Fairy Tale Noir: New Arcadia

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    Fairy Tale Noir: New Arcadia

    New Arcadia, a city built from the hard work and sweat of the Grimm Foundation. Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm, brothers and creators of the organization wanted this city to be a beacon of hope and freedom for those who want the best out of their life. Overtime the city grew, attracting many more lives with its promise. Ironically it was through this that the promise faded. Unprepared with such rapid growth, crime flourished. Gangs rose up from petty thieves and soon huge crime families appeared from the darkness. Organizations built on blood and bodies in more ways than one they saw the city as a perfect opportunity to thrive. Snow White and "The Kitsune" have since become the major crime bosses of New Arcadia, but make no mistake, for The Kitsune has Snow White wrapped around his own finger. Nobody knows just where The Kitsune came from or even what he looks like aside from a few that have the luck of running into him. Sadistic and maniacal, Cruel and intelligent, he is definitely to be feared. All that is known is that the he doesn't bring order withing the ranks of the underground, but crazed rampage. As both of them work together, the city will slowly fall into their palms.

    What they didn't expect, was "The Black Queen" someone with a vendetta, a "Vigilante" of sorts planning the downfall of Snow White and The Kitsune. She's still only one person against a criminal underworld run by Arcadia's two most powerful crime bosses. The Black Queen has gained a few allies for her plan, one of them acting as a double agent for her. Whilst The kitsune is not worried, he actually loves the challenge, seeing this as a chance to "let loose" and just have fun. Snow White though, she's more paranoid, since she has an idea who this Black Queen might be.

    Whoever your character is, you are directly or indirectly effected by the growing hostilities within the criminal underworld. A detective? a thug within one of the major crime families?(Maybe one of the smaller ones instead?), or maybe one of the "allies" of the Black Queen?Who you choose will eventually be drawn into this conflict. Your personal story may effect which side you choose, or make you take a neutral stance and watch as the conflict sweeps through or maybe you are waiting for an opportunity either big or small? Whatever you decide for your character, he/she will definitely play a role in the larger story, how you effect it and how you "move" within the world is entirely up to you.


      • If you do not understand please let me know or my Co-GMs.

      • Co-GMs = Grif and Hellis.

      • Please be tasteful, we welcome dark, gritty twists. Just do not go overly shocking with it.

      • important for both the Character Creation and posts. keep magic low-key! This is not about how you can summon a giant Eldritch Abomination or how powerful your collection of fireballs are. Think of it as the fairy tale's own spin on magic. Please PM first or my Co-GMs about any idea you have for a magic based trait.

      • "Obey the Fox, his word is law" - Hellis

      • You aren't just limited to fairy tales. Urban myths, anything to do with folklore east, west, north or south and hell, literature works like Wizard of Oz and Wonderland are definitely welcome too. All I ask is you give them an interesting spin.

      • Skills and Traits are not being used as part of a system or anything of the sort. give a rundown on your character's stuff they are good/exceptional at.

      • Please refrain from using gods/deities if you go the more "Myth" route. Remember; there's a ton of other characters with far more interesting ideas and such to use.

      • Collaborative posts are key here, this allows you to continue your story without me and my co-gms forcing you into positions where you have to interact with someone. The world of New Arcadia is very dangerous, and wandering alone without an ally is a quick way to get you yourself killed.

      • Have fun! and keep things civil ^^

    ~~~Character Sheet~~~

    (a Paragraph or two will do just fine.)

    The Headless Horsemen, Beast and Beauty are off limits, as I will take control of them.
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  2. Name: India Fairchild

    Age: 25


    • Mixologist: India knows several recipes for drinks, both alcoholic and otherwise, that almost seem to have an otherworldly property to them. Some dull and even remove pain, others boost courage, sex drive, anger, the likes. She even has a special brew to get people to be completely honest with her. She insists that it's just gin on the rocks. Everyone knows better.
    • Nothing Up Her Sleeve: Sort of an odd talent, but she has always known that she's good at sleight of hand. Whether that be card tricks or making small items mysteriously disappear, India is an amateur magician whose fast hands and eye for subtleties serves her well for things besides parlor tricks. Being able to palm and hide a gun comes in handy, as does knowing what to look for when someone else is trying to pull a close-up fast one.
    • Fairchild Heiress: Her father crafted quite a reputation that precedes the surname, and India relies on it to command respect from other criminals. It gives her a certain amount of influence and sway in the right circles.

    Bio: The only child of crime boss Patrick Fairchild, India was a pampered kid. Never made aware of what the family trade was, she simply enjoyed the indulgences she was presented with and lived in the lap of luxury. When she was old enough to put the pieces together and realize the unpleasant truth of her father's success, she suddenly found herself attending a private Catholic boarding school, cloistered away just on the fringes of New Arcadia. After finishing up her schooling, she returned to her father and the Fairchild estate, only to be turned away. Her father refused to let her into the business and India sought out a mentor by the name of Marv Baldwin. Known to many as The Hawk, Marv was the head of a small time gang with its hands in a few of the same illicit trades her father was familiar with. She learned everything she could from him in the years they were able to work as partners.

    That all changed when her father died. She returned home and decided to take up the family business, becoming the head of a crime syndicate that reached further than she could ever imagine. This put her directly in contact with The Kitsune, and she quickly realized she was in over her head.

    On the one hand, the power exhilarated her. It felt good to be able to call the shots and rake in piles of dough with one gesture, and then ruin a competitor's prospects with another. On the other hand, she saw and hated what it did to the people of New Arcadia. Realizing that she was now in a position to do a great amount of healing or harm for the city, she decided to continue in her father's footsteps and keep the business alive, especially if it brought her closer to The Kitsune. She decided that she wanted to increase the numbers of her organization, become more influential, and then begin to weed out the others one by one. The eventual goal was to be the last crime syndicate standing, and to run things in a way that didn't have such a negative affect on the people.

    Delusional? More than likely. But India is an indecisive woman in a complicated position, and she's doing what she thinks is best. With her shadow beginning to spread over the city, and people noticing a change in how the Fairchild family operates, people in New Arcadia have begun to dub her "The Raven", considering her an omen of trouble in the future.

    Other: The Stranger- Lord Huron
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  3. Woooh. This will be a CS in a day or so.
  4. This sounds so cool. It kinda reminds me of the fable comic books. Not about the game. It was more about fairy tale creatures coming to the real world. Telltale made a game about it called a wolf among us. Sorry I'm rambling now. Anyways I would like to reserve the big bad wolf.
  5. Name: Hans Gordan
    age: 24
    Skills: Hand to hand combat, resourceful, Shooting.

    Bio: Hans grew up in one of the poor neighborhoods of Arcadia. The only family that mattered to him was his little sister Gwen. He would steal for food and other supplies to keep them alive. One night a woman found them when they were only teenagers. She took them in and gave them food and shelter.

    Though this was all false hospitality. She drugged them both and the next thing they knew they were both in a cellar. When Hans woke to find that his shackle was slightly loose. He was able to get out, but couldn't get Gwen's loose. Hans escaped and went to the police, but by the time they arrived Gwen was gone. The police searched for a week when they found her dead in an ally. Smudged makeup, cheap dress, and her purity taken from her.

    Hans was 16 year old with plenty of rage. He was angry at the police, he was angry at the mad woman, but most of all he was angry with himself. Hans was able to work the streets to eventually find out that a pimp bought her. So he took a gun he bought from a drug dealer and killed the pimp, his guards, and every client that had gwen. He found out that he liked this form of justice. So now he vows to protect the innocent by killing off as many of the gangs and thugs in the city he can before his time is up.
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  6. Hi. As Co-gm, No. YOu cannot straight up take the wolf from Fables and cram it in there. You put no effort into that. None what so ever. If your gonna take one of the most prolific saga creatures, atleast be original. Atleast try and make something your own.
  7. Fair enough. I changed it
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  9. choi hurry up D:

    Name: Sebastian Sachs

    Age: 37


    • Deadshot: Sebastian is a very accurate shot, albeit he's not the fastest marksman in New Arcadia. He trades in style, trick shots, and speed in return for a steady hand that is well-versed in a variety of pistols.
    • A Practical Degree: Graduating university with a degree in physics, and coming from a background in education where Greek and Latin were a must, he has several skills that don't seem important to a thug, but serve him well in other areas in life. Understanding the natural forces of gravity and inertia do help him in hand-to-hand combat, understanding how to redirect a foe. He could easily pose as an accountant, or even a low-ranking scientist if need be, should the company need him to go undercover. His ability to translate rarely comes in handy, but he likes to boast.
    • Felis Silvertris Catus: While not quite to the level where it can be considered supernatural, Sebastian displays a few cat-like qualities, including above-average hearing and night vision, balance, and noticeably more strength than seems likely in his wiry frame.

    Bio: Sebastian and his partner, Surrey, are henchmen on loan from the shadowy criminal organization known as The Bookyard, working for its American sister projects as hitmen.

    While he is good with a gun and cool under pressure, that is just a sliver of his personality. He is a very tightly-wound man, nervous outside of his work, neurotic about organization, and an utter perfectionist. He is a well-educated man, having a working knowledge of a handful of languages, mostly dead, on a translation basis, as well as having the makings of a wonderful accountant. Perhaps, if he gets out of the business alive, he will settle down and deal with numbers for the rest of his life. Fussy and paranoid, Sebastian is nowhere near as good with people as he wants to be, and so he tends to leave the talking to others, mostly Surrey. When things don't go according to his plan, or when his delicate sensibilities are pushed too far over the edge, he tends to go right for a gun or the nearest item he can turn into a weapon. He can be quite the dangerous man when he's unhinged, but it's what keeps him in the occupation in the first place.

    Other: Sudden Throw- Ólafur Arnalds
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  10. (Looking for a picture for Fafnir. If this isn't fine, I can scrap it and try something else :P)

    Fafnir (Frænir)


    -Expert Poison Crafter - Fafnir is able to create strong and deadly poisons, or simple poisons/toxins that create hallucinations or drowsiness. He is always carrying a few different doses of poison on his person at all times, and the antidotes to them. One of his toxins causes the victim to hallucinate and view Fafnir as a deadly dragon.
    -Pyromaniac - Enjoys playing with fire and the joy it brings.
    -Rich- Born into a wealthy family.
    -Enhanced Strength- Has the strength like a Dragon. (Isn't actually that strong.)

    Fafnir was born into a rich family in New Arcadia. He had a rich and sophisticated upbringing, and his Parents expected much from him until they passed away, leaving the Three Brothers alone with the family fortune. Fafnir was obsessed with the money his family had, greed taking him over and splitting the money into thirds with his Brothers was not an option, so he killed the first brother, but unlucky the second one got away. Now his brother, Regin, lives in fear and is hiding in New Arcadia. The hoard of treasure and money was left for Fafnir and only Fafnir. He was becoming obsessed, and the thought of losing his money scared him. So he started finding and thinking of ways to protect him and his money, and put himself through all sorts of chemistry classes, and the different elements and ways to make poison. He even went to medical school for awhile, learning about the different drugs and what they could do to a person. Next came fire, the ways that the flames could make someone feel safe and warm or that they could be agonizing and painful. He was a sick and twisted man, greed driving him.

    He saw himself as a Dragon. A symbol of Greed. Something he was rather proud of. Of course his family wealth was rather well known and he was approached by the Crime Organization. Fafnir listened to the proposal of the crime boss(s) and thought about what they offered him. He hated wasting his money, unless it gave him the chance to obtain even more money and he was promised if he backed the Crime in Arcadia by giving money for bails/drugs/equipment/etc. with his money. Then when they completed their agenda, he would increase his treasure by ten fold.

    Now he is a backer of whoever runs the crime in New Arcadia.

    Other: Fafnir comes from the Norse Völsunga Saga.
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  11. A few things Artorias. What on earth is #Backing the Crime?" All of the crime? You cannot just go "Crime". Crime is a catchall term for illegal activity. There are also more then one criman organization in the city, like any major city in the world. You Have SNow Whites family, who are the big dog. You have Fox's posse who are something of a boogyman for Snow whites enemies. You have whoever the Bookyard is (Drifters creation). If you want help tying him to a specific one I can help you there. Otherwise you can make your own ally and I'll talk to Dargo so we can incorperate it into the overarching plot.
  12. I didn't know which 'Crime' Families there were and I was honestly waiting for something like this. I guess tying him to Snow Whites or The Kitsunes is fine with me. I knew he should only be tied with one. Just didn't know the names ^^
  13. Name: Aibell "The Banshee" O'Keeres
    Age: 23

    • Quite the Keener: Aibell has a hauntingly beautiful voice, especially when she sings, it tends to entrance and bewitch.
    • Forecasting Fatality: She seems to have a slight preoccupation with the things that can cause people to die; sometimes she can get a strong sense of when people are about to die and help to avoid it.
    • Wash the Wound: When you clean it, it always ends up that much likely to heal. When Aibell washes injuries of blood (with water, alcohol, etc.) they heal that much faster.
    • Unnaturally Unnoticed: Aibell does not draw much attention to herself normally and can be fairly quiet, in fact, she can feel quite invisible... She might as well be invisible to society's eye sometimes.
    • Jinxed: Those around her tend to meet with more misfortune when she is around, it seems to follow in her steps.
    • A Raven's Tool: She's made herself into a useful tool for The Raven, being better at noticing the finer details, improvising, fetching coffee and getting her hands dirty every now and then.
    Bio: She came into this world keening, her father always said. It was the start of her bringing bastard luck to all those around her too, he would follow. Aibell's mother died in childbirth and she was raised by her father, Conall. He was a man of short tempers and a swift hand, particularly when he was out drowning his sorrows. It was not long before Aibell found ways to make herself scarce, though there were times when his retribution was like the wrath of God.

    She was young still when she got her first job. Conall struggled to keep work and winnings from his fighting were scarce. For a time, she worked washing clothes around the neighborhood. It was long, hard work, but she managed, albeit going to bed sore most nights. Her father passed after a year or so. He had gone to the bar and fallen asleep at the counter and just never woke up. She did not have to wash as many clothes anymore. She still had to work to provide for herself, though. Her one relief from the work was when she sang. It made the time pass a bit easier.

    It happened, though, that one day as she was singing, one of Patrick Fairchild's lackeys happened to hear her. To her disbelief, Aibell found herself working as a lounge singer for Fairchild in the evenings. She was now wearing beautiful sparkling white dresses rather than the soap smattered shirt with the sleeves rolled up. It was the best thing she thought could ever happen to her. It was why she was alright when the day came that she was picked out to help do a little footwork for Fairchild.

    She had known there had been something shady about Fairchild's work, but she tried to overlook it. There was no denying it then, though. They were to get information on another crime organization that day. Aibell was meant to be part of another man's cover. The plan did not go exactly right. Their cover was blown. The man she went with was shot and killed. She was shot in the arm herself. She got the information they needed, though.

    It was not long after that, though, that Patrick died. It was not much of a shock to her. She had started to see it coming. The woman who replaced him, was. India seemed to have a unorthodox, albeit good intentions. She also appeared to have plans in store or Aibell. It was not long before Aibell was India's day person, running wherever and doing whatever she had in mind while moonlighting as a lounge singer.

    Possesses a silver comb.
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  14. Reserving my spot for The Grasshopper. CS will be up as soon as I can get it. Laptop or no. Lol
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  15. Name: Gwen Reed
    Age: 34
    Faith, Luck, and Pixie Dust: Gwen has a certain knack with the business aspects of her escapades.

    Pillow Talk: Gwen's girls are good at their jobs. Anything they learn goes straight back to her.

    All Bottled Up: Emotions run rampant in everyone, but when under stress Gwen is more likely to succumb to her stronger feelings.

    Self Defense: Transitioning from a promising career to a life of crime meant Gwen had to learn hard and fast how to make herself untouchable in the literal sense. She's proficient in self defense and doesn't walk around unarmed or unpracticed.

    Bio: Gwen grew up in a well-to-do neighborhood and did the things that were expected of her for her first twenty-one years. With familial connections and a not-too-shabby resume she was able to land herself an internship at one of Arcadia's larger businesses. She immersed herself in learning the ways of the job and soon began to draw attention to herself in regards to both her superiors and talent hunters.

    Driven by an ambition to do better than her parents had Gwen was quick to accept a proposition that was too good to be true. Soon she was involved in the darker side of the city and doing all too well at it. By the time she was thirty she was associated with one of the biggest drug lords in the area and running her own escort service, The Lost Girls.

    Her parents don't know of her work. She was given a convenient cover by the powers that be that placates her family while also allowing Gwen to continue her work undisturbed by curiosity from them. Soon she was working more of the business than Peter Pan himself, but she wouldn't let him know that. She's content to be on the side so long as her girls are safe and the business is working smoothly.

    other: Gwen works with Pan and manages a lot of his businesses.
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  16. [​IMG]
    Name: James Jeremy Hooke
    Age: 48
    Gender: Male.


    Combat Training: New Arcadia is full of gun toting criminals and violent butchers, and one does not survive long here without being able to protect one’s self. Hooke learned to handle himself, both in unarmed combat and with firearms, from his time in the military.

    Naval Experience: Hooke has nearly thirty years of experience in the British Royal Navy, and possesses the necessary skills to command and maintain a ship during travel.

    Streetwise: Although he has not been in New Arcadia for long, Hooke has learned the ins and outs of the city remarkably quickly thanks to the assistance of man named Bertolli, and knows its back streets better than some who were born here.

    Tick-Tock: Having an almost supernatural ability to detect danger, Hooke has only lasted so long in New Arcadia because of it. He has always conceptualised this gut feeling as a ticking clock, growing louder and increasing in tempo as the danger draws closer.

    History (open)

    Hooke was born far away from Arcadia, in England, as the youngest of three children to a rather wealthy and well respected family. James’s parents were distant, although he idolised them, as he knew they only wanted the best for him and his siblings. He was tutored at Eton, and later at the Britannia Royal Naval College when the First World War began, as James was quick to enrol as an officer to help in the fighting. The war was long and fierce, but James, or Hooke as he was now more often known, survived the fighting. Even as the war ended and the British Royal Navy redirected its efforts from sinking Imperial German ships to protecting merchant vessels and offshore colonies, Hook remained part of the navy, and rose through the ranks as fresh blood took the place of older veterans who had been lost in the war.

    Eventually Hooke came to commandeer his own ship, the HMS Jolly Roger, and was stationed in the Atlantic Ocean in pursuit of smuggling vessels and other criminals on the high seas. One name continued to crop up among the criminals that the ship apprehended; “Peter Pan”. Many of the imprisoned criminals seemed to consider him a vague leader, or at least a business partner, and it was enough for an investigation into his identity and location to take place. The HMS Jolly Roger came into contact with Pan’s own pirate vessel, a small but quick boat with no name and few discernable features other than the forest green sails it sported. The Jolly Roger was caught off guard by the smaller ship, along with a healthy number of gunboats and frigates which supported it, and was bombarded by military-grade weaponry. The Jolly Roger was crippled and the crew forced to surrender.

    Peter Pan’s ship raided the Jolly Roger for its goods, including several imprisoned criminals that Pan seemed to recognise. The crew of the Jolly Roger were left alive to recount the stories of Peter Pan, who believed himself untouchable. Hooke, the captain of the ship, refused to let Pan get away so easily, and after a failed attempt to shoot the criminal, Pan hacked the man’s right hand off as a warning for any who might oppose him. Pan fed the hand to his pet crocodile not long afterwards.

    The Jolly Roger limped back home. Hooke, bitter over the humiliating defeat, the loss of his hand, and the loss of his job, sought to get revenge on Peter Pan. He discovered that Peter Pan had connections to the American city of New Arcadia, and that he might follow one of the various crime families that plague that city. He managed to get into contact with a detective by the name of Allesandro Bertolli in the city who had personal stakes in investigating these crime families. Hooke would later travel to Arcadia to meet this Agent Bertolli for the first time, and to directly help in bringing down one of these families, if only to watch Peter Pan and everything he had worked hard to build be destroyed.
    Other: Hooke had his entire right hand removed in a brief battle against Pan. It has been replaced with a metal prosthetic hand that, with the tensing of an arm muscle, can open and close. The grip is weak, making it difficult to do anything particularly dexterous, but the metal is strong and with gloves it can easily pass as a real hand.
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  17. Picture Will be up in a day or so

    Name; Uknown. Goes by Mr Fox, Räven, Kitsune.

    Age: Unknown, presumed to be in the area of 30.

    Skills/Traits: Fox is able to perfectly mimic a voice after only hearing a few words spoken and is able to speak a multitude of languages seemingly without the hint of an accent. He seem to have perfect eidetic memory and incredible proficiency in psychological warfare. He is not a overly accomplished fighter, but his almost alien charisma tend to make others fight for him.

    Bio: Chaos personified, the Fox is a Trickster. He loves mayhem and chaos and goes to great extents to be both unpredictable and unreasonable in his actions. He is unstable yet everything he does is methodical. He is a compulsive liar and backstabber, a sociopath that shows little to no emotion aside from glee and rage at any given time. He has a undeniable charisma that attracts people to him and his vision, be it for profit or in awe of his strange mind. Not a great deal is known about The Foxs past as he has not been around for all that long all things considered. No, The fox came to town only a few years ago, unknown when and how exactly. Likely, he was hiding amongst the human immigrants that came to the city, hiding himself among the mundane.

    However, it likely didn't take to long for him to adapt to the American way of life. And learning how to exploit it. From the moment he set a foot on the streets of Arcadia, he seemingly had a purpose. Among the immigrant peopleto speak of “The Kitsune”, a fearless trickster from the old country. His influence grew so rapidly it startled everyone from the police to rival gangs and mobsters. And somewhere along the ride, Snow White and Fox allied together. They removed threats to Snow Whites ambition of ruling the city and FOx was in turn allowed to go absolutely ballistic. The bloodiest days of the gang wars saw the city morgues filling up with dead mobsters, dealers, bookies and the odd dirty cop not on Snows payroll.

    Yet even today nobody have any idea who he really is. He rarely commit the crimes personally, and his traces are all but none existent. There were no evidence of his actual existence other then eyewitnesses spotting a man in a mask. Nobody they caught knew what he looked like. Kitsune wear a fox mask at all times, there was no recorded evidence of his existence and he never showed up in person. Some almost began to believe him a myth. Of course, for an urban legend, he has an impressive and proven death toll.
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  18. Image Created by: JessicaCross
    Thomas Cleveland; "Grasshopper" or "Hops"


    Soul-Bond: Thomas has a strange connection with his dog, Aesop. They are never seen separated if they are ever seen at all. No one knows just how far this bond goes, but rumor has it that they are connected by the soul. Whether that is true or not, only Thomas and Aesop know. One thing that is obvious is Thomas's love for his canine friend. He will never accept a job that may put the dog in danger.

    A Hop and a Skip: Thanks to Thomas's life being in the roads and alleys of the city, he has learned of a few secrets that lurk in plain sight, ignored by those who simply don't look. He can travel from one end of the city to the next, relatively unseen thanks to various tunnels and passageways. He likes to say that the city resides over an ant colony.

    Silent Listener: Thomas doesn't talk much, preferring to listen. With the help of the cities underground travel system and the fact that most don't pay attention to the homeless anyway, Thomas often learns of information while others don't realize that he is there. He can be a great asset to the city if they knew how to use him.

    Despite his current situation, Thomas used to live a happy life. He was a married father of two who worked a steady job with one of the various paper publishing companies of Arcadia. The marriage seemed to be a happy one, a love that started early and forced their hands at holy matrimony grew to be one of comfort and respect. It was once their children flew the nest that trouble arose between Thomas and his wife, Sarah.

    Conflict that had once been a rare visitor to the household took hold residence. For once, life became a struggle for the two lovers and soon Thomas was hit with a bombshell. At the age of 40, Sarah was pregnant and the child wasn't his. The man was devastated but also committed to his wife. They could make this work, he would tell her. It was all too apparent that his words meant nothing to her and soon after, the couple was separated and Thomas was forced to move out of his home. The mental and emotional struggle was difficult for the man and six months after the marital loss, his job was also taken from him.

    Alcohol became his companion and day after day, Thomas Cleveland would spend whatever money he had for a forgetful night. It was the only way he could find sleep. Bottle after bottle, can after can, the poor man drank his life away, adding another loss to his pile of winnings. A year later, Thomas was wife-less, job-less, and worse: homeless.

    One day while shuffling through a dumpster to find something to eat, the gentleman happened upon a small bundle of fur. The young animal had been severely injured and left for dead. Immediately, Thomas scooped the pup up in his arms and trudged back to the corner that he called home. Much to his surprise, the young pup managed to survive the night and together they took on the task of healing each other. Within months, the canine fully recovered and the two lonely hearts were connected.

    Thomas and Aesop are currently in Arcadia, living from alley to alley. His hope is to start taking his knowledge of the city and work his way back to having a true home. He is not above selling his secrets and he doesn't care how those secrets are used as long as he has his alcohol, pup, and shelter.

    This is Aesop. Image created by engross (hitch).
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  19. So been away for a while, sorry about that, I'm back now, just doing the announcements for FT-Noir!

    All completed CSs except for Zadok are accepted, liking what I've seen plus it's great to see some familiar faces :D. The IC will be up within a week or so, two weeks tops.

    Thanks for showing interest in Fairy Tale Noir ^^. Much appreciated!
  20. I think I'm finally done picking and prodding at both Sebastian and India. Woo. Very excited for this to launch.
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