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Fairy Tail: The Next Generation (Reboot!)

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by Sasha Bliss, Nov 10, 2015.

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  1. Fairy Tail
    The Next Generation

    _____________Original Idea: Shadows______________
    Fairy Tail a proud guild, one giant family, who loved each other no matter their background.

    Takes place after Fairy Tail
    Pretty much we're all the children of the characters from the anime/manga
    Anyways you can pick the child's name, gender, personality, etc.
    If more than one person want to have the same parents then they're obviously siblings. If someone picks one of your parent characters but not both consult me first, anyways if anyone is interested show it below.
  2. Oh I'm totally here...I'm going to run my improved character past you @SashaBliss
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  4. both of the parents don't have to be canon but at least one of them.
  5. Good enough! :D

    Mind if I have another character along with that one? Except that the second character isn't the child of anyone we know and is a part of a quest?

    Before you say no, hear me out in a PM.

    And yes, Cyber and Grey, it's exactly what you think it is. Just with small changes.
  7. well we already had an entry for laxus and an oc sent to me
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  8. @Cybermoon i'm assuming you are gonna stick with your old character?
  9. Oh. D:

    Is Lucy taken...?

    And are we limited to canon magic only?
  10. Well i'll work on the ooc before i put an ad up
  11. no and mostly with a few exceptions
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  12. Is Natsu taken?
  13. (Thanks Bliss)

    Ryunoko Matsumoto


    (Except he has Red eyes)

    Exceed Appearance (Since he is a Dragon Slayer):

    Ryunoko is the child of Laxus Dreyer, tho neither Laxus nor Ryunoko know about each other. Ryunoko's mother, Adrianna Matsumoto, had told the boy about her breif encounter with a strong wizard one night and never saw him again. She didn't know his name, but after seeing his magic she was swooned by him and let him take her the night. Ryunoko didn't know how to feel about his birth not only being the cause of a one night fling but also not planned. Naturally he was depressed about this new revelation. He returned home to find his mother blooded and broken on the floor of their destroyed home. A man in a red robe and clad in armor was standing over her. Ryunoko screamed out, but something came with it. Without understanding what he was doing Ryunoko let out a might Lightning Dragon Roar and blasted the man. Ryunoko didn't know what happened after that but he awoke in a cave. His mother was still bleeding and had so many broken bones that it was impossible to think that she carried him all the way here. Ryunoko's mother told her son to head to Magnolia and join the Magic Guild there, known as Fairy Tail. She explained that it was where Ryunoko's father was and he was a member there. With these last few words Ryunoko's fell to the ground, and she slipped away. Ryunoko cried for days, maybe even weeks. He didn't know but in all that time, he never slept or ate. He finally decided to do as his mother said. He caved in the cave and put up a marker for his mothers burial site. He said a few silent words before turning and leaving for Fairy Tail.

    He is loyal to the people that his close to, He will defend them to the death if he needs to do so.

    People, Friends, Love, Family, Fairy Tail

    Dark Guilds, Bullies

    Extra info:
    His mother had a secret that she kept from Ryunoko, he will have to find out on his own.​
  14. I'm still using Both Angel (child of Sorano & Erik) and Avalon (Result of Seilah and Jackal)
  15. So is Natsu taken?
  16. no
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  17. Both of them are taken now.
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