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  1. Rule The World, purple
    Margo sat at attention, clicking her rainbow colored nails against the clipboard. One of the many space and time manipulators alive to this day, she didn't seem a year over twenty though she was over millions of years old. Taking attention to the screen in front of her, an evil smirk played at her lips. What an exciting little experiment this would be~

    A Whole New World, blue
    Ariella turned her attention skywards, the first day at a new school was going to be hell on earth. Maybe not that bad, but she was still very anxious. Confused and not quite ready to see what went on in these brick walls. She knew that she wasn't the only newbie this year, but there was a multitude of people that had been coming from the beginning as well. Sending her regards to her sisters, each one busy doing something entirely new and different. Brushing off her skirt, she enters the building. Curious blue eyes scanning her surroundings. It was like a whole new world had been offered up to her, and she would take that with open arms.

    Brushing a bright red piece of hair away from her face, she looked down at the paper with widening eyes. She had a free period in the morning along with the rest of the students. A time to eat breakfast, mingle and finish up with last night's homework assuming your a lazy ass hat. Smiling, she head up to her dorm rooms, a surprised looking glance sent towards the luggage that already sat on the bottom bunk. Sighing, she slung her materials to the top bunk and took a seat in one of the wicker chairs.

    Some OOC Notes
    -Free Period in the morning is a time to get acquainted, eat some food and maybe give into some extra study time.-

    -You can choose who you want to dorm with, just message them or ask them over in OOC. Come to me if you want to be Ariella's roommate.-

  2. Marshall took a deep breath and stepped through the crowded gates, letting out an exasperated sigh as he entered. He looked around, seeing people getting to know each other and those who already knew each other after last year. His two suitcases trundled behind him, one in each hand. Both were adorned with pins, safety pins, stickers and pieces of multi-coloured fabric. One had a note saying "In this style 10/6" pinned onto it.

    He walked through the crowds of oddly dressed students, not that he was exactly 'fitting in' with modern fashion himself. He stepped through the quad and into the large building. He knew he had a free period and tends to spend his free time constructively. He decided to head up to his room and begin unpacking.

    He entered and looked around, it seemed nobody had moved in yet though he wasn't the most observant person in the world. Setting his suitcases down he began to take out all manner of things, fabrics, teacups, several boxes of different teas, sugar, clothing, a kettle, a sewing machine and more.
  3. Carmin, red

    Carmin-- or Red, as he prefered to be called-- yawned, running a lazy hand through his hair as he followed the crowd through the front doors of the building. Despite having always been woken up early in the morning, he somehow still wasn't a morning person. At all. Still, he was excited to check out the new school. Though he didn't live far from it, he'd be staying in the dorms from today on... He just couldn't take it in that crowded house, any longer... He'd actually been reduced to begging his parents to let him stay in the dorms with the promise that he'd still do deliveries for them in his after-school hours. Maybe they'd actually start paying him for his efforts...

    After taking a bit of time to look around and do a bit of people-watching, Carmin decided to find his dorm room. He knew he'd have to deal with a roommate, but one roommate was better than the five he had to deal with at home.

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  4. Alister's heart pounded, his lips pulled up into a smile, and his blue eyes glimmered with excitement. It was a new start for him where he was only a stranger and he had no reputation to uphold and that pleased him. Though it was early Alister was wide awake, almost bouncing in excitement, clutching the small paper with directions to his dorm room in one hand and his luggage in the other. Getting a transfer to the Mystic Academy may have been the best thing that his parents ever did for him. He was away from his family and in a school that he could cross dress freely or deal with the ridicule of being a "girly boy". Either way, he was glad to have the opportunity to be happy the way he was for the time being.
    As soon as the gates opened, Alister decided to avoid as many people as he could and go straight to his dorm. It was only as he was about to enter the room that he hesitated, remembering that he would be sharing with another person. The little blonde boy blushed slightly, hoping his roommate wouldn't be too judgmental of him. He straightened out his red and white dress anxiously, cursing himself for not wearing a blue one instead and then cursing himself again for wasting time in the hallway. He then opened the door, peering in and entering once he saw that he arrived before his roommate.
  5. Delynnaria stood outside the gates and stared up the approaching Highschool. She stepped out of the car and looked at the gates. She felt herself clamor up ever so slightly but fought passed it d she zipped up her UnderArmor wind breaker. She put her hood up and tried to hide her face. Her long white hair flowed out making her stick out ever so slightly but she tried not to think about it. She walked into the gates and began to move straight for the dorms. She looked around at the others but tried not to talk to anyone right away.

    She reach the dormitories and walked into the main lobby. She lifted her hood up and gazed around the room before lowering her hood all the way. She took a deep breath and began to head up the steps to her dorm room. She knew that she would be getting a room mate but wasn't to worried about it at that time. She used the key sent to her to open the door and walked in to see that her clothes and belongings were already inside. She walked in and slowly closed the door before beginning to unpack herself. (Not sure how to really start xD)
  6. Esme made her way around the school and giggled as she went from one place to another excited to see her new school and jumped around happily. Looking around her she smelt the air and then looked at the creatures around her all sizes great and small.

    (Okay i am really sorry for the smll post I am a huge hurry ^^;;)
  7. Bigsby got of the greywolf bus with all of his luggage and looked at the prestigious high school. He still wondered why he was accepted here. He continued to walk past people and focused on finding his dorm and try to get settled in to his new found home.
  8. Carmin, red

    Carmin took his time finding the dorms and his room, simply enjoying the scenery around the campus as he did. He loved the outdoors. Still, he eventually realized he didn't have that much time to dilly-dally and withdrew the small paper from his pocket, detailing his schedule and room number. Nodding to himself as he memorized the number, he put the paper back into his pocket and set off towards the building he'd pegged as the dormitories.

    Quickly finding the proper room, Carmin paused as he noticed the door was still partly open. So his roommate had already arrived... Taking another step forward and pushing the door to open further, Carmin blinked as he glanced around for his roommate and was met with... A girl in a red and white dress..? "--Oh. Ohh. You're not a girl at all." He spoke as he slowly realized, mostly speaking to himself. "Right, uh... Hi. I'm Carmin. You can call me Red. Nice... Dress." He spoke as he stepped further into the room, holding out a hand to shake.

  9. ...Why did everyone here dress so oddly? Lang really couldn't understand the different clothing and dresses these people seemed to wear. Internally sighing, he inspected the campus; it seemed...nice enough. Though, of course, he really wanted to be anywhere but here. Adjusting his glasses, he looked around, and soon came to a realization: He had no idea what he was doing. He was practically plopped from one life into another, and now, he had no idea how to interact with anyone, or even where to go. Stuffing his hands into his pockets, he started wondering if perhaps he could just sneak away. Unfortunately, he didn't even know where this school was. 'Mystic Academy, Orlando?' The paper was officially handed out to him, yet, the name seemed...off, as if it was in a fairytale. How ridiculous. My father would murder me if he ever saw me reading fairy tales. Characters in such as just moral catalysts more low-minded people who can't think for themselves. Then again, simple stories are sometimes the best, and he shouldn't be judgmental towards anyone. Walking forward, then back again, it soon became clear he didn't even know where he was in the school. Glancing downwards, he checked the map, but it didn't tell him anything. He really hated maps. And this place. As soon as he could, he would place a phone call to his father asking permission to leave. But for now, he supposed he would have to first find his 'dorm'. Glancing about, he finally willed himself to walk up to a building.

    Inside, he could only widen his eyes. He had entered the library, and the sheer amount of books was intoxicating. While books were available to him, they were a luxury item, and they were never available in such high quantities! Restraining himself, though, he had to remind himself to stay on topic. Forcefully averting his gaze, he wandered upstairs, and started wandering around the dormitories, trying to find his room number. Hopefully, he could find it...and not be put in with someone with at least basic decency...though perhaps he could request permission to room alone? He honestly didn't know. Looking at the map again, he realized he was utterly and completely lost, even in such a simple hallway as this. Groaning in frustration, he started wandering about. Eventually, he would get it right...he was much too stubborn to ask for help, though his pace quickened as his panic did. While he didn't like the school, he definitely didn't want to displease Father by failing to even attend the first class. Frick. I'm screwed.
  10. Belle, gold

    Belle had her white suitcase in her hand as she walked up to the grand gates that lead to Mystic Academy. She set her suitcase to the side in order to clean herself up. She brushed off any dirt that might've been on her short white dress, readjusted her blue cardigan, and rearranged the black bows that were on both sides of her head. This allowed her to feel a bit more confident about herself. She grabbed her suitcase and rolled it through the gates.

    There were signs for the newbies that told where things were located. Belle looked over the signs to find dormitory but then she was distracted. There was one word on one of the signs that caught her attention. Library. Belle forgot about looking for the dorms and went towards the library dragging her stuff with her.

    When she arrived at the library, her eyes widened in amazement. There were shelves upon shelves upon shelves of books. It seemed like she had found paradise or the holy land of books. Belle walked up to one of the many book shelves and closed her eyes. At random, she grabbed a book. 'The Legend of the Lost' was the title. She took this book along with her suitcase to one of the seats that were avalible. From there, she sat down and read every word from the book she grabbed with interest.

  11. Bigsby found his dorm and just put his stuff on his bed. He would worry about it later. He decided to walk around the large school. He kept walking till he found the library. Books were not the number one thing Bigs liked to be around. He figured why not. it was quiet and he figured there wouldn't be anyone around. He picked out a book on the history of rock and roll and sat at a table chewing a piece of gum as he read. He blew a bubble and a loud pop could be heard throughout the room.
  12. Rampion Woods, Yellow
    New place, new neighborhood, new house, and.....new school. This had to be the fourth time that Rampion had moved. She was so used to it that she accepted it with open arms instead of moping like other teenagers. It wasn't like she had many friends in any of her previous schools so it was easy to pack up and move on. And now here she was at the beautiful gates of her new school, Mystic Academy.

    Beaming as bright as the Sun up above, the short, blonde girl adjusted her grip on her two suitcases. She was about to enter when she stopped suddenly. Letting go of her suitcases, she gathered her unusually long hair in her small hands and began to braid it swiftly. After a few minutes her hair was braided down to the very tip and rested on her shoulder, hanging down. She grabbed her suitcases once more and headed inside her new school.

    She was awestruck as she stepped inside. Her eyes glowed as she took in everything. Signs were there to help her and other new students figure out their way. It made her smile. Nice to know that someone cares, she thought as she studied the signs. Knowing she should go to her dorm, the young girl's stomach had other ideas as it rumbled. Resting a hand on her shirt-covered stomach, splaying her fingers over it, Rampion's eyes drifted until they landed on the sign for the cafeteria. Without a second thought, she made her way towards the cafeteria. Its delicious smells helped her find the way as well.

    It only took fifteen minutes, maybe a little less, for her to reach her destination. Squealing, she entered the cafeteria full of other students eating, chatting, reading or finishing up homework. She made her way over to the lunch line, luggage and all with her. Rampion then began to wait patiently, moving when the line moved.
  13. Alister was trying to decide whether or not he should wait for his roommate to claim a bed or not when he was startled by the voice of someone in the doorway. He turned to see who he assumed was his roommate.

    Alister smiled shyly at the other male, Carman. "H-hello, I'm A-Alister." He said, taking Carmin's hand. He tried to calm his nerves a bit before he spoke again. "It's nice to meet you! And, um, th-thank you!" He quickly averted his eyes downward, out of conversational material. He searched for anything to keep the conversation going, not realizing that he still held Red's hand.

    "Oh," Alister remembered what he was doing before Red arrived, "Which bed would you like? I didn't mind which I get as long as you're comfortable."

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  14. Alina, deeppink "Ah-lee-na"

    Outside the principal's office, Alina sat in a metal chair waiting for her parents to stop 'Having a discussion'. She played​
    with the cloth of her skirt, crumpling it in her hands. Then she stared at her hands. Are these really my hands? She thought to herself. It had been a year since she woke up from her 7 year coma, and her parents made sure to constantly explain she was no longer a young child. The office door opened and her parents emerged. Her mother grabbed her hand and began leading her down the hall. "Now remember, there are signs to help you find your destination, if you get lost ask someone for help..." Alina stiffened at her mother's words. "...Ah, don't worry, you're a young adult now and who knows, you may find someone who was in grade school with you." Alina smiled a bit, she could recall faces of her classmates but names were still hard.

    "Here we are." Her mother announced. She opened the door with a key then gave it to Alina. She walked in inspecting it. There was a bunk-bed, two desks, and two closets. You'd think with a prestigious school like Mystic Academy they could afford to separate the beds in the semi-large room. Alina didn't care though because she was too excited about the room. So far no roommate, she thought to herself claiming the top bunk. She put on her Pink and Blue floral bedding on. Her two aunts, Flora and Merryweather, couldn't agree on the color. They continued to help her unpack and set up things. When they were done, her parents showed her the way to the cafeteria. They said their 'good-byes' to her and left. Alina stood in line and got a poppy-seed muffin and apple juice for breakfast. She stood in the middle of the walk way trying to find a place to sit.

    Character Sheet
    Roommate- Rampion Woods
  15. Carmin, red

    Carmin shrugged, a bit awkwardly pulling his hand from Alister's."Yea, nice to meet you, too.."He replied, looking between the two beds, and picking a random one to sit on. They were pretty much identical, anyway. "This one's fine with me. So, uh.. I heard this school doesn't have a uniform policy, but everyone sure went out of their way to look unique, huh? I did a bit of people-watching before I came to find the dorms," he started in attempt to make idle chatter.

    "Um.. What classes do you have?"

  16. Chelsea laid in the ground under the shade of the tree. She was happily napping the day away, one arm draped over her eyes to shield herself from the light while the other rested on her rising and falling stomach. She had a rather strange small grin on her face. She was dreaming she was a cat, climbing trees and jumping from branch to branch. It was a relaxing dream that she enjoyed, until a stream of acorns fell on her, causing the purple haired girl to grumpily wake up.

    "Ugh...." She groaned as she sat up, rubbing the sleep out of her eyes. "Where am I..? What day is it? What time is it?" She murmured to know one in general. The girl stood up, dusting off her skirt ans shirt. She turned and began walking towards the school with a growling stomach. She wanted food. Entering the school, Chelsea wandered the hallways till she wound up in the cafeteria. She didn't wsnt to eat the lunchroom food, they didn't taste that good. She preferred junk food. So she turns and walks to a vending machine and dug around in her coat pocket till she found a dollar. Putting the dollar in the machine she pressed buttons to get some gummy fish. Just as the spiral was about to drop the fish, it stopped.

    "Eh?! My fish!!" She said with wide eyes and began shaking the machine desperately. "Drop it! Drop my fish..!" She called and crouched down, reaching her hand through the slot and tried to claw her arm up the inside of the machine and towards the gummy fish. "Stupid... Idiotic.. machine!" she called out in frustration.
  17. New people were passing her left and right, while others sent her a friendly greeting. Most people knew Gwen as the person you can talk to about pretty much anything and never once get a negative response. The petite blonde's curls bounced behind her, the little blue ribbon loosely tied into her hair. Interest settled in her big blue eyes, searching about for someone to talk too. Proper and formal, she stood wearing a little blue dress that matched her ribbon just perfectly. It was like she was had a five year old's fashion sense and still made it look fashionable enough. Maybe it was the smile she toted along with the clothes? Maybe it was the bright spirit that coursed through her? Truly, nobody was sure.

    Bouncing over to the purple haired woman, she sent her a gleaming smile. "Did your meal get stuck in the machine?" She frowned, kicking it rather swiftly. This machine had been a piece of junk for a couple of years now, it surely did not seem like the fish wanted to drop from it's strong clutch. She banged at it with her hands, finally watching the small yellow package come loose from its grip. Now if only it would drop? Curiously, she shoved a quarter into the slot and punched in the numbers, giving it it's final push to the fall to the bottom of the machine. Sticking her hand in, she presented the treat to the strange girl in front of her. "Sorry it gave you troubles.." She smiles, holding the bag out to the girl.
  18. Chelseas eyes practically shined with gratitude. She pulled the girl into a hug, which was awkward because Chelsea was taller then the girl so her blonde head was wedged between Chelseas shoulder and chest. "My saviour! She got my fishies down for me!! You saved me from going hungry all day until lunch!" She called out happily. Soon she released the girl and happily snatched the package, ripping it open and shoves a gummy fish into her mouth

    Chelsea beamed happily from the taste.
    "So delicious..! I owe you one, stranger!" She flashed a friendly smile and held her hand out for a shake. "My names Chelsea Glassgow! What's you're name?" She said cheerfully. She didn't seem at all fazed that the blonde girl looked young, or how she dressed fancy. Chelsea was just naturally a happy, friendly person. She loved meeting new people and can sometimes make new people uncomfortable, since she always has an urge to hug the person. But, overall, she meant well and was just full of energy at times.
  19. James stepped from the car, heading around to the boot to fetch his things. He found himself waving off the driver as he got out to help him. "Don't worry about it, Mr. D. I'm able bodied, i got it. Can't very well ask an old man like you to carry my stuff..."

    The man paused in getting out of the car, "Are you sure, James? I promised your mother I'd help you out. Do you want me to help you find you dorms? I'm quite good at navigation. Took a survival class last summer and they thought us this new trick-" James set his bags on the ground and slammed the boot shut to cut the man off.

    He pinned him with a raised eyebrow and an amused quirk of his lips, "Delbert."

    The man, Delbert, had the decency to look sheepish as he climbed from the car to join James at the back of the car, "Ah, yes, well i guess that wouldn't be interesting to a kid like you."

    "Not a kid, Delbert. I'm a-"

    "A Man, yes, I Know. I hear you telling your mother almost every day. What I'm trying to get across, James, is that you don't have to do this alone." He laid a hand on James shoulder. His eyes pinned James down with the sincere promise that he would never have to do something alone, all he had to do was ask. James felt himself soften toward Delbert. The man had always been there for his mother and James himself. In his own way James was rather grateful.

    James lifted a hand and placed it down on top of Delbert's own, giving it a squeeze. "I know, Mr. D. Thank you..." His voice was soft, and then turned into something sarcastic. He then picked Delbert's hand up by the pointer finger and moved it off his shoulder, "But that'd be super lame. You know, being shown around by some dude like he's my dad. I'm not a child."

    Delbert sighed but nodded, "Ok, ok. I'm going. But, Call me if you need me?"

    "Of course."

    "And keep in contact with your mother and I."

    "I'll write. Every night."

    "Make sure not to cause trouble."

    "I'm nothing if not an angel."


    "I'll be ok! Delbert, Really. Go!"

    Delbert sighed, but climbed it his car. Closing the door and starting it up. James grabbed his bags and stepped out of the way so Delbert could go. He could have sighed in exasperation as Delbert suddenly rolled down the wind instead of driving off. He looked at James and began to ask, "Are you sure-"

    "Go." James grumbled unamused making a dismissing gesture with his hand.

    "Fine, Good bye James." With that Delbert rolled up his windows and peeled out of the drop off.

    James watched the car go with a small sigh of relief. He scooped up his bags and turned towards the schools and eye'd it for a moment or two. There was so many people. Students of all shapes and sizes running about in a feverish rush of first day gitters. James couldn't help but feeling a little awed. He was hit with the sudden desire to get to the higher ground to get a better look. His eyes landed on a rather big, but still climbable, tree not to far away and made a bee-line for it.

    Once at the tree he dropped his bags and jumped for the first branch of the tree and hefted himself up into it. He maneuvered himself up into the branched, then crawled out onto a limb. He slowly raised o his feet, a little shaky but confident in his ability to stay up right and in the tree. He let his gaze brush over the impressive building and the heads of the gaggle of students. It was actually kinda exciting, not that he'd say it out loud. He needed to get to his dorm room, but, he decided, it would be ok to stay above the world for just a little while longer.
  20. Delynnaria finished unpacking her things and suddenly fell back on her bed. She felt like being alone but also of going out to meet others. She didn't want to be an issue with any of the teachers due to her more shy tendencies but she knew it would come into play. She sat up after several moments and blew her hair that landed in front of her face. She shook her head and began to laugh as she thought of something funny. Her white hair flew all about and began to look like a mess. After a few minutes she pulled herself together and looked into the mirror. She tilted to her head to the side before beginning to fix her hair.

    She wanted to move around and exercise but she didn't know where she had to go to do it. She eventually fixated herself on finding something to eat. She looked at her belongings that were neatly packed into her dresser and smiled "All is in order.." She said once before turning and leaving the dorm room. She turned down the hall and took a map out of her back pocket. She looked at it and began to head towards the cafeteria to get something to eat.