Fairy Tail: The Next Generation (Reboot!)

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  1. 7 years after the disappearance of major fairy tail wizards
    The Next Generation
    Seven years ago all the children in fairy tail had found that their parents were missing when they had not come home people in the guild started looking for them. It had hit everyone in the guild hard to think that their parents may have been dead. The guild had been in mourning for a couple of months. People quit going on missions, there was no laughter, or the usual fight that would occur in the guild. Now today though they are very much happy as they shouldn't let the past hinder their current lives. Today is much like any other day, with bright beautiful clear skies. Now we find ourselves in Fairy Tail's new guild hall what new adventure would await them.​
  2. Oriana

    Just another dream days long gone. Oriana opened her eyes to her dimly lit room. Streaks of the morning sun peeked through the blinds giving her just enough light to see her messy room. Her mother would have thrown a fit if she ever saw the way her roomed looked. The thought of her mother brought memories of the dream to the forefront of her mind. "One day I'll clean this" she mumbled to herself as she rolled out of bed. it was something she said just about every morning but rarely ever got around to.

    Later when she finally made it out of her room and to the Guild Hall she was still fixing her hair. Everyday was a chore working up the energy to face everybody, finding the strength to smile and the will to do what needed to be done. The say time heals all wounds but that didn't seem to be true, even after 7 years. Walking into the Guild hall everyday reminded her of the time she got the news about her parents, it was unusually quiet that day and for a long time it stayed quiet. It was as if the memory lingered in the silence so much so that some days she avoided the guild all together disappearing into the woods or some isolated area to be left alone. Other days she pressed through the door for the sake of those around her. But everyday she made a choice, to stay or run away, today as she opened the door she chose to stay. With a deep sigh she opened the door and went inside.
  3. Argent Fullbuster

    tumblr_inline_n7xr2lps0L1rfk8zt (2).jpg
    Argent had woken up that morning quite nicely, she was usually grumpy as she would stay up late to research her parents lives. She rubbed her eyes sitting up in her bed. She looked out the window of her room. She sighed, with a blank expression still on her face. She slid out of bed as she slowly walked over to her vanity mirror desk. Opening one drawer she took out a brush that had remnants of her hair in it. Slowly she started brushing her hair the same way her mother used to. She hummed quietly as she brushed her hair, a song her parents taught her when she was 4. She started to undress then dress in her usual attire. Instead of wearing her flannel she tied it around her waist. Argent walked out the door of her home, locking the door. She started her walk to the guild hall.
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  4. Ben Dragneel

    "I really need to stop staying up all night..." Ben hadn't even gone to sleep that night. He was still sitting on a stool at the counter of the Guild Hall. Looking around with his droopy, baggy eyes, he looked at the other overnight members who had actually gotten a good sleep and were just now waking up. He brought his bubble wand up to his lips and blew, causing a few weak, red flames to spurt into the air and die out shortly after. "I can barely..." his sentence was interrupted by an enormous yawn, "I can barely make even more than one flam--color..." His head dropped back onto the counter with a smack, and not even seconds afterward, snoring could be heard from a mile away.
  5. Ryunoko
    Ryunoko, He had joined The Fairy Tail Guild eight years ago in search of his father. His mother had passed away after being murdered by a man in a red hooded cloak. At the moment of her death she revealed that the boys father was a part of the Magic Guild known as Fairy Tail. After he had buried her, Ryunoko went in search of the famous Guild located in Magnolia. After Months of traveling he had arrived at the city of Magnolia. Ryunoko searched until he came upon building with a matching symbol to the picture his mother gave him. That day He joined the Fairy Tail Guild, found his father, and siblings, even a crush. That was a good time. Until one year after when his father Laxus Dreyer went missing, along with all the parents of the younger generation of Fairies. It had hit Ryunoko hard but not nearly as hard as it had been for the others in the Guild. He hadn't been there as long and so he didn't have as strong of a connection as the others did with their parents. He was affected none the less. He wold go on mission after mission to try and release his anger on raiders and of the sort. He had made sure between missions to check in on his fellow Guild Family and make sure that they were all doing well.

    That time had brought a smile to his face. When everyone was happy and full of life. It had been a while since he had been there. He went on a year long S-Class quest last year and was just coming back. He looked down at his hand and made a fist. He had developed a promise to everyone, without actually using words, that when he would return from a mission, when on the edge of Magnolia He would bring down a lightning bolt on himself. This would not harm him in any way of course, but the Thunder Clap could be heard for miles. He raised his fist into the air and a bolt of lightning from the sky descended to the earth striking it's target, crackling the ground beneath him. The Thunder Clap washed over Magnolia for all of the citizens to hear. This is why he was named, The Thunder King.
  6. Garnet Scarlet-Fernandes

    Garnet was one of the few at the guild to have stayed there the entire night, though like the young Dragneel boy, she too got very little sleep if any at all. She spent most of the night worrying whether or not Ryunoko was alright and if he was going to be back that day. She had grown to like the child of Laxus Dreyar more than a friend over the years since meeting him and always worried when he was gone. She was in the kitchen of the guild, making breakfast for herself and some others when the sound of a thunder clap was heard. Looking up, the young daughter of Erza Scarlet and Jellal Fernandes instantly knew who it was and left the kitchen at once. "You're in charge of the kitchen Ben!" She yelled as she left, running as fast as she could to meet up with her crush. Seeing him at the edge of Magnolia was definitely a sight, as he was just as handsome as she remembered, though it was only a year since they last saw each other. Smiling, she ran faster than before and tackled him to the ground at full speed. "Ryunoko!" She exclaimed excitedly, wrapping her arms around his neck. "You're finally back! I missed you!"

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  7. Ben Dragneel

    The loud clap of thunder reverberated through Magnolia, knocking Ben off of his seat. "Ugnnnn... just five more--" "You're in charge of the kitchen Ben!" "Never mind..." slowly rising off of the ground, he lazily walked behind the counter and entered the kitchen through a door. "At least it won't be too much work," he said, looking at his bubble wand with a slight grin. He jogged around the kitchen, flipping the pancakes with his wand. He would have seemed like he'd been doing it his whole life to people who had only spoken to him once or twice. In a matter of minutes, the pancakes were done and were all flipped into the air at once (magic!). Ben ran around one last time to catch the flying breakfast on plates, turned the stoves off, and set the breakfast down on the counter outside. "Breakfast is--" the boy crashed to the floor and fell asleep mid-sentence... again.
  8. Oriana

    As Oriana stepped through the door a clap of thunder rung through the air. At first She thought little of it but when Garnet flew out of the kitchen charging for the door she figured it was probably Ryunoko. Oriana had to jump out of Garnets way or else she would have been ran over. Once Garnet was off and on her way Oriana looked around the hall. It was a sad sight to see people living there but it was to be expected, most people were to young to get a job. She only had her own place because she rented out an attic above one of her former employers. It was small, and the door was technically a window but it was her own private space that she could retreat to.

    Ori started waking people up, it was one thing to sleep at night but the guild hall was still a place of business and needed to look like it before other members started showing up looking for jobs to take and stuff. As she moved around the hall the smell of pancakes wafted into the air. When Ben finally brought them out Oriana was about to say thank you but the poor boy was out like a light. Ori could only shake her head and sigh as she reached over the counter and lifted him up by his collar, placed him over her shoulder and walked him to a quieter corner to sleep. Leaving him there she returned to enjoy the pancakes only to find almost all of them gone already. She glanced around noticing plenty of people with plates already covered in syrup. "next time I'm going to leave you all sleep and keep breakfast to myself" she mumbled to herself before sitting to the counter, and reaching for the last pancake.
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  9. Ryunoko Matsumoto-Dreyer
    As Ryunoko entered the city his Dragon Slayer enhanced ears picked up the sound of feet running towards him quickly. He smiled, he had heard this particular running pattern before and knew his crush Garnet was on her way towards him. "Ryunoko!" Was what he heard as soon as he spotted her. He was then soon after hug tackled to the ground. He hit the ground with a thud but only chuckled. He wrapped his arms around the redheads waste and hugged her closely. "I missed you as well Garnet." He responded with a warm smile.
  10. Argent Fullbuster

    Argent walked down the street of the town, she heard the thunder clap. "So Ryunoko is back" She remembered when she left the year before on one. Getting back as soon as he was leaving. Her father's necklace bouncing as she walked. She made a left and the guild hall came into view. She walked down the straight path and got to the doors. Slowly she opened the doors walking in with a blank face. She quietly looked at the job request board, seeing if there were some easy, good priced ones. Then she found on, it read 'defeat some monster attacking a village' she decided to take it.

  11. "Perhaps the Angel is simply the Demon" ~ Angel Agira

    Angel was sitting on a stool, kicking her legs back and forth gently. Everyone seemed to be pretty lively, as they were all talking to each other all nice and laid back. Though, as usually, Ryu (What she calls him) was with Garnet, and she was amazed how the two hadn't been dating yet. It almost made her want to just throw them into a room, lock it, and leave them barricaded in there for a day. Of course, she wouldn't actually do that, but if she weren't so soft spoken, she probably would. Her pale, white hair was tied up into two, low twin tails with bright green ribbons, ribbons that matched her eyes. For those who forgot, she was the daughter of Sorano (Hence the name Angel) and Erik, whom had disappeared much earlier before her mother. She had learnt how to control both her celestial spirit summoning, angel summoning, and dragon slaying, but the sad part was that she was still always getting motion sickness. Her mother did try to get her to get over it, to, of course, no avail. It seemed to be something that all dragon slayers had, which didn't work in her favour.

    She was sitting at a table, sipping a warm cup of tea. She had also planned on setting out on a small adventure, as she had heard that a cult of Zeref worshippers were causing trouble again, and some thief made a name for herself who Angel was sceptical about. She was thinking of implanting another lacrima into her body, just to try to enhance her poison dragon slaying abilities. She had also done some research on god slayers, and devil slayers as well. They all looked interesting. God Slayer magic, on the other hand, was able to be self taught as shown by an old friend of aunt Wendy. She also did research on demons, but never actually met one herself. It was... Interesting to say the least. "Oh well.." She mumbled, smiling to herself as she finished her tea.
  12. The air rippled with power as Rae soared through the sky and towards he guild. As he flew he saw familiar faces here and there. "Looks like Ryoko's back,and of course Garnet went to meet him." He smiled to himself,he was really happy the Ryoko found someone that made him happy,it in turn made him happy;he loved seeing smiles on his siblings faces. "yo,Ryoko Garnet" he called from above as he began descending into the double doors of the Fairy Tail guild hall. A blinding pillar of light descended upon the guild engulfing the entire hall. The light radiated great power and from it appeared Rae Strauss-Dreyar. His longneck golden locks fell like ribbons around his head,framing his face perfectly. To say he was handsome was an understatement. The pure white feather wings of his receded into his back and his waist length hair shrunk into shoulder length as he cancelled his transformation. Rae had been in Apollo soul the entire time he was away on his 2 year mission,protecting a city from a monster and then rebuilding the entire thing took way longer than he expected. As his shining gold irises returned to his emerald green ones he grinned widely. "I'm back!" He announced pridefully to his guild mates.
  13. Oriana

    Ori had to shield her eyes from her brothers dramatic entrance. "hey hey turn it down Lightbulb, Ben is trying to sleep" It was great to see her brother and great that now 2 of their stronger mages back around the same time. When Rae returned to his actual form she put her hand down and smiled. She really was happy to see him. 2 years was a long time and she had missed him. There was so much she had wanted to talk to him about and something she desperately needed his help with so seeing him was a great relief. She got up from her seat and hugged him "what took you so long? you've missed so much. I can't wait for you to meet your nephew" She was totally lying, there was no nephew but she couldn't resist the urge to mess with him, after all he had been gone for two year.
  14. Rae was happy to be greeted by his younger sister,who to his great chagrin refuses to move in with him. Rae returned the hug from Ori and almost lost his shit when she mentioned a nephew. "Nephew?! Who's nephew? Not mines because you aren't pregnant and neither is Garnet." He said in complete denial. Ori wasn't actually pregnant right? Oh gods. Rae looked down at his you get sister regarding with a face that was a mixture of confusion and calculation. "You aren't actually pregnant are you?"
  15. Argent Fullbuster

    Argent looked over to rae and his sister conversing, when rae suddenly got confused. Slowly she walked over stood between the two, looking at rae then oriana, back and forth with a blank face, then finally dropping back on rae. "I made it back a year before you" she stated dryly. They had made a bet two years ago that whoever finished their two year quest first would be treated ice-cream by the loser. She was secretly smirking on the inside, she just wasn't good at showing her emotions. "You owe me ice-cream" her words laced with a blank cold feeling. She walked away at her own pace, her necklace bouncing as she did.

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  16. Oriana

    Ori was able to keep herself from smiling as her brother flipped out. She started to say something but was cut off by Argent. "I made it back a year before you" Argent said to her brother "you owe me Ice-cream." Ori looked argent up and down for a second but decided against saying the words that were on the tip of her tongue. Quite a few of the members of Fairy Tail left on big missions, some longer than others, each with their own reason for doing so and each with their own results. Argent had finished a job that was supposed to take about 2 years in only one year but Oriana never bothered to ask her about the details. After all, it wasn't like she was going to go on a long mission, that was everyone else's thing; up and leave, come home and repeat as if coming home is guaranteed and making everyone back home wonder if they were alive or not.

    "anyway" she turned back to her brother, tucking a strand of hair behind her ear. "no I'm not pregnant, I was a year ago. he's 5 months now" she continued to string him along.
  17. Rae blinked. Once,then twice. "Argent,you'll get you're ice cream. In fact. Here." Rae pulled out more than enough gold to buy ice cream for the entire guild. "Here,give yourself brain freeze" he chuckled as he retired his attention back to his baby sister who apparently has a 5 month old child. Rae narrowed his eyes suspecting that Ori was in fact lying. "5 months? Then take me to my nephew Immediately. Who is the father by the way?" He sled s,risking on the is side waiting patiently for Ori to break. It was true that he had been gone 2 long years,and he felt bad for leaving his baby sister all along especially if she went and got herself pregnant,but now he's back and he'd take card to her for the rest of her life.
  18. Oriana

    "the father...was a mistake." Ori sighed "however The sitter has him for the day. you'll get the chance." Shed tell him the truth eventually but another opportunity had presented itself that she was going to exploit shamelessly. "but!" she noted before he "you owe argent Ice cream, just paying for it doesnt count" only certain types of women appreciated having money thrown at them, and Argent was definitely not one of those kinds of girl. "Go get her her ice cream. hold an conversation, have fun. I'll be in the library when your done" she shooed her brother away in hopes that he would at least acknowledge that his bet with her was to treat her to ice cream, just paying for it didnt count. At least no to Ori
  19. Argent Fullbuster

    "Too much money...." she whispered to herself. 'well there isn't really anyone i can talk to' she had to admit from a normal persons perspective she was indeed the loner, either to shy, or not remembering someones name. Something had always gotten in the girls way of making friends. 'I could ask Angel, but then again does she even like sweets' she pondered on the thought with a blank face. I mean sure she could just go and say to everyone that Rae had given her money for all of them to go get ice-cream, but do you really think the shyest girl in the guild would do something like that. She hadn't realized where she had going and found her self in the middle of town almost to the ice-cream shop. 'I guess I could go by myself and just give the money back to Rae' The ice-cream shop was just a few blocks away. She decided to go by herself.
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  20. Walking.gif

    "Alone, again."

    Angel was kicking her feet back and forth, glancing at the board. If she was able to speak up, she would try inviting people to come on the job with her since she admiringly didn't think that she was strong enough. 'No Angel.. You have to muster up your courage!' She told herself, taking a deep breath, and standing up to speak loudly. "U-Um! I-I'm going on a job and... Does anyone want to join me...?" She asked, her face completely flushed a bright red colour as it was rare for her to speak up in a louder voice. She did like keeping conversations with a select few, but she was never fond of actually saying anything in the past. "Th-that is... If that's alright.." She said, clutching onto the skirt of her white feathered dress. It matched her mother's dress, and she sported the cape of Yukino's due to her relation with her. "I-It's because... They need help with zeref cultists.. A-And... I don't think I'm strong enough to go alone.." Her voice slowly fell down to a whisper as she spoke, poking the tips of her index fingers together. It was hard to believe that she was a higher ranked mage though.
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