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      GMS: Artorias | Detective Zero | Akashi

      Hello and Welcome to Fairy Tail - Rise of Phoenix. The year is X900, almost one hundred years after the current events of Fairy Tail. The Fairy Tail guild is no more, a shambled mess hall in Magnolia that hasn't been torn down, but treated as a museum for those that wish to visit the once powerful Guild House and listen to stories of the Wizards that were once apart of it. New Guilds rise and fall, hoping to achieve the Legendary status that Fairy Tail once held.

      A more recent guild, only dating back to X878 has begun to show promise. This Guild's name is Phoenix. This is the story of Phoenix and how they rose to great power.


      -No Demon/Dragon/God Slayer magic for now. They will be allowed later on in the roleplay, as new characters.
      -Only Two users will be allowed to have Lost Magic, and it won't be first come first serve. I will let Zero and Akashi decide on who should have Lost, or if one more Lost should be allowed.
      -One Character for now, unless you really want 2 Characters at the start. Max of 2, second character can be used to possibly get a spot as a Slayer.

      1. Follow all of Iwaku's Rules
      2. Follow all of this specific threads rules
      3. No God-Modding (No taking control of other peoples characters, always hitting, always dodging, etc.)
      4. No Mary-Stu's/Gary-Stu's
      5. No OOC drama
      6. Be kind to each other!
      7. Follow all the rules set out by the GM and any appointed admins
      8. If you are going to be gone for an extended period of time, let me know
      9. Have Fun


      Character Sheet (open)

      Appearance: (Since this is based off Anime/Mange, preferably pictures that suit the RP)
      Age:(Any age, preferably nothing under 13 though)
      Insignia Position/Color:
      Magic Type: (Rare, Lost, Slayer, Common.)
      Magical Skills/Abilities: (What does your Magic do, or allow you to do?)
      Personality: (Must Complete)
      History: (Must Complete)
      Extra: (Place anything extra here)

      If you have any questions, ideas, or anything. Ask Zero, Akashi, or Me for assistance.

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      Eliarte Vexas- Played by Ali.​
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  1. Reserved for Character List​
  2. WIP

    Character Sheet (open)

    Name: Kreid Alistaire
    Age: 18
    Insignia Position/Color: Midnight blue on his chest, sitting above his right pectoral, opposite his heart.
    Magic Type: Rare - Heavenly Body Magic
    Magical Skills/Abilities: (What does your Magic do, or allow you to do?)
    Personality: Caring at heart, Kreid can be cocky and instigative. Pretty mischievous with that in mind, he likes to pick fights to test his strength constantly. Loyal to friends and guildmates alike, he can be 'flirtatious' around certain women as well.
    History: (Must Complete)
    Extra: (Place anything extra here)
  3. Eliarte Vexas

    Insignia Position/Color
    Dark Purple, Left Side of Neck


    Arc of Embodiment (具現のアーク Gugen no Āku) is a Caster-Type Lost Magic utilizing imagination.
    Arc of Embodiment is a form of Lost Magic that allows the caster to materialize, and subsequently use to their every whim, anything they can imagine. Any of their creations give them great versatility both in and out of combat. They can range anywhere from everyday objects and weapons to more complex creations, even living ones,or even simple images of whatever may be on the user's mind.These creations are also given special properties that goes accordingly to what they are. It has been stated that there are several limits and conditions to this Magic, which as of yet are currently unknown. Despite this, Arc of Embodiment has been considered an invincible Magic by its caster, who additionally claims that nothing can beat the Magic.

    Creation Magic
    The user may summon objects of imagination whether it be animalistic, material, infrastructure, imagery, weapons, ect.This magic is near limitless with creation and completely depends on the users imagination. Eliarte's favored use of her magic is weapon creation.
    The downside to this magic is that it requires mass amounts of magical energy and takes a toll on the users body if to much power is exerted; as do all forms of lost magic.

    ♥ Espionage
    ♥ Listening
    ♥ Absorbing Information
    ♥ Making Relationships
    ♥ Long-Ranged Weaponry
    ♥ Hiding

    ♥ Brute Force
    ♥ Speaking Up
    ♥ Obedience
    ♥ Hot-Headed
    ♥ Memory


    Eliarte is the inclusive, introverted individual of the Guild. She keeps to herself in the darkened corners of Phoenix. Not often is she seen partaking in job requests with teams or groups, seeing as she prefers to work alone, however, there are odd times she can be convinced. Though to herself most of the time, she will engage in conversation if it is brought upon by another; she's normally not the type to start a conversation unless absolutely necessary or to confirm a job/speak with the Guild Master.
    She is a generally well kept-together girl with a knack for adventure and a guilty pleasure for taking on challenges to big for her own psyche. She thrives in the darkness and secrets however is a rather shy, yet approachable individual regardless of her quiet nature and voice, it only takes the kind nature of another for her to warm her heart to you.

    Eliarte wasn't raised as a typical young girl would be. She was raised by a small guild, off the radar, hidden from the eyes of Magnolia and it's citizens. Her "family" was made of the various guild members, and though she considers the Phoenix guild her family now, this was long ago when she didn't know the true meaning of family, and that it could be anyone who truly loved you and showed you kindness.

    This guild raised Eliarte until she was old enough to learn the skills of a Mage; a true magician. The master of this guild was skilled in the art of a rare magic, a lost magic, known as the Arc of Embodiment. Eliarte was instantly fascinated with this magic and began to beg and plead the guild master to teach her. As years went by, the two practiced this art together, with Eliarte picking up every aspect surprisingly well - her small body housing enormous amounts of strength in terms of magical property.

    It was only until Eliarte master passed that she truly understood what it meant to feel loss, and considered the Arc of Embodiment her one true connection to the passed and loved master whom she did and still does consider her father, regardless of her biological one deserting her at birth; for that's what she assumes. When the guild disbanded, Eliarte made her way to the heart of Magnolia, hearing of tales that told the birth of many great guilds, including Fairy Tail. Though long disbanded, Eliarte came across the next great thing...
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  4. [​IMG]
    Alistar あ Vox
    "Crushing Wave"

    Age: 47

    Insignia Position/Color: Upper Right Bicep, Gold.

    Magic Type: Crash and Disassembly Magic - Rare

    Magical Skills/Abilities:
    --Crashing Floor - The user curls their hand into a fist, building up magical energy and condensing it before releasing it as Crash Magic. They punch the Floor/Ground underneath them, causing the ground to erupt in broken chunks and leave a small crater from the impact, and anyone in the vicinity to be launched into the air and shaken around on uneven terrain.
    --Disassemble - The user draws energy into their hand, then releasing it in the shape of a 'net' pattern that can negate, most, spells if they connect with the disassembly magic. The magic isn't truly negated, but broken down into smaller versions.
    --Crushing Wave - The user gathers a large amount of energy into the palm of their hand, keeping it as a fist. Once the energy reache its peak, the user punches the target, releasing the energy (Crash Magic) and sending the target flying.
    --Other sorts of Crash Magic attacks later.

    (1) Hand-To-Hand Combat
    (2) Overpowering/Strength Combatants
    (3) Wisdom/Talking
    (4) Drinking
    (5) Tactics
    (More may be found)

    (1) Ranged Combat
    (2) Listening (For Extended Periods)
    (3) Extreme Confidence (Cockiness, to a degree)
    (4) Women
    (5) Brats/Annoying People

    Gentle | Kind | Wise | Intelligent | Cocky | Merciful | Can be a hard ass | Forgetful

    Alistar was born in Fiora, land of many powerful Wizards and Guilds. He was born into a loving family, a family of Wizards. They weren't official Wizards, never joining a guild. His Father knew the Rare Crash Magic, once used by the now immortalized Gildarts Clive. His Father, Bryce, visited the Fairy Tail Guild (Museum) for many years, always reading the texts on Gildarts until he grasped the concept of the powerful Crash Magic, and passed it down to his son. His Mother knew Earth Make Magic, but allowed Bryce to pass on Crash instead.

    Alistar grew up a normal life as a Wizard, making friends that soon went off to join Guilds, leaving Alistar behind. As a young adult, Alistar was given the opportunity to help found and support a new guild his friend was making. After much debate and thought, Alistar agreed and helped his friend, Jace, create the Guild Phoenix. This means Alistar is a Co-Founder and runner up for Guildmaster if something ever happened to Jace.

    The Guild started out with very few recruits, as one would imagine. Alistar was away, mostly on missions to bring in money for the Guild, to advertise and put their name out there to get more. While away, he met a woman and spent some time with here. He forgot about the Guild until one day she was gone, and he couldn't find a trace of her. He was gone for two years, but he returned and has been with Phoenix ever since.

    Has two children, but he doesn't know what happened to them or the Mother.
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  5. I'll see if I can't come up with something for this. No promises, but I'll see what I can do this weekend.

  6. Appearance

    Orpheus Lyri

    Starry, Lyri, Lily, Sunny.


    Insignia Position/Color
    Back, right between the shoulder blades and under the neck.
    Bright Orange.

    Magic Type
    Copy and Nullify - Rare

    Magical Skills/Abilities
    Mimic Magic
    The user is able to mimic, or copy, the enemy's magic and utilize it as their own. However, although the user may be able to copy the properties, they cannot copy the exact power to copy that of the original magic user. Also, they may only use that they have seen or mimicked. The mimicked magic is not permanent, as they will be unable to use a past mimicked magic. The problem is that when they mimic a magic, they usually have no idea what type of magic they have mimicked, possibly causing their downfall. Mimic magic can also be used by her to mimic the actions of others.

    If she were to copy lost magic, however, she will also take the toll on her body, and mind.

    Ex. If the ability copied is memory make, they are unable to do anything until the opponent attacks, as they have no actual memory of other magics specifically.

    Nullification Magic
    The user is able to cancel out all magic that may hurt or cause effects to them, depending on how powerful they are. They can only block out magic that is on par, or weaker, than their own. Depending how much stronger the opponent is, it is possible to cancel out most harmful effects, however there is no guarantee that the user will not be completely affected. However, based off how powerful the user is compared to the enemy magic attack, nullification may either take a lot or little of magic.
    Ex. If the user is being attacked with fire, they may remove the effect of the scorching fire, however will retain the pain of the after burn.

    Quick processor
    Quick reflexes
    Large Mana Pool

    Over Confident
    Weak Endurance

    Usually outgoing and cheery, Orpheus enjoys talking and spending time with others even if they see her as bothersome and annoying. She is usually that one person who would drag everyone out because she wants to, and she is fairly optimistic. She is very manipulative, and her optimism seems to have a tendency to rub off on others, making her a little 'sunshine'. She enjoys fighting, as she always thought of it as 'fighting off all the bad guys' since she was a little girl. Pretty unorganized, sometimes clumsy, but all around a pretty good influence if someone were to look down on the dumps in her opinion.

    When she was a little girl, like much much younger, she was raised by her parents, who despised magic. They, for some reason, were unable to use magic, and the girl in turn, was unable to develop the magic she's had for a long, long time. Her mimic magic allowed her to mimic and mirror her mother's movements, allowing her to quickly learn how to do chores and such. One day, in the market, her parents left her in the park for a while and she found a group of young boys, around her age, bullying a dog-like creature with their magic, one boy threatening to burn the dog's tail off. She wasn't going to just stand around and watch, she got up and decided to tell them off, to very little effectiveness. She tried protecting the dog, only to get a burn scar on her upper back (Right under where her guild insignia is currently). After getting hit with that attack, her mimic magic was activated in a way to protect herself.

    She was able to begin fighting the boy back with his own fire magic, much to the boy's surprise. However, she lacked the experience, while the boy had at least a little bit of it. Instead of fighting back on her own, she relied on her mimic magic to mimic his movements, like how she mimicked her mother. They were both beat up pretty badly, however, as the boy was about to burn the girl's hair completely, the dog ran in and tackled the boy, knocking him out as he fell to the ground. Her parents came soon after only to find a crying Orpheus, dirtied with dirt and burns. Her parents brought her back home to heal her burns.

    It wasn't until a few years later where she realized she also held the ability to nullify magic, to a certain extent. After the mimicking incident, she was unable to look at herself the same way, and she was lucky that her parents didn't see her using magic. If they did, she didn't want to know what they would have done to her. They returned to living a peaceful life, however, a few months later, a group of rogue mages were terrorizing the small village, robbing her family of everything they owned. Her parents, being non-mages, were unable to stand up against them in fear of their magic. When they asked for Orpheus, her parents put up a little bit of resistance, however soon agreed to the deal. Orpheus, not wanting to go, quickly ran in without thinking to oppose to them, only making the mages laugh at the small girl. She quickly bit at the male as he attempted to touch her, and the rest of the gang intended to kill both her, and her parents.

    She was scared, yes, and that was when her nullification magic activated itself. One of the mages, about to use thunder magic on her father with a fist of sparks in his hand, soon died out, as the man had attempted to shock her father to death. Since she was close to her parents, she was bale to nullify the magic, and it was generally weak anyways. Her parents saw their little girl nullifying the mages' magic, proud that she had the 'ability' to nullify magic. However, that pride was shattered the moment that the girl mimicked one of the mages, who had bullet magic. She copied the magic, however, she was unable to control it, resulting in destroying the house, but scaring off the rogue mages. Her parents were furious with their child, driving her out of her home, telling her that she didn't need any of belongings since she now had magic to fend for herself.

    Her head down, she quietly obeyed and left the village, in the clothing that she was in whilst fighting the mages.

    As she was travelling, she was able to hone her fighting and magic skills to fend for herself in unfamiliar territory, and eventually, she heard word of guilds, where they had magic. At first, she was scared to find them, but then she had heard word about the famous guild; Fairy Tail. Curious, she investigated, as she was also sheltered and her parents never told her about guilds and such. After hearing about their heroic adventures, her eyes brightly lit up, and she wanted to join a guild where she could talk to people without worrying about being different. That was when she caught word about a rising guild, which caught her attention. And with that, she joined Phoenix at the age of 11, and has been taking low ranked jobs, slowly learning more about her own magic.

    It is unknown where her parents are right now, and how they are coping with kicking out their only child. At this point, Orpheus had forgotten about her parents, and doesn't plan on visiting after they kicked her out just for having magic.​
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  7. I will be having an ice make user.
  8. Glad to have everyone on board, will make a character Roster, and hopefully a few more will join.
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  9. I hope Eliarte is alright with you @Akashi and @Detective Zero ,seeing as I never got a solid answer over Skype x'D ♥
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  11. I only put it up so I wouldn't neglect it in the future. I was perfectly okay with changing it around if need be come the decision to allow or disallow my claim of lost magic.
    But thanks for the okay Hun <3
  12. I fully trust you. I know you're a good RPer and the fact that you'll bring something interesting to the table.
  13. Glad to hear, thank you <3
  14. I finished the Character sheet! Sorry that it looks a little plain though xD
  15. I'll see if I can get my character up within this week :P
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  18. [​IMG]
    Name: Oriana Tempest
    Age: 23
    Insignia Position/Color: dark brown on back of right hand
    Magic Type: Rare – Sandstorm Magic
    Magical Skills/Abilities: ​
    The user manipulates sand, either released from their body or gathered from the surrounding environment, shaping it into a variety of forms for different purposes, with the most prominent so far being for combat. The user is also able to manipulate the physiology of their own body into sand, which may be used in a variety of ways, such as creating decoys or even for mobility purposes.

    Combat versatility
    Hitting things
    Distance casting

    Water (wet sand=mud)
    Logic, puzzles and mind games.

    Personality: Oriana is the kind of person that is straight forward and to the point. Complex questions and logic only frustrate her and when frustrated she is likely to punch something or someone. Deep down she is a hunter above and beyond all else and how she treats people can either be referred to as Prey, ally and a few people she regards as a predator.

    History: Oriana was NOT born in Fiore. She was born in a dessert village in Dessierto to a family of Hunters. Life was hard, and its quality depended solely on what was hunted. Living in a dessert produced a lot of Sand mages but none quite like Oriana. From a young age Oriana showed a strong affinity for the sand magic, trapping prey in sandpits over impressive distances and even turning her body into sand.
    She became a legend among the tribe, and then the storm came. Sandstorms were not uncommon, they tended to last a few hours at tops but this one lasted for days. It raged and raged laying everything to waste, her barely hospitable home was now desolate. What remained of the tribe was forced to migrate but the journey was Harsh and where they eventually settled was no place for Oriana. They integrated with another tribe of different ideals. There the men were hunters, and the women the weavers and the child bearers. For a woman to be a hunter was abominable. For a woman to be a Mage was just as bad. She dwelled in that village for as long as she could bear before she left. She was a hunter to the core, but not a lone hunter in the slightest. As she traveled she longed for a place to belong. In a land far from home, where no one knew her name, where her being a woman was no problem, where her being a hunter was no problem she found a guild.

    Extra: Yes her hair is two toned
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