The young woman that Alé had seen with Abel had approached them and being the unusual, outspoken, and social person she was when she drank, Alé immediately gave her a welcome grin and introduced herself. "Hey! I don't think I remember you... I'm Aleyda, but you can call me Alé."
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  18. Regina smirked as Aleyda introduced herself to the girl. "Yes this is the girl who has caught Abel's eye," she said, lifting her drink in a salute. "Good catch girl, and I say that with no bias whatsoever," she added with a wink and a laugh. "It'll be interesting to see how long this lasts."

    The mature woman drank her shot in one swift pull and tapped the glass for a refill. "No offense sweetie but I don't believe in beating around the bush," she said, suddenly getting very serious as she eyed the girl, Sam or something, up and down. "You're a pretty thing and you must have something special for my boy to notice you. I didn't raise him to be stupid. But you have to understand a few things," she leaned in close to the girl to make sure she was listening. She wasn't trying to scare her. The girl would KNOW if Regina was trying to scare her. No, this subject was just very important to her and, hence, important to Abel.
    "This," she waved a hand around the bar. "This is not just a building or a bar. These people are not drinking buddies or weekend friends. This is a family. This is Abel's life. It is highly important to all of us and, if you care about Abel, it better get important to you too. You will not be able to replace that no matter how hard you try. You can't change blood sweetie. The Fallen Angels are in his blood. You either accept that or you don't. There is no middle ground. If you try to take my son away from us, make him change who he is, or break his heart... there will be no where for you to hide from me," Regina ended sharply.

    And she meant every word. The fierce love of a mother for her child was behind the steel in her eyes. Time would tell if this girl had what it took to be the mate of a Fallen Angel...
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  19. "Whatcha drinking chica?" Maria asked.

    Sam chewed her lip, turning around her empty glass. She didn’t figure she needed anymore, but… damn it why not?

    “Um, an Old Fashioned?” she inquired, taking the drink when it was passed to her. She didn’t sip yet though, still watching the various characters and people at the bar. It made her smile and relax even more. She blinked a few times and focused on a well, completely gorgeous girl who introduced herself. Sam smiled warmly.

    “I’m Sam. I just work on some of the guys bikes,” she shrugged, repeating the woman’s unusual name in her mind a few times so she could remember it later. She only mentioned being a mechanic so Aleyda would understand why she wasn’t at the bar much. She rarely left the garage as it was.

    She had barely gotten out her introduction back to Aleyda when Regina spoke up. Abel had introduced them before, but they had never sat down and talked really.

    "It'll be interesting to see how long this lasts."

    Sam's heart dropped into her stomach. A pained look flashed across her face briefly as if the woman had hurt her feelings before she recovered with her normal doe eyed, sweet look. She didn't move as the older woman leaned in close, swallowing hard and not feeling so comfortable anymore. And here she had hoped for acceptance, even a second family. Maybe a real family. And this wasn't exactly the welcome she had hoped for.

    Lifting a slightly shaking hand, she took a drink from her glass and sighed heavily after, looking like she was getting a headache. "I was hoping to be a part of his life, not change it," she said quietly, looking at the wood of the bar and not at Regina. "And I don't think I could bring myself to disappoint him much less break his heart," she added, now looking back at the woman, the pained look coming back. She took another quick drink before digging in her purse for some money. She set a generous amount she really couldn't afford on the bar and slid off her seat. "If you or anyone else needs to find me, I'll be at the shop or hospital," she swallowed, gaze moist before turning and moving quickly to get out of there. She knew she was just making a fool of herself and possibly proving to Regina she wasn't strong enough, but she was too damn hot, felt like she was suffocating. She had to get outside and breathe.
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  20. The vote had turned out to be unanimous, everyone agreeing with the plan just as usual. Despite the decision, Cane had brought forth a different perspective in the gun distribution. Abel took it into consideration, Christopher wanting to get his son's viewpoint on the idea before calling any shots. Abel believed Cane wanted to ensure that the Africans did not obtain too much power in Wedgwood, come back and bite the club in the ass. Thing is, currently Obinna and his gang didn't have much territory. Most of the Chinese covered the entire area, monopolizing on businesses and running a sort of mafia like the Yakuza - they were all a little strange. Anyway, giving aid to the Africans could possibly even the odds in Wedgwood and hopefully later provide an ally in the gun business. By getting Obinna's confidence, they could start distributing further north, possibly outside of the country if need be.

    "We don't know anything about the Syrians, but if you can go and talk to them, I think they could be a great asset. We can have Kovalev transfer more guns for us to the border and we'll distribute a second shipment to the Syrians in addition to Obinna and his people. That's double the money right there boys" Abel commented with a side smile, his devious side showing a bit. He was very devoted to the business and as the Vice President, he was highly respected for his decisions. "Any word on Steven?" Abel questioned Christopher, changing the topic since it was basically already settled.

    "He'll be back by Thursday, so two days. He said he spoke to those Salvation guys, the all american soldier guys? Yeah"

    "How'd that go?" Abel asked again in question while smiling. Dealing with militant guys like The Salvation never turned out good. They were all military personnel who were ejected for disorderly conduct. They were basically just gun junkies who wanted to reshape America and create a communist government, which is a contradiction to what American soldiers are supposed to be all about. But anyway, they were also distributing guns which was an issue. Steven had there to set up borders and routes so they wouldn't cross paths.

    "Then I guess that's that. See you guys tomorrow, I'm heading out" Abel stated, quickly getting off his seat and heading out the room. Christopher's eyes widened as his VP suddenly left. "Well...." he said to himself with an open smile. "...Guess were calling it a night brothers."

    The President stood up, pushed his chair under the table and let Khan and Can leave the room first before he closed up.


    "Hey! Where's Sam?" Abel asked the two ladies sitting at the bar, one being Regina. He looked in every direction, unable to find her through the leaving crowd - the bar was closing up. As he turned back to his mother he noticed the look on her face. That look told him exactly what had happened, she needed to say not a word. "You always do this" he said with a little smirk, not blaming her, but being a bit annoyed by her judgement of every girl he dates.

    "See you guys later" he called out to everyone at the bar, waving as he walked towards the exit - which had also been the entrance. He walked through the door to find his well-dressed girlfriend alone under the moonlight. Abel couldn't help but look her up and down, biting his bottom lip and feeling joyous that she was there for him. "I'm guessing you finally met the real Regina?" he said to her, walking up to her side as he searched for his lighter and cigarettes in his vest's inside pocket.

    He put one in between his lips and lit it, letting the small flame flourish as he took in the nicotine. He looked towards the clear night sky and blew out a puff of white smoke. "She grows on you" he laughed, not even taking his own joke seriously. Abel turned to Sam and pulled out his cigarette, keeping it in his right hand between his index finger and middle one. His left hand searched for hers, and as he took it, he gently rubbed the top of her hand with his thumb. All while, he was looking into her worry eyes, seeing that whatever Regina had said did indeed bother her. "The guys will probably stay longer, but......" he started, customers exiting the bar behind him, jumping onto their bikes and their cars. "I'd rather just go home, wanna keep me company?" he whispered, giving her a sweet smile. His eyes flickered with the desire to spend a bit more time with her. He hadn't seen her all day because of club business and the whole funeral thing, so a little more of Sam's sweet nature would definitely make his night.
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