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  1. *Clunk* The metal cuffs on her hands clanked as Lilith awoke. She scanned her surroundings. Still in the cold and dark prison cell. She tried stretching her legs also bound by metal.

    She's hungry and she'll eat anything even rats if need be. She sniffled. The place, this prison she grew up in is so bleak.

    Maybe it fits her. Her whole existence is bleak and dark and uncertain. People doesn't like her. They hate her. They said she's different from them. She looks normal at first sight except for her silver gray hair and eyes.

    But what the people really fear is her jetblack wings. They told her, she's a fallen angel. They're humans, they said. Unlike me.

    "I wanna go home." she said. But she realized she doesn't have a home. She's not sure.

    She can't remember anything except her name.
  2. "Shh!" Alissa hissed. The young archangel glanced around, making sure no one was around. "Listen to me, you probably don't remember anything, but I'm here to help you out, ok?" She took the a long rapier from its place at her side and cut through the remaining shackles easily. A head poked itself through the doorway of the cell.
    "Hey 'liss! You got her yet?" It was a boy, around the same age, with black hair and red eyes. Black bat wings, a long tail, and claws marked this boy as a demon. "I took care of the guards." He snickered "man, sometimes humans can be really stupid."
    "Yeah, yeah, I'm coming." Alissa carefully slung Lilith's arm over her neck and used her wings to steady them both as she stood up.
  3. Lilith was shocked and surprised to see two creatures almost the same as her. They seem to know her but she can't remember them. They're strong. They got in her cell too easily.

    "Who are you?" she croaked. She's feeling faint from hunger. She can't resist them even if she want to.

    "Please. Don't hurt me." she pleaded.
  4. "Huh?" the demonic boy looked at her. "Oh, look, she can talk! I'm Zeniel," He grinned. "I'm a half demon."
    "My name is Alissa. I'm an archangel, and don't worry about it." Alissa murmured quietly. "Like I said, we're here to get you out. You were caught by a group of humans." She scoffed. "Don't get me wrong, most humans are nice; harmless, even. You just had the unfortunate luck of ending up with the wrong bunch."
    "Yup!" Zeniel bounded over to them and supported Lilith's other side. "You look hungry. Once we get out of here, we'll get you something to eat."
  5. jason looked up he was bound to the wall by multiple chains. after the revolt in which god cast satan to hell. jason was bound to the wall he was one of the original arch angels but with the power he possesed he was capable of taking down satan if he had won. but unfortunately that was not the case . and how he sits bound and blindfolded to a wall waiting for the day he will be set free.
  6. "I-i-I am Lilith. Thank you." *tears* "But why are you helping me? They will kill us if they knew you're helping me" *fear flashed in her eyes*

    The one called Alissa carried her as if she weighs nothing. The half demon named Zeniel grinned at her. She tried to smile weakly. Then she remembered something.

    "Wa-wait..My necklace..I need to get it..They took it away from me..It's the only thing I have left..Please?" she said.
  7. Zeniel's smile fell. "Ah, I wouldn't worry about that. See I got this treatment once too." He displayed one of his black wings, stretching it out all the way. In the upper corners were long jagged scars, like they had been punctured, and then a thick piece of leather drawn through them. "My other one's the same. They tied them together to make sure I wouldn't fly off." His smile returned "Of course, that was years ago. We have time for the necklace, don't we 'liss?" The archangel paused for a moment.
    "We still have the archangel, Jason, to get." She nodded. "You take her, find the necklace, and I'll look for the archangel."
    Zeniel grinned wider and mock saluted with his free hand. "Yes sir!"
    "Don't forget, once you get the necklace, get out quick and bring her straight to Lucifer; she won't live otherwise." The girl reminded her partner.
    "Right!" Zeniel turned to Lilith. "Uncle Lucy'll explain everything! Now, lets go find this necklace of yours."
  8. She listened as Zenial told her his own story of captivity. He looks so sad then smiled after telling the story.

    They split up so Alissa can rescue another one. "Take care, Alissa!" she said as the archangel went off to find a guy named Jason. Is he also like us? And who is Uncle Lucy?
    "Uhm, Zeniel, who is Uncle Lucy? Your uncle?" she asked as they go to the office where her necklace is hidden.
  9. "Oh, that..." Zeniel gave another maniac grin. "I suppose that yes he is my uncle. He's one of my dad's colleagues, but he's real friendly. You would know him as Lucifer, the fallen angel." He stopped at the end of the hallway. "Not to be confused with Satan, king of hell. I mean, he's nice too, and he's also a fallen angel, but he's much much older." Taking a turn to the right, they quickly found a locked door labeled "office." "Ok, here's the deal. I'm going to set you down on the opposite wall; there might be people inside this room, and I don't want you getting hurt." He said quietly and gently led her too the side of the passage.

    Gently pushing the rusty prison door, Alissa stepped inside of the rotting prison cell. She could see the dark shape of a winged man in the back, chained to the wall. As she approached him, she realized he was blindfolded and gagged as well. "I'm not here to hurt you." She said quietly as she undid his blindfold and began working on the gag. "Just stay quiet and don't attack anything, even if its a demon."
  10. "Oh. I don't know much about Satan or Lucifer. Humans say they're the same?" she said to Zeniel.

    They arrived at the office and he placed her a few distance from the door. He said I might get hurt. What a nice guy, she thought. All she knew her life was cruelty and punishments so she's not used to being treated kindly.

    "The necklace hidden from normal sight. It is silver with loops in it and a small black diamond pendant. Before you hold it, though, you have to make sure not to touch it directly. It might burn you. The humans tried to touch it directly and they died, some just got burned. So please be careful." she explained to Zeniel.

    He was already turning away when she grabbed his hand to stop him. "Wait. If there are humans there, can you not kill them? I shouldn't see blood. I noticed that when the humans are punishing me. They're careful not to make me bleed." she said.
  11. Protocol 10 initiate. Escapies accompanied by helpers. Helpers should be killed with relentless brute force and Escapies must be taken back to cells. T-20 A. K. A. Tommy power on. Follow my orders boy. Don't f*** this one up.

    Tommy's eyes opened slowly. They glowed a bluish purple. Tommy's cryogenic case opened slowly releasing a surplus of liquid nitrogen which was keeping him frozen for the last couple years. Tommy stepped out of the case in a black skin tight outfit. He's only objective was to go find them before he decided if he wanted to follow orders. He wasn't a killer, but he was built to take a life with ease. Whether that be a life of an angel, demon, human, animal, or even Satan himself.

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  12. Lilith started when she heard something. *gasp*

    "Zeniel, hurry! They rang the alarm!" she said panicking. She wants to be away from this place. She doesn't want to go back. She is trembling.
  13. Quickly unlocking the door with one of his claws, Zeniel sighed as he realized no one was inside. It didn't take him long to identify a small leather bag as the place where the necklace was kept. grabbing it quickly, he turned and made his way back to where Lilith sat. "Quickly, onto my back. It'll be faster that way."

    Alissa's head shot up as she heard the alarm go off. Cursing under her breath, she quickly cut the shackles that bound Jason to the wall. She muttered a few Latin words and a gold light enveloped her hand. She healed the most grievous of his wounds as fast as she could. "Can you walk?" she directed at the archangel. "I'm not sure I can carry you."
  14. Lilith did as Zeniel told her. She hold on to his broad shoulders.

    "Am I heavy?" she asked. "Where's Alissa? We need to go. They're coming. They're gonna close the whole place and no one can leave once that happens." she said while gripping Zeniel tightly.
  15. jason felt something off in the aura. he began to fighting against the bonds that restrained him.
  16. "Urgh, stop struggling, will you?" Alissa growled. She noticed his wings were still bound and proceeded to cut the ties. "I'm trying to help you. You have got to trust me on this, or neither of us will get out alive."

    "Naw, you're not that heavy." Zeniel grinned. "Hang on tight!" Using his demonic traits, they rushed down the hallways at incredible speed, until they both came to a screeching halt. Zeniel let loose a low growl. In front of them was another boy, probably older than them, with glowing purple eyes. "Well, If it isn't one of their little guard dogs," Zeniel spat. "Come to keep us from getting out, eh?"
  17. after being released he spread out his wings. he then began flapping them creating tornado force winds. "ive been chained here for 150 years" he stepped out the room to see a boy with glowing purple eyes he snuck up on the boy and swung his hand so fast no one could see it he held the head of the boy up as his body fell spraying the blood
  18. "Oh no you dont!" Alissa glared at him angrily. "My partner has a friend who, if she sees anything that looks remotely like blood, will kill everything within a three mile radius." The wind from his wings had knocked her to the floor, and she groaned as she got up. "Damn, Gabriel told me you were impulsive, but he didn't mention this." Swearing angrily, her eyes glowed as a gun materialized in the hand that wasn't holding her sword. "Listen here, buddy. I don't know what you think you're doing, but here's the deal. You have to calm. down. and not. kill. anything. Got it?" Her words were laced with venom, and she had slipped in a few choice words that one didn't normally hear out of an angle's mouth. "Try that again and we'll see what happens when an angel looses its wings." She gave him another warning glare. "Now come on, both Michael and Gabriel are waiting for you at the entrance."
  19. They were almost out in the exit when there's a guy with glowing purple eyes. Then out of nowhere, another guy appeared and just ripped off the purple eyes guy's head. She saw...blood..lots of them..No..no..

    "No..please no..stop.." she starts to whisper gibberish. She's trembling and gripping on Zeniel tighter and tighter until he yepled and dropped her. She lay still for a moment and still muttering things..In the background she heard Alissa angrily telling the guy to calm down..

    "Zeniel...help me.." she pleaded. She can't surrender to the darkness..

    "C'mon. give it up. let me out. There's blood. I can smell it. Let me out! Now! I wanna taste the blood. Kill. Let's kill now!" a voice inside her head told her. She tried to block it off her head.

    "Stop! No! I can't! You can't" she fought back. Then the voice stopped. She stopped trembling.

    Her rescuers are looking at her warily. Then she looked up with bloodred eyes and evil grin.
  20. There was a momentary silence untill, "Aw hell no!" Zeniel shouted while quickly using his tail to secure Lilith. Annabell swore and grabbed Jason's arm.
    "Come on, you ***. Lets get out of here" She ran down the hallway in the other direction, the other archangel pulled along with her. In the meantime Zeniel had tightened his grip on Lilith while changing his form. He was bigger now, no trace of anything human. Glowing red eyes set deep into the black swirling mass that formed clawed appendages and formidable dragon-like wings. The creature opened its mouth and gave a loud screaming roar. The building shook and small rocks fell from the ceiling.

    Above the institute, three figures stood. There were two middle aged men, one with bright red hair, the other with a sandy gold, and one purple haired teen who couldn't be older than eighteen. They all looked human, except for the wings which sprouted from their backs. The older men had white wings, while the younger's wings took on a dark shade of raven black. They were perfectly still and silent, until the building beneath them shook and a inhuman roar sounded from far below. "Well," remarked the fallen angel, smirking mischievously as his purple eyes glinted. "Looks like they need a little help, hm?"
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