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  1. Gather around, for you are about to hear the tale of a lifetime..
    Once Upon A Time.. In a magical realm lived a kind and powerful queen and her name was Queen Ella. Her kingdom, known as Atilia was a peaceful and prosperous kingdom home to all kinds of magical and wonderful creatures living amonst themselves. Everything in the kingdom lived side by side in a peaceful and happy harmony.. Until the darkness. No one knows when or how or where it came from, all anyone knows is that the once peaceful kingdom was torn apart. Horrible fires broke out, floods came, lightening flashed and Thunder boomed and a black fog settled all around the kingdom. The Queen, knowing she was outnumbered fleed the kingdom with as many citizens as she could take. Into the forest, until she could return to the kingdom and free them of this horrible darkness. Queen Ella hid in the shadows of the Forrest until the next full moon when she used all her energy to create a portal, fueled by the moonlight, to another dimension. She promised to return with a band of heroes to free Atilia.. And then she disappeared and the portal closed up.

    However.. This is not the end of the story.. In fact, it's only the beginning.

    Queen Ella entered the human realm disguised as a human. She took refuge in an apartment building that she conjured up that very night. The new residents of her building are about to move in and began a new chapter of their lives.. And little do they know what lies ahead in their futures...

    Welcome to Fairbrooke Park! We're so very happy you've decided to join us! Please be aware the lobby has no doorman as of now. And the doors are locked at 1 a.m every night. Please find your room and key and feel free to unpack. Miss Ella will be avabile to answer any questions in her office located on the 2nd floor. The pool and gardens are out back and can be located though the back two doors of the lobby. Living space begins on the third floor and go up to the tenth. We do hope you enjoy your stay with us. Have a magical day!

    (Please begin with an intro post and unpacking)
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  2. Arianna LaVenture

    It was absolutely perfect. The apartment building she decided to move into was gorgeous and had all the proper amenities to make her life there wonderful. The car came to a rolling stop near the entrance of the building. Arianna recruited the help of her foster parents to assist her in the move since they lived not too far away. "Isn't this place so nice? J'ai hâte!" She asked as she practically jumped out of the car. She was beyond overjoyed to be moving in. The rent was affordable and the best part was that she was living with her best friend in the whole world. With the both of them combined there was no way they couldn't afford to live there. Her parents soon followed her out of the car and marveled at the building. "Good find kiddo." Her father smiled as he started to pile her luggage out of the car. As swiftly as possibly they all grabbed the bags and went inside.

    Arianna went up to the front desk as her parents went to the elevator, already knowing which floor her room was on. She rung the bell twice and waited for someone to come around. When no one came she didn't even question it because she saw the keys lined up on the wall. "Room 606 there you are." She grabbed the key down from the wall and ran into the elevator. Ding! The elevator came to the sixth floor where her room would be located. She made her way down the hall where her parents patiently awaited her arrival at the door. With a push of the key she unlocked the door that opened up her new life. The rooms were just as nice as she thought they were. There wasn't any furnishings of course but the place was freshly cleaned and came with a fridge. "Just leave my stuff over there. Je vous verrai plus tard. Je t'aime!" She kissed both her parents on the cheek before they left. Now to get this place ready.. She thought as she started thinking about where to put things.​
  3. ||Lily Reed||
    It was an awfully sunny spring day in Boston when Lillian Reed arrived at her new apartment building. It shimmered in the sunlight as Lily parked her 2008 modeled black Malibu in an empty parking spot. She turned the engine off and got out to look up towards the top of the silvery building. It had seemed like only a month ago she had applied to be a resident on this new apartment complex and lucky for her she had gotten a spot. Her roommate was an older man a couple years older than her big Lily didn't mind. Hey maybe he'd be cute. With a quick look around it seemed she aas the only one except for a few other cars in the parking lot. Pressing the button to unlock the back of her car she quickly struggled to unload her luggage. It was quite a bit and Lily knew it would take several trips, and that was just her shoes. Her bigger furniture would be arriving with her dad in a truck later on that afternoon so Lily took the luggage she could manage to get into the lobby and looked around. She couldn't see anyone but noticed on the desk and slip of paper telling the rooms and people and saying to grab her key. Odd that the owner trusted people this much.. But Lily wasn't one to judge and she snatched her room key up and lugged her things over to the nearest elevator. Pressing the 7 on the inside and quickly arriving at her floor. The hallways weren't large at all and made and interesting square shape. Lily estimated that the number of rooms to each floor couldn't be more than 4 or 5. Lily found her room easy enough on the right side, room 703. She unlocked the door and threw her stuff into the large empty room. There were nice hardwood floors with a decent sized kitchen. Stainless steel applicants and light colored cabinets. There was a nice sized living room and on either side was a nice sized bedroom holding a smallish closet. The only issue was the single bathroom on the right side of the apartment. "Oh dear.. I do hope my roommate doesn't need a ton of space in there.." Lily said softly to herself. Lily took her things into the bathroom and began to unpack her make up and things as she played soft music.
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  4. Zoey Mortelle
    (She-Devil of the sea)
    Zoey stepped out of the car as it was driven up. She stepped out abd grabbed her bag. The moving truck pulled up behind her. She went in and looked at the front desk she was glad it was free rent, it was nice to not get this especially her as a tattoo artist. Dhe worked days as the manger of the shop so she could pick her hours. She grabbed her key and walked up to her room 504. She pointed to the room to the left and set up her room. She payed the movers and looked around. Zoey squeaked and lay on the bed happily. She sighed as she looked about the loft and played with her rings. Zoey wondered what her roommate was like she knew it was a male. Her eye's seemed land on the sibgle bathroom."Oh man this is gonna be fun going to have to get comfortable with each other real quick." She went to open her window and light a cigarette. She started to set up her room and put her clothes away. This place was nice compared to other places she stayed everything was new. She got an odd vibe slightly but shrugged it off. She sat on her bed as she looked at the room. She was happy to be here.

    Damien Collins
    (Dark one)
    Damien slowly pulled up and smiled."Well this is the place." He said. He parked outside and stepped slowly into the apartment place. It was quite and he smiled. He liked it, he looked for someone and saw key's on the front desk. He smirked and shook his head. He grabbed his key and went to check out his room. He was in room 404, Damien took his room and then went down to move his stuff up. He moved his things in and handed the keys to one of the guys paid him and went to set up. He wondered about this place but said nothing. He sighed and went to the door after setting up maybe others were around.​
  5. Khalida Karim
    Khalida Karim leaned back in desk chair, having just finished filing away student reports of those whose parents had visited. She was in the last part of conferences and it would be about an hour before it was over. Hopefully it wouldn't be too long. She and Tristen were currently moving into their new apartment today (with free rent too!) and she felt bad she had to be at work all day while he did most of the heavy lifting.

    But he was a big boy and big boys don't mind the extra workout. She laughed to herself.

    She pulled out her phone, tapping the text app and typing a quick message.

    {To Tristen: 5:45pm: I'll be home in a little bit. Hopefully it wasn't too much moving in by yourself. ;) Has your niece arrived yet?}

    Jamie Sullivan
    Jamie Sullivan exited her father's car, looking up at the building in front of her. It was huge, at least ten floors high. But it looked amazing. Jamie could already tell it would be nice to live here. Her father stood next to her, he too looking up at the building.

    "Seems like your uncle chose a good place to live," he whistled, approval and a hint of jealousy in his voice. She hardly knew her uncle, but he sounded nice on the phone and her father even met him a few times before he was okay with her moving in with him for college. "I got your bike out and your other stuff too. You sure you don't need any help?"

    "Nah, Dad, thanks." She'll have the bulk of her stuff coming later with her mother; but for now she wanted to get settled by herself with what she had and check it out before making the final decision. She hugged her dad goodbye and watched him leave, rolling her bike with her backpack thrown on. The lobby was empty but there was a piece of paper with names written on it next to room numbers. She quickly found her name and grabbed the designated keys, grabbing the nearest elevator to her assigned floor. The hallways were small, making it a little difficult to maneuver with her bike. Somehow she made it to her apartment, 506.

    It was empty, a few boxes here and there, but not much to signify anyone lived here. She assumed those boxes belonged to her uncle and his girlfriend. She looked around, noticing how roomy it was. It most likely would be roomy enough even when everyone had their belongings out. It seemed perfect for all three of them.

    Leaning her bike against the wall, Jamie found her room and began to unpack.
  6. Nikki Gray
    ♦ ♦ ♦

    Nikki stepped off the city bus with her two duffel bags and backpack and began the short walk to Fairebrook. She'd contemplated hiring movers but when she saw their rates she decided against it. She would just have to go back and forth between her old apartment and Fairebrook until she had everything in one place. It's not as though she had a lot either, as her old apartment had been pretty bare bones and she wasn't even planning to take any real furniture. She had bed linens and a sleeping bag so she would just go 'Japanese sleeping style' for a few months until she could afford better sleeping arrangements.

    When she reached the apartment building she marveled at it's height and architecture before going in. She found a set of keys and a note with instructions on the front desk. Spotting her room assignment, she lugged her things to the elevator, pressed 6 and when she got out she slowly walked down the hall looking for room 601. When she finally arrived at the door she unlocked it and stepped inside. She dropped her bags in the middle of the room, and took a deep breath. "Awesome." She breathed, and grabbed her stuff and went to check out the bedrooms.

    She settled on the room to the left of the first room, and set her bags in the closet. She would definitely decorate later, but for now she was going to go back to her old apartment and get some more things. Being sure to lock the door, Nikki took the elevator back to the lobby and managed to catch the next bus back to her old neighborhood.

    ♦ ♦ ♦​

    So it turned out she didn't have as much stuff as she thought she did. It made sense though, as she hadn't brought that much stuff back from her home. Well, either way, it was good that she had her four duffels, two backpacks, and bike in one place, now she could focus on unpacking. Before she could even open a bag, her phone rang and she glanced at the screen to see that it was her aunt. She hesitated before picking up, debating on whether she should...But in the end she tapped the green button and held the phone to her ear.

    "Hey auntie!"

    "Nikki, sweetie, I heard you were moving in to your new place today!" Her aunt shrieked into her ear, and Nikki moved the phone away to avoid busting an ear drum.

    "Uh...And you knew that because..?"

    "Oh your old land lady told me. Anyway, she happened to mention that you weren't planning to take any of your dressers or even your bed! Nikki baby, how do you plan on living? No bed? NO BED??!"

    Nikki sighed and chose to ignore the tiny issue of how her aunt knew her old land lady. "It's okay auntie, I'll just buy some new stuff later. You know buying used furniture is a lot cheaper then getting a moving truck--

    "USED FURNITURE?" Her aunt screamed. "Bed bugs Nikki! Bed. Bugs. The silent killer."

    "I don't think bed bugs can kill people--

    "How about I pay for the moving truck?"

    "Auntie, no--

    "Too late! I've already started dialing the number on my other phone, your stuff should be there within the next three hours bye!" And with that the woman hung up because she knew that Nikki would tried to talk her out of doing what she just did. Nikki sighed and shook her head, laughing a little. She loved her aunt, but the woman was the queen of busy bodies.
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  7. Arrawn stood at an assembled area with the soldiers from his command group. A man standing called out "Officer approaching!" All of the men of the Cyber Security task force stood at once and saluted. This was his last day on the base for some time to come. He was being deployed for a training task and was being placed inside of a dormitory with others. Although he did not like this idea he had nothing else to do but comply. Standing infront of his soldiers he nodded to them " At Ease... Listen up as I will only say it once." He spoke making his accent flow out. "I will be gone for some time. First Lieutenant Dranan is the commanding officer untill my return. You will treat him with the same respect you show me! Do you get me." He called out to the assembled specalists.

    The Specalists all called out at once "We get you sir.". Satisfied Arrawn nodded "Dismissed and may you all serve well in my absence." he said to them all before turning and walking out. A man with several bags stood next to an Army Humvee. Moving and opening the door for Arrawn the private saluted "Sir." He called out as Arrawn returned the salute. The car started up and pulled out of the Military base as Arrawn was on his way to the location where he would be spending his next ammount of time.


    Several hours later the Humvee pulled up outside of the apartment building making Arrawn look up at it. The Private opened his door and he stepped out "That will be all Private." Arrawn said with a salute before grabbing three bags out of the back seat of the Humvee. With his things in hand he moved into the Apartment as the Humvee pulled away. Moving into the elevator he rode it up to the floor where his room is and stepped out. Moving into the hallway he came up to the room number 504. Inserting his key he turned it and unlocked the door.

    Pushing open the door and moving inside he used his feet to close the door rather quietly before sniffing the air. Cigarette smoke and the scent of another. He moved to one of the room and for his luck it was empty. Moving through the open door he put the large military bags on the floor and rolled his shoulders "Heavy bags.." He grumbled before beginning to open them up. Inside one was a several of his fatigues and regular street clothes. The others were filled with many groupings of personal equipment and clothes for him to use for the time being. None of the stuff had arrived yet for his bed and wardrobes so he would likely have to sleep on the floor untill the Army had it moved. Knowing this.. he planned ahead and brought a sleeping bag.
  8. Philomena Odette Michel & Alaric Burlin Michael
    "Geez, Rick, what took you so long to get here? I told you I'd be waiting in front of the campus at 4:00 in the afternoon," Philomena said, a hand on her hip as she stood on the curb. She wasn't as exasperated as she made it seem. Philomena was only toying with him; she very well knew that he had most likely been busy with handling Stairway to Leaven, his mother's - Evie-Lynn's - bakery. Alaric never likes to be teased for it, but he loves to bake. He, actually, worked with his mother at the bakery shop. As he was getting out of his car that was parked in front of Philomena, he sighed; it had taken him a while to get here, not that he was on time. Walking around the car to his sister, he says, "Sorry I'm late, Detty. I had to help my mom at the shop." Alaric pressed the button on his key's car remote, opening the trunk of the car. When he turned to pick up her stuff, he stopped.

    Looking down at her bags, Alaric furrowed his eyebrows at the three suitcases and the two duffle bags that she packed. "I really don't understand why you have so many bags," Alaric said, looking up at his sister. Philomena shrugged, looking sheepish, "I had to put my graphic and photography equipment in two of the suitcases." Wait, what? Two suitcases? Alaric scoffed, leaning against the opened trunk. "So, let me get this straight," he began, "You managed to squeeze graphic designing equipment and photography equipment. In two suitcases. But...your clothes couldn't pack it tight?" That earned him another shrug. He laughed. "Girls and their clothes." Alaric, then, proceeded to get her bags and put them in the trunk.

    In no time at all, they were on the road. Now despite Philomena being far from the apartment building that they were moving into - though they decided to live in different apartments as to make connections with another roommate - Stairway to Leaven was a bit near to where the building was. When they arrived, Alaric parked and they both got out of the car, looking up at their new home. "Pretty nice," Alaric commented and Philomena agreed. "C'mon, Detty. Since your stuff takes up most of the trunk - and my backseat - we're getting yours up first." They both got her stuff - him with a bag and two suitcases, her with a bag and suitcase - and they made their way into the lobby of the building. The strange thing was that there was no one there. "Umm...I guess we just...take our keys," Philomena said. "I'm Apartment 404. Which are you?" Alaric furrowed his brows, trying to remember. Then, he says, "703, I think it was."

    After Philomena got their keys, they set off to the elevator to go to her floor first, since it was the closest and they only had Philomena's stuff at the moment. When they arrived at her floor and - finally - at her door, she hesitated. Philomena could have sworn she heard sounds. Could it be her roommate? She popped the key into the lock and opened the door. "Hello?" she called. Alaric busied himself with taking in her stuff inside. When he was done, he said, "Well, I'm going to go get my stuff. 703, if you need me." The two of them hugged and he was off.

    Unlike his sister, Alaric simply had three duffle bags to carry up to his apartment. As he locked his car doors and walked inside to the elevator, he contemplated who his roommate was going to be and what they were going to be like. The elevator doors slid open and he slowly made his way out, scanning the doors and their numbers. It didn't take much to find his place, though. Alaric put down the two bags he held in either hand, fixing the one on his shoulder. Did they already get here to the building? he thought as he unlocked the door. His eyes cast around the room as he picked up the bags on the floor, walking in and closing the door with his foot. "Who is the rotten egg today?" he asked aloud, referring to the saying, Last one there is a rotten egg.
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  9. [​IMG]
    "Well, hello darling," The very respectable, and charming Tristen waltzed in with his Rolex jingling.

    The heavily accented Scottish man that now stood behind her was something of a lady killer. He was a suave and debonair man, who was a smooth talker with a quick wit and even faster tongue. He placed his masculine hand on his nieces head and ruffled her hair a bit, soon walking around her and behind the bar where he took off his watch and placed it in a glass and sat his Galaxy phone on the surface as well as a bourbon glass pouring some fine Scottish malt into the glass carefully filling it up to a third.

    "Ya miss me we lass? I 'member when you were wee big." He started to say, indicating how short she was the last time he saw her when she was four. "Ya always used to like sitting on ma counters while I cooked and we'd play the game "Let's see how long uncle Tristen can keep me away from the skillet." He chuckled, smiling at her as he took a sip. "Course there was always the night time trips to the bath room as well. You were bloody afraid of the dark ya were. Was too cute."

    {To Tristen: 5:45pm: I'll be home in a little bit. Hopefully it wasn't too much moving in by yourself. ;) Has your niece arrived yet?}

    His phone buzzed and as he leaned forwards holding his glass he quickly pressed the buttons.

    {To Khalida: 6:10PM: Aye, and bloody well making her turn red with embarrassment. :P

    Is there anything ya want for dinner A ghrá?}

    He hit send. A ghrá meant "love" in his native Scottish Gaelic.
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  10. Devon Rhee
    He hitched a ride with his movers. Devon didn’t mean he sat in front of the truck with them. Why would he want to? No, he currently rode in the back with the rest of his things. He huddled inside an empty cardboard box.

    There was nothing to do (or see, did he mention it was dark?) except wait for ages and ages to get to his new apartment building. His phone rang. Taking it out and looking down at the screen, his parents smiling faces showed up. Finally, someone to talk to. He put them on speaker.

    “Hey, Mom and Dad.”

    “Hi, kiddo,” his dad said. “How’s moving treating you?” There were shuffling noises on the other end of the line before his mom’s voice came, “Baby Rhee! How is the new apartment?”

    “Fine. Movers are nice. I’m making sure nothing breaks.” Glancing around, he could clearly see nothing was broken. “Only started moving a while ago though, so I’ll be stuck in the dark for some time.” No, he won’t explain the nickname.

    “Baby Rhee, why are you in the dark?”

    “Because the back of the van doesn’t have windows.”

    “You’re riding in the back of the mover’s van to make sure none of your stuff breaks?” His dad this time. Must have taken the phone from Mom.

    “Yep,” Devon popped the p at the end. “Glad that’s cleared up. So onto my new apartment.”

    His parents sighed in the way that meant they were exasperated at something he did, but they wouldn’t make a fuss over it. Continuing, “I biked over earlier and it looks nice. The outside looks like silver, but it can’t since silver’s a soft metal and a terrible building material so it’s probably something else; wonder what’s gonna happen when it oxidizes. No doorman, but it looks like a film setting. Isn’t that great?”

    Devon got his parents caught up on his life while his parents got him caught up on their going-ons. The truck rolled to a stop and he spoke in a lull in the conversation, “Sorry, Mama and Papa Rhee. We’re here, gotta go. Love you, bye.”

    He pressed “End Call” in the middle of his mom’s happy farewells and his dad’s retort about being called Papa Rhee. Pocketing his phone, he was in the middle of stepping out of his box when light entered in from next to him. One mover looked unimpressed. The other laughed. He grinned and hopped off.

    Giving them his room number (“601.” “What?” “The room number.”), he got the small box with his tech and film equipment and headed inside. Ignoring the front desk, he plucked his keys from their spot by his name. A wait in the elevator later and he showed up in front of his new residency. Unlocking the door, he saw his classmate and new roommate. She took the left bedroom, so he plopped his stuff in the right one and headed over to her.

    “Hey,” he greeted. “I’m Devon and you’re...” he trailed off, unsure, “a classmate of mine. There’s going to be people with my stuff moving in and out for a while, so it’ll be noisy. Sorry.” He shrugged, apologetic.​
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  11. Joshka Archard


    "Oh come on, Aunt Ada. I can take care of myself you know, I am nearly thirty years old." He sighed into the phone. The woman always did this. She would nag and nag and nag every time he called her. She mostly bothered Josh about his health and hygiene. He loved her, but sometimes she became a pain in his arsch, or butt. Pressing the phone against his ear with his shoulder, the yoga instructor grabbed a few of his boxes from his car before shutting the door. Josh then went to walk into the building, smiling at everyone he passed by. "I've brushed my teeth, combed my hair, and even took a shower earlier this morning. I'm actually carrying boxes into my new apartment. My roommate might be there so I won't be able to talk any longer. Okay, talk to you later, tante!" And with that, the twenty-nine year old quickly hung up the phone. Freeing one of his hands, he grabbed his phone out from under his ear and stuffed it into his jean's pocket. Now that he was finally free from that woman, he could get to taking his stuff up to where he would soon be living.

    Josh walked into the elevator and pressed the button for the 8th floor. The doors closed and up he went. He was in room 804. As the elevator ascended, he wondered if it would be able to carry his exercise equipment. If it wasn't able to carry it, then he would be utterly screwed. It would not be fun lugging everything up the stairs. Eventually, the elevator opened and he made his way down to the fourth room. He dug his keys from his pocket and opened the door.

    The apartment was fairly good sized. There was more than enough room for furniture and other things. The only thing he really didn't like about it was that he would have to share a bathroom with his roommate. Hopefully the other wouldn't be a complete slob. He wouldn't be able to handle it. But, he was quite positive that his roommate wouldn't be that awful. The lady who owned the building wouldn't let anyone like that in, it wouldn't be good for business. He set his stuff in the room he claimed as his own and headed towards the door. Now, he only needed to get everything else from his car... aaannd his furniture from the moving truck.​
  12. James Allen ScottMood: Exhausted → Giddy.
    Location: Fairebrooke Park.
    Currently: Parking his car → Making his way to his room → Greeting his best friend.
    Interacting with: @innocent devil

    It had taken James a while, but he had finally pulled up to his new home. The apartment building stood tall, glowing in the burning Sun. Its windows shined with the bright light, reflecting it and making him squint his eyes as he stared up at it through his car window. After another moment of analyzing the building, he finally decided to climb out of his car, shutting the engine off. Pushing his door open and stepping out, the young man briefly wondered if his best friend and his roommate, Arianna, was already there. He had a feeling she was. She was pretty excited about the entire thing. Thinking about her eagerness made James chuckle softly as he began to unload his luggage - bags, suitcases, the like - from his car. Because he didn't have much, he was only going to have to make one trip, which was the one he was making at that very moment. Shutting his trunk, he locked his car and made his way to the entrance.

    Upon entering, he realized that there wasn't anyone in the lobby, causing him to look around with a puzzled expression. Usually, there was someone there. Should I be worried? Shaking it off, James walked up to the desk, scanning the paper on top of it before directed his focus towards the leftover keys. His eyes didn't search for long since he found his key pretty quickly. "Ah, there you are," he mumbled as he reached out for it, plucking it from its position. Holding it tightly, he made his way over to the elevator, where he entered it and lightly pushed the button with a six, watching it light up. The door closed smoothly and his ears were full with the standard elevator music. Luckily, it was only for a short amount of time. He couldn't stand elevator music. Exiting the elevator, he quickly made his way to room 606, eager to see it and greet Arianna, knowing she was there. Unlocking and pushing the door open as quiet as possible, James wanted to be able to surprise his best friend.
    Seeing that Arianna was preoccupied, James took that opportunity to silently put all of his things to the side and give her an attack hug. He practically scooped her up in his arms from behind, swinging them around before stopping and setting the shorter of the two down. It was then when the blonde beamed down at his best friend, grinning broadly. "Hi," he said as a simple greeting, though there was a lot of emotion behind it.

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  13. Hywel Bors

    Taxi cabs were unusually quiet.

    At least, this one refused to turn on the radio. The only sound that rang in Hywel's ears came from the hum of the engine and the thump of the road beneath the tires. Those could only work as background noise and background noise had no melody to it. It served as the rhythm, the beat, to a song that refused to play. Either that, or it drummed a high pitched ring in his ears, like an awful tinnitus that drove a man insane. If not for the fact that the scowl on his face tended to remain permanent, then his discomfort would be glaringly obvious. Or perhaps the cab drive drove some kind of amusement from it.

    Hywel let his eyes settle on the rearview mirror in order to stare at the driver. It almost came as a disappointment to see the same exact scowl tugging his lips and furrow deepen the lines of his forehead. Hywel only sunk further in his seat, trying to determine whether listening to a few seconds of the music on his phone was worth it.

    The car ride determined that for him the moment the car rolled to a stop in front of the newly established complex. That was the only time he allowed himself to smile, though that immediately washed away with the money he offered the cab driver.

    With only a few suitcases and musical equipment, Hywel made do with the minimal amount of luggage he could feasible take from one spot to another. Not necessarily one to keep lavish things or get attached to anything not carry size, Hywel didn't quite contain much on his person. What he did carry, however, were either essentials to his survival or they meant something more than monetary value to him—the oboe he kept only because it cost so much money. It was enough to be a burden when wandering into the lobby of the building.

    As independent as ever, Hywel merely passed the group of people at the front with only a small acknowledgement once he'd retrieved his key. His visage disappeared behind the closed doors of the elevator, arms sagged down with the weight of the things he carried. When renting out part of the apartment, Hywel made certain to keep most of the rooms empty. He made certain to think about his roommate rather than himself. Therefore, he requested only his room be bought out pre-furnished. It cost a little extra on his first month's rent, but Hywel had plenty in savings to afford it. He simply wouldn't allow himself to be a burden trying to fit furniture he didn't truly own with a person he hardly ever knew. Hywel disliked conflict and that scenario only ever provided it.

    Therefore, he swiftly punched 8 and just as quickly made his way to the room. Setting what he could down, Hywel pushed open the door to enter. Not necessarily prepared to meet his roommate just yet, he made his way to the room he hopefully wouldn't have to fuss over. Worse comes to worst, he would simply move everything into the other available room. He had no qualms with doing such.

    A light hum of approval left his lips upon seeing any lack of prior occupation. He took the opportunity to set up what he good, setting work to organizing everything to his specifications before being satisfied with the layout of his new room. Once finished, he settled himself on the bed with a content, but small smile. His fingers delved into the fabric of the blanket and his eyebrows arched slightly.

    "Egyptian cotton... sateen... 340 thread count," he murmured, rattling off what he knew and felt, "I should have paid quite a bit more for this. How kind of them." Upon that thought, Hywel stood, surveying his area a little better. The room itself allowed for at least a queen size bed with just enough room that it wasn't claustrophobic. The twin he'd sat on provided plenty for his work and with just one dresser and a medium sized closet, he could definitely work with what they'd provided him. That brightened the smile on his lips. The people here were quite considerate; he'd have to find a way to repay them.

    Upon finishing his musings, Hywel made his way into the hallway to lock eyes with the man currently advancing for the door. With a curious tilt of his head, he gave a small wave. "I assume you to be my roommate?" He asked, trying his best to turn the polite smile into something more genuine. There was a lengthy pause in which he immediately bit his lip and turned to look at the empty space around them. "I also presume you have more things? Would you like some assistance?" he asked, "I only have what I allowed myself the necessity of. I only require to put up my clothing. I am free."​
  14. L i l y R e e d
    Location: Room 703
    Interacting with: Alaric Burlin Michael (@Bahiyya)

    Lily was about finished with unloading her stuff into her side of the single shared bathroom when she heard the door open. Knowing she had locked the door she assumed it was her roommate. Turning the music off by pushing the pause button on her iPhone she peeked her head out the door to see a tall handsome gentleman carrying three duffle bags and looking around the room. He muttered a "Who is the rotten egg today?" Tipping her head she decided to make her appearance known as she stepped out of the bathroom and replied. "You know it's not nice to refer to your roommate as a rotten egg," With a small smirk to the man before continuing "Unless you were referring to the saying 'Last one is a rotten egg' Which I believe you probably were." She laughed lightly before extending her hand out to the male and saying "You must be my roommate, I'm Lillian Reed but please call me Lily"
  15. Arianna LaVenture
    "Santa madre de dios!" Arianna turned around to see her best friend acting as innocent as ever. "You nearly gave me a heart attack jerk! I should hit you... Making me speak Spanish like that.." She frowned but that quickly turned into a bright smile as she couldn't contain herself since she did miss him after all. That was his usual way of greeting her in some strange manor and she could never stay mad at him. They've been best friends for so long that there wasn't anything he could do to make her upset with him for longer than a day.

    "Come look at this place. It's so amazing. We sort of need to buy furniture and stuff to actually fill the space but you could sleep on the floor for now. I'll sleep on all the stuff because there is no way you are getting me to sleep on the floor." She chuckled as she stepped towards the window. The view of the area was quite nice so she could make use of this area for something. "Actually I have some kind of money left so we could probably buy a couch or a bed.. Hmm.." She started thinking about which one would be more preferable for him. "What do you think? It is your apartment too. Or am I going to be doing all of the house duties?" She teased him knowing he was going to help whether he wanted to or not.

    "We also need cooking supplies since I'm not having take out every night of my life. No way I'm getting fat. I gotta keep my curves you know." She ran her hands down her waist before she rolled her eyes. Her body with curves? That was almost laughable in her opinion. She was curvy and had a nicer figure than most girls but she didn't think it was good enough yet. "So.. What do you want to do first?" Her words were said in a manor that suggested a broad range of ideas.

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  16. Nikki Gray
    ♦ ♦ ♦
    Nikki turned to see a guy that she vaguely recognized from school, who apparently thought the same in terms of her. When it had come time to choose roommates, Nikki had picked the guys face out of a bunch of photos simply because they took one class together one time and maybe brushed shoulders thrice. Hey, it was better than rooming with a complete, 100% proof stranger.

    "No biggie. My movers will be showing up soon too, I just hope they don't get into a fight with your movers." She joked, as she continued to unpack. "And it's nice to meet you, I'm Nikki Gray, college student and cannibalistic by nature." She stated, then shot him a grin. "That was a joke." So maybe making an unsettling joke wasn't the best icebreaker, but she wasn't actually sure how to strike up a conversation with a guy she only ended up rooming with because she sort of recognized his face.

    "So this is place is a dream right?" She said attempting to change the subject. "Huge rooms, brand new kitchen appliances, no cat sized cockroaches and flying rats?" Honestly, Fairebrook really seemed to good to be true, but she was glad the landlady approved her. Just then her phone rang and she gave a quick "Excuse me," before picking up.

    "Hey auntie."

    "I've got a roast in the oven, but I just called to tell you that the movers are on their way. They should be there in about thirty minutes. And there's a surprise coming with them!" Her aunt squealed before hanging up abruptly. Nikki rolled her eyes, her aunt always had the tendency to end conversations on her own terms without a goodbye or warning. She wondered what the surprise was, and hoped it wasn't anything too crazy, her aunt could be...Extravagant sometimes. Most times...All the time.

    Turning back to Devon, Nikki smiled. "So my movers should be here in thirty or so. All my boxes should be labeled with my name in all caps and red sharpie, because my aunt thinks I'm blind." She laughed.

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  17. Devon Rhee
    So Nikki was her name. Which class had they shared together before? Wait. Photographic memory. That should have been helpful in recalling where. It wasn’t, possibly due to the fact Devon never took in the people around him consciously. They were great as faceless extras in his head, but he and the people he interacted with were the only memorable speaking roles.

    Guess Nikki had a speaking role now. She told jokes, so that was a good sign. Not so much comic relief though. He’d find one somewhere.

    “That was a joke?” Devon asked, feigning sadness. “How unfortunate. I’m cannibalistic by nurture.” He heaved a dramatic sigh. “We could have bonded over our similarities.” The unfortunate fact of always using a calm and clear voice: everything he said sounded serious. An unfortunate fact of being himself: Devon never cleared up whether he was joking or not. He returned her grin with an easy smile.

    “I wouldn’t call it a dream in the literal sense,” he said. “Not enough sharks, tornadoes, and talking dogs after all.” Devon gestured widely with his arms to show the complete lack of any of those things he mentioned. “But I’d agree in the metaphorical sense. The elevator was nice, lots of buttons.”

    He waited as Nikki’s phone rang and she talked with her aunt. Cocking his head, he examined their shared living space. Would they do a “my side, your side” layout? No, people who couldn’t get along with each other used that. They’d probably collaborate. Half Nikki, half Devon. Could be a problem since his design choices confused his last roommates. He’d have to ask her.

    Seeing Nikki end her conversation, he turned his head back to hers. Devon grinned back. “My movers are coming up right now, but they’ll probably still be here by the time your movers come,” he warned her jokingly. “I have a lot of cardboard boxes I’ve misused. Some of the bigger ones are just full of smaller ones, and some boxes only have one or two things in them.”

    He tried to convey “what can you do” with waving hands and shrugging shoulders. The door Devon hadn’t bothered to lock or close opened and his movers made a timely entrance with large boxes and smaller ones on top of them in their arms. The guys ignored them and put his things in the middle of the floor before heading back out.

    Walking over to his boxes, he picked one up and showed it to her. The side facing Nikki had a picture of a stick and circle drawn in purple. “All the spoons and lollipops I own are in here.” Devon rattled the box as if to demonstrate. Putting that on the kitchen island, he rummaged around and found one with a picture of wavy things and cylinders (drapes and rolls of fabric) under the one with a rectangle and pointy tear drop (the candles). Perfect reminder for what he wanted to ask earlier.

    “What’s your opinion on drapes?” he asked. “They have a good ambiance when positioned correctly and look especially nice thrown over things.” In case she was skeptical, Devon assured her, “Trust me, they look pretty and colorful once I’m done setting them up. Also, what’s your opinion on nice-smelling candles inside bowls in a way that isn’t a fire hazard?”

    While he’d rummaged and talked, his movers made more trips. A sizable pile of boxes with basic drawings on them was in the apartment now. They were much less noisier and quicker than Devon thought they’d be. They came in with his bookshelf and deliberated where to put it. Getting their attention, he gestured at the right bedroom. The movers settled it down and left. That’d be another three bookshelves, a table, a desk, and a dresser, not considering countless other boxes. No bed; he slept in a hammock. Duh.
  18. James Allen ScottMood: Amused → Overwhelmed.
    Location: Room 606.
    Currently: Making decisions.
    Interacting with: @innocent devil

    James raised an eyebrow in question at the words that were exclaimed in Spanish. He didn't verbally question it, though. He's learned to just let his best friend be when she began to switch languages, which happened to be pretty rare. She usually stuck to English, thank God. He did always, however, wonder what it was that she would say. This time proved to be no different from all of the other previous times. Maybe she's secretly, or not so secretly, I guess, cursing me out, he thought in curiosity and slight amusement. His amusement only grew as she continued to rant and fuss at him, knowing that she didn't mean any of the words that she spewed. He was proven right when her frown was replaced with a bright smile. Arianna couldn't stay mad at him for a long period of time and vice versa.

    As Arianna began to ramble about their new living space, James began to scope it out, analyzing the unfurnished rooms. It was quite nice; simple and comfortable, just how he liked it. He raised his eyebrows at the suggestion of their sleeping arrangements. He didn't mind sleeping on the floor, but he was sure that sleeping on all of their luggage wouldn't be that comfortable, though he kept quiet for his best friend kept talking. A couch or a bed, huh? I've got some money, too. Maybe we'll be able to buy a nice-looking one if we both pitch in, he thought as he ran his hands over the counters in the kitchen. At her teasing, he rolled his eyes. They both knew that he was going to help out. That was just the kind of person he was.

    The blonde frowned at how the idea of take out was shot down. His entire life meal consisted of a lot of take out and he turned out pretty fine. As long as he kept exercising, he was fine. He was sure that the same thing would work out in Arianna's favor as well, but bit his bottom lip. He knew that it was easier for males to lose weight than females, or so he heard. Once she was done rambling, James joined her once more. "Uh, probably get some furniture to sleep on since we could always get groceries later on. I've got a bit of cash on me from my job and should be getting paid tomorrow, too," he responded to her question. "Maybe we can get a comfy, nice-looking bed."
  19. Arianna LaVenture
    "Alright then we can go look for one later. We also kind of need someplace to put our clothes... And maybe a TV." She let out a brief sigh. "There's just so much that needs to be done." The thought did occur that she had to go to work sometime or another because she did take off for today just so she could move into this place. Her boss, of course, was fine with taking days off as long as she had a legitimate reason.

    Arianna sat down on the floor in front of her companion. The floor was not as comfortable as she thought it would be but it was better than nothing. "Somehow we have to make this more enjoyable. I don't want to be stressed out." She let her body plop back on the floor so that she could lay flat. Her wavy hair spread out underneath her to make a cushion of sorts. Why couldn't this place come with furniture...

  20. Khalida Karim
    Khal's phone buzzed with Tristen reply text:

    {To Khalida: 6:10PM: Aye, and bloody well making her turn red with embarrassment. :P Is there anything ya want for dinner A ghrá?}

    She giggled, imagining some nineteen year old girl turning red in the face from Tristen's antics. He liked to believe himself to be very smooth with the ladies, which he was since he somehow managed to charm her given their relationship, but boy did it take him a while since she loved playing hard-to-get. It was their fun little game. Still, hopefully he's not doing anything to scare her off. She sounded really nice on the phone. Khalida quickly texted him back.

    {To Tristen, 6:18pm: Haha don't give her too hard of a time now. I haven't even met her yet! Anyways, you don't mind to-go? Even if you had set up the fridge, we don't even have anything besides canned food and I'm a little tired of canned food. Your choice okay? I'll pick it up and pay for it since you've been doing most of the hardwork today. :) I'll see you later, love!}

    She closed her phone just as the last family of the night walked in, greeting her with their child in tow. She sat them down and begun; the quicker it started, the quicker it would end and she'd be on her way to their new home!

    Jamie Sullivan

    Jamie jumped when her uncle spoke behind her before receiving an affectionate rub on the head. Laughing it off and smoothing down her hair, Jamie embraced her uncle in the largest bear hug she could muster. She decided to unpack later and followed Tristen to the little bar in the apartment where he set down his expensive watch and poured himself a glass. She laughed a little at his revelation about how she was as a child, more out politeness than any such nostalgia. It was from such a long time ago she couldn't really remember trying to steal a skillet at that age. Although the fear of the dark was accurate.

    "Well, you don't have to worry about late night bathroom trips any time soon. I got over it a long time ago," she said rather proudly. She pointed at her bike, "Would you rather have me put my bike somewhere else? I, um, wasn't too sure where else to put it."

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