INTEREST CHECK Fairy Tail Roleplay?

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  1. Title and description says it all!
  2. Fairy Tail?
    Or Fairy Tale?
    A role play about Fairies with tails?..
    > w>
  3. OOOOH.

  4. Ive seen the first anime and read the first manga but i havent goten any further :(
    but im interested :)
  5. I CALL IT!

    *Enters in on a flying sword.*

    Sword magic. I call it. Any objections?
  6. Uhm. It appears its just you me and probably Ed. So Idk if we can make it a group rp, maybe a one on one.
  7. HIYA!
    *uses the celesiton key and summoons a large monkey*
    HAHAHA >:D
    i still want in
  8. Does anyone of you know any people that will be interested .. ?
  9. hummmmm i could ask a few frineds
  10. -gigglesnort- >3> Am I the only one who thought that was hilarious?

    Anywho! I like fairy tales. ^^ I'd be interested in joining something like that... depending on the details.
  11. Uhm, Ewinryel. It's Fairy Tail, a Manga. Aha.
  12. *flies around with his sword in the FIREPOWER! pose from the Thinker from Night of the Museium: Battle of the Smithsonian.*
  13. I have seen like twenty episodes of it so I know a litle about it. Did you think we should do with the original characters or that we should make our own and have about the same plot as fairy tail? :9
  14. This also said 'any other SJ manga' RP.

    Do Toriko and Beelzebub count?
  15. *Growls* Fairy Tail Only! *Throws the unbeliever out*
  16. =_=

    I have been lied to. And is Fairy Tail really any good?
  17. Fairy Tail is good.

    And yes, any other SJ Manga. /Swats Raiu.

    I don't mind Beelzebub but it appears the majority here wants Fairy Tail. xD.